Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 150


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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Labour Room Drama 150

#Boots hung!

Hello Stellar diamond. Here's my labour room drama for my third baby.

My Birthstory
My edd was 7th January. Though i prayed to have my baby before the day as i was already tired of being pregnant, i was ready for God's will to be done.
On 6th of January, i had countless, painless contractions which were so irregular . I kept waiting for it to be regular. Then at 9pm, i set out to the hospital when i noticed the baby's movement was in erratic manner as if it were stressed. I resolved to be sent home than waiting it out. Got to the hospital, got checked and scan , 5cm dilated and a little fetal stress. I was asked to walk around for 2 hours and come back.

I was admitted at 12 midnight with the IV line set and a drip to keep me hydrated and energised. The contractions went on without pain and in one hour , i was 7cm gone.
The nurses said i was having good contractions and dilation but my cervix which was suppose to thin out was too thick for delivery to take place. I just kept praying for God's help as they were contemplating infusing oxytocin in the IV fluid.

I had induction delivery with my 2 kids and i know what i went through with the pains of that hot drip.
God answered my prayers as the doctor asked that i should be injected with 5ml of can't remember the name to thin out cervix. Immediately it was administered, thick cervix was sorted out and the nurses began the process of manually opening of my cervix for baby's head to drop to aid faster delivery.
By 4 am , contractions became very regular and pains increasing in tempo. It was time to break my water. At this point , i was so scared because i know when water breaks, it's another inexplicable level of pain.

At each VE, the nurse will ask me to push like i am pooing so baby's head can drop.
I would push at every contraction. It was so painful. The nurse kept saying i wasn't trying enough that i was only pumping air. With the pains i was having, i almost gave up but kept trying with a mustard of hope.
The next time she asked me to push again, i gave the loudest fart ever. She said that it's her job provided i kept on pushing. Lol.

God bless nurse Martha. She was so on my case and will tell me not to worry that everything will be alright. This was the same ish i had with my previous births and will be induced. But here i was , having a natural labour and the issue dealt with specifically than generally.
I was saying all manners of gibberish like it was going to take the pains away. I would place my hands around the nurse's neck and kept telling her 'i love you so much' , 'get a chair and sit beside me', ' you know i am trying so much but you are not appreciating me'. She would laugh and rubbed my back at each contraction.

30 minutes later, she asked if i had the urge to push. She checked again later and asked me to touch the baby's head which i found weird. I didn't and i was asked to push which i did with all the energy left in me . Did that 3 times and the baby head and shoulder came out while the rest of his body flung out. 

(Pushing is a story for another day) kai. 

I had a cut, stitching up was more painful than the birthing process despite i was given a local anaesthesia. I felt every inch of the pain.
This is my best birth experience so far and i thank God and the nurses. My son was brought to me and taken away later for clean up and shown to hubby outside who was ernestly waiting for the good news. He came in and gave me the peck of life. 

Lessons learnt:
1) It's not about the most expensive hospital but efficient services. I used very expensive hospitals for my previous births and the experience was not so wonderful unlike this one i used a general hospital whose services are more or less free for me.

2) I had issues when i was 12 weeks gone and their expertise paid off . Bleeding of clots and opened cervix and it was handled. This is related to number 1.

3) Prayers and God's grace saw me through. I concluded this pregnancy was over at 3 months because of issues i had.

4) Please and please take your prenatal drugs religiously as much as possible. My baby came out shinning like a mirror unlike my last birth, i could count how much times i took the drugs and he came out with horrible skin.

5) Always trust your motherly instincts. IT'S BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY.

6) Keep faith and hope alive than fears and worries. God will surely see you through.

P.s : Hubby wasn't allowed inside. I preferred it because even the private hospitals i used before, i didn't consent he entered as i am not comfortable with my husband seeing the full drama of birth process.

I have hung my boots on child-bearing, i pray God gives us(parents) the grace to rear them in His fear and service.
Here's a pix of my son for your eyes only. Tongue-click.

Your pikin is cute with puff puff
Congrats n the boot hanging!


  1. I could swear this story was posted before.

  2. Am having blisters between my bums I just used Shea butter on it, n it relieved the pain but I don't know if a little contact with water will make it painful again

  3. Thank God for you madam, I'm about to advise you to rest for now until I saw your last message. Women are really trying, may we all eat the fruits of our labor in good health

    *Larry was here*

  4. Lmao @ I have hung my boots

  5. Congrats madam. God will surely give you the Grace and resources to raise your children. Amen
    By the way, not all general hospitals can be trusted in Naija o

  6. Congrats ma, good to know u have hung your boot

  7. I just realized few days ago that I'm 3weeks pregnant. I bought two packets of MISOPROSTONE. I took four orally /sublingual and inserted two on my vagina since last night. Around 00:00hrs. Till now, no show. Inasmuch as I'd love to have this baby, circumstances around me doesn't permit. I can only think how much of a disgrace Ian going to be to everyone. I can't keep it and I'm scared of D and C. Please what can I do?

    1. Pls don't scare me o. This one everyone is talking pregnancy pregnancy, the thing should not come and fly on me. Ehn ehn

    2. God save us from temptation, next time take precautions. Kisses.

    3. Try cytotek. Since you are just abt 1 month, you need to insert just 1. Deep in your uterus and you won't pee for 12 hours. Best to do it before you sleep and get a pharmacist or doctor to do it. You should start bleeding in less than 12 hours . Once the bleeding ends, go for a scan to ensure there are no remenants of the foetus or womb injury. If there are remenants, schedule a D'& C with a good doctor (tell them you had a miscarriage). They will do it and give you drugs to treat/ prevent any injury or womb infection. But I suggest you wait for 1 week or 2 before starting this process so the cytotek wears off. It is well with you

    4. Thanks Anon 16:29

      I actually thought MISOPROSTOl is same thing as cytotek. My younger sister is a nurse and she has suggested Malagold and cytotec. But I'm scared as the first 8tablets I took didn't work so I've decided to brace up and go do D and C next week. I hope God forgives me for what I'm about to and doesn't punish me in the future for it. My final year exams starts in 2weeks and I'm yet to find my bearing.

    5. My dear you've done enough already. Just go ahead and have the baby. Praying that God should forgive you for the sin you are committing is like stepping on someone's bare foot with your heel and telling the person to forgive you when you have refused to remove your heel. You are talking about shame, do you know what shame you'll bring to your family if and when things goes the wrong way? Did you rule out the possibility that you could die on that table? May God give you the grace to do what is right in Jesus name. And pls close your legs until you find your 'bearing' and married.

  8. #Some people feel the rain... others just get wet. ENJOY your life, in all conditions*

  9. Congrats Poster. May God provide all you need to take care of them.

    I love kids o and i'l love to birth 6.*side eyes* meaning 5 to go!

  10. Am on my second baby,and my mother-in-law is saying I must have at least 5 children after I told her me and hubby want just 3. She told me I must be stupid to tell her I want just 3 children. See me see wahala. She'll have to carry the remaining pregnancy for her son. I already have a son and my next baby is a boy too. I don't know what she wants from me.

    1. With all due respect, don't mind her.

  11. Educating! Especially the first advice. Thanks

  12. I was saying nonsense too in the labour room
    will send mine later, make yansh heal finish.

  13. Lol! Your not alone in saying gibberish ooo. When I heal well will send in mine. Our God is awesome. Congrats madame.

  14. Biko let the pregnancy syndrome fly and even jump on me God

  15. anony 13:31 google is your friend i read about abortion recently and from what i know 4 tablets of cytotec/athrotec should be taken sublingual 3hrly in all you should take 12tab. Google it sha or better still go see a doctor do a scan too. If you dont continue with the process you risk having a deformed baby. YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE STARTED AT ALL.

  16. stella i soo respect you but hey,allowing ladies exchange aabortion prescition on ur blog is wrong,it is illegal it is immoral!


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