Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 151


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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Labour Room Drama 151

There is a lesson to be learnt in every story told...

Hi Stella i need to share my own story too not just reading peoples own :

I had just woken up on the 16th of September 2008 and for God knows why all the okada in my estate somewhere in Abuja had gone on strike and i had to walk to the bus stop which is about 30 minutes walk, after getting to the bus stop i took transportation to work and i kept feeling small contractions but i didn’t take too much notice :

At about 4 o clock i went to ease myself and saw blood(show) and i knew its time, i had gisted with my colleagues all day since I got to the office in the morning, so at four I called my hubby that I needed to get into the hospital and he came over to pick me first home to get my packed bags and the straight to the hospital .

On getting there i changed and wore the night dress and tied wrapper. i met one woman there she had already started to labour before i came in, i generally settled down and by seven o clock i was hitting the whole bed and walls and screaming down the whole place.

I kept asking my sister and mum help me tell this people to assist me please the pain is too much o. One big headed doctor came checked me and said, you haven’t dilated well o, you are just starting self and i said in my mind with this type of pain i am just starting, impossible that means i might not be able to birth the child:

As i was talking and begging them for help the owner of the hospital came and saw me and asked to check me by himself and i followed him to the theatre as i made a move i began to shake like a fish and he doctor saw me and was like this one no get strength o make we help am.

 he said madam as you dey like this no single strenght for your body and they set a drip line for me and the drip helped ease the pain and i even slept a little and then when they checked me they burst the water and then labour started again he noticed the baby was distressed because there was green like matter in the water which means the baby was pooping in my stomach that’s how they gave me oxygen and he asked me to push when he told me to and i pushed hard the head came the place tight , they gave me episiotomy and cut a vein so blood was flowing all over the place, they gave me injections on the tear to stop the blood and I pushed and the doctor wasn’t ready and the baby slipped out and nearly landed on the floor if not for the doctors being fast.

 they cleaned the baby and gave him to my mum and then i birthed the placenta with one push and i got sweet relief because all the pain and all the discomfort just disappears after the baby and placenta comes out they stitched me up and cleaned me out all this drama was between 7 to 11.45pm and my son is eight today though i and the father are no longer together but I love him like life itself and there goes my labour room drama.

Okay thanks for sending this in,there was a Labour room indeed but i no see drama like that..LOL
Happy bleated birthday to your boy


  1. HBD to your boy. Long may he live and prosper.

  2. your baby almost fell to the ground? lord have mercy... congrats ma

  3. No drama ke. Stella can you imagine somebody cutting your ynash with scissors or knife.

  4. Always use punctuations,help one to understand better.

  5. #You cannot change the people around you but you can change the people that you choose to be around*

  6. Happy birthday to your boy....God bless him.

  7. Pls send us your divorce story too na

  8. I was panting whilst reading ur story..
    Ah, women dey try!!!!

  9. Happy birthday to your beautiful boy,may he be a blessing to you both.

  10. The cut on the vein made my heart skip.
    I need a job before Nysc first batch My location is Ikorodu

  11. Cut in.vein, baby pooping.I'm.belly, baby almost fell ans still you are still.looking fie drama

  12. No mind Stella, until person go say baby started tAlking immediately he was delivered before you see drama. Counting down to mine EDD IS 3wks away so anytime now. Una pray along with me o.


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