Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 155


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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Labour Room Drama 155


I will like to share my labour room drama. How I became pregnant itself was a drama. 

I got engaged to le hubs on 26th December 2015 and I spent the Xmas of 2015 with him. Was supposed to go back to my base on the 9th of January 2016 but I do a novena every 1st-9th and those days we don't gbensh. Bobo was always wanting to do the do but I told him I was praying so as a good gf that I 'is' naa I postponed my traveling back to the upper weekend so we can gbensh well. 

So when I went back I started looking for my period oh. Anyways we finally tested positive and planning started ,we told my dad that we wanted to do our wedding by easter. He was so happy. That's how I got married oh. The baby no lemme rock my engagement ring. Pregnancy was smooth I sometimes induce vomiting self. Nothing worry me until when I was 29weeks gone I had false labour and my doctor handled it. 

When I was 34weeks gone I went back home as a daddy's girl my dad wanted our family gynaecologist to handle my delivery(won't agree to that again sha). Went for scan and my baby was 2.95kg na hin I begin fear say my baby go big so I started taking lipton. I was already tired of the big tummy and also my inability to see my veejay and all that. Anyways by 38weeks 4days I was so uncomfortable felt bloated all I ate that day was sugar cane. So I retired only to wake up about 4am with purging. Then I was having this menstrual cramps. I texted le hubs that I feel strange that I dunno if it's labour he said I should alert my step mum. 

So when I went to pee I saw blood so I kinda knew it was time. I did my last minute packing, spread my leg in front of the mirror and shaved to the best of my ability, boiled water had my bathe then dressed up. I then went to my mums room and told her so we left for the hospital by 6am or so .

we got there ,was checked and the nurse just said I should lie down. When the morning duties nurses resumed I asked her how far she said am 3cm dilated so I stood up and started walking around. Around 9am the doctor resumed and checked me and he said I was 4cm and they should place me on drip to quicken labor. Before that I was busy chatting with my siblings and my step mum but when the fixed the drip and the contraction was coming back to back I threw away my phone.

 My step mum was my rock she was like we are almost there, i told her please I have been hearing that since 8am and it's almost 12 and I never reach say hin done do. Omo the pain no be here. 

I just felt like peeing, vomiting, pooing all at once. Finally they took to the delivery room and the nurse said If I feel the contraction again I should tell her and after telling her about 2times she finally came and ruptured my water and told me not to push yet until she tells me to. Na so I hang leg for up, Hold my ynash. She asked why, I told her shebi u said I shouldn't push am holding it. Finally I was asked to push. I did but nothing then the doctor came in and said give her tear naa it's her 1st time.

 The nurse was like her baby is small, the baby can come out. But she brought her blade and was like if I push and the baby doesn't she will tear me. The fear of that tear made me use all the emotions in me to push and my baby came out wailing and the nurse took her to clean while the other birthed my placenta and I was checked if the baby tore me and the baby gave me a tiny cut so they stitched me. 

Stella truth be told I didn't fall in love immediately oh Cuz I was scared. I was like how do I start taking care of this tiny, fragile being. My baby was the first baby I ever carried. I don't usually carry new born until they are about 3-4months. But b4 the end of that day I fell in love and i keep loving her every single day.Meanwhile le boo was still in ph when I birthed our angel by 12:16pm when he finally got into enugu he was like wow so it's that easy.

I just gave him side eyes. My baby will be 4 months on the 30th.Anyways lemme do like my fellow bvs for your eyes only *Tongue out*

My dear i see the pictures,una fine ooooohhhh*side eyes at bvs


  1. Replies
    1. Everyone is birthing at 38weeks n 39weeks + nothing, am scared.

      My baby is still moving though

    2. My dearzdont be worried, not everybody's day,I birthed mine at 40 weeks and I didn't even go into labour,I had Cs cos baby was getting will be fine.

  2. I'm surprised to see that you are close to your stepmum. Very rare

    1. Am also close to my step mum.. Inshort u won't know dat she didn't birth me... pls bvs is it wrong to want ur step mum walk me down the ail(abeg I can't remember how to spell it) when ur mum is still alife? Pls I need to know

    2. Aisle* pls,don't do that to your mum I beg u. Love your step mum alright but don't hurt your mum that bad.

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  4. Mrs Korkus your eyes have seen a lot. Free small for us

  5. lol@holding yansh so she doesn''t push...God bless every TTC and GTC...will be sending my own LRD soon, but before then, Oluwa provide a boo pls...

  6. Oh! I see the pictures with my spiritual eyes too. Una fine o. #sides eyes @other bvs

  7. Lol@Holding yansh so she doesn''t push...sending my LRD soon...but before then, Oluwa provide a boo pls...

  8. God bless you baby. Your step mum must be a good human being

  9. Lols, I like your story, congratulations

  10. Pardon Me Your Yori

    Congratulations Madam. And as those who are yet to marry and are reading this may God provide their spouse for them so they'd have reasons to celebrate the way you are. And may God open the wombs of those who are trying so hard to have their own bundle of Joy receive healing and have a reason to one day call a child theirs. In Jesus Name.

  11. Mine will be 4month on the 28th and he's a boy...I have finally found a wife for my king Sunmisayo....

  12. Congrats poster, you got me laughing, you hold your yansh make you no push, Stella continue they see alone, God dey.

  13. Congratulations to u dear. Just a quick question, does anyone know of Tens machine? How effective is it against labour pain?Was told at antenatal to get one and just did today. I hope it help fights labour pain

  14. Congrats girl...God bless your home.

  15. congrats madam God bless and protect her for you........oluwa provide lee-boo with good job so that we can start giving birth too

  16. Beautiful story.
    God bless you and your family real good.
    Thanks for sharing.


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