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Sunday, January 22, 2017

London Tatafo Season 54

All protocols observed... Tatafo is back again!! 

London Big boy facing deportation finally speaks! 

This is an update from Tatafo season 52. Y'all remember reading it here the last time that a certain London big boy was about to be deported to Nigeria from the Republic of Ireland where he fled to from London to seek refuge. But somehow, his bid to get naturalized in Ireland was refused and he was asked to leave the country. We even gave you a sneak peak to see a picture of one of his ghana must go bags that was already packed in preparedness for his journey back home.

Also, we here @Tatafo wondered who took or made public those pictures of him packing his bags, and how the deportation order letter which was meant to be confidential came to circulation.

Anyhow, today, Tatafo is bringing you Mr M's version of the events that led to those pictures being revealed by his wife Nikki. According to this London big boy who is under a lot of duress, he alleged that his baby mama with whom he lives in Dublin is the one behind all his woes in obodo oyinbo. Hian!

**swallows spit and continues**

Mr M is now telling whoever cares to listen that his baby mama called Nikky may have jazzed him into marrying her, because he cannot recollect how he ended up with her in the first place. He said that before he met Nikki in the U.K, she had 3 children from 3 different baby fathers. He also alleged that she was a commercial worker..

(wetin that one mean?)

This London big boy continued his tales by taking us back to when he met Nikki in 2013. He said that after he met her, few months later, he got into trouble with the law and he was arrested. (wetin you do sir?) he further revealed that it was during his problem with the law that Nikki told him that she was pregnant for him. He said that he left the wife of his youth and decided to be with Nikki because he thought that he loved her so much.

**na wa**

Mr M said that in all of this, he didn't know what he was doing. He also said that he was under Nikki's voodoo spell, aka jazz, because he did all her biddings without knowing it. (na so una dey always talk) . He added that everyman that Nikki has ever been with was always into one trouble or the other. That her first husband with whom she had one of her kids is in a rehabilitation center.


The confused Mr M narrated that he married Nikki legally in the Republic of Ireland in 2014. Afterwards she gave birth to their baby girl. But Mr M said that trouble started when 6months ago, an unknown man sent him a message saying that he was the biological father of the baby girl Nikki allegedly had for Mr M.

*WHOSAI.. na so trouble take start*

Mr M claimed that he ignored the unknown man, that he passed it off as somebody trying to be mischievous. But unknown to him, that wasn't the end. He said that again, last December 2016, he received the same message from the same unidentified man. But this time he decided to confront Nikki. He said that Nikki denied vehemently and insisted that the baby was in fact his. So Mr M said he asked her for a DNA.


The feeling of betrayal of trust overwhelmed this London big boy because he never believed what was happening to him. Especially as Nikki refused to do a DNA test to ascertain the paternity of their beautiful baby girl. (Why did she refuse to submit for the test?) Therefore, Mr M said that he couldn't take it anymore so he decided to move out of the house which he shared with Nikki. Hence, we saw pictures of him packing his load.

If I hear!

Make una wait oh. So this man's claim to us now is that the viral pictures of his Kaya load and deportation order letter was him moving out of his matrimonial home without being asked to leave? If we want to believe the aspect of him moving out of his home due to the alleged infidelity of his wife, what about the deportation letter aspect?

Tatafo saw the official deportation letter by the Republic of Ireland koro koro, and I am sure that some of you amebos like myself may have seen it too. So oga, ayam not understanding mbok.

Anyway na wetin the man explain Tatafo don publish so. Whether this version is true or not, whether we believe him or not, the fact remains that Mr M the London big boy is very unsettled as we speak. That is if he has not landed MM2 already.

Tatafo and crew wish you well, and we hope that you and your estranged wife do not destroy the future of that little baby whose paternity is yet to be established. This is how some parents ruin things for their innocent kids with their despicable drama and scattered life.

Tatafo will be back


  1. #Forget about all the reasons why something may not work. You only need to find one good reason why it will*

  2. Borinnnnnnng, very dry gist

    1. So y enter d post?

  3. Tatafo is here againooooo
    Comments roll in make me dey read..lolz

  4. Rubbish talk. We all heard their convo so y satin jazz be. He was the serial cheater and moreover that serves the girl yet. He was with sum1 else b4 they met

  5. Rubbish talk. We all heard their convo so y sayin jazz nw. He was the serial cheater and moreover that serves the girl ryt, He was with sum1 else b4 they met. So they both as bad as each other.

  6. So he will come back to the wife of his youth and she ll welcome him with open arms. Ok oooo

  7. She is currently pregnant so is he questioning paternity of that baby also?

  8. This guy shud Stfup. It's now he knows he's was jazzed? Like we don't know his gist ere. Was he not sleeping wiv all d Manchester babes including bukky Jesse dat he used for his credit card fraud? Oloshi ni Bobo yi sha wiv ur rubbish story. D mumu Nikki should open his nyansh some more. Olofo go back naija

    1. So that bukky jesse tory aka saviette don land here. Mad man dey fuck bukky,na just £50.

  9. Hnmm mm London women with all sorts of issues,we have not sorted yeye mesho ,abike and folashade ,with thr mama esabod finished. Still adding up another,they are all full of rubbish ,going from one party to another with different men ,London is not big but what naija people does there.Olorun ko aibinu .

  10. let me just tell u,it is d wife of ur youth that is suffering u.her head is too big to be cheated on.You left that poor girl with her child to be suffering alone while u go about marrying and divorcing different girls up and down.U left the wife of ur youth to marry one Kemi odofin abi Wetin that one dey call,u had a big naming ceremony for her child just to spite ur first wife.Your handsome first child is there and needs a real father figure in his life but u are there doing oshi radarada up every woman.You have not seen any thing o,the suffer wey go suffer u is doing press up

    1. Madam forgive him he has suffered enough. Eyin iya mi oshorunga ejor ē dariji.

      Mtcheeew talking as if you are God.

    2. the fear of yoruba men in London is the beginning of wisdom. Cursed penis. tueh

  11. Exactly what I am talking about,for their selfish reasons,they give birth to children that will suffer it tomorrow,what happens to condom,if you two want to ruin your lives,why bring an innocent child to suffer as as result of your stupidity? Children are not toys,they are human and blessings,if you cannot listen to the word of God about not fornicating or committing adultery,please try not to bring forth another life to be entangled in your web of disgrace.
    Tomorrow,you see them online telling us rubbish stories about how they thought he was a good man until they find out how terrible he is after seeing two lines on the test stripe.
    If your legs were closed till after marriage,will the child be called a bastard??? Even if he father was later discovered to be a criminal.

  12. When men mess up, commit crime or cheat on their wives they blame it on jazz. They had better change the record and begin to look for another excuse because the jazz story does not work anymore. Women are now wiser

  13. Some men can lie for Africa shah

  14. Long post alert!
    First off, women are the cause of their own problems. Nikki saw this guy for who/what he is before going in. She took a lot of shit so that people won't laugh at her, but in the end the so called marriage is not meant to be. Women, you can't keep a man that doesn't want to be kept. No matter what you do. You can not rib petter to pay Paul.
    On Abike, Bukky jesse and folashade...
    Abike: Do you know what Yoruba people call alabuku? That's what you are. You succeeded in ousting esabod because she is hated by many. The fight was a good fight and it made you gain momentum. Abike given the way you came out, you should have applied caution. You shouldn't portray yourself as a bully. Because you lack common sense, they have managed to force the crown of cyber bully on your head, which obviously belongs to esabod. Abike the audio you did for your friend is just about 6 months old. You came back to social media saying you wanted to redeem your image, but in 3 months you have repeated the exact thing on live video 3 times. It is now obvious that it is you way of life. I can pardon your reaction to esabod but Buki and shade gives you away as a certified mumu. Must you respond? Ordinarily it would have taken up to 2 years before people start to genuinely LIKE you after that vile audio you made. (Forget those alabosi likers) you have shown that you lack class and slandering is your way and it's a shame.
    Bukky Jesse; ki lode to fe fun ta e ni hypertension??? Why? People have seen you for the sneaky snake that you are. RUSIDA is your name. You have been reduced to nothing. Come, is it true you are enemies with your sisters? If you can't be friends with your sisters how can you keep any friends?you hypocrite. All your fake fb profiles have been linked to you. Bukky stop messing and do something meaningful with your little fe apart from faking it on Facebook. We even hear you threaten peopl with jazz, really??? Lol. Bukky see how shade used you as a steppingstone hahahahahahah ode!
    Folashade olatunji desperado
    Kai! I blame stupid Abike for allowing you use her... Sade, you didn't come out for Bukky. You don't like Bukky, you only used her. You have been fame hungry since forever, you have always wished to be the one on screen and you quickly jumped on Bukky's story. Let's even forget your hate for Abike, she made it easy for you for further displaying her stupidity.
    Sade how come you like esabod? Esabod bullies people. She picked on a girl in US saying she had no womb and is HIV positive, Sade I'm sure you saw/heard about it among many others. Wait, aren't those women??? You are a hypocrite. All you wanted was to start a talk show. Oniranu super bleached person... see your knuckle.. hian! And please stop opening your toto to the camera. You might also need body shaper those folds are unsightly.
    Sade woman empowerment is not about lying to women. You didn't say the truth to Nikky, she should submit her child for DNA simple.
    You claim to come out for Bukky and the next day oti di 'elo caller' lol you are such a joke. Ise o ja e Lara rara. To what end is your stupid show? People will leave with the speed they came with, Nigerians are born follow follow, ask abefe ibadiaran.
    All these women are just bunch of attention seekers. Folashade, you ended up slandering Abike during the calls you recieved on the show. You have done exactly what she did. You are all bird of a feather. Bunch of dirty Yoruba women. Every one is selling their products while pretending to be advising people.

    1. The humpty dumpty Abike is too razz, local and uncouth. Oluaye kafachan or whatever rubbish she says, oba aye sorosoro, arrrh,the kind of things you will only hear from conductors.

      A child with a failed upbringing. You even insult people's dead parents and children who have no business with your senseless fights, gosh. You are all shades of hopeless. Abike, fall down and die, you are a horrible person and you are jinxed.

      You claim your friend betrayed you and you continue to malign her character but that girl hasn't responded to you or said a word.

      Your diction is gist for another day, twisting your tongue and mouth like someone going into fits.

      No finesse, no decorum, no manners!!! Looking very tacky, frustrated and broke with wigs like willy willy, yuck. Stella, these London old and over spent women are so disgraceful that you will want to change your tribe because of their show of shame.

    2. Thank God I opened dis post. Reading dis made me feel like I wrote it in my sleep. Dis anony is da real mvp. Uv really n truly analysed dis dumb fucks. Esp Jesse and shade. D shade girl is an attention seeking dirty low life. Did u see her shaking her bum on camera saying she's d new talk of d town? Omg who does that? Shade Leme tell u, pple are mocking u, forget that shit bout everyone hailing n calling u. U are a moron and they r using u to entertain themselves. No responsible lady or mother will be twisting ass on social media. I disgust a lot of pple. After d first video u did u should av stopped, but no, u kept coming back cos u enjoyed d fake attention. See yr bleached knuckles fa. Bukky is using u just as u are using her pitiable story. Abike disgraced bukky n there's no taking it back. Bukky cover ur face in shame, all d attack u are doing ain't working. Esabod finished ur life n u think uv arrived? Ori e ti daru. We now know u do odu and stuff. We now know u gat nothing but u pose on fbk. As for Abike, dat one is a fool. This anony has said it all. Abike nobody wants to come near u, we heard uv been asked not to appear in the mothers day show uv been announcing. Smart of the organizers to remove u cos u be bad market. Who'd want to associate dia brand with a lousy person like u? The way u talk is disgusting. Ur English isn't all that, shade also needs to go back to skool cos her English gives me a headache. Jesse is worse, her way of talking is slimy as fuck. Not to mention her face n teeth. Bukky with or without makeup u nor fine. Don't let ur wicked followers deceive u. Who named u yeye Mesho? What do u wear? Keep deceiving urself. Esabod is the iya werey dat is a causing all dis. Leme lev matter for now

    3. Even if abike was desperate to reply Buki, she should have just given her a few 'strong' lines. Not all that gutter stunts she pulled. Same for Sade. Yoruba ni, ti won ba n pe'yan ni abifun rai rai... o ma n pa mo ni. Abike lacks wisdom.
      Sade is the biggest hypocrite of them all... if you are against cyber bully, what's your association with esabod the Queen bully??? Ori e ti daru...

  15. Awon smellos. D Nikki lady spoke on fake shade's show yesterday. Nikki shade is not the appropriate channel for u to use to convey ur msg to the world. Which nonsense empowerment for women is she doing? Not hating but she's doesn't have wat it takes to motivate anyone. Shade needs to go back to school first off, or face her hairdressing biz jeje. D sudden fame she craves is sickening. Watch and see how pple will stop watching her emergency show. Awon eleregbe.

  16. You're simply a simpleton,why you people like to hate for no just cause..
    O ga o ! Kilode,Yoruba ugh !

  17. Abike should not have responded to Folashade nor insulted her mum and baby father.I wrote on Abike's wall and advised her not to respond. She went live and responded - I hear that cost her the Mother's day show. Abike hope you've learnt not to respond to everyone and if you do choose to respond, do it with wisdom - like with humour mimicing not in anger. See Folashade posted her 80 yr old mum's picture yesterday and that made you look like the villain. Folashade needs to either loose some weight or wear appriopriate clothes to hide her big belly. She also needs to learn to sit like a lady - I don't wanna see your pussy on live show. She will be doing show unprepared and using notes - very unintelligent girl. I watched for 5 minutes and had to switch off - its Bukky mesho and Esabod fans on her show. Soon they will all get tired of her. Esabod and Bukky Mesho shouting Women Empowerment - I watched a few minutes of Edabod yesterday and they were both insulting people. Esabod telling lies she now has a factory that she cannot show us - shebi she likes to show off - show us the factory liar. Bukky mesho please we are tired of you going live and looking a hot mess fighting everybody. Folashade is so daft, Esabod was insulting your baby father's cousin Kudi last night and you were online greeting everyone and could not tell Esabod not to insult Kudi or tell her to stop insulting people - is that not part of your stupid Women Empowerment - no more online bullying? Foolish people! As usual all curses return to sender amen.

    1. Why should folashade tell esabod not go insult kudi? Did you know how folashade relationship with this do called kudi cousin ended? Years ago that family kicked against the relationship because they were "rich" and folashade was from a barely there family. It's surprising to see kudi now claim folashade as family but when you are fame hungry I guess you would liexpect and do anything to hold on to the spotlight. Kudi is a fake assume hypocrite and liar as all is not as rosy as it makes it to be with folashade.

      Now as for folashade you are also equally fane hungry, riding in the crest of bulky jesse saga to hug fame. She found a loophole and tapped into it and forced herself into our public consciousNess. I have to agree she is unintelligent and very un ladylike. I doubt she knows what a talk show entails, definitely not that thrash she fed us with last tiMr with legs wide open.

      Bukky jesse doesn't know when to stop. When people come to your defence know when to keep quiet. You look stupid ranting up and down when people are already waging your war for you and my candid advice to you beware of friends like folashade. Who would us you to gain cheap fame. Jealousy dey their blood.

      Kudi; two mouthed hypocrite lying woman. No iota of shame and talks from both sides of the mouth. Bukey jesse stood up and defended you when no one else did. Yet you paid her back do bitterly. You will reap what you sow. How quickly you forget. Even if it was for that singular reason you should not have joined forces with that low life abike to insult Bulky jesse. Well I guess that how shallow your brain is. Please stop your stupid fake talk show, you contradict yourself so much it's appalling, more like a show of shame really.

      Abike, your life don finish.
      I tell you what jibike is fighting a silent battle, until you are thoroughly embarrassed you won't stop. Whilst you shamed her loudly; she is lurking behind the shadowscenes and manipulating you like a puppet on the string. You aint seem nothing yet abike darling. Your mouth has pushed you to this point and it will keep pushing you till you meet your Waterloo!.

      Anon, I tire for this my epistle abeg. You sefor know as things dey go for his our London. Catch ya lera.

    2. Anony I've been following dis pple and I don't see what kudi did wrong as per folashade. What we were made to believe is dat folashade's baby daddy was no longer interested and they went their separate ways. And shade chose to knock off all his family members which is not a biggy. Buh regardless her ex in law kudi stood up for her in public so she won't be shamed, so why insult kudi? It's shade dat has shown d kinda person she is, like d previous anony said, shade shouldn't av allowed d likes of bukky n Esabod to insult kudi where she is, cos kudi only tried to cover shade from public insult but in d end it back fired. Shade u see why they didn't marry u? Look at how u behave in public, u be omo alata, wayward girl with no decorum. U are very dumb and unintelligent, ur English is disastrous and u need to go back to school. Keep allowing bukky Jesse push u and you'd be disgraced like her very soon. Just look at u, ur videos are disgusting n embarrassing. Showing off ur ass as if that's d only thing u gat to offer the world. No brain, no intelligence no common sense. U all are shit

    3. Bukky Jesse is the cause of all d Facebook drama u see today. Leme start from the beginning. It was bukky dat first did a video to criticise Abike for indirectly mentioning Esabod on her show, this was wat made Esabod to start to insult Abike. And Abike gave it back to Esabod. It was this bukky again dat did a video to say some ppl were insulting yeye kudi on esabod, dis caused another issue. Y is it always bukky? It was bukky again dat did a video to support Esabod for saying Abike will die, and Abike decided to respond to bukky. Why is it always bukky, what's her fucking biz? She's a cheap attention seeker. Now she got shade into her hot mess. Bukky is a coward, y didn't she respond to Abike direct? Y is she using Esabod and shade to fight? Oloshi lasan ni babe yen. See what she did to bimbola sonde again, dis same bukky. Bukky Jesse u are cursed. U need to get a life.

  18. Ori gbogbo won tii daru.
    Especially that sade I wannabe by force. She use bukky climb to fame.
    Abeg leave my mama esabod alone o!lol
    Maami alashabi, egba fun gbogbo omo alaigboran.
    Yeye kudi nuisance. As old as you are you are so petty and stupid. With all those your stupid posts and silly video you just did. I laughed when she said they will say some people children cannot marry because their mother does Facebook videos and I just shook my head as she is the number one culprit. I cringe on your behalf over bleached old lady.

    Bukky rest your own sef too much. Jumping up and down commenting . You no dey tire

    Who is this bimbo sonde abeg? Download gist for us.

    Abike shame on you. You got shamed at last. Lol.
    Gutter ratchet babe.

    Sade how far how is your brother alawaye. Him sef snatch person wife naa. Just like infinity too snatch person wife.
    Sade brother and infinity got a lot in common. But yeye kudi shame on you for famzing shade after what your family did to her.

    All of una actress for Facebook una no well.

  19. Bukky did video to support yeye kudi to get noticed ni mehn. What did yeye kudi do wrong by supporting a lady that has a baby for their family? Eyin yoruba e ma lo lakaye yin. It's d senseless shade dat shouldn't av allowed her sis in law to be rubbished bcos of her. So what if she's no longer married to her baby daddy and she chose to stay away from his family? Dat doesn't mean dat they can't stand up for shade in public. Yeye kudi was only trying to protect shade buh shade being omo oshi made ppl think otherwise. No wonder they didn't marry her. She's shown her behaviour to d world that she's omokomo. Even my brother can never marry a gal like dat shade with all d rubbish she's been displaying on Facebook. English she can't spk correctly, opening her toto on live chat all in d name of doing live video. Onidoti omo lasan ni shade. She's looking for men to toast n notice her. She'll get the dirty men who'll fuck n dump her as usual. Her 5miins of fame is over.

  20. Folashade the cheap fame whore. Look at ur knuckles Omg. U should be wearing gloves when u wanna do ur fake videos. See nobody sends u again. U were on esabod show yesterday disgracing urself n feeling cool dat d woman is praising u cheaply. I shake my head for all of una. U don't know dat anyone who associates with dat woman becomes irritating to d public? U just sold urself out by mingling with condemned beings like bukky Jesse n Esabod. All razz low lives. Go and face ur child and ur hairdressing biz, stop begging ppl to show u love on ur video. Na by force? See how u keep begging and soliciting for love. Women empowerment my ass. Same goes for abike d lousy bitch. We are all tired of u lot.

  21. Anon 20:07 you are welcome. Kudi alara Boje. "Eyin Yoruba e ma Ronu" gave you away. Abi no be so you dey talk am for your show.
    Useless idiot. So you too kudi you can abuse Sade. You way be say dele tailor impregnate at 16 years old. Since small na I'm you don know man. Even despite being married you still slept with mc Oluomo and a host of other fraudsters in Dublin,London and naija. Should I give more names. Then you come on social media to claim sanctimonious saint . No be your type at all. In fact you no get mouth to insult Sade. You forget how your family treated the poor girl nii? She mentioned her having low self esteem, na wetin your family do cause am. Agree she set no get sense especially with all the recent rubbish but my dear you are a bigger fool. Please go back and play all your dumb videos and listen to yourself blab like a teenager. Even your younger sister had better presentation when laying her points down in her video than you. Are you a retard nii, why you talk like one.ashewo Dublin, gboko gboko london, ale naija. Abi you want us to start again on your case. You further caused more rift between mobolajiand esabod. That one case self na another day. She abandoned her mother and siblings. God bless the soul of the dead.
    Kudi take your time , everyone knows you are a bad person. No dey pretend and leave folasade alone. No be only you dem do Facebook for.

    1. What do u wanna say bout yeye kudi dat u think will marra? U r just a fool and a never do well. Envy has finished ur life patapata. At least yeye kudi is happily married, where yr own husband? All of u fighting her are single mamas struggling to find a dick ke, so ki le fe so? Bring it on bitch. Bukky Jesse u will know dat there r some peeps u don't mess wiv. D one Abike gave u is small. If yeye kudi had a baby for dele Taiwo, at least she be him babe back then, but u were a mere backup dancer for him naw? Abi we should bring out the videos ni? Is it not better to be Iyawo oga than to be a cheap slut dancing and hustling for peanuts? Did dele Taiwo not also fuck u bukky Jesse? What about Lanre teriba? Saheed osupa nko? Even wasiu ayinde don test drive ur punanni. Upon all non of them deemed u for for marriage. But the yeye kudi u r insulting still found a husband even after having a child. Lobatan case closed. Oro na dun ofe ke. Keep hiring ppl to type here for u.

  22. Kudi alasewo cheape lo ba de. Imagine you saying Buky Jesse should go and ask about you from dele taiwo in your video. You no get shame. Make she go ask about you from the father of your kid and you self go call yourself married woman. You dey mad . Truly!.
    If not you won't be ranting up and down posting blog links on everyone's page. As you don decide to stand with Abike the cursed idiot it's now more than obvious you are just as useless. That one sef dey rant and wail sey them remove them from mothers dat show. Before Nko? No body needs an uncouth , uncultured,gutter bred public nuisance on the red carpet. Red carpet la ma pe? Abike Lori red carpet, lacking in finesse and manners better put a dog in the absence of anyone better. Abike keep wailing ,go back to your 30 quid a week. The voice of the people prevailed, keep living your delusional life of being a boss... you are sitting on air . You know what happens to people who sit on air or build castles in the air? Find out for yourself
    Kudi smello....get a life. You no dey go school again.... benefit cheat .

    1. Folashade n her recruits ekaabo sori eto yi o, se aje nbu igbaje? You all are fucktards dat need ur brains checked. Bukky Jesse kontinu and ur disgrace will come some more. Where u not a dancer behind dele Taiwo in naija? Answer us nah? U dis nkan alejo Manchester. I pity u folashade bcos ur story will hit d town badly when it starts. U knw how many men av passed u around amongst their friends bcos of cheap money. U claim to be a ceo but u still fuck for a living. U are pained bcos ur baby daddy married someone else dats y u keep insulting yeye kudi Dolapo upandan. Na she do u ni? Why u and bukky after her? Which man will put u in d house after u disgraced urself on Facebook shaking ur useless buttocks? Do u not av family to chastise u? I blame kudi for coming out to identify with ur crass self walahi. O kin se omoluabi. Imagine u famzing esabod n shaking bcos she appeared on ur fake show. Oluwa o, shame lev u begin catch me. I pity ur daughter bcos of all d dirt u surround her wiv. Folashade run away from bukky if u want to make it in life, bukky is cursed and we can see how many ppl hate her. I've never seen this much hate on one person, goes to show what her behaviour is. Even up to London not only Manchester. Bukky u are doomed for life, look at how lean u became all of a sudden bcos wahala ti fun e ni sleepless nights Lolz. D pic u took with Ankara days ago shows ur troubled face pele tie o. Yeye kudi if u read this, Pls lev this low life shade alone to be seeking cheap fame, everyone is talking about her and it's so negative but she thinks she's got fans. Shade be deceiving urself shotigbo. Omo ale jati jati onidoti smellos

    2. Abike is still una oga anyday or time. She single handedly conquered bukky Jesse and her monkey faced mother Esabod. Two ugly low lives without husbands. Mystery sure loves company. Shapeless amoebas. Please make una go check Esabod latest pic of the party she went to in London, u won't believe ur eyes Ahahahah!! Make una kontinu ranting ranting

    3. All these women should just stop their show of shame.

  23. Kudi, oloriburuku were alaso nii e.
    Upon all the abasha you use your life do you still get mouth to talk.
    You say you were dele taiwos babe then. How come he no collect your pickin. Why you no come marry am? Abi at 16 your eye din open to be somebody babe?! You were his plaything, naive idiot that you were and continue for be. You were his toy , he toyed with your pussy and lose morals at 16.
    At least bukky was working as a backing dancer ,earning a living whilst you were entertaining the boss as the olosho that you are.

    You say bukky dey sleep around well she is single and as such not bound by vows of marriage. How about you, married but fucjibg about . Look up there a few names have been mentioned for you and counting. From London to naija and Dublin. Your body count is over 50. Whilst still married to your dummy husband. So you see why bukky better pass you.
    Mark my words you will soon be shamed with that abike. A big embarrassment. Bukky get sleepless nights over you and your cohorts abi? Ehn she is praying to God over una matter because you all will see pepper from God soon.

    Kudi face your life, leave sade and bukky alone. You are a fame hounder, notice me by force with your China plastic. jewellery. Were alaini shame.


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