Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 45


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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Service Year Boulevard 45

This wan no be for small pikins ooooooh!...abeg if you young or you be FERGIN no read

Act 1 scene 1

I kissed him so passionately and he did same. He whispered softly to me that our service year will end up great.
AJ was such a nice guy from the south south, how we met during the service year would be discussed here.

Now this was how it began, that fateful morning, set of 2010 of a prestigious university all came out excited, searching through the notice board for their names.finally,i saw my name . Getting home I told my folks this was where I was posted to.... Dad almost collapsed.....Yobe state! Fika camp,precisely.... God knows I never tried working my service to a preferred state...Infact I was so lackadaisical about it. 

After all said and done, the d-day came, I was scared, so much Boko Haram thoughts creeping into my mind... That was how I got to the camp gate in company of some of my school fellows posted to the state. Road to fika camp was so rough,red sand and all that. It was a big camp, with so many mountains, Infact let me say the camp is located in a highly mountainous area... Bvs I could count more than ten mountains surrounding the camp. We started lining up from the camp gate, 'Otondo!' 'White fowl, jog! jog!' shouted the so I carry my small bag for head begin jog like white fowl o.

Act 1 scene 2

I got to the camp with the mind of meeting new faces and friends too. I collected my kits,nysc booth were too big for me... Imagine wearing size 42 when u actually wear 37? so I finally got an exchange for size 39....manageable na. We stayed in the camp, till the beginning of the second week was when camp Boo finally showed. His name was Brent, we were both in same platoon... According to him he got to notice me from the parade ground,he said during the matching parade,i drew his attention from afar because of the way and manner I was matching...

 He said,I was busy doing right! Left! Instead of left-right and I was busy shaking my bumbum... LMAO (he was right though). I was such a person that loved to play during parade.Brent met me after the parade, he told me he likes me and he wants me to be his....I was already tripping for him, Brent was tall, broad chested,handsome, had pointed nose,dark-chocolatey,so calm and looked ajeboish too with his cool glasses. 

My people all through the camp weeks I never visited the canteen..... I was always eating in mami market with my handsome...everything was paid by him.

Act 1 scene 3

My camp boo and I were always meeting every night before light out... We will always kiss,smooch,touch and say sweet things to each other... Till one night, we were both horny and we wanted to do the do...we decided to go behind the big,he was seated and I had to ride him sitting on his laps... As soon as I settled to do it that was when one soldier appeared and shouted LIGHT OUT you two! I couldn't get up because I was shy and didn't want the soldier to know whats up, my boo told the soldier 'officer,dey go na... We dey come ' the Yeye soldier no gree go o....he said he wants to follow us behind. Na so we managed to get up, I shielded boo till he removed the condom and zipped up... Me I didn't have wahala Cos I was wearing skirt without pant.

Act 1 scene 4

Camp 🔥 night came.... I and Boo Went to the parade ground far away from where the camp fire was taking place to satisfy ourselves.... Na so we jam other couples trying to get down. On reaching there, na so My Boo begin kiss and touch me, it was so sweet but I couldn't get down with him... Why? The thought of snakes didn't allow me again. That was how I lied to boo, I forgot my phone Where we were seated at the fiesta ground.

Time to be posted to our ppa, I was so scared and the worst happened... Boo was posted to a different village
I remembered crying like a baby on boo's chest he was busy consoling me.

Act 1scene 5

Two weeks in my ppa, boo visited me and we had an issue, he left angrily to his base...I was lonely and missed him. Meanwhile,Aj was busy admiring me and watching all my moves...till he finally captured my heart and I fell so hard for him too. Aj was so nice, caring, he tolerated me, he encouraged me and above all very handsome dude,we did things together to the envy of other male corps, they also had eyes for me but I only had eyes for Aj.

Aj did things that made me forget about Brent so fast though my phone was always filled with messages from Brent telling me how I left him for another guy because he got to find out also insults were not left out.

Act 1 scene 6

Aj was all in 8packs.. He knew how to make me feel like a woman, he also warmed me up at nights(side eyes)... I couldn't sleep alone in my room for fear of snakes so at times I was in his room.
Service year came to an end... Aj left the country for further studies and work we still keep in touch and planning for the future in earnest. Brent also left the country for further studies and we long resolved our differences.

End of drama!

Hmmmmm na wah...e be like no be NYSC you go do,na predegree course in gbenshing and infomatics....


  1. Replies
    1. I was right when I told myself some 6 years ago that staying back in nasarawa for the 1 year programme would have been a complete waste of 1 year of my life. Now that I see all this NYSC tales am so glad I did not go past the 3 weeks compulsory camp. Am not trying to be a judgina but majority of what I have read so far is disgusting.

  2. Lmao @ Stella's comment. This one is boring abeg. warria dis???? boo this boo that. next pls

  3. Madam I raise hand for you 🙋🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
    This one too follow for service year boulevard?
    So after 6years, you are still planning for the future with is it
    Boo/Brent abi Aj??
    I ain't judging just trying to understand oo

  4. We do not remember the days we remember the moment.
    Glad you didn't do anything you weren't proud of...

  5. Very nice story, SYB well spent

    *Larry was here*

  6. What's this? This is more like you sex stories or should I say sex escape stories...

    How do you people even want to have sex in a dirty environment, the bush? Shouldn't that be a huge turnoff? Even if you want to be dating and adventurous with sex, why not go elsewhere?

    1. I once had sex on the road at 2am when there was no vehicle in sight. Lol

  7. Stella, u r right about this poster.. Omo see highlights of point and synthetic and systematic paragraphing.

    If u be runs girl, omo u go sell well well ooo*lol*

    Nice write up anyway, sending mine soon

    Mc pinky

  8. Wow great story,you truly served your fathers(sexual)land wells...and in the end they both left you here and travelled out...but I thought soldiers frown at gbenshing in camp so why was the one who caught u guys so cool and calm Na?

    1. And why was she wearing a skirt in camp? That is not allowed.

      Plz poster coman clearify this o!

  9. Hmm.. Planning for the future since 2010/2011... I had to go back to make sure I wasn't wrong... Please hope youve not been waiting on him since then... Anyway you don't sound like a dulling babe. All the best

  10. Na wah for u oh,so ur aim for service yr was gbenshing.

  11. Scared of snake but you were busy collecting the African Mamba. Continue

    1. Hahahaha.Your drama is not complete. When I saw "act 1,scene 1"i wasexpecting to read a great drama. Then you wrote only one part gbenshing,You didn't even get tired?

    2. ☝☝🙆🙆😂😂😂

  12. You are so right Stella! What?? So people actually have sex in camp?? I used to think those stories were false. Smh

  13. Couldn't stand dating a fellow corps member, so I didn't date any..

  14. I enjoyed every bit of it...Correct geh, you sound like a madonnite.

    1. Madonnite kee... Abeg be careful biko....

  15. #If we have no identity apart from our jobs, we are truly vulnerable*

  16. And u were wearing skirts in camp? Thought it has always been white shorts? Well......u sound loose, are you?

  17. Omoh! This na fuckery year boulevard o!
    Ha! You did not even tell us how it went with your PPA and all... e be like na fuckery you just go do for that place. kontinu!

  18. kukuma go and rent a room and be a professional ashawo na. how do you guys really fuck stranger you met just after few days? mhen i cant deal mbok. some people were born for ashawo work wallahi.
    so you spent 1 year fucking people you know nothing about? issorait continue

    1. Them don start. She was with one at a time. Broke up wit d former when she met another.

      Wetin be ashewo for that one now?

      Abi u no dey fuck ur own boyfriend? Abeg make we hear word.

  19. The Lord will enlarge your coast.

  20. Hmmmmmm that soldier is very nice for not embarrassing you and Brent

  21. you enjoy your service pass....
    If your daughter do this later in life don't hands dey up dey salute you....

  22. 2daful,u rili went on a gbenshing spree,bush ke? I cnt judge u dou bt it's nice u r living ur life witout regrets.


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