Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 63


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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Service Year Boulevard 63

Service year Boulevard with a meeting point story tagging along.

I served in the year 2008/2009. I was posted to Osun state. On getting to camp at Ede, we were asked to carry our luggage on our heads. I started hating camp that moment. I made friends with a lady I met during registration and we became besties in camp.

 Registration exercise was hell on earth. Was on the queue for hours. At a point I had to make myself comfortable on the edge of a dry gutter due to tiredness. While sitting there, I saw a guy wearing a face cap coming towards the queue and I focused my gaze on him. He was so tall and that was all I could see. For a moment my spirit lifted up and i said to myself "im be like say this guy go make sense o". 

Well I took my eyes off and continued thinking of how to go about my registration. When I decided to go back to my space on the queue, he was in my space. I smiled and in my mind I was like "he looks good". I said to him "you are standing on my space and he simply replied "no problem you can have your space". Little did I know that he didn't object because he wanted to check me out from behind( he told me this later when we became good friends). We got talking and we became friends. He later asked me out but I said no ( don't know why I said no although I like him a lot).

Had a lot of toasters(as a fine girl, lol)but I was not in the mood, I wasn't happy with the environment. My platoon members pushed me into competing for miss NYSC. I objected at first because I am a very shy person but friendly. I looked at the fun part of it and agreed. I decided to be happy and have fun. I took part in the contest, although I didn't win but I was in the first 5.

On burn fire night, I took the bull by the horn and called my tall friend so that we can hang out. Before the blink of an eye he was by my side. We talked at length and got to know each other more.I found out he was a Lagos corper posted to osun state for camp.I was disappointed but I didn't loose hope.

 At the end of camp we said our goodbyes and left to our PPA. He traveled down to Lagos and I travelled to the village I was posted to in Ipetu Ijesha.

I was posted to a school, Was asked to teach biology and agric; and I also offered to teach them mathematics(I love maths).The principal was happy, he took me to the maths HOD and he assigned me to teach SS1 students. Had some students that were good to me, they helped me with my chores even without asking them and I returned the favour by giving them private lessons.

 I made some friends with the FRSC officials in the zone and we decided to start up our CDS with the FRSC unit. I looked forward to that every Thursday. We decided to do something for the community by putting up road signs, marks on the road, zebra crossing etc. It was fun all the way. I became good friends with the commandant. She was like a mother to me. I became her lesson teacher and started teaching her maths because she had exams to write that period.

Meanwhile my tall friend and I became good friends, we fell in love. I finally agreed to be his girlfriend on condition that I was a mermaid and wanted to keep it that way till marriage. He was OK with it. 2009 youth service was over. I felt bad that i won't see my students. I know they felt my impact, there was a lot of improvement from when we started.

 Need I mention that the corpers posted to the school were really hard working. The principal pleaded with us to stay back but we politely refused. He prayed for us, threw us a party and we said our goodbyes. My tallie was retained at his place of PPA and I got a job almost immediately.

 In 2011, He asked me to be his wife and in 2012 we got married. We have been blessed with two lovely children.
I sure enjoyed my service year!

*See as you rush the part with your tally like person when them put hot yam for him mouth *side eyes*
Congratulations and GOD bless your Union.


  1. 😂😂😂 stella you too get bad mouth. God bless your home poster.

  2. Stella, no mind am. She just dey rush the gist. Gist us how the wedding night go

  3. Nice story.. Everyone seems to be meeting tall guys...Lol

    1. My babe.... 😘😘😘😘😘

    2. Except me. All the tall guys I see are already taken.
      I bind spirit of short men from my life in Jesus's name.

    3. Honeym!!!😄😄😄😄😄 personal Cookie Lyon!!!

    4. Lmaoooo...anon 13:34..
      I follow u bind ook..who short men EPP?
      I am a hopeless romantic at times.. and that stretching of neck while ur boo looks into ur eyes and lifts your chin up for a kiss is something I can't trade anytin for...I freaking love tall men!!!

  4. Choi.. She rush am lik hot rice.. Nice story

  5. Very interesting story. May your love for each other never die.

    God Bless Everyone.

  6. This story no complete, come back to the comment section and continue your gist, madam no make me vex oooh, how can you just rush the Tory like that.

  7. This your story na rush hour story oo lol
    Congrats dear

  8. Great story....happy for you poster

  9. Waiting for your wedding night brouhaha madam

  10. #What you allow is what will continue*

  11. Abeg when is batch A 2016 passing out

  12. Lol,madame russia choi very interesting,God bless your home o.

  13. Most babes love tall guys no doubt, me included. My boo is Idris Elba look alike. Just one look at him and am already wet. Gosh

    1. ur head dey there.Idirs is d guy mehn


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