Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard.49


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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Service Year Boulevard.49

Have you thought about taking a walk down memory lane....NYSC wise?

I wanted to serve in the National Assembly Quarters, so I worked my service to Abuja. When the list came out, I realised that NYSC didn't want me to be close to the corridors of power. I was posted far away from Abuja. I landed in the South. I was surprised but not disappointed. 

I packed my bag and travelled to Cross River State to serve my nation.
On the first day of Camp, during the assembly, an NYSC official, Mr S, requested for those who studied Visual Arts to wait behind. Na so I wait behind o. Lekwam lekwa Visual Arts! A guy who actually studied VA waited with me. We were told to draw something that will reflect some themes he gave us.

 As I cannot draw, I told the guy to draw for me. He was shocked and asked if I studied VA. I said No. He asked why I came out. I told him I would answer him if he drew for me. Before he could make up his mind, Mr S came. I told him I couldn't draw. He laughed and asked why I came out. I said I wanted to be useful to him. He accepted to engage me in other ventures.

 From there, my popularity on camp started. I was part of the organisers for all social events on camp. I became friends with Mr E, another NYSC official in a better position. This was to the dismay of the first one, Mr S.

 In as much as I wanted to be friends with Mr S, his shoes kept distracting me. I didn't want his shoes to point me to Adamawa, but they just couldn't stop doing that.

Girls were banned from going to the male hostels.

 I always found myself in Mr E's room, where we played Chess. He never made any sexual advances. On very cold mornings, he would bring me hot water to bath. Nice man.
During the MR /Miss NYSC contest, I met someone, Mr G, a politician from the LGA who was in charge of the gifts to the winners. On the eve of our passing out from camp, I invited him. I requested for 2 bottles of Yoghurt. He bought one. I labelled him stingy and abandoned him there at Mammy. I hung out with Mr E and his colleagues. They asked me where I would love to serve.

 I said Government house. Mr E said no, that my eyes no good. I said, "I know, that's why I use glasses". He said, "not that kind of eye. You will go there and distract the governor with this your height and killer figure". I begged but he ended up posting me to a school that offered a decent accommodation. 

The school didn't have space for me but one of the male teachers saw me and told the principal that they must make space for me. They got a space for me and reassigned me. I worked diligently and was friendly with all the teachers. I got accommodation close to the airport. I no get time for inside school accommodation. The bursar chased me tire.

 Whenever he visited me, I would invite my neighbor who was a UNICAL student. He usually came with awoof, then he would give me sign to discharge the girl. The babe will sit tight like olumo rock,as per my instruction. He got frustrated and stopped coming. Once, he invited me to his house. He was horny.

 I told him I wouldn't do it on his matrimonial bed. He told me that his bed was not called matrimonial bed. That he bought his bed in an upholstery shop. I laughed and promised to invite him over. He got transferred to Abuja two weeks after that incident and his chapter ended. 

I met a Senator,without wife, who made sure I was on bucks. He was a spender. He never entered my apartment. He would call and pick me up in front of my house. He had this bad ass Infiniti Jeep, the latest model that year. We usually hung out at Tinapa , Metropolitan or NAF club. He was a good listener and talker.

Mr G called me sometime to inquire where I was posted. I told him Calabar. He was happy and we met up. Our houses were in the same neighborhood. One day, he offered to take me to his house for the first time. I told him to pick me by 7pm. By 6pm, Senator called and asked if we could hang out by 7pm. I said yes because he was more fun and punctual. Mr G was not always punctual. Unfortunately, he came by 6.45pm that day. I was already dressed for Senator. He thought I was ready for him. I told him I didn't feel like going out.

 He was surprised. I told him I just remembered my mum and my mood changed. He was like, "your mum is dead and buried. Let's go, I will console you". By 6.57pm, Senator called. I quickly discharged Mr G. He drove off in anger. Who cares! I went to club with Senator and partied hard. He sprayed me with currency that day. If I had gone with G, he would have "consoled " me with pen!s. I gotta wise up, mehn. Lol. 

I later quarreled with Senator because he insisted he was not the condom type. I liked him and his cares but not enough to do skin to skin, considering that I was in PET CDS group. I had to practise what I preached. 

G was very persistent and I gave him a chance. He was a good lover. He was not stingy as I thought. He was very respectful too and gave me a lot of personal space. One cool evening in his house, he told me he actually saw me enter Senator's car that day. We laughed and I gave him a special acrobatic style as per eye wey see kurukere movement but still fell in love. 

G was my guy throughout the remaining months. We broke up when I refused to marry him. He needed to move on. I moved on too. 

This was after Service year, though. I hardly wore my white. Up till the day when I passed out from NYSC, if I met a new guy, I would tell him I was among the latest batch. The next question was usually if I had been to Tinapa or Obudu. I would say no. They all wanted to be the first to take me to Tinapa or Obudu cattle ranch. Places I had been to while I was a student! I would go to Tinapa but never Obudu because it was not a one day trip. 

While I was still dating G, I met an airport staff one morning on my way to the stadium. He dropped me off and we exercised together. On our way back, after dropping me off, he asked if I could give him water. That was how he entered my apartment. He complained I had no Fridge or Generator. Within ten hours, he brought the two. He wanted me to appreciate with sex. I told him that in my village, we said Thank You not Sex. After one month and no sex, he asked for his property back. I refused. He threatened. For where. He pleaded. For where. When I was tired, I gave him his property back. He said I was a wicked somebody. 

Another set of people that made my year worthwhile was my landlord and his family. My landlady was very nice and loving. Their first daughter who was my mate was my accomplice and companion most times. When I was bored, I would disturb my landlord to take me out,until one day he said, "Corper, you have finished your house rent. I am not taking you out again". Nice people. Even after service, I used to stay with them whenever I visited Calabar. Their daughter was my bridesmaid. I was hers too. 

Aside my extracurricular activities, I was a diligent teacher. I did my best to impact positively on my students. I have kept the relationship with some of them who are university graduates now.
Did I enjoy my Service Year? Absolutely.
Was I happy it was Calabar and not Abuja? Definitely.

*WOW sharp babe,i enjoyed your story,your personality is easy to like even from just reading your writeup.


  1. In fact you over enjoyed your service year, I too gbadun you darling

    *Larry was here*

    1. Ojeèkpunakimotoachòjenyijenyi-urvillagepeople15 January 2017 at 14:23

      U shared cookie no be small. I guessed ur landlord follow chop too.

    2. Ikebe superstory

    3. I am telling you. She is what is called 'animashaun'. Awon hoe

  2. nice story..... u sure did have fun..

  3. Stella you self she is "sharp" becos she screwed several dicks?

  4. This is the best SYB i have ever read.
    Chop knuckle👊

    1. You too like totoh and prick stories

  5. Sweet story...Mr A-Z tinz..
    You are a badt sharp gal poster

  6. #If you continuously compete with others, you become bitter, but if you continuously compete with yourself, you become better*

  7. This poster is a sharpitoo.
    I really enjoyed your story.

  8. Calabar the never sleeping ancient town....

  9. You really enjoyed yourself

  10. A friend of mine once said Nysc year is d year of prostitution for most female Corp members

    1. Someone told me that too..Nawah o

  11. Anonymous 14:03, opean your eyes, she only screw MR G, Habba!!!
    Nice story poster, me like your way... you too much.

    1. U sure say u read am? She screw senator kon still screw Mr G. Those ones na the ones wey she gree talk o. E sure for me say she screw 2 other pple join but she no want tell us.

      But who cares?

  12. I love this story. Sharp girl

  13. Nne you had real fun
    Nothing do you

  14. Correct babe. Tuwale for jarri. Better pikin. 😍 😍 😘

  15. Nice one. I also served in calabar last year. Been to tinapa and obufu, everything about calabar is overrated. I served in the office of the wife of the Governor, Dr. Mrs. Linda Ayade. Nice people

  16. Poster your story is not complete.
    You didn't add that you slept with me too.


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