Stella Dimoko This Is Spontaneous Thursday Post.


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Thursday, January 05, 2017

This Is Spontaneous Thursday Post.

Its 8am and still so dark and cold outside.....

OMG My FB inbox almost exploded yesterday!!!...WHAT!!!
I even had people with Masters and other higher degrees applying,some for fun and some because hey need it....My Goodness,how can i employ someone with four degrees?where i wan see money pay you?

Sadly i cannot read all the mails so i am going to make it tougher....If you are interested in this post.mail me a story and i will indicate,the story with the highest comments will be chosen for the job...I will not edit your story and will be posted exactly how you sent it in....Good enough?

Are there no BV's in Dortmund? I would like to bless someone here with ''A GREEN''....If you live in Europe,you should know what that means.Please call me if you wanna meet.I wanna take you for dinner or Lunch and paint you ''GREEN''.

My friend Angel Beautiful kept me on the phone for so long even after saying ''bye'' every 30mins,when she finally went off the phone,i slept off with my Mac on laps.....#GossipGirl. #NightGossip #SpecialFriend.

Charlotte my friend in UAE,How are you?been messaging you and no response..Holla!

Shout Out to all BV's.

Those of you Missing Old BV's who no longer comment,don't worry,they are still here but under new names or as Anon..Its their choices to change,stop calling them out,just send them a shout out and they will get it.

Once again Shout out to all BV's


PS.....Labour room drama,meeting point,NYSC boulevard,WNB are all empty....if you have any,please send in one.....Cant wait!

Please all appreciation should be posted inside comment section of IHN....aight?


  1. Morning people
    The day is bright and fair, so there was a lot of drama on this blog yesterday. To say I was shocked is an understatement, I was really disappointed in some peeps.
    Please to all the warring parties, lets sheath our swords and embrace peace. The year is still young
    yours sdkly dazzlinglizzy

    1. You forget say you use your name find job soon they would come for you.
      The earlier u fight them.and delete them the better for you.

      Aka young wealth.
      2017 billionaire.

    2. Mamie, missing your comments.

      Oluyomi.. Fell in love with you when cyber bullies thought they could chase you away from this blog. I bet they didn't know you are an IROKO. You are a strong lady.

      SDK, you are an angel in the midst of men. Thank you for the smiles you keep putting on our faces through your work. May the blessings of the Almighty never depart from your home likewise ours too. Amen.

  2. Things turn out best for people who make the best out of the way things turn out.

    Top of the morning to you all,may all our endeavours yield positive results today amen

    1. Issacson, you got guts. I read IHN last night and I laughed so hard. Delta pikin no want intimidation.

      See you february 30th

    2. New dawn, new every!!! Isaacson, for you to have attracted such traffic yesterday means something great is ahead of you. All you need to do is keep believing and be strong. You have got confidence and I love*hugs* Pls kindly do me a favour by not replying anyone that cusses themselves in anonymouse mode anylonger okay? That's what I resolved for this 2017 and I am beginning to see its LIT but If the FBGs feel they are too restless and bold enough, let them use their ids then we can face them squarely. No one can intimidate me outta here so take a chill pill while we embrace and dwell in love 'if you wish/want'. Adanne dearie, pls send my egg. I need am this am biko. Hehehe! Lucile oyel, will see you in a few by God's grace. Safe to me and nice day ma lovelies.

    3. Pls where can I get beautiful costume jewelry on the island (eko market) really chic and classy ones .. Wholesales.. Zircon earrings too.. @lagos shopper, help me now.. Good morning SDK'ers

    4. Amen to that @sandy neky,I surely won't anymore

      @swag lafresh Warri boy nor dey ever

    It is better to marry late and enjoy happy
    marriage with the right person than to marry
    early and suffer in marriage with a wrong
    person. It is not how far but
    how well that matters. I have observed that
    some people are rushing into marriage
    because they see everybody getting married.
    Some people rush into
    marriage due to per pressure from family and
    friends. At the
    end, they marry a wrong person. Sometimes, it
    is good for you to take your time and search
    for the
    right person. Marriage is a life time contract in
    which you spend the rest of your life with your
    Therefore take your time to search and pray.
    Do not rush into marriage because of family
    pressure or friends pressure. They will not be
    there when you will
    be suffering bad marriage. Therefore, take
    your time and
    search for the right person.
    * Marry the one you love but make sure he or
    becomes your best friend.
    * Marry someone who
    wouldn’t mind walking up to every day for the
    rest of
    your life. The one who makes you glad to be
    * Marry
    someone who drives you crazy. The one who
    calms you.
    * Marry the one you don’t mind fighting with,
    they will be fair about it. Don’t marry someone
    who gives
    their ego more importance, than they give you.
    * Marry
    someone who makes you the best version of
    The one who believes in you, even when you
    don’t. The
    one who stands by you, through thick and thin.
    * Marry
    someone you can’t
    imagine your life without.
    * Marry the one you
    in love with. And the one who is insanely in
    * Marry the one who knows what you
    want to say, when you’re too tired to say it with
    The one you can spend comfortable silences
    with from
    time to time. * Marry your soul mate.
    * Marry
    your best friend.”

    I decree, may you marry your soul mate, may
    someone who will take care you not frustrating you
    Name. Amen...... I THINK WTH DIS I DO MAKE SENSE.....

    1. Loud it.

    2. How can it b better to marry late,my mum is just 46 and she has grown up kids like us.
      She can't be any happier than being married to my dad.

      If you don't get a man at your early age no problem pray and wait for him that's better than saying its better to Marry late.

      So at 35 u marry,36 you guve birth than at 50 your child would be 14 how that one make sense?

      Rolex chick
      2017 billionaire.

    3. Nice one @Jacinta. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    4. #WORD
      Don't marry because you are lonely.

      Don't marry someone you can live with
      Marry someone you can't live without.


  4. Hello lovelies.

    Don't let negative and toxic pple rent space in your head. Raise d rent and kick dem out.

    A lovely day ahead.

    1. Shut up,big fool xoxo is right about u.

    2. Finally emjay is unveiled. Yu ar d Jane that ur stupid clique is afraid to call her ID...Go back to in house news one bv as anonymous has told ur Santas to collect their monies from u.
      Benin girls no dey change from generation to generation. Any drama?
      Yu miss to say that one.. King xo mystery we wait yu to paste old comment about German juice and yu.
      Expose dis emjay

  5. Replies
    1. Morning all, another lovely day in 2017. Have a blessed day!!😊😊😊


  6. Welcome to the Month of Triple Expectation namely;
    1. The Second coming of MMM-
    2. Power Transition in Gambia- 19-01-2017
    3. Power Transition in the State- 20-01-2017.

    In other news, Chelsea lost their game against Tottenham Yesterday, they still couldn't match Arsenal's 14 Most Consecutive Wins. hahahahahahah, I'm happy jare. Make una Good Morning gbogbo Blog Family, may we all have a fulfilled day.

    *Larry was here*

    1. That was one painful match to watch.
      Well, losing 1 game after winning 13 PL in a row, i can live with that. We still #TopOfTheTable

    2. Yes...mmm to take over the streets on the 14th can't wait...9 days more

  7. I wonder what this agbaya collator is feeling like, asking me to post my previous call out on her for a recharge card I don't blame her I blame myself who engage an old hag like her on words trading. she no kukuma get work before but as our dear Stella with a large heart don employ her as a collator she must feeling kinky on her old sef.. decode the person and get a kiss

  8. Happy New Year My sdk family... My ne year has its Resolution.. let's behave ourselves this new year...

    No time for unnecessary people. I've missed my Angel E, so so much, thanks for checking up on me, you're 1 in a million... Mr. CEO, thanks so much for your care. May God bless you always..

    My boo boo Sandy Neky, ain't you just a darling, Lucille, I get plenty gist for you, apologies, I ended up trapped in the village and couldn't go back to O town.. cookie, I read your SO yesterday, chidinma Gift you're just so beautiful.

    Queen of all Queens, I hail you oooooo. Do and come back to the hustle. La creamie, how's your brother? King Nwa amaka, how are you? Emjay love... Kee kwanu? Duchess how u de? I hope you step out today and job hunt, ranting here might never help you.

    My love for this blog has tripled this 2017...

    Special shout out to Stella Dimoko, you made my 2016, more of God's blessings awaits you this 2017..

    My Angel E, I love you wo much and you know (hope I didn't miss the shoki rain) side eyes..

    Mr CEO... God bless you always

    My Le Boo, My Nze! Kisses to you always.

    2017 starting gloriously...

    Lemme open my mail and respond to the query given to me at d office...
    Traveled without leave or permission as a stubborn girl I IS.... lol

    1. You came back with a new name

      Welcome back

    2. Welcome back.

    3. Ideato u don turn lolo? Na who give u title? Na who be ur igwe? We haff missed u and ur staff bus stories o! So u now hv a new lee boo? I hope it's not one of ds ur Fuckboys o! Mk dem nor chop u clean mouth as usual o! Time no de! Mk hay while d sun shines! Quick marry u hear? Hahahaha! Welcome bk dear! U whr really missed!

    4. Ideato u don turn lolo? Na who give u title? Na who be ur igwe? We haff missed u and ur staff bus stories o! So u now hv a new lee boo? I hope it's not one of ds ur Fuckboys o! Mk dem nor chop u clean mouth as usual o! Time no de! Mk hay while d sun shines! Quick marry u hear? Hahahaha! Welcome bk dear! U whr really missed!

    5. Ideato baby , biko nwanneukwu m, nyetunu m emelu ma o bu akara eji enweta oga ceo na bbm biko. Chukwu gozie gi

    6. Welcome back wetin u bring come from villa...where the palm wine

    7. Lol... Ideato boo.Happy new year hun.Missed you so.
      Been a busy week.Missed a lot here.Been catching up on all the drama.Y'all should please continue.

    8. Ideato is a LOLO?
      My dear I won't blame u as queen and boss is now a chief. All man with her village chieftaincy title. Lies can pay.
      Make una throw shoki to celebrate.

      Welcome back

    9. Oooh ma blog boo is back! Yaaaaay! You almost got me confused oo with the lolo. Hehehhe! Welcome back darlyn*hugs*

    10. Thanks my darlings, advices will be adhered to.... Chinny, tawa kiss. Sassy I missed you o.

      Anonymous.. got a news last year, My staff bus had an accident and it was a write off, I duff cap for witches here o. Uber or any alternative to the Rescue for now

  9. Jus woke up
    I wan squat **sideeye @ emjay**

    I read ihn late yesterday I don laugh tire.

    1. @mama nnuku I am serious ohh, my yansh must full every where by fire by thunder.

    2. I go like join this ur squatting oo...hwfa come n be my personal trainer na

  10. so,isaacson is a guy afterall.

  11. Good morning my lovelies..
    The cold is three much here..
    The cattrah refused to go oooo.

    1. Slice onion, wear a sock and put the slice onion inside it before you go to bed. Wake up and it's bye bye to catarrh. If e no work, blame your village people.

    2. Start taking green tea...
      Heladiv with ginger and honey to be precise and watch cold and catarrh leave you for good!...

  12. Menstrual cramps plus teeth wahala😞😞😞😞
    I need a hug!

    1. Read beloved's comment below. Pele

    2. E -hugs dearie

      Read my writeup on menstrual cramps too

    3. Sorry, toothache is bad bad gannn.

    4. @CHW may God comfort you and send help your way.
      *plenty hugss*

  13. A pregnant woman is in the bank when the bank is robbed. A gunfight breaks out, and she is shot 3 times in the abdomen. She is rushed to the hospital. Miraculously, she is unharmed. After giving a full examination, though, the doctor tells her, "I have good and bad news for you. You are going to have triplets but each baby has a bullet in it. Luckily, they have hit no vital organs, and eventually your children will pass the bullets naturally."

    The woman has 3 healthy babies. Twelve years pass, and she has all but forgotten the incident in the bank.

    One day, the first child, a daughter, comes to her mother and says, "Mom, the strangest thing just happened I was using the toilet, and I passed a bullet." The mother explains everything, and she assures her daughter that everything is okay.

    A few weeks later, the second child, also a daughter, comes to her mother and says, "Mom, the strangest thing just happened." The mother interrupts her and says, "You passed a bullet, right?" The mother goes on to tell the daughter the story.

    Several weeks later, the third child, a son, comes to his mother and says, "Mom, the strangest thing just happened." The mother interrupts him and says, "You passed a bullet, right?" The son says, "No, Mom I was masturbating and shot the dog!"


  14. Yeah!!! It's SP again.

    I'm alive and well, my family is doing great.

    Dear BV's is there really a difference between Equity and Equality??

    1. Yay I am going back to Kano after the 2weeks holiday, I hope to resume work on the 9th.
      Spontaneous Thursday!

    2. Equity is fairness.
      Equality is sameness/equalness.


  15. Good morning all, on my way to a bush market to get cheap food stuff and other household items. Enjoy your day.

  16. On my way back to base....boss is already calling. Have a good day everyone

  17. Where's Lizzy berry? She's been AWOL.

    1. You don't know where your wife is or have her phone number?
      Which kind husband you be. *shocked **

    2. Loved ur comnent yday on chronicl

  18. I am sending out a shout out to all lovelies

    1. Whoever that said Linda Eze is same as Ify2080 on Ig is a liar. The Ify is Ifeoma Nnamoko who happens to be Annex merchandise's wife Biko. Who has Linda's real Ig account? Eke is my hobby πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. One love dear😘😘😘

    3. Datudichic why do you want her IG account. Are you tired of attacking her in anonymous mode.

  19. How to alleviate/reduce/ relieve menstrual cramps
    ** try to distract yourself maybe by reading sdk, watching telemundo, etc
    *Improve Your Diet to Alleviate Period Cramps...consume less fat and eat more of veggies
    *Pop a Safe Painkiller. ibuprofen
    *Drink Teas to Calm Menstrual Cramps chamomile tea, raspberry, ginger tea and other herbal teas
    & cut down your coffee or caffeine intake
    *avoid alcoholic drinks this period
    *Take vitaminD and Vitamin B1
    *Take calcium and magnesium supplements throughout the month, as these nutrients work in concert to aid muscle relaxation
    *Massage your lower tummy With Essential Oils for Pain Relief. ...
    *Curl Up With a Heating Pad to Ease Period Cramps. ...A heating pad or hot water bottle is a simple, tried and true way to reduce muscle spasms.
    Even drinking hot water helps too
    ** Boost Endorphins Your Way.
    **Exercise releases endorphins, which are natural pain relievers. Endorphins also help counteract the prostaglandins in your body that cause contractions and pain. Because of this, physical activity may help relieve cramps.

    **Also, keep in mind that excessively painful menstruation can be a sign of a more serious underlying medical issue, such as endometriosis, a uterine infection, or a problem with the uterine anatomy. Don’t forget to consult your primary care provider to make sure these possibilities are addressed, especially if you just can’t seem to get your pain under control.
    @ Crazyhornywife orgasms do help with cramps because of endomorphins released just like an exercise .
    It is well ...e-hugs
    One love ♡ ♥ ♡

  20. There was a tsunami on IHN yesterday. Dafuq?
    What came over you all? I was just sitting on the fence cuddling my busu and observing the whole drama. I didn't even know who to reply or what to chip in.
    Y'all were on another level of paranoia.

    I'm sure y'all really hate yourselves cause all that venom was not just a blog fight.
    It's a new year people .

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ please tell them!

    2. Busu your favourite pet chi fimile oh!

    3. Did I read where that daughter of Mr Okereke commented? Hope I didn't read her call my darling Isaacson a beggar

    4. The fights keeps us entertained abeg...

    5. chi... Its better you stay out of the fight.. Cos you will be termed a hater and be roped in.

    6. ...and I was AWOL yesterday, choi!

  21. Good morning all
    Hope we all had a blissful night?
    Blessings of the Lord upon our lives today and forever more i speak In Jesus Name Amen!

    Stella please today is Thursday not Friday yet! Lol
    This January dey run like say something dey chase am seriously lol

  22. all of a sudden all of dem don get haters.chai!

    1. Talk straight or are you afraid ? .. Lol

    2. I tire oooo
      Everyone now has haters in a faceless blog..

  23. Oya o turn up for the stories

    Can't wait for the gbaguners
    No side eyes

  24. I love love spontaneous post, even though i miss it most of the times.

    God bless all the Angels.

    2017 is gonna be lit πŸ‘Œ

  25. Good morning peeps!
    Yesterday was hectic but thank God we're moving on.
    I wish you all exert more energy on your hustle rather than tasteless and unwarranted drama,it's not worth it!

  26. Ehen whatever happened to Sister Nkechi and her not-so funny skits? Ran out of ideas too? Lol

    Y'all should send your stories na....why will you guys let all the folders run empty like that? It's not good oo mbok

    And to all the drama kings and queens in the house, y'all are baes! You made my day yesterday cos i literally laughed and laughed and laughed! What a way to start the year on SDK phewww.... no body should say cease fire ooo!
    Una go fight tire hahahaha

  27. Up and thankful. Eating my hot eba with draw soup. Have a nice day y'all.

  28. Good morning!

    Got back from mass not too long ago, still making breakfast.
    So, yesterday I went to the market and honestly, it's only God that can save someone in this economy. A bottle of power oil now goes for #650? What a wow! I was almost tempted to get adulterated oil. Took over 20k to get ingredients for school (excluding rice, beans and noodles cos I have a lot of these at home) and the baggo bag I came home with wasn't filled. I was confused and have been recalculating what I bought trying to give mysef hope I misplaced money somewhere but, yinmu! The money is complete gegere!
    I can only think of the good old days when 10k was more than enough.. Chai, it's well!

    ...okay, my food is ready! See y'all in the other posts.

    1. Az in eh
      Fear dey catch me on how to enter market on Saturday

    2. A bottle of red oil is now #800 and some are selling @ #850.Is God that can save us..

    3. Its not funny rocky..The good old days are gone for good.i bought the smallest size of Mamador oil for 600.its crazy..

  29. So I'm tired of staying idle, I need 2 kick start ds business, just dt cash isnt forthcoming! it's 2 early 4 ds feeling! low spirit, sad n loosing hope..baba God I'm believing u

  30. Hello People,just lying down on my bed feeling so lazy today,Happy Birthday day to my younger Sis Ulot,may God grant u all your heart desires and make all things beautiful for u,love from your nieces,I heart u my bae with a beautiful heart.

  31. Good morning Stella, harmattan is doing us strong thing here.... Positive vibes..

  32. I had to say this......

    6 years in Primary school
    6 years in Secondary school
    5 years in University
    1 year of ASUU Strike, Protest & Co
    1 year of Youth Service
    U eventually get a job of #50,000 monthly.

    Same in this Naija another will just shout
    *Skiborobo Skibo*, his girlfriend will reply *it's
    young John the wicked producer*, and be
    making millions.

    Are you sure the person who introduce
    education will make heaven???

    1. Yes, they won't make heaven. Thats how some of these lecturers will be using 1900 lecture notes for usπŸ˜’..

    2. 50k is cool naa.
      Some are earning 20k.

    3. Time to realize that talent eats breakfast, lunch and dinner before paper qualification is served breakfast.


  33. Cold everywhere

  34. I would have applied for the job Stella, cos I've got what it takes.. but seeing as the criteria for clinching it is having a laptop, and I don't have one, oh well...
    Good luck to you all.

    *No matter who you are in life, no matter where you are from, at some point you gonna need somebody to stand by you..
    No matter how much money you've got, or the friends you've gonna need somebody to stand by you.

    When the nights has come and the land is Dark,and the moon is the only light we see..
    I won't cry, I won't cry, no no no I won't shed no tear,just as long as you stand by me..

    Carpe Diem.

    1. Awwn.. Northie, I would have really loved you take the job. Still apply though, you never can tell if you'll get the job

      Stella consider Northie na

  35. Top of the morning to u all..May God bless our hustle

  36. Oluwa mi, mo njade lo 🎡
    Lati se ise oojo mi...
    Iwo nikan lemi o moo... πŸ‘Ό
    L'oro πŸ’¬πŸ“’πŸ“£
    L'ero πŸ’­πŸ’­
    Ati n'ise πŸ“πŸ’»πŸ“‹πŸ“‡

  37. It's a beautiful day and i'm feeling good!!!

    Yesterday's ihn was the funniest thing. Hahahaha! If I wasn't already weary of women, that gave me more reason to be. Chai! No love at all.
    At some point, I thought someone was having a brain malfunction... the comments just kept making less sense.

    Isaacson, you've got guts alright. You witty responses were hilarious.

    Have a nice day everyone.

    1. My chic how you day. I read in house news and burst out laughing i was missing beta drama. One comment got me wowed it was laeffizy denying herself. Shebi her sister miss Gemini wedding pics was on d blog.

      Laeffizy you are ntoghee aka Ntee I'm from Ugep after wanakade. Yu culdnt lie a good lie. Dunot join fights you know noting about cox Nuvi honey abi Na Obriks is explaining in anonymous that her maid bought sim card fo her. What nonsense clique didn't warn Nuvi when she was spoiling fo war.

    2. Anon 09.19, Dont be a dolt. I was denying myself how? Dafuq is wanakede? Maybe I'm the only one who doesn't know where the place is. Please school me!!!

  38. Ive been on an edge lately, I misplaced mt personal diary wit personal stuff written on it,d tin just dey do me somehow,the tot of someone glancing tru it is frustrating,i dont know where I kept it, I feel like crying

    going back to uni stress on monday, I miss my friends,all dem sexy girls wit big hips that can make a man go crazy, hittung d gym also, starting my squats all over again, ill miss u guys but ill b coming like a thief in d night, mrs stella dont forget mi oo, keep in touch. Lolzzzzz

    Im looking for my diary (crying)

    Inbtw I just changed my id, dont try decoding, itll lead u to sambisa forest.

    #JustCallMeYammie or #YamLeg

    1. You keep diary in this age and time? My diary is in my heart I can't fit shout.

  39. It's 2:15am here, just going to bed....

  40. My Prophecies for 2017.......

    1. Rain will fall.
    2. Sun will shine.
    3. Super Eagles will play at the World Cup qualifier this year.
    4. Some people will die.
    5. Lots of SΓ«x will be had this year! (A LOT I'm telling you)
    6. Haters will hate.
    7. Many girls will do abortion.
    8. November will come IMMEDIATELY after October. So please
    9. Dangote will make more money.
    10. Car manufacturers will release new cars
    11. Your Bank, Mobile Service provider &
    Fraudsters will
    collaborate to send you useless SMS!!
    12. Many Rams would be slaughtered during the Muslim festival of Ileya.
    13. Many chickens would be slaughtered again in December.
    14. Nepa will continue to bring bills for darkness
    15. Many ladies will get pregnant by Feb 14
    (Valentine tinz)
    16. Wedding will take place every Saturday
    17. Many Muslims will observe Jummat every
    18. Many Christians will worship on Sundays
    19. Babies will be born everyday
    20. Naming ceremonies will be held lavishly.
    21. Dollars will rise more
    22. Students will graduate from school
    23. Samsung and iPhone will make new phones this year
    24. Confederation cup will be played in Russia
    25. One team will win UCL
    If any of this does not come to pass.


  41. SDK,i dont know why you dont wanna post this,But for real a lady I met here on snm gave me some infection and shes acting like she dosnt know she has it(herpes) even when I told her i was ill.I was told its very rampard in the UK,they get it there and bring it here.
    People are wicked,why not treat your self properly before practicing lesbianism? Odiegu!

    1. Na so! Your sexcapade has caught up with you. Treat yourself biko ranting won't help matters.

    2. Rampard kor Lampard ni. You never chichonchin

    3. Drama loading.

    4. LMAO...damn!!! Imagine sucking live herpes virus..

    5. Kwakkwkwkwka.
      Lesbianism gone wrong.
      Xoxo and the rest be exchanging virus since 1980.

      Its your girl Rolex
      2017 billionaire.

    6. Whr u doing lesbianism with her?or u whr fucking her as a guy? Wch one is really ur complaint?besides wat do u even want stella to do?did she tell u dat shs a medical doctor? mr he or she, wch ever one u are,u had beta go and treat urslf before ur herpes escalates to full blown viral disease! Idiot!

    7. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa.

    8. Herpes is a very dangerous disease oh.

    9. Who send you???
      You Committed a sin and got blessed with something bigger
      God help you

    10. Hahahahahahahaha...
      You didn't take her for a test before gbenshing!...
      Naija women are so dirty!...

    11. Good for you. Keep practising sodomy. Na HIV you go get soon.

  42. Stella is a Strategic blogger.

    Some comments can leave you thinking of your life. If you are soft and can't stand harsh comments biko don't send pictures. Yesterdays in house drama is something else. Queen & BUS your mouth is wicked Sha! As Yu disappear I think say you is coming back changed instead you return with wicked venom.

  43. Lol....old @Bvs like:
    @Billien jean
    @Blog Lord

    I say helloπŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    Wow....This platform is a community indeed....The post of whether to adopt when age is knocking e.t.c....I can see love here....I read the comments this morning πŸ•—, and I could see love in people's comments for people that are depressed πŸ™Ž...That 35 years old lady with Mercedes car...God is working for your good...Don't worry...@Oluyomi,God Is working for your good too.

    Good morning


  44. Happy New Year, 2017 the Best Year for all, Oluwa observe me this Year

  45. Beautiful day yesterday, as "Ije abali ano" was completed yesterday in my village. Awesome God, we give you praise.

    Cookie dear, I saw your shout out. Boo is fine. Kisses bae.

    Enjoy your day guys.

    1. Congrats dear

    2. Shut up,I hope you have become straight now you are married?
      Bf you give your husband herpes kwakwa kwa kwa.

      2017 billionaire.
      Na me talk am.

  46. Thanks to those who showed me love on the adoption post. God bless you real good. One love

  47. Anons why so much venom you be snake. Wetin happen. Go and hustle your own so that we will know you all. Witches on this blog.

  48. Still on the bed reading sdk. For me, the reason for calling out the old bvs is to know if they are ok and in good health.

    Shout out to:

    Billy jean both real and impersonator: her hate for fat people though (linda took over in that department).

    Lucabree: the ominiknowest. He knew all the politicians, both past and present.

    Pearlie: can't forget those her large melons, kelvin would have loved her.

    Bloglord: the anons on her case then, sandy neky's monitoring spirit dey learn work, they were like leaches sucking her blood, I think they drove her away. I miss u bloggy, just say hi.

    Have so much time today, let's go there.

  49. My testimony is here for sure. It's done! I will testify!

    Have a great day people!

  50. Goodmorning fam, about going out.God bless my hustle.

  51. Hmmnn. I can only thank the true God for everything. Who am to complain.

  52. Chai,they finished XP and Xoxo on yesterday's IHN
    if you have not read the last 30comments this morning, you have missed a lot. In XP's case, Her failed decoding turned her to an object of ridicule.
    Let me go and bring some of the comments here. This is very sweet o

    1. Go and nyash down miss aboki. You did not sleep at night..many people read the post. Nuvi is fighting to deny her coursemstes, school, name, age.
      I schooled in uniben and I know the omoregies it is time to obtain blog id and write my comments the way others do.

  53. Happy New Year to all 'members of BVN' Cant believe I've resumed already!!! It feels like this holiday shouldn't end. I'm still in the euphoria of the hols.
    Hope you all enjoyed yourselves during the holidays. Thank God we all made it to 2017 and i believe we will be doing exploits this year. 😘😘😘😘😘

  54. I'm not so happy in short I am not happy, I and my bf broke up on Monday cos we both discovered we r of d genotype AS AND I've really been so hard on myself and on him also, I really wish we could go on since dere r some medical ways we could prevent having an SS baby but he isn't buying any of Dat. It's being so hard to gather myself together nd move on, ow do I go abt it my fellow Bvs? I really did loved him

  55. Comments above 200 always always contain plenty hate comments and quarrel and stella enjoys it more...its a faceless blog so you can claim anything you want


  56. Anonymous said...
    XP, see how you turned your self to an object of ridicule on sdk blog, shame on you bitch.
    So you actually think you can decode people by uprooting the phone number they used to open their google accounts? You are a monumental fool
    Let me enlighten you, I have two ids here but none of them was opened using my real phone number. The first Id, the gmail account I used was opened using my neighbour's phone number. So if you trace it, its someone else's details that it will bring for you. If she uses the number on facebook, its her facebook account that you will see, its her watsapp and even bank details that u will see if the number is on her BVN.
    The second Id, I used a google account which I opened with a phone number on the sim card that I sent our maid to buy for me. She bought it from roadside simcard sellers. They just wrote one name like that and one fake address, then she thumbprint and snap picture, within 30mins, the sim card was ready for use. So if you track it on my blog Id, it is one nonsense name and picture/address that u will see. It is not on facebook or watsapp or any other social media. The number is just for my blog activities.
    So I say XP, XP, XP, you are a mad woman, go and get cured and then find something doing. Even bv Tetrina said your device is faulty, she had to put it lightly if not she should have said you are mad.
    You were able to decode Miss Aboki because she used her main phone number to beg on the santa post of 2015. You traced the no to her Facebook account, watsapp and bank balance. Go and trace another person let us see. Ewu meeeh.
    This is not Aboki or Nuvi honey, I am just pissed at your constant boasting. Idiot.

    4 January 2017 at 21:53

  57. Beautiful day today. I almost faint for IHN. Chai

    Don't know what to say again.

    Day 4 fasting continues. God is really working a perfect work in every one of us. Be yourself and don't let fighting, worries take your shine and glory.

    Let go of bad blood. This is a great year grab it.

    Thank you.

  58. Anonymous said...
    Pat go and nurse your imaginary twins ewu
    Jobless tout, you have so much time on ur hands to be reading ALL comments on a blog. Ewu decoder.

  59. Anonymous said...
    Xp this year is your year of disgrace and shame. See how you started your year, everyone one is mocking you and your decoding device. You probably thought the phone number on Nuvi's google is her personal number. Oloshi onirase.

    4 January 2017 at 22:08

  60. Nothing to do for now,just sdking.Thank you lord for makingme see today

  61. I'm tired and sleepy as fuck. I've been trying to get this ass for so long. Hummmm, the fear of banging your supervisor and pray not to get toast when shit start to go sour

  62. This is my story!!!
    Am writing my final paper this month.... Graduate in a giffy
    And now I realised am two months pregnant. I have decided to keep it (I don't have mind for abortion). Am 22,have gisted my Sis but haven't informed my mom: we lost our Dad this year, and am the last born of my family.....
    I learnt children are blessings from the Lord... The road will be rough, but I will pull through
    PS. I didn't forget to go anonymous, this blog is like a family to me.

  63. Good morning fam, I am the BV whose 8yr old girl cousin feeds 20months old son with dirty water used for washing plates. Thanks all for your advice the last time, may God bless your homes and keep you from such evil. I will heed to it, will be returning her tomorrow. Haven't sent her home yet cos my son has been in and out of hospital, diagnosis showed he has a bacteria Infection obviously from all the dirty water she has fed him.
    Turned out she was also abusing him sexually, she said she plays with his penis and also that of my 3yr old cousin that visited for Christmas. When I asked further, she said she used to do it with her 9yr old brother back home before she came to my house in August. She touches his privates and he touches hers too. I am gobsmacked, this is indeed a wicked world. Please lets all be careful with the people we bring into out homes. It feels like I have failed as a mother. God bless us all

    1. That's unfortunate, may God perfect your son's healing its good u are sending her back.

  64. Bv's I hail
    Xoxo Mystery and Xp..., Una dey shame me
    Was it not the both of you that were trying to famz Chikito last year because of the imaginary stories she drops here
    I Remember Xp and Chikito even had a scuffle on Caroline Danjuma's post
    Then Xoxo had to type the story of her life on top Chikitorising
    Old beasts

    It's the same way, you both are trying to form a strong alliance with Nma because she is in the Abroad
    I no go fit lie you
    Shame catch me leave Una

  65. Morning people. In one of those fall back into the bed and make out with somebody slowly and softly for hours kind of moods.

  66. Great day we have here.
    Yes! I believe in miracles!

  67. Good morning luvies, I noticed am looking more beautiful since the beginning of this year. Mr right please come quickly..

  68. Can't believe the celebration and holidays are over! Hwfar John the Baptist we really need to celebrate that man, Peter, Paul, Joseph...

  69. Please what is busy body correctors email address

  70. Hubby n I had one crazy ***last night and I haven't gotten myself since then. My insides hurt like mad, I nearly passed out, hubby wanted to rush me to d hospital but I said no, but I'm still having serious pains inside, up to my navel. Anyone ever experienced that before?

  71. stella, i applied for that sdk vacancy. my boss d owe us 4 months now. so depressing. pls, i need a teaching or admin job in lagos. work no pay is depressing. #Sighs

  72. Dear BVS,

    I need your advice..I belong to team celibate ooh been on it for over three years...i have noticed my period does not come regularly...recently my period ceased for over a month whilst on that matter I had sex and after two days my period came regularly for complete 5 days...and after that month I started experiencing symptoms like i am about to see my period again but it did not come....i am confused...the last time I visited the hospital I was told nothing is wrong with with me...i even did a scan and was told all is well.

    Pls who in the house has experienced this....


  73. miss Aboki the great said...
    Choi! The aunty agbaya don already drag Tetrina inside the matter nau nau. But how can Tetrina who is happily married and living with her kids in the abroad be pained bcos of you? Even La Effizy wey offer unsolicited advice is also an enemy? Hian!!! You must think so highly of yourself fa.My dear you dont have enemies on this blog oooo. You are your worst enemy aswear. Why do you think you keep falling out with all those you form friendship with? Madam work on yourself before Yaba left become your case. Lo and behold cannot afford to have a raving lunatic as their mum. Inukwa going to bishop to fortify yourself because of blog fight? I wonder how your life wll be in real life. Take things easy ooo

    Thank God i have been 'disgraced'. I can now comment in peace without fear of bwing decoded. Ikwakwakwakwakwakwakwa


  74. Anonymous said...
    I have been on this blog for many years and what I sat down to go through on this in house news is shocking with my valuable 1hour wasted. The comments beating 400
    Nuvi you have no problem with Xp and for days you culled her out, we have heard you as the mumu that all of us is. This is to inform all Bvs that this Jane your gang is afraid to call her names is Emjay. Something or a gist went wrong in your inner circle. Evaluate yourselves

    Emjay a. K. a Jane said. The Lady should be avoided by the following women and the drama they bring should be restricted to their homes please. We have swallowed enough.
    German juice
    Xoxo mystery
    The general wife
    German juice
    Sisi Eko
    Sandy Nneka

    Any of you women that gave her xmas Santa, she ought to refund it that is if she has shame in her eyes.
    You are a smart backstabber I will be happy to have your reply downstairs on what xoxo mystery said. You is a suspect

    4 January 2017 at 22:11

  75. Top of d morning to y'all..

    Last night was lit,hung out with friends and kept talking like we were never going to c each other again.. I'm glad I was u with u guys.
    Now, back to the matter I had beans and plantain yesterday and I aff farting uncontrollably... It's a serious something.

    Great day ahead folks

  76. Top of d morning to y'all..

    Last night was lit,hung out with friends and kept talking like we were never going to c each other again.. I'm glad I was u with u guys.
    Now, back to the matter I had beans and plantain yesterday and I aff farting uncontrollably... It's a serious something.

    Great day ahead folks

  77. It is possible to meet someone online who doesn't share same views as you do. Skip such comments instead of creating unnecessary drama.

  78. I just don't get it why people think that it is everyone that is meant to or wish to marry or have a partner like do or die???
    I'm single and 46 years old. And never married. European & Canadian Nigerian citizen. I have a son & grandkids now.
    I'm natural beauty. Very very attractive indeed, drop dead gorgeous. You see my kids then you know where the good genes come from. I'm universal blood donor O.
    I have no problem making baby with any blood group.
    But I decided I'm not interested in any marriage or having child biologically again. I spent over $40,000 last year on body makeover and skin rejuvenation.

    I planned seriously to adopt but just recently changed my mind on that.
    Because I want to retire earliest possible & to buy a 3 rrerirement home around the world and shuttle continents to spend quality time with loved ones.

    I live very well alone...just & I & I alone !
    I'm highly educated & very..very successful.
    I just can't stand any BS (bull shit)
    And I easily get bored & frustrated with a man. I just have 0.000 tolerance for the slightest annoying thing either intentionally or not.
    I just hate any rubbish thing or nuisance near me. I love men, but have no time on earth...really, honestly for any other human being other than me & my blood line or generations (kid & grand kids)

    So, marriage is not for everybody!!!
    And btw: I have stash of real good vibrators... guaranteed me great sex regularly that is disease free or nyamanyama problem or scandalous things.

  79. Morning bvs, this Lagos cold is a liar. I'm already out, no time.
    I would have loved to work for Stella but my phone need constant electricity which I can't afford. I don't have generator and the light here is not reliable. The Lord shall make a way for me this year.

  80. Y are my comments not showing?abi stella na u de refuse to post my comments?wats d problem?

  81. Y are my comments not showing?abi stella na u de refuse to post my comments?wats d problem?

  82. I truly love SDK blog, it's where you can come up and share your thoughts. It is well, 2017 will definitely be better than last year

  83. I'm so going to have have sex with someone else. We r getting a divorce so I don't think I'm doing a wrong thing. Taboo or not.


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