Stella Dimoko Thursday Spontaneous Post.


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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thursday Spontaneous Post.

Today is going to be a great day......AND WET!

All i want to say this Morning is that if you do not like the divorce stories,do not open the post,it is that simple.....I read some of the excuses some of you gave and commanded i close it...Are you kidding me?
Some of you need to work on your mentality and the way you read and understand things.
As long as anyone sends in their stories,the Divorce stories will stay and like i said,do not open it if you do not like it.

If you are already at work,please have a nice day.

If you are still at home lazing in bed,nothing do you.

There is something about giving,it invokes the goodness and Mercies of the LORD into your life and you will be left with mouth agape.
If you want to test it,go ahead.

To those people exchanging harsh words,I will not stop you guys cos i believe everyone here is an adult BUT sometimes with your comments,I understand WHY it is so difficult to get things right in Nigeria. SMH:

That said,most of you need to Apologise to each other and move on,you might think this is just the internet where you can use words you like and run your mouth (typing) anyhow but it isnt......WHERE IS THE LOVE?

I have decided to try as much as i can to avoid negative people this year and if they do come my way i will infect them with my positivity and move on.

You have internet?.Use it wisely!

Have a nice day once again!


  1. Stay pretty, get education, dress well, and make money!!! Good morning sweeties.

    1. I think I just might have entangled myself with a f**kboy. Jeez, how long I tried to avoid it and now I'm deep into the s**t

    2. Crispy prawn with tartar sauce and basmati rice....

      Yeah! I ate that in my dream.

    3. Good morning to you to Stells, have a pleasant and fruitful day as well,I fell into d category of those still lazying in bed,hehehehe, don't mind those asking you to take d divorce segment down who dem EPP?? Mtchew, leave those causing dramas they keep me entertained. Most people just rush to comment without reading n digesting what's posted. I have decided to only say what I mearnt after all I went through, no flattering, say things the way they are,the way I meant it.guess whose call came through?? Unbelievable.

    4. Yeah STELLA, infect them with your positivity. #thumbsup

  2. Mom: Why are you pregnant?

    Daughter: This is our project in college about 'Miracle of Life'

    Mom: Tell me who is he?

    Daughter:I don't know, it was a group project


    1. LMAO 😁
      Your quotes are always about Toto and prick

    2. The intro to d divorce chronicle of yesterday got to me. I was already shivering n had tears in ma eyes..n its just intro oo. is well!

      Woke up so lazy today. Dunno y.

      Gud morning y'all.

    3. Intelligentsia princess12 January 2017 at 09:04

      IHN is bae.
      SDK, well done ooo,na side eyes I dey carry look you so. Why would you refused to post my call of atheist? That scum of the earth needs to be put where he belongs,which is the pit of hell. Wishing atheist all what he mocked her for.

    4. #AmandaFavour...Prick and Toto makes the world go round. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  3. I wish I could just put my head on my desk and sleep. This cough syrup got me feeling sleepy but we moveπŸ’ͺ. There's is work to be done and money to be made, man must wack.
    Have a great Thursday all.

    1. Anyone selling closures or frontals on this blog?
      I need some urgently and the prices I get these days, I am not understanding 😩
      Do contact me if you ve got some for sale

    2. It's a beautiful day. Get something doing. You never know when your break is at the corner or where.

    3. Remember your health is your wealth.


  4. Yeah!!! It's a beautiful morning.
    Bless our day oh Lord.

    Positive Vibes Only 😊😊

    1. Happy Thursday people, hot akara and bread is bae. Lord thank you for blessing me.

  5. Ok, there is this thing that has been bothering my heart for a while now, and if I keep bottling it up, I won't be happy. I guess it is high time I spilled the beans.
    You are a lady/woman, you wake up from your bed, bath yourself, then come out with a skirt that is as skimpy as my boxer short. Now, that is not my concern, after all it is your skirt. Where I have a problem, is when you try hard to pull the skirt down. My dear, are you trying to perform a miracle or what? It can never be longer than it already is.
    So please, when next you leave your house wearing a short skirt and you try pulling it down, don't just allow me catch you, because we will beat each other that day.
    Ahan! What sef! Shebi you want us to look? Nne free the skirt for us tourists jare, we want to relish whatever it is you are displaying. Nonsense and medemede!

    1. "Medemede"cracked me up!been long I heard that word

    2. Lol this is so true, ladies and trouble.
      PLEASE WHO KNOWS ABOUT CLEAR THERAPY SERUM, is it good and safe? Thanks

    3. Guys always complaining about ladies. The topic now is indecent dressing. My brother, mind your business!

    4. @atheist is a very foolish gay faggot. May you experience all what you mocked chikito for. Old cargo ,you will not respect yourself, I will soon disgrace you on this blog.
      Allah zademaka allubarika.
      Kuturu buru uba nka.

    5. Lol and those of us that admires it but can never be caught wearing it are guilty as well .hehehehe

  6. Woke up not so happy.
    Had very nasty dreams.

  7. thanking God for the gift of life. Good morning Stella and BVs.


    *A Woman was golfing and accidently she hits the ball into the woods. She then goes into the woods to look for it and there she sees a frog in a trap.*

    *The frog says to her: If you release me from this trap, I will grant you three wishes.*

    *The woman frees the frog, and the frog says: Thank you, but I have failed to mention that there is a condition attached to your wishes, and that is: whatever you wish, your husband will get ten times of that wish.*

    *The woman says: That is okay with me.*

    *For her first wish, she wants to be the most beautiful woman in the world.*
    *The frog warns her: you do realize that this wish will also make your husband the most handsome man in the world, an Adonis, to whom women will just flock to!*

    *The woman replies, That is fine, because I will be the most beautiful woman and he will have eyes only for me.*

    *So in a movement, she becomes the most beautiful Woman in the world.*

    *For her second wish, she wants to be the richest woman in the world.*
    *The frog says: That will make your husband the richest man in the world, and he will be ten times richer than you.*

    *The woman replies: That is okay, because what is mine is his and what is his is mine.*

    *So, in a split second she becomes the richest woman in the world.*

    *The frog then asks her, what is her third wish?*

    *She says: I would like to have a mild heart attack.*

    *Moral of the story: Women are clever. Don't mess with them.*

    *Attention female readers:*
    *This is the end of the joke for you. Stop here and continue feeling good!*

    *Male readers: Please scroll down.*

    *The man had a heart attack ten times "milder" than his wife!!!*

    *Moral of the story : Women are great but sometimes falsely believe that they are very smart.

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

    1. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

    2. Intelligentsia princess12 January 2017 at 09:05


    3. Now this is very funny and inspirational as well.

  9. SI GBOGBO OBINRIN........

    Sex is not all about making children. You must be a different woman to your husband every time. Seduce your husband, don't always allow your husband to ask for Sex, there must be no timetable for sex. Be creative, don't be predictable. Give him what he wants. If you loose influence over your husband, you have lost womanhood. Be part of your husband plans.
    Don't have too many children, (did u wnt To sell them)se o fe lo ta won ni? Allow your husband to check in and out anytime.
    When a man is sexually satisfied, he is emotionally stable. Stop saying, se ounje ni? Yes, ounje ni!!!
    As a wife, try to invest in yourself spiritually so you can adequately support him. Build yourself as his prayer warrior so that you will not be forced to pray at the end of your life. Don't allow your husband to provide all your needs, he is not a money making machine. Iron sharpens iron ke, try to reciprocate.
    You are meant to support each other spiritually, financially, physically and morally through thick and thin. You are a builder....Wise woman buildeth her home. Women need wisdom to build their homes. Do not be too outspoken, know when to talk, when to listen and when to be quiet.
    Love your husband with all your heart, never tell him, if not because of my children, remember you've known him before the arrival of those children.
    Pamper your husband, put his head on your chest and pray for him. Give him unannounced kiss from the back.... mwahhhhhh, don't be too holy to kiss in the public. He is your husband for Christ sake. Be romantic joooo, it is good for the heart. Some people are not happy that you're happy in that marriage, proof them wrong that you love him and he is your crown, always feel good when you hold him. Don't look 50 while you're still under 40, it drives men crazy. Always keep fit regardless of your age or body.
    To men:
    Do not take a woman who does all these for granted!
    Pamper her, pray for her, cherish her, love her, support her financially, prove to her that she is the most beautiful woman, make her feel like your QUEEN,! May almighty God bless our home.....Ameen.

  10. Replies
    1. Wonderful morning to my fellow beevees, already @ work in dis chilling 11 degrees, but something has been bordering me for a while. Why is it girls some girls are sooo damn foolish, don't mind me but I think that is the most appropriate word to use for that situation cos, they don't appreciate someone who is willing to go to the moon cos of dem on the contrary they go for the chronic player then they'll later have the guts to say all guys are the same, sometimes it really drives me insane, most girls who say they're looking for some one serious, it's not that they are looking they are but they are not seeing with their inner eyes which is very important as well. In fact e tire me for this girls.

      Reply to yesterday anonymous:
      The main reason is the approach of the good guys is a flop. They come on as being needy or unattractive. I have turned down good guys cos they lack charisma. I remember one offering to pay for my items in a supermarket but he was acting like he was going to die if I didn't give him my number. And he had a bunch of friends watching. So, I didnt want to feel like a conquest. You know how guys whine and talk about girls and their love for money. Thats why i turned him down. Contrary to what men think, women don't like being hit on. They like to feel a connection with a guy. And the bad boys know this, I met one in the school library and he just came to chat me up. He never tried to hit on me and this was exciting, cos it removed all manner of pressure or resistance I might have felt with the ordinary guy. He didn't even ask for my number, I gave it free willing. Women's life is full of pressure from men always trying their luck. It's not fun. It is very annoying, remember when some one chases or you sense a sign of chase. What are you most likely to do? If you were walking on the streets and someone is following you saying hello hello, your 1st reaction will be to protect yourself. My dear poster, good guys will have to learn from the bad guys. And use a better approach. Because, the truth is women are not designed to really look into men's heart or have eyes to select the good ones. We are not hunters! Rather, we eliminate those that come up to us. Unless of course, the guy has attained a certain level of success. This guys have made the price,cos I know or expect my needs to be met while i reciprocate his. It gives a sense of security. So when a guy walks up to me. I believe he must have accessed me. And there and then I cant really see his colours, but there are 3things that come to my mind: do I like him? Can he meet my needs?, cos i no want do osho free. Can I trust him? Also, I could not be single at the moment. Doesn't he have a gf? And must times the environment matters. Why pester a girl on the streets? It is all shades of wrong. Good guys should learn learn learn, read laws of attraction.

  11. At the end of the day, our religion is at best ridiculous if it doesn't make us better people.
    Our atheism or any other religious view we hold is equally ridiculous if we aren't better people than we were before we embraced them.
    Humanity is primary, religion is secondary. According to Chinua Achebe, man is human because of other humans. If we all become human in the right way, the world would become a better place.
    The most important thing is empathy. As simple as it sounds, it is what we lack. That ability to put ourselves in the each other's shoes and ask ourselves, "if I were in his or her shoes and someone does this thing I am about to do to him or her, how would I feel?" Answering sincerely and acting according to the answer you get. The evolved state of mind where we do good to people not just for religious reasons but because we want them to feel that good way which we feel when other people are good to us.
    It is futile coming here to preach gender equality and walking past the beggar on the streets without stopping from time to time to drop as little as #50 or #100. Or going back to prize the service of a shoemaker for ten naira when you know that is the business from which he makes a living, or talking down on poor people because you are rich and coming here to tag them arrogant and ungrateful forgetting what these poor people go through.
    Some of us here are horrible people in real life. Some of us were not properly brought up.. Our parents had house helps who were our age who they brought to the home to enslave them and mete all form of wickedness to them. They cooked, washed, cleaned, went to school late (even when they finished their chores on time), the kind of clothe they were even made to put on when we go to church would make any observer easily detect that "yes that is the housemaid" and when our parents did all these things those years, never for once did we remember our humanity.
    Did you ever for once question the ill treatments??
    No! Some of us were too busy to care, some of us if we are sincere to ourselves, will agree that at one point or the other, we helped our parents maltreat those people.
    Some of us were wicked seniors in our secondary schools, we were drunk in the power of being an SSS3 student and used that power to treat our juniors badly simply because our predecessors did that to us... Lol!! Where was the empathy?
    Some of us are very stingy, slanderers, bloody gossips, petty and almost every bad thing in real life but come here to form one activist or the other and to criticise a God you do not even understand and other people's religion... When in reality, you do not even do anything for the people you meet in your day to day life.
    How many lives have you touched?
    To touch a life, you do not need to spend millions! Just with little acts of kindness or generosity or benevolence, you can leave your footprints in people's hearts forever and make them never forget you. That is the godly nature of humans.
    Be a Stan for humanity not a Stan for Christianity, not a Stan for Islam, not a Stan for atheism, not a Stan for feminism or any other thing because they should all be secondary to humanity.
    Jesus puts it in the right word when he summarized it into "Love for God and Iove for man" and love for man is love for God because man is the God we see. The bible says "how can we love a God we have not seen when we can not love the humans we see?".
    At the end of the day, many of us are worse than we seem to portray ourselves here. I used "us" and "our" all through this post, not to generalise but to include myself because of course I am guilty of some of the crimes above and have a fair share of the guilt.
    The world is too busy judging other people without having as little as a sufficient look at themselves and it is this that constitutes much of our problems. Let us look inwards, at ourselves!!
    Good morning beautiful people.

    1. Beloved pls 1 question.

      Are u white diamond's sister?
      D epistle!

    2. She forgot to put copiedπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  12. Beautiful Morning in Lagos. Have a great day my lovers.

    Do I still have haters?

    1. Even you?No honey this is one big family,nobody is hating nobody.Get your hateful self outta here.

  13. Still in bed ..mmm we wait on u oo hubby just reminded me today of his mony..Chai God help meoo mmm no fall my hand oo

  14. 1. Dangote's son cheated on me and you
    say I should break up? Don't you know that Love
    Ȋ̝̊̅§ all about forgiveness.
    2. Beloved sisters in the Lord, if your boyfriend
    can finish 5 loafs of bread and 2 fishes; you are
    dating 5000 people.
    3. How can a pastor be preaching about charity
    and put a password on Church WIFI?
    4. A boy I beat up back then I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ primary school Ȋ̝̊̅§
    now in the US Army. He poses with guns on
    Facebook, and looks like he hasn't forgotten.
    5. One stone is enough to break a glass, one
    word is enough to break a heart, one second Ȋ̝̊̅§
    enough to fall in love BUT Why Ȋ̝̊̅§ one chapter
    not enough to pass exams?
    6. They say "One good turn deserves another"
    One bad turn nko, wat does it deserve?
    7. When you see a Nigerian couple outside
    staring at the moon, It's either NEPA (Nigeria's
    Electricity company) took †Ρ’ΞΎ light or they are
    waiting for the smell of the insecticide to
    8. I just saw a Tricycle (Keke Napep) with an
    inscription "Trust No woman" I have a feeling
    that guy once had a range rover.
    9. If you want to change the world, do it now
    that you are still single, because when you get
    married, you can't even change the T.V

    1. You forgot to put copiedπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

    2. Can't you just comment once and leave? Which kind thing be this.

  15. atheist,u gotta apologise to chikito this mrning.

    i dont want that nonsense from u again.

    1. Chikito too should apologize...its a tit for tat! Cos they are both wrong.

    2. You no get work abi
      Keep kwaeet and face ur work
      Ass lickers

  16. I just love the thought that great things are coming. No matter what you’re going through, there’s so much to look forward to...


  17. A fuck boy is the older brother to yoruba demons..hehehehe! Joro Olumofin got me ROTFL yesterday on IG with his diary of a fuck boy write up. I thought he's yaraba. Well, he made a lot of sense in that write up sha. All ye singles take note oo especially the no 14. It's well ooo. Ok ooo noted @Sdk. You are correct dearie. Nice day all.

    1. Ancient of days, You called my mother a prostitute.
      Did you have to sink that low?

    2. I can't believe I read that fuck boy ish to the end

    3. Madam it's 'YORUBA'.Dont join the fools band wagon.Love ya!

    4. Intelligentsia princess12 January 2017 at 08:55

      Gimbiya Neky,yaya kike?
      Wishing you a stresless day ahead.

    5. Methinks I'm dating one. He's been nice all the way but I don't think he knows where we are heading to. If you want a fling, say it. If you want anything just say it, don't be stringing people along like it's some competition.

      My heart is really heavy this morning jare. I don't even know if I can go on with the fasting. I know I've hurt some people in the past and because of law of karma, I avoided relationships for a long time. Only to end up with a fuckboy.
      Jeez, dear Lord, I thought I had apologized? I don't have the strength for this area.

    6. As in eh ma dear BelovedπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚e funny die. Bitter truth anyways. Lafiya kalau ma princess. Kaima hakaπŸ˜πŸ’‹

    7. Kikiki. Sunshine, why evuls nau? Lmao.

      Sandy, haba!!! Why call sum1's mother a prostitute? Insult the person but not the family members

    8. Sandy Nekky, why na. Why did u involve her mother. Even to the extent of calling her a prostitute. You should have prolly left it at calling sunshine prostitute and not the mum. It's very easy to get carried away when blog fighting and I learnt the bitter way never to let my emotions drive me into involving someone's family member even boyfriend sef. It just automatically makes u lose the entire fight

  18. rapture should come and take all this newbies with imaginary'haters' already.

    1. re wicked o I thought Stella said that we spread love not hate.Why do you want rapture to take away their imaginary haters nahπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…? Don't you know it makes them feel good to ve haters, That's why they keep creating an illusionary hater..hahahahahaha. it's their shadows that's hating on them.πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  19. My second son still cries every morning when I drop him off in school. He was so dramatic this morning that he didn't even want to get down from the
    Have a day filled with love and pleasant surprises y'all.

    1. @Saltish, first week of school? My son cried for a month! But if he is a returning pupil, then investigate, maybe he is being maltreated, bullied or beaten.

    2. Check out the class and teacher. Please do so quickly

  20. Good morning all, Glory be to God for the dawn of a new day. I'm still at home. I'll soon go to my shop. I pray that this day will be great for all of us .

    God Bless Everyone.

    1. Amen oh!
      In my shop already
      May God bless our endeavours

  21. So I got introduced to someone for business.never met anyone with a thick igbo accent till I met this man. "This your idea we can register it and I'll open compin 4 u & u will be a richi gal ihot la"? Every sentence ends with "ihot la". Nice man he is.very incredibly rich too. Wife is late. In his early forties with 2kids. "Babbyyy gal I like u. You will help me with my kids ihot la" he left what we were saying and went to that.I found id hard understanding his igbo.His English was thick with igbo. Then my mind went back to a chronicle I read on this blog.a lady had a man who wanted to marry her but spoke terrible English and most of us advised her to bone that and marry him. I remember writing she should marry him if his rich and bone English. But I realise you can't really give advice to someone till you've been in their situation. Then you can understand better and not just tell them things you feel they should do.

    1. Hahahahahaha @ ihotla.
      It's actually ighotala. But they shorten it to ihotla.making it look like a slang.

    2. @Trinity, I like your honesty. Until you walk in another's shoes, you won't understand. Most times, i shake my head at advice from some bvs here. Very unpractical!

    3. Hahahaha....pls marry him ooo

    4. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜….

    5. Ihota la
      I hate that line !

    6. U never recover from SnM u wan enter another one.

    7. Trinity dear
      You said he's a good man,rich and a widower.
      NNE if he's proposing and you like him biko marry him
      You can help him upgrade his vocabulary.

    8. Hahahaha ihota la
      Super funny

    9. Intelligentsia princess12 January 2017 at 09:11

      Hahhahaha don't know why this write up just cracked me up.
      Trinity ,"rove" is blind, you can consider him inugo..

    10. I think it's imo people or so that use that ihotala a lot. Back in unn, there was this chikaodi girl that could never conclude a sentence without the ihotala

  22. Good morning all, Glory be to God for the dawn of a new day. I'm still at home. I'll soon go to my shop. I pray that this day will be great for all of us .

    God Bless Everyone.

  23. Lagos Island journey no be hear o. Lord help me.

    I'm at work. God bless your day Bvs

  24. It's a great day!

    Fellow BVs! Learn to say "sorry". Mend bridges. Smile. Learn to say "Thank you" and let your words be light because you don't know when it will be thrown back to you.

    God bless us all!!

  25. Yeah nice one stellz,infect them with POSITIVITY O!!!
    After writng WAEC!!!
    After writing JAMB!!!
    After scoring 180 in the UTME!!!
    After practising jamb past
    questions for POST UTME!!!
    After paying 40K for acceptance fee, 10k for 1ax clearance
    and over 100K for tuition fee!!!
    After paying extra 30K (single room) and 60k (Self-contain)
    house rent and other dues!!!
    After paying Faculty due, Departmantal due and other
    After carrying file from one office to another!!!
    After trekking from school gate to your facaulty under hot
    After drinking garri for months!!!
    After standing in queue for close to an hour @ ATM stand!!!
    After so many copy and paste assignment!!!
    After visiting friends for food!!!
    After buying #100 mtn and Etisalat just to collect megabite
    for assignment!!!
    After standing up for first timer in all fellowship!!!
    After overcoming the dangers of living without parents!!!
    After surviving the pressure of some sadistic lecturers!!!
    After having sleepless night preparing for your exams!!!
    After going for night classes and tutorials every day!!!
    After going to prayer gathering and performing all the 5
    solats every day!!!
    After overcoming the lecturer theater stress!!!
    After arguing with students dat secure space for their
    friends with their pen, book, bag, and even
    After all these for 2- 3- 4-5 years, and writing your final
    exams at the end!!!
    Na there one old witch for your village, go come say! You no
    go make for life, you no go find decent job, or make money
    in your business, or won't graduate with your mates!!!
    Infact, I decree that the next thunder preparing in heaven will
    fire them in the NAME OF GOD!

  26. So I got introduced to someone for business.never met anyone with a thick igbo accent till I met this man. "This your idea we can register it and I'll open compin 4 u & u will be a richi gal ihot la"? Every sentence ends with "ihot la". Nice man he is.very incredibly rich too. Wife is late. In his early forties with 2kids. "Babbyyy gal I like u. You will help me with my kids ihot la" he left what we were saying and went to that.I found id hard understanding his igbo.His English was thick with igbo. Then my mind went back to a chronicle I read on this blog.a lady had a man who wanted to marry her but spoke terrible English and most of us advised her to bone that and marry him. I remember writing she should marry him if his rich and bone English. But I realise you can't really give advice to someone till you've been in their situation. Then you can understand better and not just tell them things you feel they should do.

    1. Huh ehya, and to think the writer might have acted on the advice, not your fault thou. Well someone once told me to ignore 80percent of chronicles advice, guess he was right

    2. The first one delivered nah.don't marry a man with igbotic accent, I got the message.
      na waka get me today

  27. Good morning all
    Stella please stop preaching to them jare....if they want to go ahead and fight then so be it! Like you said they're all adults and should know when to respect themselves! We are enjoying the drama... so y'all should fight on! Ain't nobody gat time for that peace talk mbok

  28. Good morning all πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’”

  29. It really beats me how y'all spew hate and live for the Drama! Really?? I need to kno if am missing something, do some of u have a community outside where u meet urselves or y'all just do guess work? *scoffs* it rily beats me! To all those who have haters and blah blah! If they hit u either u ignore or u fire once and rest but carrying it over, mehn that's just sickening! Nywais what do I kno... Noinsense!

    In other news, am still grateful to my Santa of Last year, God bless ya!

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

    1. Here you re miss yesterday sha.Just visit yesterday's IHN, You will get what I'm saying...πŸ’ƒrunning outta post.

    2. Hi Kelvin, I watched moana and the character Maui reminds me so much of you. Kwakwakwa and I love the movie

  30. Pls guys help recommend a good quality EYE LINER, and the price. Thanks in advance. Muah

  31. Nice advice stella, absolute positivity is the way..
    Good morning guys, have a great day ahead..
    For me i'm getting ready for school, albeit reluctantly, hope to have a lovely day..

  32. Blessed are those who give without remembering and blessed are those who received without forgetting .

  33. Thank u Jesus for not throwing in d towel concerning me. I owe u EVERYTHING. Love u totally!

  34. The day is bright, its bright and fair, Oh happy day, the day of joy.up and thankful. Happy a nice day. Shoutout to angel BEE BE.

  35. Good morning peeps!
    Oluwa is involve,I got no worries!
    Stella,why ask for their opinions about the post when you know some will agree and others will disagree?
    You shouldn't have ask for their say,it's that simple!

  36. Good morning everyone... I'm hoping for a miracle today n I pray it happens

  37. Instead of me to be broke in my next life, I rather be a water dispenser or a lion.

  38. Stella has been chopping my comments as if there is no tomorrow. The girl who wanted to give out sneakers, I sent you a friend request but you chopped it too abi. I wanted to patronize the duvet and/or human hair.

  39. I love the divorce chronicles . It will go a long way to teach married and intending couples lots of lessons.
    Even the intending divorces would have a rethink and understand that not all marriages are all rosy.
    There are some that almost got divorced but had a rethink and are glad they did. All one needs is be prayerful,be open to each other,try as much as possible to put itself in ur spouse's shoes and understand each other. Then pray,pray,and pray. Prayers works.wonders it did for me.

    1. Exactly, That was my point yesterday.Others will learn one or two things and keep own how to avoid certain mistakes.People don't just want to learn and will stop at nothing to prevent others from learning as well.

  40. Heaven I need a hug...

    Good morning all.

    1. Oya take one.πŸ™…πŸ™…πŸ™…

    2. SUNSHINE, don't mind that Sandy Neky, that was how she cussed out choi choi's mother and that one gave it back to her in hundred folds. It was so bad that people were pitying her and started blaming choi choi who later deleted the comments and apologised to her. I don't think Sandy knows her mum, if not she will not be calling people's mother anyhow on a blog.

  41. Goooooooood morning buddies,hope your sleep was sweet?

    Today is going to be a good day.


  42. I hate to rant but I can't help this one. Why is it that in Nigeria ladies can't have male besties without people thinking that they are having sex? This is coming from Ikechukwu's accusation of Sarah Ofili sleeping with the other guy.
    The best friends I've had in life apart from just one female are guys.
    With the right guys as friends I tell you, you've got your back covered. No time for frenemies or pretence. The ones I know are honest, captains of industries and have impacted my life positively.
    I had long lunch with my male bestie and for hours we talked about business and investments. Gave me valuable advice on how to grow my portfolio, did a review on my performance last year and gave me advice on the way forward and how to diversify my investments. He advised me to stay off contract jobs going forward because it's fast becoming dog eat dog in the business world. Men are no longer satisfied with a lady just giving them a cut. Sex is offered more freely on a platter of gold so unless I plan to do that, I need to steer clear.
    He gave me areas on real estate investment for the long term. I left fulfilled and ready for the task ahead. After the first quarter of the year we will have another review.
    These are men that apart from my husband if at any time I need a loan they don't hesitate to give because they know that I'm accountable and will pay back every penny as at when due. I've never collected loan or overdraft from any bank.
    But I can't celebrate them because all the society will think of is that I'm sleeping with them even though they have never even seen the color of my pant.
    Mtscheeeeeeeeeeeeeew. Nigerians change your mindset.

    1. Trust me, you almost always end up sleeping with your bestie. I had a bestie once and for three years we were cool. Then we had sex and we were still cool. Until he had a girlfriend and he told me he wanted old things to pass away. That was after raising my hopes that we were proceeding to the altar.Fwb for a year.

    2. You're right to some extent .I once had a male bestie,we were so close.He has a girlfriend who is also a casual friend.He was to come for an exam in Abuja,I offered him my place to stay since he has no one there.He actually wanted to lodge in an hotel but I told him to come around.He was meant to sleep in the guest room but we watched movie till late in the night and ended up sleeping in my room.
      In the early hours of the morning,the weather became cold,I cuddled my pillow tight.He removed the pillow and cuddled me instead.I loved it,he proceeded to touching my breast,I jerked his hand off.I told him no way,he got angry and asked why I offer him my house if not for sex.I was disappointed.He left with his bags in the morning and never came back.
      My point is that the only friend a cat has with a rat is to feed on it later.

    3. Preach it sister. Since when did it become a sin for 2 adults of opposite sexes to be friends. Jeez, I'm just tired of this Nigeria and their sad, sickening mentality

    4. I read engineering, was the only girl in my class. The friends I made in school refused coming to my class to visit me cos you know how mouthed mechanical engineering boys are. Tor I ended up having only boys as friends till date. My bestie was my seat mate in school, a lot of people thought we were dating, rather I was his go to girl for all his relationship advice. He knew my bf/fiance/husband. My hubby too was in my department but different level then, no one knew we were dating only my bestie, cos our departmental lecturer would have frustrated his life and maybe he wouldn't have graduated sef cos of most of the lecturers. We are married today, my bestie is married too and we are all family friends. Inshot my besties wife tells people am her hubby's sister sef

    5. I had a really close friend once too that I ended up having sex with. From there we became close friends with benefits and we never had issues. He respected the fact that I had a boyfriend and I also respected the fact that he had too. We eventually parted ways (kinda) when we graduated but we still speak every now and then. I'm quite sure we'd prolly still gbensh if we we see again before I get married. Na God go forgive me

  43. I do not see anything wrong with the divorce stories.
    Whoever doesn't like it should scroll pass it.
    I just can't count the blessings i have recieved this year cos of the little help i rendered.
    God has been so kind to me.
    I prefare to help people who i know cannot pay me back... Little ones and the aged.

  44. Thank God for today. Holy spirit i need you and your guidance on this. I have done all i can and know how. Pls hold me by the hand and lead me in this issue. Don't let me sell my dignity. I don't know what else to do but to keep trusting in you. Thank you Holyspirit, my friend, comforter, advocate, senior partner.
    Have a blessed day pals.

  45. I read the divorce story post and I saw some comments from divorcee's which caught me astound and move to tears especially one that said her husband insert pepper inside her vagina for pete sake that the height of it.I know marriage is sweet for those enjoying it but if you are managing it pls walk away,it is usually said that if the kitchen is too hot,you leave the kitchen.
    I know of a woman who happens to be my mum's friend that has been divorce for 25yrs,the woman is nw on vacation abroad courtesy her children who are doing well for themselves,assuming she decided to endure that marriage probably she might be dead or suffering with her children.
    I will continue to say it if I dnt see a guy that will want to be with me till the end of time,love my excesses,definitely am not dabbling into marriage atleast marriage is not for everyone.

    #My opinion#

    1. True, personally I don't read either of those too, can't remember the last time I opened doctors something, that doesn't mean someone don't find them educative.let's learn to compromise a bit and move on. Life as it is is hard

  46. Good morning people of God.let greatness be our lot today and always .stay blessed!
    SDK,i love ur personality.

  47. Good morning. I'm in court already,so early and I ate hot wheat and afang soup(never eaten this early) but it was good.Those complaining about MDS should rest,I don't open LRC and chronicles because I don't like it(not everything should be in your favour). Those that commented under my comment yesterday about volunteering for the NGO,sorry I could not reply(network was bad).The address for the NGO (CRACO) is 12 Adegbola street Ikeja,Ikeja along bus stop ask for Barr. Igwe tell him you are from Stella's blog and he will know its from me.Have a beautiful day people.
    #am alive and grateful
    #2017 is awesome



      Last month my neighbour went to complain to her


      *Daughter:* Mom, I can not stand my husband. I want to kill him but I don't have the courage to do it, Can you help me?please!

      *Mother:* Yes my daughter, I can. But there is a small problem . You will be forced to make peace with him first so that none will suspect you for his death. You are going to be so much good and kind to him, take care of him.

      Be romantic, grateful, patient, loving, submissive to him. See him as your kid not your mate or subject... be less selfish, more just, more listening to him, take all the rubbish from him, don't nag or criticize him.

      My daughter, I know you can do it, so don't doubt yourself. Work starts this evening. Can you ?

      *Daughter:* Yes mom.

      *Mother:* Ok, it's .... Well take this white powder which is the substance to kill him. Every day, you'll pour a bit in his food and he will die slowly.

      *After 30 days, daughter returned to give feedback to her mother.*

      *Daughter:* Mom, I really no longer want to kill my husband again. He is soo romantic, loving and caring person. Now I like him, he's changed and became softer than before. What can I do to prevent the poison?

      *Mother:* Hahahahahaha

      *Daughter:* Why are you laughing? Is it too late to save my husband's life?

      *Mother:* No, my dear!. You don't have to worry. What I gave to you was cassava flour. He will not die.

      In reality, it is in you that the poison was. When you fuel hatred and resentment in you, it kills slowly even more than a poison, so I have to work on you instead of your husband.

      *Daughter:* Hmmmmmm. Thank you, sweetest mum.


      *✍ T I P S*


      ☛Make yourself Happy and *make others around you happy.*

      ☛When you start to love and cherish your

      husband, wife, brother, sister, son, daughter,

      mother and father, *you will see the sweetness in them.*

      ☛Don't wait for the person to be sick or die before you accept, *cherish and celebrate people around you.*

      ☛Before you complain, *check up if the problem is actually from you*

      ☛Live *peacefully* with everyone.


      It is in our power to bring out the best in our spouse and those close to us by giving them our best



    2. I would have loved to join but I do not reside in lag. I base in the east

    3. True, personally I don't read either of those too, can't remember the last time I opened doctors something, that doesn't mean someone don't find them educative.let's learn to compromise a bit and move on. Life as it is is hard

  48. Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot, but make it hot by striking.

    God morning you all...Have a beautiful day ahead

    1. If you don't like the divorce post its not a must you open it. Why shove your opinion in peoples throat! Hian I just tire for some people.

    2. Nice one stella

  49. Thank God for a great day. I am at home as usual. Believing God for a pleasant surprise today...

  50. Yeah...Today is Thursday, I love Thursdays..No work for me today.So I'm gonna work out some fats and get rid of those bumbum calories.wanna reduce my bumbum by all means,Don't want those negative attention again ...#TeamTrimAndSexy.By the way.Miss Aboki, Congrats o.Abeg tell your angel to bless me too o if not I will yab you eh.just kidding.Enjoy your day

  51. hahahahaha stella don provoke. Recession has affected majority of your blog visitors brains so dont blame them much.

    good morning great people.

    Drinking my tea jare. No watching telemundo this morning. Will watch new series when I get home.

    Have a blessed day everyone. We need to learn more of the divorce stories. Painful what people are going through.

    1. Lmaooooooooooo..... You be case!!!

    2. No telemundo today? Praise God

  52. I'm in a Frozen state, my Childhood friend died yesterday, she wasn't ill,an active,happy ,up/ about mother of 4.
    Abeg Life is Jeje,we all r not sure of the next mins.
    Let's us all live @ peace with each other.
    May GOD Bless us al wit good health/ Long life!!!!!

  53. I woke up positive this morning. It has been a while that happened. God is perfecting all that concerns me. Amen.
    Have a lovely day everyone lines are falling in pleasant places for you all in Jesus' name. Amen. Mwah.

  54. G.morning people
    So yesterday I was emotionally drained reading the story of that child who was sexually abused
    I thinker stiffer measures for paedophiles should be implemented and moreso more public awareness
    Most bvs have done justice by giving their own tips but I'd like to encourage people to be more vocal
    I remember the first time I was being violated; I was in pry 2. It happened right there in our compound; our neighbours' houseboy.
    Somehow I was able to escape unhurt, he called me again for the second time to come in the house to meet him I refused but my elder ones rebuked me that I was being disobedient they didn't know what was happening. But this time I went in very prepared.
    To cut the long story short, he didn't try it again
    At this point as a child I was very confused I didn't know what I had done to have made him attacked me, pinned me to the ground and tore my dress
    This episode was just the beginning as I went on to have about 5 episodes with different people but this time I was wiser. The most profound was with my uncle who my dad was trying to help with a job.
    He started my sticking his tongue in my ear telling me he was helping me to clean it then his hands started roaming. All of a sudden I realized it wasn't right I stood up and ran to the bus stop to wait for my siblings.
    I told them everything and had planned to inform my dad when he returned the following week. Even though it didn't later report him I was scarred, I was ashamed of myself. I thought I would get pregnant. As i grew older,I even thought I had contracted HIV.
    Then I started planning my revenge.
    Over time I was able to draw some lessons which helped me as a child and shaped a better part of my adult life
    1 Never be alone with a boy/ adult man
    2 Never sit on anyone's laps
    3 Run from any man who calls you" my wife" or fine girl. At a point this was my cue to run
    4 Never enter uncles room for any reason even when you're sent on errands
    5 Never collect unnecessary biscuits or sweets from any boy/man
    6 Always sit right
    7 when you're being threatened, threaten back. I remember my home lesson teacher who was always brushing his legs on my thighs anytime we were sitted the other kids were so oblivious of what he was doing. I stopped sitting next to him and when he threatened to punish me I told him I had reported him and was told anytime he does it again I should let them.know. That did the trick, he resigned the following week.
    8 No one is to be trusted, it's a known fact that most kids are violated by people who they've come to know, love and trust.
    In all people commit your children to God. Its still a miracle I came out of all these encounters whole
    Today I never hesitate to share my story and teach children about sexual molestation and personal space.
    Most times I'm being met my hesitant head teachers who feel the kids are still too young but at the end of the day there's always a kid or two who has a story to tell
    Lets not be ashamed to put the word out there, may God help us all.
    Yours sdkly dazzlinglizzy

  55. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. So u had to go on anon mode? Who will help u?

    2. Fix it oh lord

  56. Yes I have Internet and I've decided to spread love with it. Spread and show love today, just bcoz. Doesn't cost you a damn thing.

  57. Am going anon on this to avoid trolls.
    It's a new day and been almost three weeks school resumed and am still at home. My dad have refused talking about how am going to pay my school fee and house rent he's just being mute on it. I know he's broke as he has been diagnosed of prostate enlargement and heart disease and a lot of money had been spent for the past two years seeking for cure he even lost his job in the process but still. I can't just be at home and be missing lectures and quizzes .Have been living a sad life of late. Crying my eyes out every night hoping God locates me or him soon . To add salt to injury my big uncle is asking me to come sleep with him before he can help am so just confused. God pls pick my calls . Zero nine zero three seven nine seven one four four seven.

    1. Peppi, is dat you? Today is laptop for project, tomorrow is skul fees and housing fee. Which one is ur problem, u want to turn another whiteberry abi. If you are truly real sef, u shld be praying or begging for the health of your dad instead of your imaginary school problems

  58. It is God's doing and it is marvellous in our eyes. Thank you Lord for unending good news already, we are grateful. It is our year of UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE....Have a blessed day guys.

    Kisses to you Stellz

    1. Yes ooo. It's our year of Evidential and miraculous EVIDENCE!!! Our God is a good God.

  59. Officially back to Lagos from east after such a long holiday. Yesterday was my 1st day in office in 2017.
    Village was fun, lots of activities but few heart breaks, my Ex got married to a very beautiful girl, choi the traditional n white wedding was a fun fair, I couldn't just attend, seeing my once sweetheart exchanging marital vows with another. There was no way I could avoid seeing the because their church parish is in front of our house in the village.
    To crown it all, my brother who is a priest joined them.
    Same thing happened to me last Easter, my childhood boyfriend married another in my village. They drove past our house going to their reception venue.
    Choi I don see something for this life. Anyway I was the one who rejected both of them saying they r not the will of God for me because I prayed about them n God instructed me not to marry them. But my folks think I'm been choosy, it's well.
    God pls let me not get to 30 in my fathers house o provide a boo this yr.

    1. Amen dear. He shall provide.

      So babe you dey east and you no holla at me? Ebee anyi Nokwa very close? .....

  60. Don't heed them sdk! Those against the divorce post are the reasons why women will rather dye in their marriage than voice or come out! The church has failed us woefully! Our parents also! You see this same people trying to shut up women in FIN by in boxing them to keep quiet or cussing them out for not being virtuous!

  61. Stella the divorce stories will open people's eyes to what is going on in marriages. Pls don't stop it, I am still loolking for the strength to finish typing mine and send to you. I have typed half way but the tears did not allow me to finish. What is pepper in the vagina? I got several doses of it. My ex kept two different wires for flogging, the big black high tension wire for me and the regular wire for the kids. Stella, some marriages are living hell. It is the fear of suffering alone with the kids like am doing now that make some women to remain in such marriages. They will say at least they are not worried about school fees, house rent and hospital bills, etc husband will pay. I will finish it today and send to you.

    1. May God continue to punish the useless man

  62. Writing lesson note has to be the hardest thing in teaching. Especially if u are taking so many classes. Since Monday na wetin I dey do as this is still revision week. I'm tired Jare.

  63. OliviaSilk honey, I'm not sure why you fell in love with me all over again 2 days ago but know that I never stopped loving you.#e-bearhugsandkisses.

    Now to the essence of this writeup which borders on the written exchange between Atheist and Chikito. Ladies first, so I'll start with Chikie. Sweetheart, your comments are amongst the few I read, for obvious reasons, I'm a voracious reader so I favour lengthy comments. I honestly wish I could be with you in the flesh just so I could wrap my arms around you for moral support. I can't even begin to imagine how traumatic and demoralising it would be to have a sibling suffer any form of mental or even psychological breakdown for that matter. Having to see someone you love being restrained with chains because his mental health has been compromised, is better left imagined than witnessed. It leaves you emotionally scarred for life. I'm so sorry, my darling.

    I don't see your outburst as unnecessary or something you should regret, far from it. I see it as cathartic. You needed to let it all out. It's tedious having to maintain a calm demeanour when deep down you feeling like screaming and pulling out your hair. There's a saying that "every family has secrets, most of which are people". Most families have some "special" members whom they would rather have hidden away than exposed to the public. So don't feel bad that you exposed a family "secret". There's strength in such vulnerability.

    However, you allowed your emotions get the better of you and you used some insulting phrases and sentences that would provoke the average person. Hey! I get upset and lash out occasionally, so I totally understand but that doesn't make it right. You show your disapproval without launching a personal attack on the person you disagree with. I know it came from a dark place of pain and grief but it still felt like a act of war which always provokes retaliation. I understand getting aggressive with someone who insults or uses gutter language but if it is purely an opinion not directed at anybody in particular, it is prudent to choose your words carefully. This could have been prevented if you didn't come for him with so much aggression.

    I'm so sooo sorry for what your family has to deal with, my love. It is my earnest prayer that the Way Maker Himself will create an oasis in the middle of the dessert for your family. 

    1. It's well with ur family chikito.

    2. It's well with ur family chikito.

    3. Awwwwww.. Ronalda
      You're such a darling

  64. @Atheist, yours is also one of the few I read as well. Of course, being a christian, I don't agree with your views on religion especially Christianity but I always keep an open mind when dealing with people generally.‎

    Your reply was justified until you started hitting below the belt by "desecrating" a family's heartbreak. Com'on now, you of all people should know better. You can't be an atheist without being philosophical and logical, that's the very reason you question religion. You refuse to be a conformist unless you have a rational reason to follow the "trend". How then can you not see the folly in going for Chikito's family the way you did? Hindsight is 20/20‎, like they say. I'm sure you're regretting your outburst.

    Honey, what makes you a MAN is not necessarily the dangly bits between your thighs. No sir! It's the ability to hold back "righteous indignation" when the "worthy recipient" is a lady. The minute you come to our level to accept our challenge and engage in a "duel", we taint your testosterone with our excess estrogen and your balls will easily be mistaken for boobs. It's more manly to hold back the urge to attack a lady, regardless of the fact that she dealt the 1st blow. It's a man's world, allow us enjoy the little advantage we have left. Like throwing tantrums and getting away with it. Men get away with much more.‎

    What you wrote about her family was a gross overkill and the minute you stooped that low, you turned the tides against you. Suddenly, her outburst lost its potency and you became the villain. Nothing she said justified making a caricature of her family's grief. You went too far buddy, dragging her parents into the septic mix was totally out of order! Please, I hope when you calm down and have clarity of mind you'ld realise you owe Chikie a robust apology.

    I've read about and heard the benefits of cannabis but I'm sure you know people's threshold for opiates or stimulants differ. Just a puff can send some people over the edge, so the issue of abuse doesn't even arise because the 1st puff was all that was needed to rock the proverbial boat.‎

    The danger with written words is, they are so easily misconstrued and the damage already done before you can write an explanation of what you really meant. Unlike spoken words which can be judged by the tone of voice and any misconception can be explained swiftly before too much damage is done. Let's try to be mindful of our words, especially written words. Spoken words may be forgotten but once they are reduced to writing, they last forever and our memories are refreshed each time we come across those written words.

    1. Intelligentsia princess12 January 2017 at 09:26

      @Ronalda, you're one of the people I always look forward to read her comment.
      Keep doing the good work,love you plenty.

    2. I appreciate the time u took to address this issue, like u rightly said, wat makes u a man isn't wat dangles b/w ur legs, even if its same.size with that of a, i should hv known better, being a humanist & all, but her outburst came at an impeccabl time, wen i ws dealing wit my own demons, so it ws easier to launch witout considering my choice of weapon.... Well, iv sent it an apology already, but Stella hasn't posted it, i wonder why, tnx Ronalda

  65. Glory be to God for another beautiful thursday morning

  66. Ideato, u were asking Chi exotic yesterday if she does not have a fridge. You forgot that you too does not have a generator in your family house in Ikorodu where you also stay with your parents and siblings. So the light in your area spoilt , you started borrowing power bank inside your imaginary staff bus and the person refused to borrow u and you brought the story here. All of you including that your brother cannot contribute money and buy a generator and be charging your phones also you cannot afford your own power bank, how much is power bank bikonu? You are just giving out your vagina to that fuckboy for free because I know you are not working.

    1. Lol
      The thing is Ideota's foolery keep growing from grace to grace.

      She can't measure up to forget all this blog banters
      She's just that type of girl that walks into an event and I just signal straight to the usher and say ' that girl can't sit with us'

      You know what that means ideato?
      You no reach.

  67. Ideato, u were asking Chi exotic yesterday if she does not have a fridge. You forgot that you too does not have a generator in your family house in Ikorodu where you also stay with your parents and siblings. So the light in your area spoilt , you started borrowing power bank inside your imaginary staff bus and the person refused to borrow u and you brought the story here. All of you including that your brother cannot contribute money and buy a generator and be charging your phones also you cannot afford your own power bank, how much is power bank bikonu? You are just giving out your vagina to that fuckboy for free because I know you are not working.

  68. the God of perfection will put everything in order in your life this year. Your steps shall be ordered by Him and you will not be a victim of spirits of error. Your dreams and plans shall come to manifestation and you will not regret any of your steps. Wherever you are, your divine allocation will locate you without delay and every of your tests will become testimonies in Jesus Mighty Name. Have a blessed day.

  69. Thank you Lord for remaining faithful to me & my family despite our unfaithfulness have done what no man could do for us...#grateful heart.

  70. Good morning everyone, off for ante natal,God please bless those TTC Amen.may my hubby,s healing be permanent. Amen.

  71. Goodmorning House, it's a beautiful Thursday morning and it's gonna be a fruitful day.

    Love is the only thing that makes the world go round. So learn to love by giving and being compassionate, who knows, you might be saving a life today.

    As for the Divorce chronicle, it's a welcome idea. From the little I read yesterday, I was virtually moved to tears especially for the lady that had pepper inserted in her V-jay and the other lady whose mother brought neighbours to mock her.

    My heart was broken and I realised so many people are going thru a lot.

    Lord, I thank you for my life and family even though the finances are not yet there. There is nothing compared to LOVE.

    My prayer goes out to those who have lost hope in Christ and Humanity, that God in his infinite mercies will restore their Hope. Amen

  72. SOBER REFLECTIONS by Prof. Afolorunso Dairo

    Do you know?

    Your BIRTH came through *Others*

    Your NAME was given by *Others*

    Your were EDUCATED by *Others*

    Your INCOME indirectly comes through *Others*

    Your RESPECT is given by *Others*

    Your first BATH was given by *Others*

    Your last BATH will be done by *Others*

    Your FUNERAL service will be organised by *Others*


    Your PROPERTIES and BELONGINGS will later be inherited by *Others*

    Hmm..... I still wonder why some of us let our EGO, our TIME, our CAREER, our MONEY and our BELIEF undermine the worth of *Others* in our lives, when indeed all our making depends on *Others*.

    It's high time we all simplify, re-adjust and modify OUR LIVES to love one another and live peacefully with *Others*, because at one point or the *Other* we will need each *Other*.

  73. Helloooo beeefeees
    Monkeynofine, I saw your reply yesterday. Thank God you are fine. Stay safe.

    Chai! School have started again, morning school rituals have begun. It is not easy to take care of kids from birth till they can stand on their own oo. We should treat our mothers with love and respect, they tried for us. Anyway, it gives me joy performing those motherly duties. Mothers rock!!!

    Those of you that come here to download your real life stories, I pity you all. You don't know that as we have bitter and mean people out here, we also have them on the internet, they will mock you someday.
    As for me, I can never bring my personal life story here using my blog ID NEVER. That is why I laugh when some people call me names because they don't know my true story. They don't know the REAL me out here, they only know what I want them to know, what I type here. I don't feel bad when they cuss me out using what I typed here about myself, that is the way it should be. Keep your life story out of blogs, if you must do so for people to learn, do it anonymously. What do we have anonymous for?

    D'Royalty is wise, learn from her/him/himer


  74. You only live once; but if you live it right, once is enough-Adam Marshall.

    Salt E, where are you?

  75. Am just lazing around this morning. Good morning everyone and do have a wonderful day

  76. Na wa for people on this blog oooo, so because some of y'all don't like divorce stories, then Stella should stop it?? Really?? Personally, I don't read LRD because my treshokdfor pain is ZERO, does that give me the right to ask Stella to stop posting it?? Its just like saying Stella was encouraging DV when she posted Miss Kay's story on DV.... Have an open mind people!!

    As for Chikito and Atheist, oh well.... You guys should do the needful and let's all move on from it to better and more interesting issues/drama!!!

    And for those bringing up watery drama here, please refer to oldeeeeeeeeeer post to see how drama is being done!!

    Bye people, would be back to 'troll'

  77. What do you do in a relationship where the other person makes you feel like a nuisance, and you love and care for the person.

  78. Ronalda, I love your comments.
    I always look out for them in any sensitive post, reason is there is always something to learn. I love reading, I love writing, I read long, insightful and educating comments like yours here and I learn. God bless you.

    Other long comments I read here either for fun or to learn are comments by PL the great, Lyon vis(where is this bv?), XP, Xoxo, queen Arabella, General's Wife. Others, I just skip abeg.


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