Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 58


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Monday, February 06, 2017

Labour Room Drama 58

Drama in the labour room in the abroad!!!

I knew something was fishy when i could perceive d pizza my husband was eating in d downstairs aspect of the house. I got a pregnancy test kit and 'voila' was positive...this was few months after we got married.

I announced the pregnancy to him in a surprised way and we celebrated. The first trimester was fine as there was nil episodes of vomiting and morning sickness but then,the morning sickness came with full force in the second trimester till the end of the pregnancy accompanied with excessive salivation(how I hate),weight loss, anorexia, insomnia,lethargy,fatigue....

Meanwhile, my edd was supposed to be on the 25th December 2016 but noo, my little darling wanted a grand entrance...she arrived by 12:00am on the 30th December 2016....

Before her arrival, (I was induced due to the fact that i was way past my due date)....I got to the hospital on the 28th December as scheduled by my gynae prepared and scared at the same time, my husband reassured me. 

On getting to the delivery unit, I was welcomed and taken to my suite, I was given a gown to change into which I did and waited....few minutes later a nurse came in and prepared me for the procedure. A prostaglandin hormonal drug was inserted in my veejay and I was left alone for the drug to take effect by ripening the cervix, fetal heart rate band and contraction monitoring band was worn round my tummy. Meanwhile, my DH left me that night saying he needs to rest in a comfortable bed(who does that?)...

I was left alone and started experiencing low waist pain which I explained to the nurse and was reassured....On the 29th of December @ exact 10:00am, the drug was removed and I showered and got ready for the main induction process.I was told not to eat or drink but take ice chips In case I'll have to be operated upon..story...I sighed and concured...I.v pitocin was administered and was increased every hour...the pain was terrible and I could not shout cuz of the oyibo people ...

later on it became intense and I could feel pressure on my lower region (that's my baby's head), I was checked by the nurse and she said the fetal head is engaged and I'm 2cm dilated but my doctor came and Said the fetal head is not engaged and dere is zero dilatation ...i said shoooo with all this pain....He came around again by 4pm and dere was nil dilatation and den by 6pm I was just 2cm..ope o....

He encouraged me to go for epidural which I refused; he then said if I don't move from 2cm, I'll be prepared for c.s...He came around in few hours time and checked me but still at 2cm...he asked me about his initial proposal which is c.s ooo,(he really pestered me for c.s) and I called my husband to come down to the hospital. Meanwhile, my blood pressure was reading high and he nurse now came, checked my BP and said 'ma'am, your blood pressure is high and you'll be having seizures any moment from now'...

I asked her if she was God...she smiled and left...i remembered i brought some cookies and began eating my thing jejely,husband came o and asked why I needed to be operated upon...the doctor said cuz I'm not dilating fast and the baby is husband asked about the fetal heart rate and my contractions...dey said it's coming up husband refused c.s and asked they wait a little on me since I'm doing fine....

The doctor, feeling disappointed said if he comes by 10:00pm and I don't move from 2cm, I'll be operated upon...He then husband and the nurses reassured still chipping my chips was so tired and told the nurse to administer the I.v pain medication...that one got me drowsy doctor came as said, checked me and said I'm 4cm dilated and I should be given the chance to go on that he'll be going home and should be called upon when i am fully dilated....

my DH said the same thing and i told him if he leaves, then we're done. .he got scared and waited with me...I started having frequent trips to the rest room and at some point I felt like straining and as if my rectum wanted to burst....I helped myself and had deep breaths between intervals...i threw up twice and all my cookies gone..chaaaiii husband adviced I breath in and out whenever I have contractions which I did and the nurse thought I was gasping and then brought an oxygen apparatus to be administered, I told her I needed to poo.

 ..looking surprised she asked to check me and said 'ooh thats a big head down dere'...the doctor was called upon and I was asked to push when I feel contractions...I pushed the first one and almost kicked my doctor in the face...omo, the way the doctor dragged my leg ehn, i knew i was in for darling came forth with the second push and the placenta was delivered within 10seconds. doctor called me 'THE BRAVE ONE'....I was elated and didn't believe everything..the annoying thing now kan be sey pikin came out looking just like her papa after the 9 months journey..

I give God all the glory ooo....To those that are expecting, God will visit you this year and those yet to deliver, favour will locate you.....meanwhile I'm omugwoing myself ooo...mum came 1 week after delivery, and cold pursued her 4weeks darling doaughter is a month plus ...

Mama stelz good job on dis platform....oya feed your eyes ooo.

*Is your hubby a doctor?I ask because he come sabi work pass Doctor sef..LOL.
ya baby fine ooooooh.


  1. Poster I don't know u but u are very good with tenses👌
    Let me go up and read the rest

  2. Your baby is fine! I viewed the pics with my spiritual eyes.

    1. Thank God say u born safely. Your husband dey dear CS medical bill😆

    2. Thanks...not got us covered...☺

  3. Your baby is fine! I viewed the pics with my spiritual eyes.

  4. Someone please help with soft copy of supernatural childbirth .


    1. Go to the market and buy it oh!!

      You get belly.

  5. Your hubby is kinda selfish
    I swear.

  6. I enjoyed every bit of your story and laughed so hard when I read the part where the pikin resemble her papa. In response to anon 13.28, husband ismt selfish. Some men are just like that either from lack of knowledge of what to do or laziness.
    Congrats sis

  7. Am 11weeks gone...See as I come add weight and fine well well

  8. what with the girls look like her dad..Girls look like their dads while boys look like their

  9. what with the girls look like her dad..Girls look like their dads while boys look like their

    1. Its a lie ooo...
      My son looks so much like his Dad...
      Even to his small cute finger nails

  10. Congrat dear
    God keep you and your baby


  11. Lier. Which abroad you they? 1 no doctor will be on shift and will say let me go home. When she is ready call me. Lier 2, which mouth your husband wan take tell doctor say waiting be baby heart beat ? And how contraction? Man that leave his wife at the hospital. And nurses abroad dont call u ma. They address you with ur first name. Lastly no doctor or nurse will pull ur legs with force. Lier with brain bikonu

    1. Lmaaooo maybe she just added those to make the story sweeter.

    2. Jst because yo hubby no fit talk with Doctors doesn't mean all hubby's are like yoz naa, u married a stuck illiterate so deal with it.

    3. Sir/ma'am,where do you reside? The answer to this very question will determine my next question...

  12. Dr's are not always available oh,i am still in the us,dey come in when u are ready to birth


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