Stella Dimoko Married Man Dupes Lady N450k After Fake Marriage Proposal


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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Married Man Dupes Lady N450k After Fake Marriage Proposal

A Lagos court has declared a 45-year old man, Raphael Emmanson wanted, for allegedly obtaining N450,000 from a lady, Miss Chinedu Chukwu under the false pretence of marrying her and to procuring visa for both to travel abroad as husband and wife......

The wanted man not only duped Chinedu of the said amount, he also made the victim to lose her fiance and job with a pharmaceutical company and then fled.

It was gathered that Chinedu suffered her fate after she met Emmanson at a park in Abuja where he pretended to be stranded and she decided to assist him.

Emmanson, who is from Okigwe in Imo State, deceived Chinedu by telling her that he came to Abuja to procure visa to travel abroad but was stranded and needed a place to sleep till the next day that he purportedly had an appointment with an embassy.

She took pity on him and drove him to her house after explaining to her fiance what happened.
Chinedu said when Emmanson got to her house and she introduced him to her fiancé.

However, they became friends and after a while he ensured that she collapsed her relationship with her fiancé after he promised her marriage and that both will travel abroad.

It was through that deceit that he managed to obtain the money from her to procure visa.

After she gave him the money, the suspect bolted away and ran to Lagos.

Asides that the victim lost her fiance to the deceit of Emmanson, she also lost her job because part of the money taken off her was her company’s money.

After searching for him for several months, Emmanson was eventually arrested in his hideout in a hotel at Shasha area by the police.

Upon his arrest, it was discovered that the suspect is married with two children.
He was later taken to Ejigbo Magistrate’s court where he was charged with obtaining under false pretence and stealing under the Criminal Code.
He pleaded not guilty.

The presiding Magistrate Mr J.O.E. Adeyemi granted him bail and remanded him in prison custody pending when he will perfect his bail.

However, when he was released from custody, Emmanson ran away again and has not appeared in court to face trial.

Consequently, the court declared him wanted and ordered for his arrest while the matter was adjourned till 27 March 2017.

from PMExpress

LOL@ he pleaded not guilty
As for the Lady your longer throat landed you where you are,ah ah!


  1. I just tire for some ladies, bcos of traveling out u dump ur boyfriend. In stella voice ur longer throat too much.

  2. So, she lost her fiancee, her job and money all because of greed? Pele o. Next time, look before you leap.

    1. Her pekus was eating FOC sef

    2. what's even more annoying is that he's a married man

    3. The rate of desperate women is becoming increasingly high

  3. Such a stupid lady.
    Serves her right.

  4. Ojukokoro. The grass is not always greener on the other side

  5. Hahahahaha abroadian husband.

    Longer throat lady. How can you take someone to your house because he or she a stranger is stranded. People taking risk ooo. Chai.

    No horseband, no work, no abroad. Chai my sister see as you fall yakata because na Igbo man come toast you, if na yoruba guy now, you wont agree and you will abuse him.

    Yeye married man. Shame on you Chinedu

  6. The lady is very stupid, you left your fiancé for a total stranger because you want to travel to "D ABROAd" good for you. Court please close that case biko, that lady is stupid and got what she wanted.

  7. Some ladies and abroad.

    That's one is searching for Vincent that lives in Germany on today's spontaneous morning post the way Yemi is looking for Johnny.

    1. 😂😂😂 this guy I too like your comments.

  8. @Same word that echoed in my mind as i was reading it...the girl na LONGER THROAT! The pharmaceutical company needs to charge her to court too...Thief!

  9. The lady got burnt big time..... Longer throat and desperation to travel to obodo oyinbo. Smh

  10. Took a total stranger to a house you stay with your fiance? What is this called mbok? Guess she was footing the bills in the house.

  11. Why the D is good. Lol.

    MISS Jacobs.

  12. I have no single pity for the lady. Now that he is on the run, how will he enjoy the money, greedy man!

  13. She's a fool, with stories flying up and down bout scams, she still fell mugu.

    These gigolos are really out for desperate women, the one that happen recently in my area, after sponsoring the wedding herself, on the d day, a woman came out with three children when the pastor asked the usual question, claimed to be married to the man, it was his plan all along.

  14. serves her right! all in d name of greed u left ur husband to be a man u met stranded in d park !!1 lol (clap for urself) not everyone is destined for obodo oyibo ...hahaha

  15. serves her right! all in d name of greed u left ur husband to be a man u met stranded in d park !!1 lol (clap for urself) not everyone is destined for obodo oyibo ...hahaha

  16. This is a clear case of a chronic gold digger. never end well for them at all, Just imagine how she went back to square zero.

  17. Very stupid lady you drove a total stranger home nd introduce our fiance as what, because of abroad husband . Open eye kill you

  18. The court has declared him wanted, how do we know him to hand over to the police when there is no picture here.that serve the lady right, no wonder I always hear most ladies has fish brain.

  19. Yeah, it's very easy to hold the Emmason character responsible for a lot because men usually bear the brunt in such matters but, with due respect to the victim, she played an ancillary role which led to her woes. As I read the facts narrated by her, I kept thinking "WTH!", who does that? In such perilous times, why would a single albeit "engaged" lady stop to listen to the tales of a complete stranger at a park, a man for that matter, with all the tales of kidnapping? As if that wasn't fraught with enough danger,‎ she gives him a ride in her car to her house??? Seriously? Wow! He must have really spun a tale of two cities.

    I'm sorry but losing her fiance was all on her. It doesn't get more ridiculous than this! It's not like she was desperate for marriage, she had a fiance, for goodness sake! Obviously, she was seduced by "the abroad" factor. How can a guy you just met make you end your relationship with a man you desired enough to marry? Of course she felt the Emmason dude was the better option. As I was reading, I was frantically hoping she would say she was jinxed or under some sort of spiritual manipulation... alas! I was sorely disappointed.

    Can it be possible that, that was actually the true position unbeknownst to her? I'm referring to the spiritual aspect. Can she really be that obtuse? Can it be greed or a combination of several factors? Her ex will be laughing his a** off by now. After all, "he who laughs last, they say, laughs best."

    I want to believe there's more to this story. I feel bad for her in spite of the major role she played which has landed her in this quagmire. Losing your job this period can have hellish repercussions.‎ Imagine adding the pain and embarrassment of being played by a married father of 2 kids. Sad!

    1. Ronalda, tell me you didn't write this. Spiritual factor? Spiritual manipulation? Abeg, you just fall my hand. I thought you were different.

  20. The lady is a big time comedian, you have a fiance and you left him to follow a stranger because you hear abroad.

    Long live SDK

  21. Con men everywhere! I almost had a similar experience. Met this guy and he proposed to me the first day! Lol
    Told me how I'm the best thing that ever happened to his coconut head. He wanted to know my church, my siblings,my age, my future plans, everything. Shuuu, dude calm down!

    After that day, we never met again. Tho he kept calling and fixing up dates, told me he wanted me to meet his mum. That she would love me!

    I kept turning them down.
    There was something fishy about him, my instincts told me.

    After a month or there about, he told me he got admission for masters in the states.. I was like wow!just like that? When did u apply?he said his uncle in the US helped him and would sponsor him & all. I was like, eyaaa, congrats oo

    Now, the koko, he needs just about 40k to process his visa.(as future wife things) That he feels I'm the only person that can help him now. Omo, you don see mugu. I said, 'how about ur uncle, why can't he send u money'? He gave one reason like that. Bleh

    Anyways, I knew upfront that he was scam. So I told him straight up that I didn't have.

    Recently, I saw him on my suggested friend list on Facebook. Wow I clicked to see if he had gone to the obodo oyibo.
    Not so much of a shocker_dude was married with three handsome boys!!
    Men! What do men want? I just smiled in swahali..

    Havnt told him yet tho.
    I didn't mention his name just to respect his wife and the boys.
    God help us single ladies.

  22. "Marriage"
    Those are the names of the bait in any trap to catch the specie called "females".

  23. The lady shaiii, na which kind babe be DAT, she want to travel to Obodo oyibo

  24. Just tell an hungry eeboh lady, ndi I'm from 'the abroad'.
    They will part their thighs like river Niger.
    I have no pity for her, you had a paying job and a fiancé and because of greed you lost it all.
    When people are looking for jobs daily.

    1. You're uniquely stupid...what has tribe got to do with this now?

  25. Some women sha, the same thing happened to my friend. She lived with guy for months and the made a way with her money after giving her engagement ring.


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