Stella Dimoko NNE OMA - A Tribute To An African Mother.


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Saturday, February 04, 2017

NNE OMA - A Tribute To An African Mother.

This Brought back Memories of my mum and reminded me of my role to be a good role model to my Kids #Tearyeyed

Mama mia.
Made of black with a hand that never lacks.
A sight to behold with a heart of gold.
A light which ignites our might in the time of plight.

Iya wa Wuraola
Who watched us sprout from a suckling babe to becoming men of worth.
Who cradled our fragile bodies in her weak arms.
Whose breasts nourished us while getting painful teeth bite as compensation.

Ijele nwanyi
Who peppered our backs with the choicest koboko.
Moulding us into men of honour.
Whose slaps reconfigured our wayward minds.
Building us into men of principles.

Oriaku ogbuefi
Her eyes are the glistening lamps that beamed rays of love on us.
And always watched out for us.

Nnem oma
Her hands are tender arms that showered our bellies with best delicacies.
And hustled non-stop towards putting a shirt on our backs

Afo muru ogalanya
Her legs are a beautiful feet of gold.
Preaching the gospel to all nations.
Bringing up kids who are today conquering the world at large.

Achala ugo.
Her ears are patient bowls which are never tired nor dull in response.
Rising to answer the loudest attention seeking sob in the middle of the night.
And detecting the faintest cry of anguish which we strove to conceal from the world.

Ko Iye.
Your children are arrayed with clothes of thanks.
Their feets shod with shoes of sincere love.
To say thank you.
To say Daalu nne.

Thank you for this Beautiful piece!


  1. I love this! I tried to back my son once, as our mothers used to do it in those days, but I just couldn't carry him on my back for 10mins.
    My husband was even making jest of me.

    Respect to all African mothers.

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. I don't back my kids
      My new helps backs my baby everyday and I'm hoping for both our sake that she intends staying for long, because I'm not about to start all this when she's gone...

    3. There's nothing I love in this world as much as my Mum. I'd rather have her than have anything in the world. She's the reason I work so hard because I really, more than anything, wish to make her proud and buy her all the good things she deserves.

    4. If there is a magic that wake ppl from the grave, Mama, beautiful woman, I would have got the magic and brought you bacback so I can take care of you like you did for me. I would have armored you. Your baby is doing so well Mama.

  2. Sweet Nnem, my wonderful and precious mum. I love you so much, thanks so much for moulding and still shaping me into the person I am today..

    Wonderful piece..

  3. Mama Me...thanks for all the nights you woke me @3am to talk to me.
    Thanks for all the prayers you make on my behalf even till today.
    Thanks for everything mama. I wish I had all the money in the spoil you as much as u deserve. I love u today and forever.

    Mothers are everyrhing and more. Calling my momma right away.

    #My case is different

    1. Hahaha
      It's my dad that can come and wake you up at 3am just to tell you he didn't like something you did. As my dad didn't use to beat us. If my dad slaps you, you can faint. So he doesn't beat us. He beat me only once in my whole life and my siblings once or twice but my mom, OK God, that lady van beat you so much and not break your bone. She's a pro

  4. This is lovely. I love my mother so much. In fact I love my Dad & Mom equally.I always pray for Long life ,sound health for both of them. They'll be alive to see their great grand children. Amen.

    God Bless Everyone.

  5. To ladies, don't ever let your spouse know how much u are worth.if they know u are rich they keep asking for money and not giving u, in the name of you already have.

    1. Beautiful piece, Mummy me, so fotunate ti have u as mum.

      @anon 11:10. Very true. They borrow and don't pay back

  6. Mothers are rare gem. God please heal my mom, ler her bones and flesh receive life in Jesus mighty name amen

  7. I love my mum. I love her so much. That woman is a super woman. . Sinxe I got married, there hasn't been a day we don't talk. Like we talk every day. And we speak for a minimum of 10 mins. That's the day there is no gist. But when there is gist, we speak for over an hour. Hubby will be like, the way you and your mom discuss on the phone like you both are sitting together and gossiping.

    I pray I'm a good mom to my kids like my mom is to us. I remember some things she did when I was a kid and I said oh, this woman hates me. Who knew she was moulding me to be a better person

  8. Awwwwww, dropping 2 songs to wrap this beautiful piece.

    This is by Flavour and Chidinma -'Mama'

    Nnem nnem nnem nnem oh mama
    Afo mulum oh achalaugo mama
    Nnem nnem nnem nnem mama
    Precious gift i love you mama
    Chukwu gozielum nnem oh
    Olisa biko gozielum mama
    If i dey worry worry she no dey sleep
    Everyday mama pray for me

    Ihe di mma kam ga emere gi eh mama eh
    Anything for you eh eh
    Ihe di mma kam ga emere gi eh
    Mama you too much eh
    Ihe di mma kam ga emere gi eh mama eh
    Anything for you eh eh
    Ihe di mma kam ga emere gi eh
    Mama you too much eh

    1. Nnem o, Nnem o, Ezigbo Nnem e
      Nnem o, Nnem o, Ezigbo Nnem e
      Nnem o, Nnem o. Ezigbo Nnem e
      Chukwu Biko dowe rumo Nnem o e

      Wow, my igbo is getting there

    2. Hahahahahahaha...Fab Mummistic.

  9. I wish I had a good mother who ain't partial and materialistic.May she not push me into suicide cos of her ungratefulness!

  10. 2nd one
    Phyno and Onyeka Onwenu - Ochiedike Mama
    Onyeaka's part:

    I mana onwa ite naani o
    ka nnem bulum n’afo
    Nnem tala afufu n’uwa
    wee muom, ezigbo nnem
    O bu gini kam ga eji
    wee kele nne mulum o
    Ochie Dike Nnem
    Obu ego, obu akwa ejiro
    Agam ayonu yonu yonu onye kelum o
    Chineke Nnam
    Biko gozie lum nnem
    Ochie Dike Nnem

    Chukwu biko gozie, Ochie Dike Mama
    Nna gozie nnem, Ochie Dike nnem
    Chukwu biko gozie, Ochie Dike Mama
    Nna gozie nnem, Ochie Dike Nnem

    Biko Amanda, ignore all typos

  11. Nice piece! Mothers are priceless!!! Mine is still bae and wont ever lack till eternityπŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜—πŸ˜™πŸ˜šπŸ’•πŸ’™πŸ’š❤πŸ‘πŸ’‹

    1. Why will she lack when you re busy selling your pussy for money,if only she knew how you got the money you spend on her.leave my uncle alone.Aunty Ashawo Abuja.

  12. Sweet Mother. What can I say but thank you.

    You who instilled in me and my siblings core values needed to get by in this crazy world.

    You are a rare gem

    You deserve all the beautiful things of life.

    I love you till eternity.

  13. Its is good...I love my mother more than anything... I can even die for her

  14. Nneoma, Ezinne, Nnedinma,mothers are the best

  15. I love my Mum and dad equally they have been the best parent I can ever ask for ,is it the daily prayers. My parents never missed a day without calling me, if they don't hear from me or my hubby they will be worried same goes to me. God bless you mum and dad.

  16. Mummy!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  17. My mum is so precious to me, so is everyone's mum.
    May God bless us early to take care of them and may God keep them long in good health to reap the fruits of their labour. Amen

  18. I love you so much Mummy!
    Till Forever and a day.

  19. God bless my mum.My strong backbone.Maybe God bless and keep you alive my sweet mum.My mum is ready to starve so we can eat.I love my super mum.Iye-nogie😍😍😍

  20. Thanks so much Stella. Glad it brought back great memories. God bless all mothers in the house

  21. #Start focusing on why you are good enough*

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    I love you mom

  23. My mum is priceless, she is more beautiful than gold. Mummy! What would I have become without you? May your days be long on earth. Sweet mother, one in a million mum.

    1. nicely worded. NMTA

  24. Omalichia nnwayi OMA NNE, word can't describe my love for you, you ROCK, Mummy mee,Thank you Lord for such a blessing you gave to me, so kind hearted, caring, adorable, lovable, kind, NNE word can't be enough. I love you mummy you are the best

  25. My Momma,My Everything,I love u mami,may God provide for me to take very good care of u and my Dad.Iya ni wura,iya ni iya mi oo,abiyamo tooto love u momma

  26. My sweet mother, my ray of hope,the centre of my world,you believed in me even when i didn't believe in myself,you stood by me like a rock when i thought it was all over,when i didn't see the light @ the end of the tunnel,you showed me the sky,even @ 8:30pm you said it was bright enough if i could look beyond the dark clouds and see the stars instead. Even when you had to sell all you had,you did it with joy.when your colleagues were collecting loans to buy cars and build houses,you collected yours to pay my school fees. You are the reason i hustle mum so that i can give you the best you deserve. I will take you round the world and take you to those places you only dream about. Stay healthy for me please,I love you to the moon and back.

  27. How did I miss this??
    MàÑmi! Saying I love you is an understatement. Iyè mi, you will never lack! You and my father will never lack. You've suffered way too much for it to be this way. This I promise you! You will never lack, I will take care of you like you have 5 wealthy children by the grace of God

  28. My beautiful mum, iya tooto abiyamo wey no dey take her children play. She took in the role of both mother and father on many days, her kids are why her hubby is seriously indebted to her till now. She can't let you be oppressed by anyone or anything. She's why people thought I was from a rich home, she won't let any other kid intimidate hers or let her kids be enticed by sugar daddy. She left her dreams so I could fulfill mine. Took countless loans because of us, one of the loan sponsored my first trip abroad for a course while my father & family were a doubting Thomas. That first trip was my opened door to the countless opportunities I and my siblings have today. she's an amazing grandmother and a great mother inlaw. She is selfless and would lend support to a total stranger. Now that we are all grown and miles away from you, you still cater for people's children like you can eradicate poverty from the whole state. The world can't afford to loose you anytime soon maami. Love you forever and always

  29. I wish I could say the same about my own mother.But I will be the best to my children.


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