Stella Dimoko Police Say They Wont Negotiate With Abductors Of Students


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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Police Say They Wont Negotiate With Abductors Of Students

In the wake of the alleged N1 billion ransom demanded by abductors of six students from Igbonla Model School, near Epe, Lagos, the Lagos State Police Command has said it would “not negotiate with the kidnappers.”

The police spokesperson, Olarinde Famous-Cole, told PREMIUM TIMES on Monday that “it is the statutory responsibility of the police to keep the children safe, which is paramount and that’s what we are concerned about.”

The Punch newspaper had reported that parents of the children were contacted on Saturday and allowed to briefly speak with their children.

They also stated that while two of the parents were asked to pay N400 million each, another two were told to raise N100 million per child.

The parents were reportedly told to meet with the school authorities and the state government to raise the money.
“Since we are all a party to the incident that happened, we are playing our roles as security agents to get those kids out of the hands of those militants,” said Mr. Famous-Cole.

“We are certainly liaising with the school and the government and the parents as regards some of the things we can share with them as per security intelligence.”
“The kids are safe, but we are just trying to get them out and that’s what important,” the police spokesperson said.

The students were abducted at around 5 a.m. last Thursday by gunmen who arrived through a creek behind the school. The hoodlums broke through the school’s fence to gain access into the premises.

The incident occurred seven months after gunmen kidnapped two teachers and four pupils of the same school. The victims were later freed.

The kidnappers reportedly broke the hostel doors, seized 10 senior secondary school pupils and led them to the shore where their boat was parked.

After profiling their family backgrounds, four pupils were released, while the men from the underworld whisked away the remaining six pupils identified as Peter Jonah, Isiaq Rahmon, Adebayo George, Judah Agbausi, Pelumi Philips and Farouq Yusuf.
It was reported that the gunmen had written the school authorities three days before the incident, informing them of the attack.
The police said it is still investigating the incident.

*Negotiating is good,it helps keep contact to know if the abudcted persons are also helps lure the abductors into open place.
Please Nigerian Police,by all means negaotiate.


GALORE said...

Don't mind them

Na so Dem dey lie

Dem go pay money


Miss Ess said...

Oh Lord! Please keep them safe

Rhoda Rex said...


RIPUDEX Quality Slippers shoes.Wholesale & retail said...

They will still go to the back and negotiate...don't mind them. After negotiating with Boko Haram to release Chibok girls, which one is this? Mtcheeeeew....

ola wealth said...

The police department just made a terrible mistake..

What if they get annoyed and do something bad to d children (Godforbid o)

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As the abductors did not negotiate before kidnapping to now

***Shiny Boss*** said...

See police..o trying to form "we don't negotiate with terrorist" better do and save those children. Oh Lord keep them safe

Bootylycious diva said...

this is getting scary ,Nigerian police forming American ctu,is alright

Anonymous said...

Nawa o, I wish this kidnappers could just leave the poor man be and go after those useless politician's children , so they also have a taste

Amacastel said...

May God continue to protect the children where eva they are?

Uberhaute| +234 8151914305| Makeover| Training| Product Sales said...

Meanwhile, they wrote the school about imminent attack but I'm guessing nothing was done.
Nigeria is a country where our complacent and procrastinating actions destroy things and here we are.
We provide our own security, water, and power. So, why do we need govt or pay tax? F**k govt!

***Shiny Boss*** said...


ed DREAMZ said...

None of their kids is been abducted... Rubbish country....

Bold Marehi said...

God please keep those children safe and expose the people that kidnapped them.

Ada bekee said...

They negotiated to free the chibok girls. They should do the same in this case

Their Father said...

The police will surely negotiate, forget whatever they say or what you see on the pages of newspapers or blog. You don't expect the police to tell or share their modus operandi or strategy with the public.

Ponyweed said...

Their kids don't school in Nigeria.

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