Stella Dimoko Senate Passes Petroleum Industry Governance Bill


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Friday, 26 May 2017

Senate Passes Petroleum Industry Governance Bill

The Nigerian Senate has passed the Petroleum Industry Governance Bill, the long-awaited legislation that promises broad reforms to the nation’s oil and gas industry.

The report on the bill, produced by the Senate joint committee on gas, petroleum (downstream) and petroleum (upstream), was presented on Thursday by Donald Alasoadura, APC-Ondo.

After a clause-by-clause consideration, with few amendments, the Senate approved the bill, moving a step closer to making its ambitious contents law.

Amongst other objectives, the petroleum bill seeks to introduce reforms that would engender transparency, while at the same time making the oil and gas sector more business-oriented and profit-drive.

If eventually passed by the House of Representatives and signed by the president, the bill will restructure some organisations like the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and the Department of Petroleum Resources, while setting up new ones like the National Oil Company.

The NOC, as proposed in the bill, will be an “integrated oil and gas company operating as a fully commercial entity and will run like a private company”.

The bill, which has spent years in the National Assembly, is to be sent to the House for concurrence before seeking presidential assent.

“I congratulate the 8th Senate with the passage of this landmark bill which has not been passed for many years,” the senate president Bukola Saraki, said Thursday.



Anonymous said...

When I read this exact same news on LIB, I was like;- why can't Linda dig deep before posting or atleast try to understand more before posting. I know say Stella no go go cast, make I go her blog.
Now Am here, am abit disappointed that you made the same mistake that LIB did!!!

PIB and PIGB are two very different things.

AGELESS T said...

Please enlighten us anon 7:37. I love to know more.

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What better timing... After seventeen years d bill was passed to law. SMH

ego lag said...

Mtchewwww,....and who says it's gr8 news?

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