Stella Dimoko The IPOB Women Rally At Abariba


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Saturday, May 20, 2017

The IPOB Women Rally At Abariba

Yesterday a group of women with pro-Biafra paraphernalia arrived the Ancient Kingdom of Abiriba in Ohafia LGA of Abia State with buses and proceeded to the stadium to sing and pray.

At some point security men at the town also known as small London arrived to inquire on their mission and asked them to disband from the location. The women marched first to the palace of the King of the Ancient Kingdom, His Royal Majesty Eze Kalu Kalu Ogbu IV, Enachioken of Abiriba to register their protest at being asked to leave the location of their peaceful gathering.

On meeting the absence of the Enachioken at his traditional palace and court they marched to his private home where he came out to meet the women and listen to them. They informed him that security agents stripped them naked and ordered them to leave the town.

The Enachioken immediately invited the security agents led by the Divisional Police Officer, who incidentally is from Enugu State, alongside the commanding officer of the soldiers at Abiriba. The duo denied stripping the women naked and also denied shooting into the air at any point as, according to the DPO, "the women are our sisters and mothers and we cannot strip them naked or shoot at them".

Thereafter, the security agents acceded to the request of the women to return to the stadium and continue their prayers. Security agents escorted them back to the stadium and after their prayers the women left with their vehicles.

Key points to note:

1. The women were in Abiriba because the current holder of Ofo Ndigbo, Commodore Ebitu Ukiwe, is from Abiriba. Every Igbo man understand the significance of ofo in Igbo mythology.

2. Abiriba Kingdom is a warrior clan in Igbo land and it is a taboo to strip any Abiriba woman naked in public. If she even voluntarily strips naked in public to protest it is the duty of every male Abiriba person to immediately return home and buy clothes to cover and pacify her with gifts. In simple terms, whatever she wants must be given to her or else our ancestors will not be happy.

3. The women seen on that video are certainly not from Abiriba. We do not address our King as "Igwe". That title is unknown to Abiriba Kingdom but used by some Igbo clans. The language of the women make them certainly Igbo women and according to Abiriba tradition we are obliged to offer protection to all visitors to the Kingdom and make sure that the visitor return home safely.

4. All the women are safely back to their base. Non was hurt or deprived as the community protectors and enforcers called "uke ji agbala" ensured that and have reported back to the Enachioken in Council.

5. Peaceful agitation is not new to Abiriba and protests by Abiriba women are well documented. In fact we continue to celebrate one of such protests that led to the return of peace to Abiriba. In that instance, the women marched on foot from Abiriba to Umuahia and all able bodied Abiriba men had to rush immediately to Umuahia to return our women and clothe/celebrate them.

Thank you.

John Okiya Kalus facebook 


  1. Replies
    1. Please, please ABIRIBA. Stella na my village be that oh. It is also call small London. Uche Jumbo village too. Federal Govt. Should dialogue with the Biafra people instead of using violent. Though am not in support of Biafra, cos my mum have told me about the Biafran war, I don't want to witness such at all.

    2. Afi violent na

    3. My dear this their protest will yield no fruit, let them go back home and take care of their families. Nonsense

  2. See bra galore. It can only happen in Abiriba, those people head they touch.

  3. Hahahaha shame been dey catch me for them....I for talk cos no sane ABIRIBA woman(we pronounce Ebiriba though) will go topless.

    Whoever is shoving this Biafra thingy into them though...Are we (Igbos)ready for BIAFRA? Question I always ask myself.

    Anyways, I rep Ebiriba #SmallLondon(no beef us na Zik give us the name when he visited).

    Ebiriba bu Nge!!!,KAA NI (KAA in Ebiriba means Hello or Sorry depending on usage).

    1. Abiriba by nge na ezia@madam small chop

    2. Kaa nwuyem/dim. I am ugodiya in ebriba. Unu nwere okpogho no be small.

    3. Kaa ! @Sexy Daddy

      @nina chocomile:good to know Ugodiya...Kaa nwami oma (its"mie jim" in Ebiriba and "nwunye dim" in your dialect).

    4. It's your Oga Kanu nnamdi.. I pray there will be no war in that region

    5. Lekwanu umurima aaaa, we're not ready for biafra. Which one be ofo ndi Igbo. Igbos and their misplaced priorities. We don't know our culture anymore,do we have a collective ofo

  4. Not in my town please!!
    We don't want any disruption of peace in my community.
    #Proudly Abiriba.

    1. Kaa!!!Nwanne Madu...O di ele anyi di ukwu ebea.

      Nice meeting you!! #Ebiriba bu nge!

    2. Kaa nii wo #Ebiriba bu nge!!!!

    3. We will join from Amaekpu very soon....😃😃😃😃😃😃 kaa!

    4. @Abenna, you mean your hubby took you from Ghana straight to abia state?! He do well abeg 👏👏👏

      I'm grinning from ear to ear reading all 'abiriba' comments. Ndewo nu!

  5. Awon alai ni nkan se dede

  6. This is how seperationists and guerilla sects are made. The government will wake up someday to realise she has nurtured a situation she cannot contain.
    Force is not always the answer.

  7. Replies
    1. How come it is only fair Igbo girls that come to Lagos.See dirty dark complexion all over.A friend of mine that served in a girls only school in Onitsha said 80 percent of the girls were dark.


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