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Monday, 26 June 2017

Real Estate Marketers...

Louis Glickman said and I quote "The best investment on earth is earth' and that's why we are calling on you to invest your money in lands and properties now.


Our lands are genuine.
Our brothers and sisters from Eastern part of Nigeria living in the West and North,come and buy your lands and properties from us too.

Our lands are located in strategic positions in AWKA, NNEWI, AMAWBIA, EBENEBE, ABAKALIKI, EKWULOBIA and ENUGU AGIDI.

These are some of the plots we have for sale

1. 1 1/2 plots of land fully fenced located behind Federal medical centre Abakaliki for 5million.

2. 1 1/2 plots of land fully fenced beside Igwe Orizu Palace in Otolo Nnewi for 12million

3. 2 plots of land near KABE college Amawbia for 3.5 million.

4. Many plots of land beside OBINWANNE HOUSING ESTATE Enugwu Agidi for 5mllion each.

5. 4 plots of land at Ezimezi for 3.5 million.

6.many plots of land at Ebenebe at 1 million each and many more.

For more inquiries call us today
Awka- 07037220559- 09068755809

Nnewi - 08134598625

Follow us on instagram @real_estate_marketers

Call us today and you'll be glad you did.....


Ify Lovie Lovie said...

Nice one.
Land investment is the truth!
God bless your hustle, Amen.

Miss Ess said...


GALORE said...

I have Two acres of land.. I am not using it for anything.. Just for cassava and corn planting

I bought that land at a very cheap price.. Land used for farming are always so cheap compared to those use for building a house immediately

My land dey inside tick Bush.. .no houses there yet.. It is just for farming...

I am a farmer student


Nonso said...

Plot of land in Awka is now 14 million


Good luck to you

*Larry was here*

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...


ukwu dimond said...

Goodluck to the buyers.

Anonymous said...

True talk!! . Investing on land remains the best investment on earth. Together we can make eastern region a better place to live.

Real estate marketers said...

Real estate investment is the bomb

Real estate marketers said...

Yes oh!
Be wise, invest now
Follow us on Instagram for more details
Investing in lands is the new gold
Stella chop kiss

Seasons Estate Agent and Properties, Lagos. Rent any apartment, buy lands (from 400k per plot), buy houses, buy cars, develop your land, e.t.c. 07037376336 said...

May you sell well my Eastern colleagues. In Lagos here, real estate business is also lucrative.

GALORE said...

Go buy land for tick Bush... It's not expensive.. Just buy it as an investment. .you see to farm if you can't farm on it.. Get someone to help you farm.. When it's time to harvest ,you both share crops 50/50

I bought my that land #300k for 2 Acres inside @Agbabuyo tick Bush

That is why I can't forget @MMM and @twinKast.. Whilst others where buying big phones and buying designers, na land my money enter

Be wise


Real estate marketers said...

Thank you
May GOD bless our endeavour Amen

Real estate marketers said...

Amen to your prayers

Real estate marketers said...


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