Stella Dimoko Venus Williams 'Mistakenly' Confirms Pregnant Sister Serena Williams Is Having a Girl


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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Venus Williams 'Mistakenly' Confirms Pregnant Sister Serena Williams Is Having a Girl

It's a lesson Serena Williams learned yesterday after Venus appeared to accidentally announce the gender of her unborn baby.

Serena, the world No.1 tennis player, had watched Venus win a second round at the French Open yesterday before Venus made the slip-up during a post-match interview, and confirmed that her sister was expecting a girl.

Joking that she hadn't heard that Serena was pregnant while talking to Eurosport, Venus said of the unborn child: “She's going to call me 'favourite aunt'”

Venus added that all of the aunts were squabbling over who the baby should be named after: “Every day we're like, Baby Vee, Baby Isher, Baby Lyn, so we all want the baby to be named after us.”

In April, Serena admitted that she announced her pregnancy over Snapchat by accident.

She uploaded a picture to the social media platform of her bump and captioned it “20 weeks”.

She had meant to save it for her personal use, but accidentally broadcast it to the world. Serena deleted it after realising her mistake, but not before her followers could screenshot and share it.

Serena became engaged to Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of the chatroom Reddit, in December last year after quietly dating for 15 months. This will be their first child.

After the pregnancy was confirmed, the former world tennis No.1 Ilie Nastase said of the unborn child: “Let's see what colour it has. Chocolate with milk?”

Serena responded saying she was disappointed that “we live in a society where people like Ilie Nastase can make such racists comments”.

from telegraph

*Na wah oh....It might not be a mistake


ola wealth said...

That chocolate with milk comment was way off it

Justyswt said...

Which mistake, it's all part of their publicity whatever.

Safe delivery to Serena.


Their cup of tea o jare. Mistake or not, all we know is that a baby is on the way. Wishing her safe delivery in advance.

Dope BaBe said...

All this unto wetin? She no dey commot for house? Paparazzi no dey again? Abegi I dey hungry this morning joor


First, Serena mistakenly announced she was pregnant
Now Venus mistakenly announce that Serena is going to have a girl
Hmmnnn.....i hope they "mistakenly" announce to us when the princess is born so we can rejoice with them

Cynthia Iyede said...

It can't be a mistake abeg.

Rappakatakata said...

What's with all these pregnancy/new born baby hide-and-seek games?

SUGAR. said...

Wareva mehn. Wareva!

Ralu M said...

The same way Britney Spears mistakenly revealed that Zoe Saldana was going to have twins. If Serena wasn't going to exclusively reveal it to people magazine and pocket an outrageous sum then it's all good ☺

DON™ said...

Enough of this rubbish. Every time mistake. You announced pregnancy the other day by mistake, like you can hide it once it shows.
Rada rada.

The General's Wife said...


Could all be mistakes though. Esp Venus' own.

The General's Wife said...


Anonymous said...

Enough of all these silly mistakes, who are they trying to fool.

Fan Emmanuel said...

So we will mistakenly rejoice with them.

Anonymous said...

Awon liars , mistake indeed.

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