Stella Dimoko Comedian SeyiLaw Baby Brouhaha + Memo To The Comedian


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Monday, 17 July 2017

Comedian SeyiLaw Baby Brouhaha + Memo To The Comedian

Awwww Comedian Seyi Law's Baby is so so cute and all I wanna do is Kiss her cheeks!
I have tried to avoid posts like this because I think it is wrong to drag a little Child like this on the net like has been going on recently....Being dragged with her full name!

MEMO to Comedian SeyiLaw..............

Please Bro take your Child off the Internet and Shield her.The Internet has become a Monster devouring people and this beautiful baby needs privacy to grow up and have a normal childhood.
Take your family off the net and let this be about you alone....
Like I said I have seen bits of this story here and there and it is a pity that this is happening...Could have been avoided.

Well done Iyabo Ojo for standing up for this little darling but the words are so heavy I had to keep scrolling to look at the photo and ask myself if a beautiful gift from God as small as this already has Enemies!....Wow! #protectyourchildfromcyberbullies.


Miss Ess said...

Toyin Abraham, mercy and co were all standing up for the baby and trending her. I wonder when that woman would learn. She is a pain in the ass.

Miss Ferragamo said...

I wonder too Stella,some people can be funny sha. Overzealousnes!

Fab Mum said...

She's not even a fat baby. She just has full cheeks. I want to play with those cheeks. I want to rub my hands on them and sing baby songs. I want to kiss her cheeks. They are so full. 😍😍😍

She will outgrow them. If you said a baby that is overweight you will know. This one is just cheeky 😍😍

sexy Daddy said...

Wow! I love babies!
Dear God let my next child be a baby girl in Jesus name amen!

bigbanty said...

I don't think it is a crime to put up a picture of lovely child.... Some people are just psychopath

Guess what
Game of thrones is out

Chidinma Grace said...

Pretty girl.

Anonymous said...

I can bet everything in me that @Iyabo jusy said that for "notice me "....She is laughing behind his back

The truth of the matter is, they all laugh at @Seyi law's daughter.. They can her "Lanrodo " meaning Fat

@Seyi should remove his daughter off social media

The girl is too fat and it's a concern.. so my aunt Do for her child.. .wen they told her the son looks too fat for his age.. .she called everyone hater.... Not until she traveled abroad with him, and the doctor over there said this will generate to child Obesity.... Then it was late though

The boy is still fat.... The boy is 7 years old now.. any small thing, na the mum go dey say, look at you, you are FAT and still love eating.. Common don't eat again.. Eat less

Imagine nonsense

I go just dey use am laugh... My @Grandmother told her... You see yourself now?

So I advise @Seyi take this advise from @KOO as a constructive advise. It's just that @KOOs presentation came out way too harsh

@Lepacious Bose will be in the best possible position to advise @Seyi law... ..

@Anonymous Orubebe

Iya Oshoronga of Blogosphere AKA Mrs Always RIGHT said...

This baby is so so cute. Why hate her? My conclusion is that it must be people who hate her parents and have transferred it to the baby. O ga o.

Anonymous said...

It is that psycho bitch Kemi Olunlo-whatever that started this nonsense. Calling the child obese and the father only did what any protective parent would have done. He defended his child. I know every proud parent wants to show off their children but the Internet has become a monster in some aspects.
I'm learning from all these and I will not put out the photos of my children on social media. So many bitter leaf people are on the prowl these days.

DoppelgΓ€nger said...

Kemi Olunlowerey, should have been left in jail abi kilonpe. That woman is not alright upstairs.
Tiwa, is a gorgeous baby and if her parents want to post her pictures let them do so after all they do so on their personal page. Imagine, an overgrown adult calling a baby obese and silly names. I just love how Seyi Law dots on her.

cat eyes said...

This baby is super cute! And she isn't fat,she just have chubby cheeks like her daddy. Kemi is already cursed.

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

All these celebrities dont know the danger of having their children on internet. There is this girl that gave birth and she was just putting everything about the child on internet. I am tempted to tell her to stop it but i might be called a hater. So make i keep quiet.

That baby is so cute, just like my bros baby. Beautiful children everywhere

Pipi Lee said...

The Mad woman MadamKOO is back again prowling up and down SM, coming for a little baby just cos you have ish to settle with he dad? That's the height of Madness!!

Since her own family have abandoned her, who do we call to come and chain her pls? Good witches of the west, pls come and carry your sister.

Tomorrow when she lands in jail again, she will start writing epistle after epistle, forming repentance. Smh.

Seyi, keep your daughter off SM, everybody now has an opinion from whatever research they conducted in their backyards on overweight and obesity, Tiwa doesn't deserve this at all. What is wrong with you?

The General's Wife said...

I read all of KOO's curses to the baby and was SHOCKED!😳

Now we all know she isn't there mentally but mehn,she superceeded even herself with her recent outburst.

A baby??!!
An innocent small child?

Didn't make sense.
It's only be sad,mentally-unstable woman that would cuss out a baby. Not just cuss out tbat beautiful baby but cuss her out soo much that hearts bled.

You have a problem with that Baby,father??
Good! Take it up with him! Cuss him out but leave the baby out of ur mouth! Eishhh!

I don't know what people around that woman are doing but the sooner they get help for her,the better. Ah!

MhizVee said...

But she's so cute and I totally love her cheeks and mouth.

I don't think Iyabo Ojo's words were too heaver. Whoever bullies and innocent defenceless child like this deserves the worst curse ever. How can you wish evil on such cuteness?

You did well Iyabo. Seyi law, don't let these people make you feel bad. Your child is really cute and I love her chubby cheeks.

Pipi Lee said...

I wonder o
It's just sad her parents won't listen and keep her off their pages. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this chubby girl, Google obese babies and see for yourself, she doesn't even come close.

The General's Wife said...

Mad thing that should have left to rotten in jail!
Just don't know who let her out!😲

Na Me Talk Am!!! said...

That crase human being Kemi Oyoyo won't let baby Tiwa be. Ah ah so a proud dad cannot post photos of his daughter online in peace again. This couple had this baby after over 5 yrs or so of trying so because of the likes of Kemi they shouldn't share their joy with the world.
If somebody posts photo of their car or house, they will say you are not humble, you are showing off bla bla bla so it has even become a bad thing to post your babies photo?
I need to complete my savings sharply and leave this country abeg

Anonymous said...

U are really a fool gallon of bitterleaf....does that baby look fat to u?no wonder people insult u here a lot. Dirty smelling bitch!


You just said it all Orubebe

Na Me Talk Am!!! said...

Exactly. How do you even hate on a baby that's this cute? I just want to kiss her cheek


Don't try it if not your name will automatically change to hater. I wonder what gain it is to be putting one's entire life on sm.

Na Me Talk Am!!! said...

The father is an entertainer, if he didn't post the pics himself another bloody hater would have still posted the pic then people will start saying he has been hiding the baby cause of her weight. You can never please world people abeg. Just do your best and leave the rest to God

MhizVee said...

But she's so cute and I totally love her cheeks and mouth.

I don't think Iyabo Ojo's words were too heavy. Whoever bullies an innocent and defenceless child like this deserves the worst curse ever. How can you wish evil on such cuteness?

You did well Iyabo. Seyi law, don't let these people make you feel bad. Your child is really cute and I love her chubby cheeks.

Anonymous said...

@Seyi Law... You don't have to insult me

@IYabo ojo be deceiving you

They all laugh at you.... They make their own children slim and trendy... And they are giving you advise

Well... You know your Yoruba people how two faced they are

I am not hating on your child.. .i don't do that

My @Grandmothee works with children... I love children.. So why should I hate on your beautiful daughter? The truth is just bitter

I have promised myself since yesterday in church not to ever respond to anyone again here

I go just drop my comment and move to another post

That's all

Abuse me.. I won't abuse you back

You don't expect me to pretend with my comment.. I type it as I view it

@Anonymous Orubebe

Ed said...

Awwwww,all I can see is cuteness love with chubby babies.. Can't wait to have mine😘😘😘😘

Anonymous said...

This baby is not fat na!!! She has chubby cheeks, courtesy her father. With time she'll shed them. Iyabo ojo should go and sleep already, the words she used are way too heavy, Alabosi.

Na Me Talk Am!!! said...

TGW don vexπŸ˜€πŸ˜€
This is like the meanest thing I've heard you say

MhizVee said...

Shatap and swallow all those ur mumu examples. This baby is not obese. Olodo

Cisca Chesca said...

This baby is so cute.
She looks exactly like her dad, with her cheeks that looks so inviting to touch.
I don't why this little baby had to be dragged into one rubbish argument. Mtchewww

Anonymous said...

Exactly @ FabMum... she is not even that fat...she just has really chubby cheeks, which she clearly got from her dad. she will grow into them, they will look smaller as she grows taller. My nephew had incredibly large cheeks as a baby, they "disappeared" by the time he was a toddler. Seyi is probably trying to teach her to stand up to cyberbullies by persistently posting her pictures. Other people share pictures of their families on social media (for reasons best known to them) I guess Seyi is free to do as he wishes

Iya Oshoronga of Blogosphere AKA Mrs Always RIGHT said...

There is absolutely nothing obese about her, she is a normal looking baby, she has her daddy's cheeks. My second daughter was fatter as a baby sef. In as much as i am a strict person hence my friends nicknamed me iya, i still fear people in this country, how can you hate a baby. O ga o.

Gbogbo bigz girlz said...

All the fault goes back to her father.
It's cool he's so happy and wants to show her off but when it starts getting messy, he should know it's time to shield the poor baby.

I sincerely hope all these flaunting doesn't come back to haunt them in years to come.

That woman needs psychological evaluation urgently.

Amplo Stitches (IG@amplo_stitches1) said...

Well said,

AdeEsther (need quick loan? Call 09087090732) said...

What's up with the baby?
She's cute sha.

Mrs.R SDK blog Official BFF said...

That's one cute baby! That baby is not fat, she only has fuller cheeks which she got from her dad.

The parents should take their child off social media.


Aunty please shut it. That baby is not fat at all. She just has chubby cheeks and if you look at her dad very well you will see where she got that from.

The hospital he uses is one of the best in Nigeria and you think they don't weigh babies there?

I just like Noble Igwe style. He wife born nobody even hear sef.

I can't tell Seyi not to put up his daughter's picture up but he should stop replying them. I know it's hard but he should try.

Cute baby Tiwa. Grow and shine.

Eka Joy said...

Big stupid fool. How's that little cutie up there fat. What she has is normal baby fat and nothing else. You will be obesed and not this baby. Mtsheew

Heartbreaker loves TGW said...

This baby is not even obese. Just full cheeks like the dad. Kemi is mentally deranged and needs psychiatric evaluation.

Brain and Beauty. said...

How can a mother open her mouth and insult someone else's child.This woman called Kemi should caution herself please.

Sharon Aminu said...

I tire o
Who will insults this fine baby

toba obafemi said...

Those calling her fat and obese should know Tiwa parents are well informed and also capable to take care of their child in all ramifications. Be it going for treatment or studying abroad not to talk of regular medical check up. Most of you running mouth are so daft, your initiative should tell you these people involved are schooled and if opinion is needed they have friends and family around them so take your advice elsewhere

Anonymous said...

Seyi law sef pass him know say someone no well upstairs,instaed u went rejoicing @ her downfall. "What you see is what you get". Anybody who cussed me out will have the same effect of that curse.

Sabali said...

She is so cute if she is overweight I guess the parents know what to do about it. I hate the fact that SEyi uses his daughter as a tool to fight on social media.Everybody has a right to say rubbish once your baby's picture is online is left for you to attack back or ignore and too much of everything is irritating post her pics but not everyday once in a while so those witches will keep her off their evil mind.

Jeni_zee said...

Galore, Tiwa isn't fat like that, she has big cheek because her parents have it too. Seyi can't stop posting pictures of his daughter because that is his child nd weblnow how they struggled before Tiwa came. Anyone who wants to laugh behind him is free to do so, as long as they are happy nd rich when doing it

Anonymous said...

I have said this before and I will keep saying it, there is nothing wrong with this Baby, yes the baby is ok, I was once like that child, when my mum gave birth to me she said I was fat to the extend of me not opening my eyes for three days, the nurses were calling me OBOKU, but hey now, you just have to see me, so KOO should please keep her demented self out of Baby Tiwa's life

Anonymous said...

U are really a big fool to think that is seyilaw up there!shey the well known bvs that commented under ur post are also seyilaw?mumu. See people's curse working on u!Amadioha fall on u! Anuofia!unam ikot!

Omasiri said...

Galore the omniknoweth. I feel like giving you a big knock from here. Can't you differentiate a fat baby from one that has big cheeks? You must still spill rubbish on top small pikin again? Send your ugly face as face of IHN and see if you won't be dealt with. Know when to close that stinking hole on your face called mouth.

Jeni_zee said...

And we know how they*

Cookie said...

Seyi should take his child off the internet, kilode!!!! He's doing more harm than good to this baby, what's the whole squabble for?? We get that you love your child but isn't protecting her one of your priorities?? See how people are having opinions on your baby's life because she's all over the net.... It's okay to out up her picture once in a while if that's what you want but making her go through this is just wrong!!! I know you're a proud Dad but protect her from all of this....

I don't care what Kemi thinks of says, this child's future should natter...... And all those celebs offering prayers can't tell you to chill abi?? Na real Wa!!!

Chidiogo said...

They should just leave this angel to be a baby and grow in peace!

Pipi Lee said...

I swear!
She should be locked up for a very long time. Failed parent, failed pharmacist, failed politician, failed journalist, unrepentant moron!

The General's Wife said...

Galore, that baby isn't fat! And def not obese.
She is just chubby and fleshy like almost all babies are. And she got her daddy's cheeks!

It's just cheeks the sweet beautiful baby has!
Nothing more!

And even is she was fat????

Is that how to address a baby?😲😲😲
Is that how one goes about talking about a baby??

Justyswt said...

The hate some people carry around is so much that they have to pass it to others. Who hates on a baby for goodness sake? Na wa.

CHI EXOTIC said...

Like I don't get it oh
Is it that people that are calling her obese don't have eyes to see?
She's just cheeky and looks like her dad
Is Seyi law obese?
The girl is so cute to look at and there's nobody that would see her and not want to carry her and have a feel of her cheeks.
That raving mad woman Kemi should leave this baby alone and face the dad if she has any problem with him
Kids are off limit
Don't talk bad about kids

Back off Kemi and every other ignorant people.


Thank you πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

The General's Wife said...

That baby isn't fat at all!

She is just full of cheeks. Juts like her Dad.

You are asking how one can hate on a baby?
Like u were refering to a normal person?🀣

My dear it's only a MAD person that hates on babies and children. Only a MAD person like KOO and her likes that speak ill of a child.

No sane person does that!


She talked about his baby before her arrest.

Go dig the genesis of the brouhaha

CHI EXOTIC said...

Lafresh, I don't think he should stop putting up her pictures
What for?
Cause of some faceless non entities?
Let him keep peppering them with her pictures
Whether or not, people would still find a way to hate.

Anonymous said...

Stella, no one could have said it better. He should take this precious gift off SM.

The General's Wife said...

Na Me Talk Am!!! There is no way u wouldn't react if u read the trash that excuse of a human being spewed on a child.

And to think she came back with a second round of cusses. Meaner cusses.

Let them not go and treat her. It's till she bites someone that they wil hear word.

The General's Wife said...

Very cute Baby!

You know Her parents are cute!
Super Cute baby T!😍😍😍

MISS TRUTH said...

Adults should keep children out of their fights, I HATE when they involve children in their fights.

Anonymous said...

Super cute no be small. Give me a healthy cute little squeeze anyday.

Lacey Love said...

How does one even hate on a baby at all even if the parents are your number one enemies. Just look at the innocent look. Even if Kemi o stretches her hands, this baby will just grab them with smiles cos she does not know haters.

Anonymous said...

Go back and sleep again so you can wake up on the right side.

Default Smile said...

If seyi chooses not to take his child off the internet thats his decision.

Kemi is all shades of wrong to say all manner of rubbish on a child. At 50 she is still so sick and obviously not taking her medications.

#My case is different

Fab Mum said...

*if you see a bbay that is obese **

Exactly @pipe lee and @heartbreaker
She's not close to obesity. Not close at all. That Kemi lady is just Something else. One would think prison will change her, but no

Fab Mum said...

That baby isn't any where close to fat. She has chubby cheeks. Her dad has the same thing. Look at her body not face and you will see she's not fat.

Anonymous said...

This baby's got the classic baby look...chubby cheeks and all;and that's part of what makes them so cute and irresistable to cuddle. 'Can't see what there is to attack. Ppl shd try fixing up their messed up lives first and let innocent babies be. Nonsense!

Fab Mum said...

Exactly. The cheeks will go soon. I have seen her full picture of her sitting down and she's bot even clise to obese at all. How people become dieticians and doctors on aoxiak media baffles me

Also he could just be posting her pic because he's happy. Remember this baby didn't come easy for them? I think they waited like 3-5 yes after marriage before they had her. So I get his joy.. Social Media is just crazy now

The General's Wife said...

Cookie Darling,its not about taking a child off the Internet.

See ehn,everyone is different.
U want to put ur baby on the internet or whatever it is(as long as it's not bad) then by all means,do so.
Granted,there are some info I personally wouldn't want to put out there. But like I said,we are all different.

Let's even look at this.

Seyi is a new parent and Its understandable how he feels about that child and wanting to scream to the world his happiness. Remember he is an Entertainer and has got Good fans too.

But even if he wasn't a new parent,I mean isn't the Internet a place for all and sundry???
Why should he go off cos a of an insane person?

This man hasn't posted a pic of this baby's accessories or furniture or any of those stuff. Cos if he had,then if u were asking if he limits it,then I can try and see where u are coming from. Cos I mean,it's his right to post whatever he wants.

He only posted pictures of the sweet baby and nothing more. And yet he is asked to vacate the internet? To stop posting the baby's pictures? So bullies can thrive?

And u and I know that him stopping to post his baby's pictures won't stil stop them. So??

The internet isn't fair and all that. I agree. I def do agree. Bullies live there. Agreed.

But we won't let it get to a degrading point where bullies prey on babies and kids. At least not in Nigeria. Let them troll all they can. But leave babies out of it.

And u can imagine how angry people are cos it's coming from "one" who is supposedly a "woman" Someone who they mistakenly let out of prison not long ago. And the first this she does is to pick a baby apart???

I just wish legally, that there is something that could be done to teach her another lesson.
One she wil never forget in a hurry.

And by the way,Tiwa baby rocks!😘😘😘
Her mom got eyes for beautiful baby outfits😍
Looking at her beautiful pictures got me all broodyπŸ˜‚

The General's Wife said...

Hello Baby!😘

Shennel Hyacinth said...

My oh my 😍😍 I just want to use my ruby woo lippie and create wonderful design on those round chubby cheeks😘
Who doesn't know that Kemi is cursed, go back to port harcourt prison .

The General's Wife said...

Is she even on any medication???

Valerie said...

Please I want to ask an honest questions as I have been pondering on this ever since. Is it that all babies in the world are supposed to be termed 'cute'?

Jasmine said...

Kemi didn't call her obese at first. It was one yeye charge and bail lawyer that did so kemi used it as a come back for seyi.

People r so heartless. They even compares her to kunfu panda.

Stella, u won't blame seyi. He lost a child before tiwa came so he's excited and I don't think it's a bad thing.

Jasmine said...

Chi exotic, I agree with you. I don't have hunk he should. Let them hate all they want, it's not of his business. After all, he's taking good care of his family.

Galore, see the rubbish you r saying. And tell your aunt to take her son to a boarding house, she will be amazed at his level of thinness after just one term.

Anonymous said...

This baby is cute 4 days and not fat. She is still a growing child and would out grow the baby fat when she starts walking. Na wa sha for Nigerians always having a say about people's lives. Many people bashing this baby now, if you look at their pictures they are aΔΊl baby elephants.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading all these comments and laughing.
Who would believe that just last month these ones here were doing Hallelujah challenge?
Forming one kind yeye holiness and piousness.
As old as some of you are, some of you are 40+, you still can't articulate your IQ shrinking thoughts without abuse and foul language. That's all you know because there's nothing but hot air in your brain.

Jasmine said...


Jasmine said...

So if he takes the child off social media, the hate will stop?

Allow the guy please. His family has been thru alot in the past 5 years when it comes to having children.

He's happy and he's super excited. Let him be biko

Sabali said...

@valarie you are very funny ohπŸ˜‚yes i think all of them to massage our egoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Uriel (Freshdew) said...

The words from Kemi shattered my heart. How can someone type such hate and evil filled words for a baby. Seyi law should ignore that evil witch.

Sabali said...

@valarie you are very funny ohπŸ˜‚yes i think all of them to massage our egoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

CHI EXOTIC said...

Jasmine, guess you didn't follow the beef from the start
Kemi, actually called her obese and all sorts
Then when she went to prison and came back she found out that Seyi said he was happy when she was arrested and then she fired him back again calling out the baby
Why not just cuss Seyi law and leave out his kid?

Lilly simple said...


AuntyBetty said...

Thank you o Stella, I don't know why Seyilaw will keep putting his own child in the line of social media fire. Take the blessed child off the SM for chrissakes. Even these ITKs venting, who send una? She is a baby, she doesn't have enemies so no need for all these heavy curses. Haba!

Sweet Mother said...

I just want to wrap my hands round this cute baby and plaster her face with kisses. God's protection be upon you my baby.

Iya Oshoronga of Blogosphere AKA Mrs Always RIGHT said...

@anon 12.14 true not all babies are cute but this baby is. Its not good to speak ill of babies. They are without sin and have not uttered a word to offend anyone. God fights for babies o. Take note.

Ammy Bee said...

My first baby was not so chubby and i always crave for a chubby baby. My little queen now is every thing chubby and more. I call her Fluffy. Anyone that is pained about her chubbiness should plug out their eyes. No time for bullshit. Shameless old fraustrated Kemi can never change.

Yemi7up said...

Galore you don't even know the meaning of larondo, no body that understand Yoruba language will say laronde miss fat. You lie, its a proof you chose the word yourself and not that you heard anyone used it.

chinenye baby said...

See how stupid ur question sound!are u OK?

Anonymous said...

Her father has chubby cheecks, she took after him. Look at her legs, they are not fat. This baby is cute and will be a beautiful woman. I cover her with the blood of Jesus .

This couple lost their first child, we cried with them, and prayed for another child. The baby is here now, and one mad woman is talking nonsense..


Jasmine, you've not been following the story then. This ish started months back before she went to prison. She did a comeback after Seyilaw celebrated her arrest. Then that lady(whale) now did her own

Baddest Puta said...

Heard Ed Sheeran made appearance and sang OMG can't wait to watch

Baddest Puta said...

Was just reading cute comments when I stumbled on this your grandma works with babies and you still can't tell between an obese baby and a baby with chubby cheeks? Get yo facts right

Anonymous said...

Or seyilaw should protect his child and stop looking for cheap fame and child star status for his daughter by force. Truth is that baby looks a bit weird facially. Most of you are laughing at her calling her kungfu panda and igo stout. She is not well rounded chubby which is why she looks a bit obscure

Anonymous said...

Don't mind them. Liars will go to hell. That's an odd looking baby with distorted face. Granted she will grow into those cheeks but right now, cute is far fetched. If she was cute how come companies haven't picked her up for endorsements and advertising? πŸ˜‚


I can bet if this baby was slim or slightly underweight, they will say a whole comedian earning good money can't even feed his baby right and go ahead to say the baby is malnourished.

Now here is a healthy chubby cutie but Angry Nigerians will still not allow the baby chuckle in peace.

The minute you do stuff to please world people, you'd totally loose yourself.

Seyi law and Mrs, pay negative talks concerning your lil princess no mind.
With excitement and gratitude you posted your baby on SM. Don't let anyone twist your emotions to sadness.

God has blessed you. Flaunt it to the most comfortable height you can and never allow anyone dull your spirit.
After all a whole lot of women are out there believing God for a baby.

I personally know a woman who is asking God to just allow her get pregnant even if she least she will be fulfilled she isn't barren.imagine that.

Valerie said...

@Chineye. Dont you think you are the stupid one. I guess that's how you fail your exams everytime. I asked an honest question not because its this baby up here. I don't know who she is, neither do I know her dad. and for your information you nitwit, I have chubby cheeks and just needed to be informed if cute applies to ALL babies. Silly being.

Valerie said...

@Iya. Thank you for the information. At least I got my answer from the first sentence. I just needed to be sure.

Anonymous said...

Galore I used to think u are sensible but it's now I know u are waste of sperm. I curse d day u enter dis world.. with dis u said about an innocent child,u will never hear d cry of a baby in ur life and if u already have one,u will know d pains of loosing one.. I am just cursing u with every venom in me..
U have crossed d line..
U think it's everything u will chook ur mouth and start talking trash..Dis will be ur waterloo. Mark today's date..
U think u are anonymous and nobody know u? But I assure u dat God in heaven and all d spirits hovering around know u.. U won't go unpunished..
Unam ikot.. useless human being.. Asswipe!

***Chy Ozo**

Valerie said...

Sabali,lol. I am not really talking about the baby here oh. She is not fat cos I have seen her legs. I have been following this fight since it started. Its their problem really and I dont have anything to say regarding the kid other than the father should shield her from public ridicule up and down, of which he doesnt really care to.

Anonymous said...

And d idiotic imbecile bastard @Queen Amy d broke ass famzer of access bank had to come and concur to dis stupid comment from an idiot? D same curse I placed on Galore will befall u Amy..

Some women are asking God to atleast give them a child even if he/she is deformed that they will appreciate it and here u both are saying shit about a healthy chubby baby? Gosh.. why won't evil thrive in dis world with people dat has dis mindset as u both?
I spit on ur grave.

***Chy Ozo***

Anonymous said...

Anon u sound stupid and wasted.. May dat Iyabo Ojo's cuss befall u million times.. idiot.U sef are u well upstairs? Didinrin.

***Chy Ozo***

Anonymous said...

Go and ask ur mother dat stupid question. U are foolish.

***Chy Ozo***

Anonymous said...

Anon 14:17..
U sound more stupid and mentally deranged.. How many supposed cute kids have u seen with an endorsement? Anna Banner and Okoye wives have d cutest kids in d entertainment industry but how many of them got endorsements? How many cute kids from ur family got endorsement?
U have mental issues daz why u open ur filthy mouth to call dat baby's face distorted.
Ur life will be distorted from today onward and u will have an experience that will humble u to know dat all child God created are beautiful..
Every child dat survived d womb and enter dis world is cute weather deformed or not..
U will live to regret dis trash u wrote here about an innocent child.
Mark today's date and also mark my name.. U don't know me but u will feel me soon..

***Chy Ozo***

Anonymous said...

Anon 14:08.. keep cussing an innocent baby.. I have left ur own cuss up there cos I know u d same idiot dat wrote dat shit up there.. May dat cuss I rained on @Galore/Anonymous Orubebe befall u.
U will know dat it's not every thing u put mouth and start talking rubbish.. no sane human being opens mouth and insult an innocent baby to d extent of calling her obscure and weird face.. D calamity dat will befall u soon is on d way
Watch and see..

***Chy Ozo ***

MISS TRUTH said...

I am great darling ❤ .

Anonymous said...

Larondo in yoruba means small.
So pls shut it.
Whoever that abuses this baby is cursed.

The General's Wife said...


She is such a sweet baby😍
Sooo cute and soo lovable😍😍

Anonymous said...

Honestly i felt no pity for her when she was in jail. The truth is she belongs there!! Pathetic useless frustrated poverty stricken woman who was begging for money shamelessly.

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