Stella Dimoko Akeredolu'To Be Appointed Acting Chief Judge Of Ondo State


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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Akeredolu'To Be Appointed Acting Chief Judge Of Ondo State

The governor of Ondo State, Rotimi Akeredolu has appointed Oluwatoyin Akeredolu as the new Acting Chief Judge of the state.

The appointment came after several months of legal tussle seeking the removal of Justice Temitayo Osoba from the position.

Announcing the new appointment on Saturday, a statement from the governor’s office, signed by his press officer, Adeyanju Kola, said Mrs. Akeredolu’s appointment as the Chief Judge of Ondo State took effect from Saturday, July 22, 2017.

“This, according to the letter of appointment signed by the Governor of Ondo State, is in pursuant of section 271(15)of the 1999 constitution as amended,” the statement read.

“Also according to the letter, the appointment is based on the recommendation of the Chief Justice of Nigeria and Chairman of National Judicial Council,” it added.

Until her appointment, Justice Akeredolu was the head of criminal division in Ondo State High Court.

The statement also added that she would be sworn in on Monday July 24, 2017.
from dailypost.

*Hmmmmmm.....I dont know the part of the constitution that allows this,I have to read it up..


Anonymous said...

So why the thumbs up nah? It is called Nepotism and is illegal in most countries. If it isn't illegal by the Nigerian Constitution, it is not something we should rejoice over. Anybody remember the immunity given to Gov Peter Odili by his wife?

ola wealth said...

This is funny..

So you consult your wife in the bedroom before ......πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Anonymous said...

I don't see any biggie There

The main question should be, is she qualified for it? It YES... Then no problem

I remember in @Lagos when @Chief judge of Lagos @Mrs Jadesola Philips (Gbemi Philips mum) was the chief judge, immediately she left that position, her sister was appointed, and people kept SHOUTING.. And she was like, was her sister qualified or not? And truthfully, she was qualified and she was the highest ranking officer to fill that space..

@Anonymous Orubebe

Anonymous said...

This is sooo not true, his wife is not even a lawyer! The 1st lady of Ondo state is Betty And she's definately not this Oluwatoyin!by the way, his wife is frm Imo state.

Anonymous said...

Well on a second thought, I think the @NJC should look into it

I remember when ex Govenor @muritala nyako tried the same thing... He was the Govenor at that time, and he wanted to appoint his WIFE as the @Chief judge of the state.... The @NJC stepped in, and they said NO.. And there reason was, A chief Judge is the NUMBER 3 citizen of a state.. .That two blood relation can't occupy a sensitive post as one being a @Govenor then the other a @Chief Judge

And this @Toyin Akeredolu is his blood sister.... I know he has a sister named @Toyin



@Anonymous Orubebe

Anonymous said...

This is not his wife ooooo

Thank you

@Anonymous Orubebe

Anonymous said...

This is not his wife, but @Sister

Thank you

.@Anonymous Orubebe

Anonymous said...

There are still some info not given here, is she the most senior judge in Ondo state if yes why not? Did Her appointment follow due process, if yes why not but for fairness she could have declined since the Husband is the Governor. I bet you all Nigeria politicians are rogues. He is already paving ways for the grand corruption Ondo is about to witness.

Sweet Child said...

A repeat of Odili and wife ok

cat eyes said...


Anonymous said...

Recommendation indeed! I've lost every atom of respect I have for this man. A family is in charge of the executive and judiciary in a state? Ondo might as well be renamed Akeredolu state, what rubbish!?! How can there ever be justice, equity & fairness in that state? The CJN needs to loose his job for this breed of insensitivity and recklessness. Tomorrow he'll call himself "learned", what a moron!

dibia banks said...

This is a real wa..reminds me of Peter odili s wife

LOLLAH said...

Still not nice. Is ondo their family business now?

Anonymous said...

His wife is Igbo. she may not be related to him. His sister won't be Mrs Akeredolu nah

Tuscany IG, TWITTER @onimisibespoke said...

A Chief Judge isnt the number 3 person in a state.
The speaker is number 3

Anonymous said...

Really? He should have ran with his wife or brother as Deputy Governor nah! Have you heard of the word nepotism? Same family in charge of 2 out of the 3 arms of government & it's normal to you? You need help

anonymous? said...

As long as its a blood relative, it's wrong on all & every level.

anonymous? said...

Good point. Let Ondogis tell us.

Anonymous said...

They are not even from the same local government let alone being related. Do some research Stella.

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