Stella Dimoko Nigerian Pastor In The US Jailed 15 Yrs


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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Nigerian Pastor In The US Jailed 15 Yrs

Reuben Chizor, a US-based Nigerian pastor, has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for violating two underage girls.

According to New York Daily News, Chizor, 56, raped the sisters – aged 12 and 14 – in the basement of his church.
The girls are members of his Hope Restoration Ministries church in Queens Village, New York.

He had reportedly raped the duo on two different occasions back in 2011.

Chizor was said to have taken advantage of the 14-year-old on July 27, 2011, while he later raped her younger sister on August 22, 2011.
Richard Brown, Queens district attorney, said Chizor exploited the trust the congregation had in him to “satisfy his depraved desires”.
“The defendant took advantage of his position as a man of the cloth and the trust placed in him by his followers to satisfy his depraved desires,” he was quoted to have said.
“Through manipulation and conniving control, he sexually abused his two young victims for nearly two years.
“What the defendant forced his victims to endure was horrendous — and as punishment he now will be spending a lengthy term behind bars.”
He added that the man continued abusing “one or both of the girls through May 2013″.
The girls were said to have confided in each other that they had been raped by Chizor in July 2015 after which the matter was reported to the police.

*Hmmmm,this story sounds too bogus,I hope this is not a set up.


  1. Don't know what to make out of this story.
    A 14 and 12 year old sisters. And in America where the law works.

    But then again, some men have gone via this route. Even with everything they hold dear Bn at stake.

    1. He raped the sisters for nearly two years!!!!! And they have been enduring the pain, shame and trauma! Those girls can never be the same again!

    2. Why not get a sex doll??? Now, he will get or taste a bit of his deed in prison except he " no go baff"!

  2. Good for him, 15yrs is a lenient sentence for the atrocity he committed!

    Stella Dimoko, what you wrote down there does not add up at all. What makes you feel he's been set up? You've got no idea what these so called men on suits who tagged themselves men of God are capable of doing.
    A lot of Nigerian women and young men are also victims but, they're too scared to speak out because, people will not believe them. Instead of people to do thorough investigation, they will rather castigate the victims and threatened them. The pastors will now be using the bible as his tool.

    If this had happened in Nigeria, you will see his gullible and naive members siding with him and even accusing the victim of all sorts of evil possession.

    Rot in jail devil messenger!

  3. Ndi pastor! Ana emenu! He should enjoy da prison yard.

  4. Stella I don't understand what you mean "set up". This is not nigeria where pastors get away with raping their female members. If this was indeed nigeria he would have been freed and those little girls innocence will be gone forever. Why is it that we women/mothers always seem to blame the victims. I am glad he will be in prison, he will be marked as a sex offender for the rest of his life when he gets out. He will not be allowed to be around little children. He deserves what he got. All these useless nigerians will go to the states and commit crimes, they really believe they can get away with it because they did the same at home. And never got caught. Mtcheew

  5. If he did it he will pay for his crime because I wonder what excites men over teenagers?

  6. What's in kids that excites men?
    There are women all over looking for who to have sex with them. They should help such women out now and allow the kids grow. What are helpers for?
    Such men should be beheaded.

  7. Hmmmm It is a real wa!

  8. I doubt he was set up. Well, he is a child molester and will have a hard time in Prison. He might opt for Protective Custody (PC) where he will only be racked out an hour daily by himself. He will shower, use the phone, watch TV and return to his cell. Is that life? Hope nobody gets an opportunity to jump him because someone might.

  9. I doubt he was set up. Well, he is a child molester and will have a hard time in Prison. He might opt for Protective Custody (PC) where he will only be racked out an hour daily by himself. He will shower, use the phone, watch TV and return to his cell. Is that life? Hope nobody gets an opportunity to jump him because someone might.

  10. Stella what do you mean by set-up. I don't understand your words sometimes.
    At the age of 16, twice my aunts husband has tried to rape me. Stella this man is a pastor, a big man, a very rich man.
    The first time it happened I entered his room to serve him food. Before I knew it, he put my hand on his erect dick. I ran out. But was thinking perhaps its a mistake.
    Second time, he pulled me unto his bed. I ran out.
    All this time his wife had gone out, just both of us in the house.
    I called my mother immediately and she said I should lock myself in the room.
    It was decided I leave that house, which I did some time after. I was there because of proximity to school.
    my parents the next term changed me to boarding house since they were in different state.
    We never told the woman, becos she will defend the man as she usually does and say I'm lieing.
    Someone that got the house-maid pregnant and she blamed the maid saying she wears short skirt to entice her holy husband.
    Pls Stella change your mind-set, if not cos I was older and knew what to do, I would have been raped by this so-called pastor. Which set up ?

  11. One time my parents travelled to Nigeria so we had to stay with our Aunt in London. Her husband kept trying to rape me until one day my little brother came home and caught him. He knelt down, a 50-something year old man with kids older than all of us was begging us not to tell his wife or the police. Promised heaven and earth... To think he was an illegal immigrant smh. My brother has been overly protective of me since then. This happened when I was in year 11.

  12. Amanda Austins13 July 2017 at 18:53

    Stella, na wa for you o!

    An overseer, as they call themselves have invited me so many times and when I keep saying "No", he said I am doing shakara for what his church ladies would jump at.

    Fear some of these "Men of God" o

  13. Sdk smh for you
    Set up gini ? . Did you just type that nonsense or are u deaf to all the sexual abuse happening


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