Stella Dimoko Actress Anita Joseph Talks About Marriage,Booty And Motherhood


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Monday, August 14, 2017

Actress Anita Joseph Talks About Marriage,Booty And Motherhood

Actress Anita Joseph has said she is taking all the time in the world when it comes to marriage, just to avoid making some mistakes some of her colleagues have made.

The controversial actress sat down with Daily Sun, and opened up about marriage, her butts and motherhood.

“Marriage comes when it comes. I’m not bothered about it. If my boyfriend shoots well and I get pregnant, then that’s fine. Marriage crashes are everywhere but that doesn’t really bother or worry me. In fact, it makes me stronger and challenged. It reminds me that when I finally get married, I must remain in it because there are wolves out there waiting to devour the union,” she said.

Describing the kind of man she likes, Anita maintains that he must posses a charming sense of humour, along other qualities.

“My kind of man must be spirit filled. He must fear Jehovah God. There’s nothing more attractive to me than a man that loves God. He must also make me laugh a lot; charming good sense of humour. My husband must be a power dresser, smells nice. I don’t like loud men. I don’t like a man that picks or blows their nose anyhow, especially in the public.

“I love a man that I can fart in his presence and he will tell me ‘well done princess’. He can fart in my presence too, no problem. I don’t do cinemas; I prefer to stay indoors with my man. After all, I have television at home; all I have to do is to buy popcorn and Fanta, then off the light and enjoy the moment with my man,” she gushed.

Recalling her unforgettable moment as a celebrity, the outspoken movie star said:

“Hmmm… it was when some guys tapped my bum. I guess they found my butts irresistible. I can’t forget that day. I wanted to remove my heels and pursue them, but the actress in me held me back. If not, they would have seen the other side of me.”

*Awwwww,dont worry babe God will settle you at his time!


  1. Thought she was married before can't u learn from your own that didn't work out,rather your colleague's?

    1. She was married in d village had a babe abandoned them ran to Lagos , hooked up with her fellow olosho got preggy again went to SA had d child came back , took d babe to d village and returned to Lagos. Her body ehen especially her tummy is soooooo good, u will never know she don drop 2. Its a good thing she has found God. Those days at Marawa garden( Uche's place) was something else.

  2. Nothing she talk here o....just dust!

  3. Fart aspect got me thoughπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€.Romantic fart!

  4. Why should i fart in front of a man. me wey dey shy

    Anita dont worry, God has heard your talk, He will do it at His own time

    1. So when u marry nd sleep on same bed with your husband, you won't fart when u are asleep or with him? Bloody tea drinker

  5. Pretty face!

    The day I will know most Artists ehn,Oga adi egwu!πŸ˜‚

    There is something I do unconsciously. That I thought with time would stop. But it hasn't. Each time I hear or read of Jehova,I unconsciously remember this song:

    "Ndi Uka Sabath,Ndi ogologo uwe. Fa yiri uwe ocha fa,eziokwu aputaba fa onu....


    1. You are funny with this your song

  6. Good to know, that's every ladies' prayer...

    ... Jesus is my worth!

  7. You fart and he will tell you well done princess inukwa


  8. Hmmm,i haven't really seen her movies though,i wish her the best.

  9. Imagine rear entry with that butt!
    Ripple effect aye..

  10. Very disrespectful... Men without home training will find it easy to tap a woman's bum or breast and see it as fun.
    I remembered when I was quite young mum had sent me to buy something for her one evening and then came two boys walking passed me one touched my breast before I could say jack they ran so fast that I couldn't catch up with them... I felt so bad! End of story

  11. Eeyah. It is well.

    I hate that farting stuff.

  12. May God grant her heart if she truly deserves it

  13. I still had similar conversation with someone yesterday.
    Every woman is looking for the perfect man. God fearing,good looking and rich.
    They want a spirit filled man but rarely attend church them selves.
    I have an older relative I am getting abit worried for as she's nearing 40.
    When I have arguements with my husband while dating I stopped telling her.
    She will say she can never accept this or that. Why shld I cook for a man,why should a man tell me what to do etc. Mrs independent and all.
    She met a guy that wanted to marry her a guy working in a bank. She said he doesn't make enough for her. This guy makes 300k because he's just starting up. She also said he doesn't dress good enough and doesn't like area he lives. I said these are things you can teach him. Bottom line he is a good and hard working man. Yes you may earn more, but does that matter.
    Yes as a woman you shld have your standards. But you shld also allow love flow. A man may not possess Every thing on your list. But give it a try atleast. You may be surprised he even possess hidden qualities you need in a spouse.


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