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Sunday, 27 August 2017

Educative,Entertaining And Inspirational - 694

These are just pictures but they tell stories that will either Educate,Entertain or Motivate you.

from weirdfacts on facebook


Miss Ess said...


BIPOLAR ME said...

Fact 3...that's the only position I can sleep.
My mom says I'll learn other positions when I get pregnant.

That's why I laugh sometimes when I hear people attach "marine spirits" to sexual dreams.

Darling, you watch sexual songs and movies, read some pages of romance novels and then sleep at night and find yourself having sex and then you scream marine spirit.

Oh puhleeeease.

Pipi Lee said...

Fact 1:
ok, this is where we talk about John Wayne, Ted and co; but let's not forget that not all psychos are serial killers and not all serial killers are psychos.

Beloved said...

Fact 2 And that's the only thing those two guys saw to wear...won't be surprised if they are Sdk bvs

cool @fact 3 I think it's quite true

fact one...i can't still get over "The Following "
#Goosebumps all over again

Mrs.R SDK blog Official BFF said...

Psychopaths always know who and who to prey on.

I can't sleep on my stomach nor my back.

Anonymous said...

Never knew @ fact 3

Pipi Lee said...

Fact 3:
best sleeping position ever, and I dreammmmmmmmmmmm all the way(lovely and sometimes weird dreams), scary dreams happen when I see scary things during the day.

Fact 2: πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚wayray

miss kenefo said...

Whenever I sleep on my tummy I usually wake up with dull cramps in my lower abdomen. So I made a conscious effort to sleep on my side and that's the best position for me. Sleeping on my side with my legs tucked in a little bit. #perfect.
Anytime I sleep on my back, my neck ends up feeling stiff when I wake up especially when I've got braids on.

miss kenefo said...

Some ladies orgasm in their sleep. Happened to me once in the university and I woke up with a WTF look on my face. The whole thing felt so surreal and it was almost as if I was conscious during the whole process. I took a deep breathe and carried out a little research. Found out it was absolutely normal.
Turns out it was triggered by the fact that I had started getting physical with a boyfriend of mine so all my thoughts were centered on how it would feel to have sex. Sometimes even daydreaming about the steamy kissing and heavy petting we would do. If I was the unnecessarily spiritual and unenlightened type, I would have started looking for who would deliver me from spirit husbands and marine spirits.

GreatCleoPatra said...

I thought it was sleeping on your back, at the 3rd fact...

I have no doubts about the psychopaths

Pipi Lee said...


Anonymous said...

Guess that's the female equivalent of what guys call a wet dream.

Oma maranma said...

Scary shit @fact 1

Lol @fact 3... that's my all best sleeping position shaa.. I never do this sex shit in dream... so I'm an exception of that study.

Besides I still don't believe in this spiritual sex thing and marine husband and wife thing. It's just too dumb to believe.

St.FranKooL.... said...

#The only person you should be comparing yourself to is who you were in the past*

Anonymous said...

OK seen

Anonymous said...

So how do you explain a lady room mate who had a wedding and was having sex with a particular man in dreams. It continued, even with preggy, babies, home living etc. Until she got engaged to a guy and the man began to appear physically in the hostel to threaten her. . . This was not what someone told me, I know this lady in person; she's a friend.

HighlyFavoured said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Always talk about the one you know and leave the one you don't know. People who fornicate will always have "dreams from multitude of days business" but that does not mean that such negative supernatural phenomenons do not exist. A particular girl was getting raped every night in dreams by multiple men. . . even to the extent of semen in her laps on waking up. Had multiple disappointments with relationships including being dumped on wedding day.
When she became a christian, she began to fast and pray daily with midnight prayers. During this period, the rapist came and they fought very hard that she broke the erect penis and that was the end. She got married within three months of this event.
I am a scientist and also a believer in Jesus. It takes wisdom to know where to draw the line.

Anonymous said...

I can EITHER sleep on my stomach OR my back
She can NEITHER sleep on her stomach NOR her back.

Love.Eating.Pussy said...

Fact 1) Everyone has the tendency to be a Psychopath,Once you receive satisfaction/pleasure from inflicting harm on others whether directly or indirectly YOUR A PSYCHOPATH 😀😀😀

Fact 2) Weird but fun college ☺☺☺

Fact 3) This is so true,I sleep on my stomach and most nights it's wild wild thoughts πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰


Love.Eating.Pussy said...

Pipi Lee all serial killers arrive Psychos.

Dnt get it twisted girl,because it takes only a twisted dark mental disorder to get satisfaction from killing repeatedly 😐😐😐

I have a friend who I think is a psychopath,but I fear too much for my life to pry much in his less I become his next target.
(No joke)


AbaMade said...

Really, not all serial killers are psychos? I use to think differently

AbaMade said...

Fact 3: sleeping on my stomach is not my fav sleep position so i wouldn't know about that.

Love.Eating.Pussy said...

Let me share this
Growing up as kids I had this friend who took joy in killing anything killable,from their 2 house dogs to setting traps for pigeons on the Balcony of their house.

When he catches them he would slaughter them with joy all over his face.

One time in our estate when we were twelve all the houses that had dogs where killed and when his mom was cleaning out his Grandpa's abandoned volks bettle they had in the compound, she found ears of different dogs nailed to a wooden frame like a trophy board.

Thou the parents changed schools and put him in boarding school whenever he came home on holidays, the estate was not safe for pets.

This was years ago,last time we talked I asked him about his killing expedition and he said and I quote " I have evolved into higher orders and only go for species of equal intellect".

My friend is a psychopath

Let me leave this here and not say more.

By the way he's still my very good friend


miss kenefo said...

Anon 18:35 fornicate? From days business? Did you comprehend what I even wrote? Don't be dull and hasty. Reread and understand.

Semen on her laps you say? Which lab did it get tested for them to know that it was that and not her simply getting wet as a result of her dream?

That aside, let's assume your story is correct (pfft). From what I said oh ye great scientist isn't it obvious I'm relating it to people with my similar experience? People who are sexually aware and have fantasies of sexual acts. Was my narrative about being raped in a dream? As a "scientist" you should also be sensible enough to not draw conclusions from two dissimilar narratives. I believe in God and it would be foolish to assume that if there is a spiritual force for good there won't be one of evil. However, I won't sit back and relate things to the spiritual when they can be rationally explained.

xhlrted p said...

Psychopaths...evil minds with tiny eyes like owls. I avoid them.

Sleep...on my side or no sleep at all. Can't.

Anonymous said...

A dream comes when there are many cares, and many words mark the speech of a fool. Eccl. 5:3

Pipi Lee said...

oops, lemme rephrase that pls,"...not all KILLERS are psychos".

LEP...😲😲😲. humans?

Anonymous said...

Yes. Not all serial killers are psychopaths. I am a serial killer and i am a sociopath. The frustration is that here in Nigeria, it is not even sweet to be a serial killer because you can kill 200 people and yet no recognition. No street name for you. No police manhunt and all the thrills my colleagues enjoy abroad. I hope that things get better or maybe I will relocate to where my skills will come to limelight. God help us in this country. .

Broomstick said...

Third fact, hmmmm. I can relate.
Second fact, lovely.
First fact, why my body language oozes confidence always. May our paths never cross that of psychopaths

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