Stella Dimoko International/London Tatafo season 82


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Sunday, August 20, 2017

International/London Tatafo season 82

I greet una well well.
As tatafo is now a worldwide amebo anything goes on this page. Even gists from Yemen will enter here. Na so!

Today's tory is about a viral audio that has been in circulation for the past 24hours. It's of a Nigerian lady who's on a revenge mission to deal with all her friends and all the men she's ever dated.


This woman come carry plenty people name go meet her dibia say she wan make dem kpeme. Nobody understands how the audio leaked, but it is believed that her juju man must have set her up by recording the audio.

Chai the audio na die, fear catch tatafo.

Names of a few prominent Nigerians were mentioned by this woman. Even a notable philanthropist who passed some years ago was mentioned in the audio. She claimed that the man deceived her and used her glory. The lady also narrated that she slept with some of her friend's hubbys and when she was caught her friends disgraced her. So she wants those friends dead or be disgraced as well.

She also said in the audio that some of the men she slept with took her body part for rituals without her knowledge, after mentioning their full names, she asked her babalawo to kill them all.

Una see wetin waka waka go cause some men? See how having meaningless friends can put you in trouble.

Tatafo was told that this mysterious lady whose voice and picture is now going viral was resident in London but was deported to Nigeria, hence her bitterness. It was also alleged that it was one of her friends whose husband she slept with that set her up against the UK immigration because she didn't have papers.

According to this woman who spoke at lenght in the leaked audio, she alleged that she's been mocked and called barren by her friends because she's yet to have kids of her own, that she doesn even have a man to call her own. She sounded hopelessly hurt by everyone around her. She wanted her step mothers dead too.


Which kind thing be dis? Only her all the men she mentioned? And then all her friends? There's hardly anyone that she's not upset with. Interestingly, she admitted to doing wrong to some of the people mentioned, yet she wanted to harm them.

Mbok this woman needs deliverance from herself. As usual, we are not allowed to publicise her pictures although it has been in circulation. But what she said in the audio has been summarized here for the benefit of those who didn't receive it.

Things are happening my people.

I noticed that some people want tatafo to maintain the London signature. Hence I have decided to leave it as international/London tatafo. All na same.

To contact me if you have any hot gist in your area you can send a mail to Please note that all stories will be verified before we publish them.

Tatafo will be back
Catch ya!

*Well done Tat....This story is sad,I havent seen or heard anything but I hate to hear that a woman is mocked for not being able to have a child...That might be why she is so upset and swearing...
Do you know her voice before to ascertain she is the one talking on the leaked audio?


  1. Please, that woman is evil!
    Every day for the thief, one day for the owner of the house.

    She destroyed her own life with her hands, she should face the live band.
    The seed she sowed germinated and she's cultivating it.
    Evil beget evil
    The evil that men do lives with them.

    1. Stella she mentioned her full name in d audio fa. A friend sent it to me too. Scary shit

    2. Really?😲😲

      Stories like this sound like African magic eh. Stella why not post the audio. Na waπŸ˜€.

      Ok bye

  2. Bukky Alege,she don run comot for Facebook,she wasn't just swearing oo Stella,she went to her herbalist to do voodoo and she was mentioning her friends name and their children that the juju should help her to kill them,she wanted the voodoo to cause big misunderstanding among her friends that the friends should all fight themselves and all be shamed,untop say she slept with her friends husband and they shame her and called her barren and set her up to get deported to Nigeria from UK ,see gbege as if she is justified to take revenge when her hands are not clean as well,she said she used one of her boyfriends Alade Oseni sperm to do money ritual,she said one babalawo her friend took her to slept with her that though she wasn't forced but it didn't really come from her mind so she wants to kill that babalawo,she mentioned Late Arishekola that baba Arish used her destiny and she wants him to suffer for it even in death,she mentioned loads and loads of men she has slept it,she said one of the guys cut her pubic hair for juju so she wants the man dead,she wants to kill her uncle's wife too said she spits on the woman while they were fighting and the woman used her saliva to do jazz,she said she has used alot of things to worship sango,esu(Satan) and ogun.she said she caused fight between one of her boyfriend and his business partner and they are after her and she wants them to lose their memory and forget all the bad things she has done to them so that she can go Scot free.the thing long,na like 3 audios....she was saying her name as Bukola omo ayotunde and placing the curses on the people saying their full names one after the other and their children's name.i sabi like 3 people out of the people she mentioned,I opened my mouth I no fit close am.horrible people full this world ooo,people will see such a fine girl out and about and at owanbe things and you won't know most of them are big time jazz women,with empty destiny,empty vessels walking around town feeling like they belong,I pity the kind of men that sleeps with such women.

    1. Omo l raise Yansh for u. See as u break am down. Wehdone ma. Lolz

    2. Madam please be inform that Esu is not the same as Satan....
      Please know the difference...
      Esu is Esu while Satan is Satan ...
      Enough of this bad interpretations abeg..

  3. I need to listen to this audio mbok

  4. even though I don't know what the lady has been through but edakun can't she rebrand herself. you offended some set of people, you got served or punished its a normal thing,apologize sincerely na lie,you want to kill them cause of your punishment..............
    I just hope the people she called out are enpowered with heavenly favour and none of the people I know are among or else.....uhmmmmmmmmmmmm some married men will be looking for fast food, look what this will bring to the family.

    1. That is ehh. Sometimes you don't need to revenge, see what seeking vengeance has caused her. Nigerians will finish her if ever her identity is known. Smh

  5. Anoy 13:56,the way u react to a situation when down is different from how mr a or b will.
    This is a man down who doesnt want to be down alone.
    what i learnt here is underneath the physical body of a man lies the real man, all u pussy/dick hoppers i hope u are learning.
    For those who visit jazz houses, where the power stop na there another man power start. Her jazz should have made her untouchable while still in active service yet stronger jazz floored hers.

  6. She did this to herself...the people involved will hear their names and be more determined than ever to destroy her.

  7. #When you quiet down, you can hear your mind answer your questions*

  8. I got the audio yesterday n listened. All i can say is hmmmmmn. Tatafooo u be real tatafoooo!!!!as he dey hot

  9. Bitterness is a trap the enemy uses to destroy people on his destruction list. Someone sleeping with you and stealing your glory is a myth.
    Get into the presence of God and stay there. No one in church is perfect. We are made perfect as we behold him daily. Whoever this is, run to God or get deeper in darkness and be totally entrapped. Bitterness is poison.
    God's mercy cannot be understood. If the culprit is reading this, run to God! Or face Judas Iscariot destiny. Your choice.
    Happy Sunday y'all.

  10. I just weak. D babe Own don finish. Useless woman

  11. Is then audio real? Some people self. It can just be a hoax. One upcoming comedian will come and take credit now. Or someone will come out and say that's thier picture but they are not the one oH. Trust naija social media

  12. As you've listened or about to, or hear comments, remember that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. I pray she finds Christ and redeems her soul. Nothing is impossible for God. It a very sad situation for all involved more sad for her as all her secrets is out. I pray for Bukky and all involved to fine meaning to go on and make rights all the wrong that has been done. There is nothing good outside of Christ, All have send and come short of the glory of God. Let us remember to love one another and stop hurting each other. Forgiveness forgiveness forgiveness very important.

  13. I'm not sure I believe a person drops her name at the site of crime o,what's the gain of the babalawo to expose even himself that way?or maybe the voodoo man knows one of her friends and they set her up?it is well jare!!!

  14. Na wa oh. The heart of men is indeed very wicked.

  15. Pls someone pist yhw audio


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