Stella Dimoko Osinabjo Says Nigerian Politicians Are United When it’s Time To Steal Govt Money


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Friday, 4 August 2017

Osinabjo Says Nigerian Politicians Are United When it’s Time To Steal Govt Money

The Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo has stated that Nigerian politicians are only united irrespective of ethnicity and religion when it comes to stealing the country’s resources.

Osinbajo stated this at a seminar organized in Abuja which had “Unity in Diversity” as its theme.

The Acting President, who addressed the raging claims of marginalization by certain sections of the country, said: “I have found and I have repeated this several times that whenever you look at a charge sheet, that is a sheet where people have been charged with an offense, especially those who have served one way or the other in the Federal Government of Nigeria; charged with stealing or corruption, you will never find one ethnic group alone represented.

“You will always find an equal representation of the ethnic groups.

“There is complete unity in this business of stealing. You will also not find one religious group, you will find that there is nobody arguing about religion when it comes to these matters.

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Anonymous said...

#WORD! On point VP! Sorry acting president. God bless you for this honest post!

Anonymous said...

We all know thats the reason they kill themselves to be in position.

Pure Nigerian said...

Tell them Ag. president! Some have sold their objectivity for ethnicity and religion.

Anonymous said...

That's classic knowledge from the mouth of the VP. Very true.

Mrs.R SDK blog Official BFF said...

We already knew about that, Nigerian politicians are very United in stealing and looting! They don't care about the common man, they only care about what they will steal from the masses.

I only pity those gullible and naive ones especially the youths who defend and support these rogues. These people steals from you and endangered your lives and the lives of your children and you keep singing their praises.

Nigerians should open their eyes and put sentiment, tribal and religious differences aside and demand for what they truly deserve. You deserve more than these mediocre self centred rulers. I called them rulers because, they don't deserve to be called leaders.

Gold Taken said...


jelly said...

He said it all gbam

Anonymous said...

Nigeria politicians

Anonymous said...

Isn't he a Nigerian politician too?

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