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Sunday, September 03, 2017

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...

WHAT!!!..OMG!!!...This is real ISH!


Everything typed in here is no lies,fictions or imagination but my
true life story even though some details aren't mentioned. Please all,sorry for my long epistle and mistakes.

 I happen to be the first child of my parent. I was molested as a kid
 at the age of three by a far relation and this prompted me having sex
 especially lesbianism till I was 12 but this didn't stop the gift of
 having dreams which come to pass afterwards. If I'm gonna loose
 anything being it my properties,friends,family etc I'd sure dream
 about it and only prayers can avert it.

 I was in Jss when strange things began happening to me. I would find
 myself in another room having sex spiritually with animals mostly goat
 and sometimes with my father or other known/unknown faces. There were
 other times I found myself in witches convent naked with a bible
 firing them with holyghost. How I got there remained unknown to me. I
 never took this issue serious until I grew other. I was born beautiful
 that I started having marriage proposals while I was in secondary
 school but never had any relationship till I finally got admitted into
 Uni after several years of trying. 

There were times I would meet up
 with the cut off marks and other criteria but would never be picked.
What about Waec? Just a subject which was no later useful made me

 Men would fight and beat themselves to get my attention. It got to an
 extent that even peacemakers fought themselves also. Even cultists
 were threatening and monitoring my movement. Everyone wanted me
 including their friends. But once I agree to date whosoever I
 wish,they just leave for no reason.

 The only long lasted relationship I have ever had was 7months to the man I lost my virginity to at the age of 21. They would beg,cry,promise for a relationship(even agreed to no sex) but would leave for no reason after two months. It has now gotten to a point where they don't even come again and the ones who I was almost considering would just picking up calls only to insult me.
 I have had lots of weird dreams. My lights either go off itself and
 then three spirits on black appearing to me or seeing an huge image on
 my wall with a very big head but no eyes trying to kill me until I
 mutter Jesus. I sleep no single day without eating/sex in the dream.

 I see myself writing exams unfinished,bedwet at times and being
 pursued in the dream. I also get spinning 360 on the bed and waking up
 to strange marks on my body after almost getting killed from
 strangles. I have seen deaths both spiritually and physically.
 I have been with men that loved me endlessly all about marriage talks
 but would just dump me with enough beatings with cuts from cutlass as

 I have always been of good attitude portraying a wife materia
 but all of a sudden,hatred comes into them. People just hate me for no
 reason. I can give my last to someone I'm meeting for the first time,I
 could go hungry for anyone but I end up being an enemy. I have been
 stabbed severally by people I trusted.

 Failure,disappointment,rejection,stagnation has been my other name. I
 have had court case for a crime I never knew. I was beaten terribly
 and made to suffer until the court finally granted me free after
 several prayers.

 I don't even know where my education stands right now
 after several years in Uni. I would read hard only to fail or have
missing scripts. I managed to pass my carryovers only for another
 pending issue to arise coupled with Asuu strike. I'm always broke with
 no help from anybody but you will never know as I only shed everyday
 tears just in my room. My room is my all cos I've got no friend.
 There's no deliverance I haven't done mfm,cac,winners,tbj etc with
 our fellow bv's bishop all to no avail.

 I have been told severally
 that I carry a very big glory on me,some say crown and as a matter of
fact,there were times unfamiliar people will just walk up to me and
 say I've got a big glory but I should be careful of friends.
 They say the root of a problem is the solution but I'm being confused
 about which is mine. Could it be as a result of my lesbianism since
 some prophets made mention of being careful of friends saying I had
 intercourse with them. This was a long time ago and I already seek for
 forgiveness (2) could it be as a result of a curse?

 My dad younger sister died at a young age from a spiritual attack after a man she jilted bodly said it to her face he would kill her. She cheated on the
 man,duped and deny him of love but later went ahead to marry someone
 else. She was hit by an incurable sickness,died and her husband
 followed. The jilted man denied placing a curse on her;the family
 didn't believe him and couldn't do anything since there was no
evidence. I wasn't born then but my parent told me separately. (3)
 could it be that my paternity grandma is responsible?

 According to my mum, my granny's father was a core herbalist. My granny acts so suspicious. She's always scared of death but never felt really
 concerned when she looses any of her blood. She has children for
 different men. If any of her son dies,the wife must follow strangely.
 She most times says my dad enemy(God forbid my dad) is dead. My mom
 once traveled to the village,had a talk with her only for my granny to
 keep mentioning my dad's name in place of her last son that died while
 my mom keep rejecting it in her mind. The last prophet I visited told
 me that there's a shine in my father's house and once anyone in my
family's name carries a glory, your life would be frustrated. They
don't want you to amount to anything good and hence oppresses your

 He mentioned that I have a glorious crown on my head. That I
was born to be great but forces from my father's house are against me.
 My dad has refused accepting any shrine belief. He says they never had
 such but my mom on the other hand once told me my granny's dad was a
 core herbalist and she practiced it. My dad has been attacked several
 times spiritually. He would have been dead if not of prayers from men
 of God who visited his village with his elder brother for prayers. I
 love my dad so much,he means everything to me. He's one brilliant and
 intelligent being. He lost his dad at the age of 8(his mother has
 other kids from other men) leaving him to hustle and survive on his
 own self.

 He managed to finish his education with a first class and
phd included;working in a reputable company but nothing to show for
 it. My family remains stagnant. We are just managing but you won't
 know. Nothing works fine at all. We aren't leaving up to expectations.
 I have done series of deliverance,prayed,cried,seek for forgiveness
 all to no avail. I have been of suicide thoughts this days.

 I'm just so lonely,no one knows what I'm going through not even my neighbours.They even collect from me thinking I have enough.
Sometimes I wish I wasn't born. I can't recollect what it is to be
 loved. My life is so boring. What have I done to deserve this pain?
When will God wipe my tears and make me fulfill destiny? Who is
 against my glory? My past,Aunt's ex or grandma?

 I have been contemplating on suicide cos nothing is moving. They give
 the right prophecy but the deliverances,prayers and fasting for so
many years have never changed anything.
 I need help seriously. I want to know what exactly those who used to
 be in my shoe did. Am I to appease any gods or what? I'm too over
 Please post Stella. Thanks and remain blessed


  1. My Lord my God! Only God can fix this. It is well with you.

    1. Pls go back to synagogue church of all nations, go back to prayer line and get the new anointing water.

    2. This is a pure case of family Oracle. Until it's removed from that family, nobody will go far no matter... You people should find a strong man of God to break that covenant.

      Hmm if I begin to talk More about this...e go long

      Please check out the family Oracle.... There must be something pertaining to you guys that is hidden inside the shrine like birth certificates,pictures,hairs in a bottle,etc

    3. Me wey dey like to talk just open mouth keep. I don't know where to start from...hian!

    4. My dear lock your self up in your room and cry to God who created you. He sees and knows all. Cry to him to deliver you. He is the only way

    5. My dear no matter the type of deliverance any man of God dose for you, it will not work except you believe and no God for yourself. Ist and foremost your best friend now should be the word of God. Read the bible study it and meditate on the word. Only when you no the word of God can you be truly delivered. It's well with you. But remember only you can bring about a change in your life. With thy mouth confession is made into salvation.

    6. Only in Africa. Smh! Please go and see a shrink because frustration has turned your head. PLEASE don't follow any stone age advice to go to any church. You need counselling.

    7. There is NOTHING pursuing YOU!! you see that bull you wrote up there?? lol!!! thats the similarities in almost every African Family! Whose family didn't hv a herbalist? Shrine? etc pls free you4 mind else u will attribute every of your struggling to this. Believe in the deliverance you did!! is God not thr same?

    8. What can I say? I'm lost of words to say. But I'll tell you attend deliverance in mfm prayer city weekly is Monday to Friday this months weekend deliverance is 15-17 sept. believe that problems, demon, evil spirit, covenant etc entered into without ur knowledge will be broken and you'll receive freedom from any captivity. Don't give up yet and don't lose hope. Your Glory must shine whether the enemies likes it or not.

    9. Poster please mail me or send Stella your mail so that you can be reached . Click on my blog Id.

    10. People who do not believe her story, may God not tell you experience it. Poster your problem is deeply rooted, it sounds like a combination of everything. Your foundation is seriously polluted, you have inherited a lot, you have mingled with something you shouldn't have touched.
      Your case is similar to someone I know. All the men run after 3 weeks of dating her. Not only do they run, if they encounter her anywhere, they can beat her sef. The hatred so severe. After some investigation, she found out she has a spirit husband, who happens to be a principality. Whenever she dates anyone, the spirit husband would appear in the dream to the man. Torture the person and warn them to leave his wife. Then physically also appear at random places to them, like the office and mess up their work, cause them disfavor and basically no peace. The funny thing is she appears in the dream with the spirit husband in the third week and that's when they usually run. She usually joins to torture them in the dream but is blissfully unaware in the physical. Her deliverance took years as in she was living in the church permanently.
      Her mother couldn't get a girl child and went to solicit the help of dark powers and she unwittingly married off her unborn child to dark powers. The devil doesn't give free gifts. And please don't go to synagogue. Go to mfm or any church who bases deliverance on the Bible.

    11. Look for apostle suleiman's phone number or go to his church in auchi and you will be delivered. The person who molested you did this to you

    12. Mk 11 vs 24, Prov 23 vs 7, Mk 9 vs 23, Jhn 11 vs 40,Num 23 vs 19,Phil 2 vs 9 - 10. I can go on and on but please read and meditate on these bible passages. Bottom line, change your believe system and believe in God blindly. It is well with you.

    13. Look for mfm church
      or prophet sam ojo authority prayer link on facebook. He has two churches in lagos one in ikorodu and the other in abule egba. Find your way there and found out the days he does counselling. You will be delivered in Jesus name. Keep praying

    14. Come to believers glorious prayer ministry in sijuade street ijesha surulere

  2. Go to synagogue church for all nations for delieverance.

    1. After the delieverance you make the word of God the standard for your life and read Christian books.

    2. Did you not see where she said she went to TBJ? Don't just comment because you want to comment biko.

    3. Read again (tbj)

    4. Thanks I have done that before.

    5. Thanks for posting Stella. God bless you. I'm grateful...

    6. Didn't you read that she went there and nothing happened? Why not tell her to go to the Lord Jesus by herself in his words, fasting and prayer.

  3. Poster, get odm and prayer rain book.... There are deliverance prayers in them, use it and pray every midnight (12am), keep praying until your joy is full..

  4. No matter how many deliverance you go for without accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal saviour, the deliverance will amount to nothing.

    You need to stop being a Church prostitute and seek the face of God on your own. Embark on fasting and prayers alone, don't let anyone know what you're doing.

    May God fight your battle both spiritually and physically. May He cleanse you from all unclean spirit and may He shines His face upon you.

    1. Amen... poster, Mrs R made a valid point. Jesus will, come for you soon

    2. Thank you Mrs R. No matter how many deliverance or who dose it, if you don't believe and confess with your mouth then it's all in vain. Let your bible and God's word be your guide. You alone can bring that change you want in your life. Start speaking positively into your life.

    3. Amen, Mrs.R, have said it all

    4. Oh dear 😞!
      You've suffered enough
      Plz accept JESUS Christ as your lord and personal saviour first and please let your folks join you in this fight (prayer),you can't fight alone . May GOD answer your prayers..Amen

  5. I know you av prayed but d solution is still prayer. I think you should read christian books by seasoned men of God concerning what you are going through and pray with it. Books by "breaking generational curses" by Bishop Oyedepo n other books. God will see u through.

  6. Remove your aunt's ex from that list
    What is your business with him that he will be doing you, is your aunt your mother?
    Since you have tried synagogue, MFM, cac, love me jeje's bishop, and the rest. Locate a white garment church, I mean original one located beside a river. Go there and explain yourself, let them do correct deliverance for you . I'm serious, some of them are good.

  7. You have to be patient with God. One thing is sure.. God is not asleep. Just keep on praying, hold firm. God is still in the business of doing miracles. It is well with you dear.

  8. " lord Jesus, I believe you're the son of God, I believe you died, I believe you rose again and I believe you'll come back again in Glory. I believe in you father" confess these words that lead to salvation revelation 12:11,ephesians 2:13. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you up. Go to a sound church and do follow up studies. You can't do deliverance and it will be effective and lasting if you don't know who you are. Accept salvation and lead your family to it too. Let your lives be hidden in Christ in God.thats the basics first before you can start fighting anything. It's the light that causes the darkness john1:1-5 and not deliverance. That light comes by salvation. Total repentance. John 1:4-5. That's how you start. Just get on your knees now and surrender. It is well.

  9. Why are the prayers n deliverance not working?

    1. Because the evil is still keeping a covenant with them....this Called covenant is strong o, even The God Israelites did chook head when the Israelites had a covenant with another God. Tha shows how sacred it is.

    2. Because she is doing it as a duty and not believing she's been delivered. Simply she dose not believe it's been done. And poster may i ask, have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and saviour? Remember Jesus is the master key. I pray the peace of the Lord be upon you.

  10. If u can go to south Africa to prophet bushiri since u said u have been to other strong churches in nigeria. Cos I feel for you and don't know what else to say. Good luck

  11. Dont just for deliverance give your life totally to Jesus, then deliverance and constant bible study and prayers can follow

  12. You need deliverance dear....preferably from a true man of God coupled with the fact that you could be the deliverance you looking for. Study the word....with utmost seriousness...pray and fast...then watch the wonders God will do for you.

  13. Come and kneel before the Blessed Sacrament...

  14. Chai....
    If the foundations be destroyed what can the righteous do? (It's a question) The righteous fight back in unison. You can't find the solution to a problem you didn't create alone. The bible says 1 will chase 1000, 2 will chase 1000. Does that work in any mathematical equation? No. But in spiritual things there is power in numbers.
    My dear, I think the solution lies with your dad and his family foundations. All these men who dont take spiritual things seriously..... How can he watch the devil toil with him family like this and he's saying he doesn't believe in the vices of Satan or shrine belief? Ah! Im short of words.
    There's a book you need to read: Operating in the courts of heaven. I have the soft copy and I will email you through Stella. It's stated in that book that (I paraphrase): if you've been praying on particular issue for so long and it seems immovable, then something else is the reason - NOT that God isn't answering. There are princes of Persia who constantly battle with us receiving our answers ( Dan. 10:13) so that we get worn out during our waiting period. The book also talks about ancestral curses and how they manifest in the most subtle ways. E.g: something as little as a lie your greatgrandfather told that cost soemone their job, the accuser can use it to torment you life if you dont break any curse that the person probably said out of pain. But we 'perish' for lack of knowledge (Hos. 4:6) that's why when i see unexpected bad things happen to good people, I ask God for mercy. Because you don't know what voice is speaking in the spiritual realm.
    I think there's a voice speaking that hasn't been silenced and if you dont let the Holy Spirit reveal that EXACT root of the problem to you, you will keep going in circles. Jesus remains our advocate and He can reveal the root of your problem to you, not guess work.
    Please email Stella let me mail that book to you. Wipe your years. For those who seek God shall find Him. You are seeking and you will find.

    1. Thank you...You got it right

      Poster You are pouring water in a basket Until that voice speaking up is silenced...that evil Altar

    2. Also, poster not everyone who lays hands on you carries the right spirit. Laying of hands is a very spiritual thing, where spiritual dominion is transferred to you through a minister. If the source is questionable, or the minister is living in sin (not necessarily sexual), there is a high chance that their effort would be futile. It's not by church, not all men of God are pure. Please stop visiting prayer houses up and down. Fight your battle with Jesus. Call your family and you guys fight together.

    3. Chiki i agree with you. This is a family battle believe me we have gone through this in my family and come out victorious. However someone has to activate the battle against the oppressor, then others will join. I guess the onus falls on her since her father isn't ready. She needs personal deliverance first! This post hit close to home and has brought me out to ever comment on a blog! Poster leave your email with Stella. I will be happy to work you through what to do. Bear in mind you will do the work yourself with God not men of God. It is well

    4. Wow! This response totally sums it up.

    5. Jeremiah 31:29 in those days the people will no longer say "the parents have eaten sour grapes, the children's teeth are set on edge".

      Poster, what the above scripture means is that,contrary to what Chikito typed, u're not and will never pay for a crime your parents or ancestors committed.

      Stop jumping from one pastor/prophet to the other. Surrender it all to Jesus, know Him for yourself, study the Word like your life depends on it,(meditate on it, believe it, speak it, act it) pray and praise God at all times,(even when the situation seems worse)receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit if u havent and let Him direct u, be in communion (be united to)with your heavenly Father.

      Trust me, in no distant time you will surely testify.

    6. Pls can I av the soft copy as well@ Chikito.Not facing any battle of such but will love to read that book.plssssss.....

  15. Hmm! There are aspects of your story that have parallels with mine. However, let me assure you of this. As long as you are a true child of God and the Lord is on your side you can overcome. Stop running from church to church. Know you bible for yourself and self deliver yourself from evil. Dreams are just that dreams. Begin to prophesy and pray against the source of any evil in your life. This is war and you must approach it as such. Gather all your weapons, the most potent being the word of God. Live right (no premarital sex under ANY circumstance) Anyone who has ever made it in life will go through hard times but troubles never last. Oprah, Joyce Meyer and so many others were abused. Many are the afflictions of the righteous but God delivers him from them ALL. Face your studies. You lack focus and concentration. Find new study patterns. Read up on how people train their memories and mind to retain information. Practice, practice, practice past exam questions until you know the answers by heart. Thirty years ago, your story was my story. It took me until I was 40 to deliver myself and another ten years after that to be totally free. I wish someone had told me then what I am telling you now. My gist is for another day but the moment I stopped frequenting churches and men of God and decided to take action and do things for MYSELF by MYSELF was the day I was reborn. WALK with God and consult HIM in all things.
    If you have been blessed with beauty, use it wisely. men fighting over you are not really fighting over you as a person. They are being driven by ego and being able to say they are the ones ghensing you. Look for a Godly spirit filled man who is rooted in the word of God. Watch him to make sure he is responsible, goal oriented, loving, generous and ambitious. Don't look for one with money. Sometimes they are the stingiest and most useless. You will overcome, trust me. But you MUST be prepared to battle hard. With the Lord on your side believe you will overcome and come back and give your testimony.

    1. The best so far

    2. Dreams are not just dreams...

    3. Dreams are not just dreams. Some dreams are inspired by our thoughts. Others are an insight into the spirit realm.
      There was a day I prayed to God to open my spiritual eyes after a spiritual exercise. Choi I wished I never prayed that prayer. As I slept that night, God opened my eyes. He said I want you to see the evil in the world. In the dream, I was leaving my house to church. As I stepped out of my gate omg, the first thing I saw, opposite our house was a huge snake. It tried to run into our compound, I quickly shut the gate and ran up the street.(Later events showed our neighbor opposite was diabolical, he tried to kill my dad).
      As I got to the major street, I had to walk past a market to get a cab. As I approached the market, it got dark, just the area where the market was. I was some people sitting on the items they were to sell, some selling blood as palm oil, I saw a butchered part of human limbs. I rannnnn screaming. I saw myself next in a taxi going along the road to church, we past some people walking with there heads i.e. Upside down. When I got to church, shocker, masquerades, people with birds on their shoulders etc I woke up trembling.
      I didn't go out for a week I was terrified. I prayed ehn, fasted, begged God that I don't want to see again, I no wan know again. I still believe I should be a pastors wife or something but I'm scared. I don't know how genuine men of God cope with such visions. It was over 10 years ago. #truestory

  16. Lord have mercy on this your daughter. her that her case can be handled....break every spiritual stronghold that is not of the Lord in Jesus name

  17. No matter what you are going through once you are still alive, there is still hope. Never give up.. Keep seeking for solution.. If you were in Abuja,i would have suggested a church to you..

    I pray you get help here..

  18. Start doing midnight prayers, then read out psalms 35,91 and Isaiah 60 after praying. Things will definitely change..... That's a guarantee.... just make sure you are consistent.... do it every midnight, you'll get used to it.

  19. look for queen and boss number she can take you to her papa. you need serious deliverance.

  20. Enter mountain of fire and miracles ministry. U need one month deliverance infact u need to meet with Dr D.K Olukoya to do it himself cos dis is not a small battle

    1. The person she need to have an encounter with is Dr Jesus!He will silent every storm raging in her life and dry up every flood of spiritual battles.

  21. This is very serious! But nothing is too big for God to handle. MFM is my suggestion for you. It is well with you

  22. Dear Poster I will like to recommend Divine Palace Church 73 road off 7th avenue festac town lagos it's a deliverance ministry.the pastors name is Rev ifeanyi a powerful and genuine man of God .every Tuesday by 9am.
    I'm not trying to advertise and I've put his contact here without his permission but I sincerely hope that this will save/change someone's life as there seem to be many problems with diabolical causes affecting people in this country.

  23. Stop goinng to these Prophets... Most might even make your life more confusing.
    Pray yourself out.
    Midnight prayers,Unlimited praises.. Praise God daily like never before.

    Your Dad had all these and still came out with a first class right? Then nothing is stopping you from reading and passing your courses.

    Disabuse your mind from people pursuing you from your dad's house and redidicate your life to God.
    'Say! I will not fail, I must pass my exams.
    I will live to fulfill my destiny'

    Leave men alone and focus on graduating.
    You mentioned that most of them do not want you.. So why are you entangling yourself with the matchet chasing abusers?
    Finish school first. Don't look at who is calling you or who wants to date you for now. One step at a time.
    With all the nightmares and drama in your life, man trouble is the least of your worries.

    Eat right, Don't cloud your mind with negative thoughts like suicide. Have the 'I must survive' mentality and see things begin to change.
    Not everyone will like you girl, if you were ever framed before... Get away from that circle that do not appreciate what you do for them.
    Its time to rebrand.
    As you pray... Change your lifestyle... Get rid of friends that make you feel less of yourself. Eat healthy,locate a cheery,praise,family oriented church, run in the mornings for stamina, you will feel less gloomy.

    1. this is the perfect response but will be too simple for the poster to take.

    2. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œcorrect and also pls stop thinking nothing will work for u...or something is wrong with u...

  24. Stella please drop her contact, some of us will like to meet this young woman to help. However little may go a long way!

  25. Jesus... I just feel like hugging you right now..if you can please contact me, I would love to help you.. It is well dear

  26. See a psychiatrist

    1. Thank u. Poster u sound like U have a serious psychological issue. Maybe from ur early abuse. Go and talk to a shrink. U r having delusions and gross hallucinations. Meanwhile I thought u said u started having sexual encounters early?? So what virginity was taken at 21?? Poster u really have psychological issues and need help fast. Why is it that in Nigeria once things r not going as positively as u want it must be a spiritual attack???

  27. Keep on going for deliverance, and try to stay away from sins and God will surely deliver you one day

  28. This your chronicle is beyond me.
    All I will say is remember Jacob and the Angel, he held unto the Angel unto the angel was forced to bless him.

    So I suggest you hold unto God in a way that the heavens will be forced to take away your pain and bless you.


  29. Poster where is your base? If you are anywhere near warri, Delta State, pls,visit Eagles Fire Prayer Mission, Usiefurun Road, Orhuworun Town... Apostle Emma Kuren, they even have all night this Friday, I believe God will visit you there. I feel for you, cuz I also experienced some of the things you mentioned. But I am happily married now.

  30. Poster your matter is not hard, al you need to do is go to your village and seek a good herbalist to tell you where your problem is coming from, if you have tried all kinds of church, don't you think it's time to go back to your roots. Its Not everything that churches can solve. Just go and seek that herbalist, make sure its not a fake one.
    I remember always havng dreams of sex and eating, i went back to my roots and seeked that spiritual help and guess what now i don't even see my self eating or having sex again in my dream. And don't think going to a herbalist is an evil think, not all herbalist are evil and most pastors are also herbalist on the other side, so don't be scared, you are destined to be great but your spiritual husband and your spirit mates won't let you go.

    1. I reject it in Jesus name! Not all problems that church can solve??!! 😳 You obviously don't know who Jesus is, so keep doing what you're doing. Let's hope they haven't let you go to show up and torment someone in your lineage. See, The devil never does any thing for anyone for free. He must take back, so be on the look out.

    2. Herbalist kwa?so dem dey dis blog true true.POSTER ABEG CLOSE UR EAR WIT COTTON WOOL..NO TAKE DIS ADVICE OO

    3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚this person make sense small...

    4. Trust me, the devil doesn't give free gifts. The dreams may have stopped but wait for the manifestation of something else

  31. Babe I have been there too, but trust God in his time he made all thins beautiful. You just need to have a attitude of greatness and always prophesy those things you want in your life.
    Above all night prayers is dah bomb as it will show you some revelations that will order your step to greatness.
    If you can partake in the weekend deliverance @ MFM prayer city one a month.
    In less than no time you will experience his awesomeness in power and those challenges will become a thing of the past.##night vigil prayers team#

  32. Babe I have been there too, but trust God in his time he made all thins beautiful. You just need to have a attitude of greatness and always prophesy those things you want in your life.
    Above all night prayers is dah bomb as it will show you some revelations that will order your step to greatness.
    If you can partake in the weekend deliverance @ MFM prayer city one a month.
    In less than no time you will experience his awesomeness in power and those challenges will become a thing of the past.##night vigil prayers team#

  33. Stop going anywhere. Fast and pray on your own, God's not dead

  34. Stop your lesbian acts, erase all thought of sex from your mind. Do midnight prayers naked, fast and pray. Only God can deliver you.

  35. No man could help you like you wrote there. The times you had some relief, you had shouted "JESUS". Why don't you GO STRAIGHT TO JESUS in daily fasting and prayers especially by midnight. I haven't been exactly in your shoes but I know girls who have. One I know had dream wedding, babies, was bisexual and promiscuous was raped initially in dreams but later physically be spiritual beings; devils. It got so bad that she will see semen on her thigh or bed after it (I wrote this days ago and someone dared question it. Speak of what you know and allow others to speak of their own experiences. Hope you won't question this posters story too). This very lady was dumped severally including abandonment on the altar on her wedding gown. Nothing worked for her and only suicidal thought besieged her. She fasted daily morning till evening (she had declared a whole year 365 days of fasting). She was always awake midnights to pray for about an hour. After a few weeks of fasting, the physical rape ceased. When the 'man' appeared in the dream to rape her, they struggled until she broke his penis and that was the last. She was encouraged to continue the fast beyond one year. She got married within three months of that incident.
    Note that she went to all those places/men you mentioned and more and nothing worked. Jesus does it. You need to get on to serious contact with him like this lady did. He said that if the SON shall set you free, you shall be free indeed.

    1. Thanks. This is the only thing I want to say to this lady. "If the son shall set you free you shall be free indeed. Keep repeating with an attitude. let encourage the poster, keep declaring that verse and pray personally. pls dont go to prophets or pastors fight your battle alone its much more easier. you carry the power of God but you are not using it that's why the set back is so much. You re glorious child that's why you must declare your stand in the kingdom of God and darkness will flee.speak to God he gat ways of chasing the devil

    2. This tori pass poster's own o!

  36. MonkeyNoFineTheTafiaMama3 September 2017 at 16:00


  37. Please go to MFM at Ajangbadi(not just any MFM)when you get there try to speak to one of the deliverance ministers. I assure you will get your deliverance. GOD bless you.

    1. On point!Ajamgbadi! No one will tell the oppressor to run. The results are almost instant. I must go there once I come home abeg. You can ask for my details from Stella and I will email you all you need to do/know. You must be free. It is Well!

  38. God forbid I see this and refused to help out..
    Poster ,the spirit of most high God asked me to tell you your case is a work over.. Just have Faith.. You've being running helter skelter because after each deliverance you always refused to believed in your heart that your problem is settled. The Bible made us understand that as a man thinketh in his heart so he is..
    First thing First, you need to renew your heart. Change your thinking and the way you've being seeing things. The demons have being partying with your glory bcos you allowed it.
    Today ,I charged you to become provoked in your spirit. Abstain from sins and place your self on seven day dry fasting. Pray like never before. Wake up at midnight and pray over your life and your family. Read psalm 35,91, 27,..
    Don't be scared of demons, Jesus Christ has rendered them useless when he died on the cross. He took away all there powers and authority. That was why he said ""it is finished ""

    Poster becareful of visiting prayer houses ooh,before your glory will be taken away from you.
    You can drop your e-mail address with Sdk lemme link you up with my father in they Lord.
    Wipe your tears,o..k..
    The battle is over..
    Jesus loves you..

    1. Please seven days dry fast is not advicebale. Three days dry, yes. After three days please WITH WATER. Don't do seven days without water oooh please

  39. 😨😨😨😱😱😱😷😷😯😯😯

  40. I have posted this before but for reasons know only to Stella, she did not upload it. Well you deprive people of help they need desperately.
    Get a copy of the book "SIN IN THE HOUSE a revelation of the blood covenants" (type the words in quote into amazon search engine or google). It is on amazon online store and other online bookstores. I have written in the past how the scriptures and revelations I read in that book helped me overcome dire situations. All the help from the book is to enable you know the scriptures about your situation the more, trace the origin yourself and tackle it by seeking Jesus yourself and not running to man. He said that whoever seeks him will find him. He encouraged us to search the scriptures for in them we find things written about him.

  41. Hmm... My case is similar to yours.i am still in my mother's house after graduating with no job or husband. I even go two years without a man saying "hi"to me on the road...ur own better sef Them dey even call you for road...i even lose weight if I would be noticed still nothing. My dear,you know what I did? I stopped going to church. Let me just be there. Live life the way it comes. Most times I feel so unfulfilled but I stopped letting it get to me. Since I have prayed, fasted(3-7 days dry) on different intervals, still nothing. So let me rest. My family background just like yours if not worst!I have stopped trying so hard and just living...the day death comes, I die and go cos I won't ever commit suicide. Abeg, I don tire to type sef

    1. MonkeyNoFineTheTafiaMama3 September 2017 at 16:55

      Hummmmmmm wish I can help but so scared of meeting people through sm well it's well.

    2. Plz Anon 16:04 Don't give up now.plz try one more time,dont wait 4 death..plz change that mindset n still try God again..ur children unborn will not forgive u if u don't fight it now.PAVE WAY 4 UR SEF N GENERATION.I love u but God loves u more..

    3. Monkey no fine...u can direct her

    4. Anon abi u wor wor?

  42. In my family,the grandma passes witchcraft to the daughters and first grandchild that is a female. I am the first female grandchild. You see,all was well until I was about 9yrs old when I went for a church program and I accepted christ with a childlike simplicity.That was when the nightmare started. I would see witches in my dreams calling for me to leave the light and literally have a trance seeing them. It became so terrible that I could not slept and when I did,i would wake up screaming. Mum took me to prayer warriors and I would tell them all what they did to me,from trying to cut off my head to poking my eyes with hot iron,to vampires attacking me,snakes and all what not. It was not easy. But I learned a secret weapon and that is my authority as a child of God. I prayed endlessly as young as I was and I started praying for myself with all sincerity promising God I would serve Him alone. Alas, I overcame. Now when they come,i laugh them to scorn and fight them winning. Infact,Jesus became my subconscious and He has never left me alone. Sincerely surrender and pray for yourself and let Him do what He knows how to do best.

  43. Your entire family needs deliverance. Please run to your mother and just give her this post to read of you cannot talk about it. This is serious.

  44. Just keep praying and don't give up on God. Just short of words

  45. Poster, I read your post and I can help you by God's grace. You're going through what is called Destiny Roadblock.
    You have a huge destiny. Don't fret.
    You are contending with foundational Cockatrice spirit.
    There's a solution in Christ Jesus.
    It doesn't matter how bad it is.
    If you're interested in a solution, type your number/email under my comment.
    God bless you.

  46. Stop going for deliverances for now and pick up your bible. Read psalms, isaiah and confess what you want for your life. Whatever happened didn't happen in a day or two so you have to consistently pray and confess. You might not see changes immediately but believe me things are changing for the better. And change your mindset. See God as a friend, A very present help in time of trouble. Pray with the mindset of receiving answers and you'll definitely get them. One more thing try midnight prayers and learn how to praise God at all times. Sing out loudly even if you re walking on the streets sing. Sing and sing. Download Christian songs and soak yourself in it. You're blessed.


  47. You are dealing with depression!! You sound like a child that had/has no one to share there issue with or rather have a secure space filled with love. Due to neglect you seem to be looking for the love of your parents in every man that comes your way. Which is a heavy burden, and once your new lover realises you need too much love they run away. It simply sounds like you need to be in a positive area with positive people in your life. Stop begging for love and love yourself as you are! Nobody is taking your shine and help yourself by avoiding such superstitious believes. Stay in the part of God and do right by God and such dreams will stop! Stop waiting for a pastor to cure you.. Cure yourself! You are strong and loved, remember that

    1. MonkeyNoFineTheTafiaMama3 September 2017 at 17:00

      Na so hisssss

    2. Cure yourself kwa?Smh.

    3. But u r right. The only thing I would add is that she needs to see a shrink!!! Once things r not going the way we want we start with spiritual this and that.

    4. I agree with you!! It is so disturbing how many people are so superstitious in Nigeria. It's like the don't believe in the power and strength of God. Very sad!

  48. Iya Oshoronga of Blogosphere AKA Mrs Always RIGHT3 September 2017 at 16:09

    Hmmmm. This is the problem of most africans. Great grand parents have done all sorts to jeopardise the destinies of future generations. Poster you are not alone. Many people are in this boat. The only thing i will advise you to do is to CHANGE YOUR SURNAME. I don't know what your family name is but you must change it to a name that glorifies God exclusively. Your current surname still links you to any family shrine that exists. You must break away. A friend of mine did this and what happened was unprecedented, she had breakthroughs back to back, she stopped bearing the family name and God set her FREE. The root of your problem is your family background. Ogun idile.

    1. It's a deep ancestral thing, I believe. God help us oh! As women sometimes we just go and marry one fine boy. Mnwh, his foundations are faulty. Tommorow you and your children will start struggling with what you don't even know sef!

  49. Dear Poster,You just have to let go of things of the world for now and face God.Please visit any Opm branch closer to you and collect assignment on Water spirit .My life has been full of battles too but I can boldly assure you that only God can deliver you and he is able .Take that assignment and family deliverance and your life will never remain the same.

  50. Stop looking for deliverance and fave your life. You can't pass exams. What course are you studying. Have you found someone to help with extra lessons or menyo you. Some people don't study well. They study hard and keep failing. That's not a devil issue that just means you need help post your course and let people help you.
    Dreams...our dreams are sometimes due to our thoughts. Try to focus your min on other things. As for the men you're not the only one they jilt. Stop agreeing to a relationship with man until you know him well.

    1. She's not d only one that they jilt until she gets 2 age 60 abi cos pple wen dey marry n get success get 2 heads?later una go say she too select man Naim make she no b only dreams are due 2 our thoughts..Yinmu.poster better tackle it wit pure spiritual dey do u.

    2. Thank u o. Maybe she's just a mumu, she say na curse. Mscheeeew

  51. "But this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting."
    Matthew 17:21
    You may have fasted but the question is "what kind of fast?" Jesus who said the above fasted for forty days. You must not fast for that number of days. But he said that men ought always to pray but not to give up (Luke 18:1). How about fasting and praying daily? The point is that most of those men you go to do not fast much. This is not the hit and run type of it.
    I know a lady whose family was threatened by her mother in law and her daughters who did not want her husband to marry her. She made sure that she and husband knew no peace and she could see all her kids dying before her. She developed high BP and unknown illness. Being a pentecostal, she sought help everywhere but nothing. Men of God prayed and prophesied some off the cuff and some accurately but nothing. It was until she began to fast and pray daily that she had peace. Herself and kids got well. Right now for years, she does not eat in the mornings having gotten used to it.

  52. Leave men for now and focuz on graduating plus much prayer and deliverance. you shouldn't be tired of fasting and prayer.

  53. Hmmm,my story is really very similar to yours, almost every part of it,I dropped out of the university 3times,was betrayed by friends and relatives, had series of nightmares ,spiritual and physical attacks, lost great suitors for no reason,I am was tagged prophetess of doom,cos whatever I said or saw in my dream which was usually negative came to pass.i was taken to all manner of churches for deliverance, even to Muslim clerics, traditionalist and all,still no solution. This thing started from childhood, I was very intelligent,the first position was always mine,but I was also a basket of water,always making them spend money in the hospital because of my health. I knew I had a strong spirit husband who usually scare my suitors away,I became a prayer warrior myself to deal with him yet no peace. I attempted sucide too,I lost two opportunities to study abroad,it was like a bad movie,my life was a mess. I can't begin to mention it all. But God didn't leave me,my immediate family members stood by me,my paternal grand parents did everything possible to make sure I stayed alive,I had spiritual parents who pray for me like I am the president of a nation,they never gave up on me too,they just see me and say its a battle of glory! To cut the long story short, I have just graduated from a prestigious university in of the west African countries after 14 years of struggle, will soon be going to the US for my masters degree courtesy my family,I just turned down to of my ex's who decided to poop out of no where to propose marriage again both American citizens. My point is, I feel your pain my dear sister,your glory is super great no doubt,but with it comes a price a lot of people won't understand, they will call you a failure,unserious,name it. You will even wonder if your beauty is a curse, but believe me my dear,it is not. God will soon pull through for you,like He did for me. Just hang in there and don't give up on you,don't be moved by what people are saying about you. As for the spirit man,he is not stronger than God,when it time for him to leave you and let you fulfil God's purpose,he will. Cos its all part of God's plan,for His name to be glorified at the end. I never believed I would get this far,or stand up tall again,but my testimony is just beginning, and so will yours. Very soon my dear,kisses and hugs.

  54. Dear poster, even after praying prayer is still the solution to all this. Your foundation is what you need to deal with. I will still recommend MFM for you to go for deliverance and continue there in prayer. Foundational battles needs consistency until you see full change. Even if the attacks increase or continue after deliverance intensify the prayers it means your prayers are hitting the targets. Continue praying until you are free. Get a copy of prayer rain and use it for consistent prayers. It is well with you.

  55. Im short of what to say.Poster it's one thing to pray but prayers without faith won't work
    This is purely from your background, were you dedicated to any deity before or during birth?
    Take some strong men of God to your village and confront your granny physically, tell her to loose your destiny from where she has it tied.Most times you just ve to confront them physically.

    Can you go out naked and pray at night? Since others ve been praying for you and no results,why don't you take the battle to God yourself.Don't be tired ok,the devil can't oppress you forever.God is with you.

    1. Iya Oshoronga of Blogosphere AKA Mrs Always RIGHT3 September 2017 at 20:39

      Kidjo i love your new name lol

  56. I thought I was the one that posted this I had to check again. Poster, why do we have almost the same thing in Common?
    Speak of the Dreams, yes
    Speak of the lesbianism when I was young, yes
    Speak of the shrine in my father's house, Yes
    Only that I haven't gone to mfm or TBJ. but yes I have prayed done deliverance even gone to a white garment church.
    Our admission story/school story is the same.
    I haven't stopped praying and neither will I.

  57. I would advise you to attend Bible school in salvation ministries or winners chapel so you know your rights as a child of God

  58. Like Rocky said, Go to Jesus in the blessed sacrament. I'm sooo sad right now. Wish there's something I can do

  59. Dear Poster

    Nobody is after you. Firstly, quite going from one church to another looking for someone that will tell you that you have a crown on your head. Everybody was born with a crown. It is now what you do with it that matters a lot.

    It is not about coming first in class or being intelligent. I keep telling people the race is not for the strong, neither is the battle for the swift, it is the Lord that shows Mercy.

    The only thing we need in life to succeed God grace and mercy.

    The grace of God will make the one people call the 'ugliest ' girl to get the most handsome husband. It is the mercy of God that will make the girl with the worst character to have men proposing to her. It is still the mercy of God that will make a single mother that has been written off by friends and family to bounce back and become the backbone of the family.

    Understand the grace and mercy of God. Receive it and tell God to also give you the ability to make good decisions.

    I understood a long time about God's mercy. I am the product of God's mercy , grace and favour. If it means God breaking protocols just to favour me, he will do it and he has done it before. I get a lot of things that I don't deserve.

    You need to accept Jesus as your Lord and Personal Savior. You need to renew your mind. I recommend '100 days of right believing '. You have to be Christ conscious at all times. Use your mouth and steer yourself to glory. Remove the spirit of fear, embrace love and God's constant forgiveness.

    Stop blaming everyone around you for your problem, that is gross irresponsibility. You blame your dad's father, your dead aunt, you blame your journey into lesbianism. Can't you see that is the lie from the devil?


    1. What is this one saying? Mtshewww...the things u people take lightly though all in the name of trying to sound unafrican!

    2. Cynthia L

      I am taking things for granted.. right?

      I see most of you on this blog go from one deliverance pastor to another yet you don't have a meaningful livelihood.

      You let any kind of person transfer unverified spirits into you.

      I know what you people want to hear.. .go for deliverance ,do dry fasting, jump up and down. Confront your innocent parents.

      Useless children. Continue to let anything lay hands on you.

      Accept Jesus as your Lord and personal Savior and renew your mindset. Ask God for the ability to make good decisions and continuously receive grace in time of need.

      Some of you, your wickedness is what is shutting doors for you. You have worked for ten years, you have never sent a penny to your parents. Some of you blatantly refused to concentrate in school when others were in school. Some of you are heartless, you would do anything to take over what belongs to others. Someone will accommodate you, you will repay the person with evil and bluntly say 'should I worship her because she helped me'. The reason you prefer deliverance is because you think you are punishing yourself for your sins but excuse me, God already sent Jesus Christ to die for your sins. All you have to do is accept him as your Lord, it is so simple that people don't like such simplicity because of pride.

      you want to hear, run from one prayer house to another.


  60. My dear go on your knees before God, intensive on your self prayers. Talk to God every time. Cry to him at night. I have been in your shoes and believe me self prayer works wonders

  61. My dear Poster, you need Jesus Christ in your life personally. No pastor nor church can do this for you. Seek the Lord diligently for He rewards those who diligently seek Him. As a child of God no demon or devil has authority over you because He that is in you is greater than He that is in the world. The devil uses different strategies to fight and the most potent is deception. He used it on Eve and it worked. See no matter the covenant your family allegedly had with the devil once you became a child of God the covenant you have with God breaks every other covenant. The blood of Jesus Christ ties a superior covenant with you. The devil knows this and he is just trying to deceive.My dear stand your ground resist the devil and he will flee from you. But you can only be a part of this covenant when you accept him as Lord and Saviour.

  62. Dear poster,i almost cried while I read your chronicle.I went through something similar to ours and trust me,i Waka tire and fake prophets and prophetess chop my Moni tire!!!
    I gave up until my brother's ex girlfriend who like me a lot took me to her "mama".This lady counselled me and told me where my problem is coming from( my aunt who I loved so much and took me to fake prophets).She gave me simple assignment to do and today,i am better than I was.she did not collect a dime from me o.when things became better for me,i went to her church for my dear,your problem is much but not too much for God to handle.If you meet the right servant of God,all these will be a thing of the past.i wish I could help you.....

  63. My dear Poster, you need Jesus Christ in your life personally. No pastor nor church can do this for you. Seek the Lord diligently for He rewards those who diligently seek Him. As a child of God no demon or devil has authority over you because He that is in you is greater than He that is in the world. The devil uses different strategies to fight and the most potent is deception. He used it on Eve and it worked. See no matter the covenant your family allegedly had with the devil once you became a child of God the covenant you have with God breaks every other covenant. The blood of Jesus Christ ties a superior covenant with you. The devil knows this and he is just trying to deceive.My dear stand your ground resist the devil and he will flee from you. But you can only be a part of this covenant when you accept him as Lord and Saviour.

  64. Until you meet a genuine man or woman of God,who can break covenants very well,e go hard o,my sista.
    Fake prophets too plenty.

  65. This is a very bad experience you are going through. My advise to you is
    (1) Renew your relationship with Jesus and give over your totality to him.
    (2) Go for deliverance
    (3) Make a pledge you know you can handle. It doesn't have to be money. Just be true to your pledge.
    (4) Have faith and believe you been losed from the grip of the devil.

    I'm sure you'lld come back here to share your testimony.


  66. #Your time is coming. It's about to happen for you. So many breakthroughs. So many blessings. Keep believing and watch your life change*

  67. My dear, you still have to go back to your Creator. He is your Redeemer and Savior.
    Naked yourself at the middle of the and Praise Him. Enter into His gate with Thanksgiving
    Do what He can't do by Himself which is praise
    Only praise can bring the presence of God down.
    Then make your request known to Him. I'm very sure He will deliver you cos He's our deliverer and a God of vengeance.

  68. Never give up on God, keep praying with faith.. Prayer is the master key.. God will redeem you from all the satanic bondage..

  69. Don't give up. Continue praying. God will answer you

  70. Lady T/ am worth more than a thousand dollars3 September 2017 at 18:52

    Dear poster, I would have suggested you go to Dunamis International Gospel centre. I know the pastor. Pastor Paul Enenche. But like a few people suggested you need to pray. And believe me, God hears. Only he won't answer the prayers of a sinner. PS 66:18.

    So realign yourself with the Lord and pray. Ask God to forgive every sin you have committed knowingly or unknowingly. Ask Him to clean you with His Blood. Pray a prayer of commitment to Him. Disengage yourself from every and any covenant made on you behalf without knowing, you can renounce anything agreement. Ask the Lord to judge the spirit of iniquity working in your family. Ask God to exposΓ© who or what it is speaking in your family. Until you know you won't be able to address it properly.

    Go to Bible
    There are steps in which you can follow to pray deliverance prayers for yourself. They have a lot of articles. You will have to search for what works for you.
    All the best. But no matter what you do, you must pray. And pls while you are at it, apply the Blood over your life from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet.
    Look for the book, "The Blood and the Glory" by Billy Brim.
    you can read some of the chapters online.
    God bless.

    Pls don't go to OPM, or TB Joshua. Pls.

  71. God will answer all the questions in your heart.

  72. Go to E DEY work prayer ministry Nnobi

  73. U can use a whole day/night..lock yourself in ur room...cry unto your creator, the cry of MERCY. Mercy for your past, present and future. Mercy for your family, ancestors. Mercy from God is all you need. Study God's word the Holy Bible day and night. Get rooted in it. Winner's Bible school is also a good place to find your root in Christ. Its well


  74. This your issues are small. Poster please if you are in Lagos, Try and visit Grace Rock CC at mini estate gate Bamishile, Egbeda.
    Your testimonies continues from there. Meet the prophetess there.

  75. So sad that some people don't believe that ancestral covenants can be deadly and life changing. Most of our parents and ancestors have sold our families off. Let us stop feeling "westernised". My dear, u need a personal encounter with Christ before all these MOG can be of help. Learn to pray and fast by yourself. You can get Prayer Passport by Olukoya and pray passionately. God has heard you and will intervene. Myself, I sometimes wish I died instead of my late brother. 12years of graduation but am underemployed. I fast each year before I pay rent of N15000. Recently I rededicated my life to Christ and handed the battle to Him.

    1. Iya Oshoronga of Blogosphere AKA Mrs Always RIGHT4 September 2017 at 08:04

      Anon 20.44 please allow them to continue being westernised. Most people's glory have been EATEN up spiritually anyway so no point.


  77. Well, I think you need a spiritual solution, but your location I is not stated, however, if you are within FCT go to Deeper Life Bible Church Behind A.A.Rano Filling Station Nyanya, ask to see the regional pastor there and a simple prayer of faith will change this your sad story.

  78. Look for a catholic church where they do adoration. Go to the blessed sacrament if you can manage daily. Learn to pray the rosary (recommended novenas 54 day rosary novena, our lady undoer of knots), fast daily, st Anthony's novena, divine mercy prayer, 3 day novena to the holy spirit. The first thing you will experience is peace and you'll start to see changes in your life. Please before you start forgive everyone one who has ever hurt you (ask the holy spirit to help if you find it difficult). Ask those whom you've hurt to forgive you.Every night cover yourself with the blood of Jesus and ask the holy spirit to take control of your dreams.

  79. My dear, there is nothing God cannot do. Instead of running from Church to Church, run to God. Pray the prayer of Jabez in 1 Chron: 4vs9-10. Forget about having a relationship with men right now and turn to God alone. God loves you.

  80. I wonder where yori yori has hidden him/herself. How come she didn't comment. Had it been poster didn't state she has seen her so called bishop, she/he would started boasting how she/he would have loved to help.

  81. Stella, pls post my comment as this poster needs help. Let her go to Liberation City. Wherever she is, she should Google them or go to YouTube... liberationcitytv and watch some services, before physically going to the church. Sometimes pple are delivered virtually and they testify. Please post. I wish her contact or email could reach me.
    Poster, don't be dismayed. God still delivers us from demonic problems. It's well with you. A waiting time is not a wasting time and the last can be the first. Don't worry about what you have lost, I know victory is yours through Christ Jesus... Nkmama

  82. Dear poster I would have loved to help you if you were staying in Ghana, I am a Ghanaian and my case is just same like yours just that I am a male. The Bible says give what belongs to Cesar to Cesar, truly Jesus is powerful and can solve your problem but he won't because Satan rules this world and God is not allowed to intervene unless in matters of the soul. In my own case whatever that goes up in my family must come down, I became addicted to masturbation and porn, I can't have sense even if I took drugs, immediately I stand in front of a lady I just lose my erection but when she leaves I will become normal, things weren't right for me, the dreams were so bad, sometime I feel something so add in my ass like I am having a gay sex. Poster to cut the long story short I have to use the devil to fight the devil though I was a serious Christian but I knew I have to go really spiritual to solve my problem, I met a Muslim sheik and he told me that my ancestors were serving some gods and they are responsible for my problem because we abandon them and the only solution is either I serve it or remove myself from the curse, poster it's wasn't a easy task and battle, we went to the cemetery late in the night to invoke the spirit of my ancestors along with a fat ram as sacrifice just for them to give me the key to remove myself and be free. Dear poster today I am free, how I stop masturbating after almost ten years of addiction is still a miracle to me, no bad dreams and things are picking up for me. Yes the church can save you but how many church do you have to visit? It's clear the gods your forefathers serve are after you and is either you serve it or remove yourself from such evil covenant. Dear poster seek spiritual help and stop delivering yourself because nothing is wrong with you.

  83. Stella I have told you several times to do a post on spiritual problems,jazz etc that people go through.

    My dear young lady I will say my next line in Yoruba..
    "Omo ina ni a ma ran si ina"

    Basically it means you must send the same type of your problem back to its roots to get a solution.

    My dear,your problem is a foundational one and as some might not want to hear this,you would have to go the extra mile for a solution.
    Remember that those that have placed you in a bondage did not speak English to your issues nor at the shrine.
    You need to uproot this thing traditionally in the language it understands.
    So many of us are blinded by the western ways and are living lives that are far below where we are meant to be because we are lost and don't dont know where to seek solutions.
    We have been brainwashed to believe that anything not of Jesus is evil.
    My dear,sometimes an issue requires Jesus,alfa and traditionalist.
    Aro meta o le da obe nu.
    It means the tripod holding the pot of yore cannot be fallen as the three legs won't betray the pot.

    My dear young lady,without meaning to sound vain etc,if you see me and I tell you all I faced,you would say never.

    If I tell you how I overcame,you would say hoow???

    I went to the root,the source,ancestral.
    Findings were shocking..infact like something out of a horror movie. But these things are so real.
    And it is sad that so many are many think they can't believe in Jesus or Allah without losing tradition.

    Tradition is what flows in each of us. We cannot escape it.

    Stella do the post please.

    Let people get help from bondage.


    1. Iya Oshoronga of Blogosphere AKA Mrs Always RIGHT4 September 2017 at 07:59

      Anon 2.20 stella is oyinbo. Don't waste your time. She doesn't believe in witches. Lol. Most of the people here are young and foolish. The worst is that they don't want to learn. Leave them o. Hmmm. I know a lot of things, i help ONLY my husband and children, my husband does not joke with me because he knows the gift God gave me.

  84. God poster, He is the one you have left out in all this GOD. Seek Him, seek Him thoroughly. He is the ONLY one who saves. Not Pastor Lagbaja and Prophet Nkuzi, or Minister Mai ki ke so. God. Leave all that talk of crown and thorns. Ask the Lord to help you if you are sincerely tired, He can help you. This is not me being unafrican, this is me being a child of God. There is no curse that is bigger than God. Sincerely decide you want Him not just to help you graduate and marry as per fine girl but to truly set you free. He will help you. When you have faced your Father in heaven start seeking Him in spirit and in truth. Grow in Christ and get serious with life. Your fine face means nothing. Work hard, your father did it so can you. Grow yourself and if friends are not forthcoming, go out there and help those who need it. Leave men alone for now. What and who God has for you will come to you. First you have to surrender to Him, believe no power or Oracle is bigger than Him. Learn His word and declare it over yourself every day with intention. Fight this with all seriousness. You can win this battle. No pastor can do it for you.

  85. @anonymous 02:19 in Ghana.
    God bless you for this.
    I dropped a similar comment as yours,but Stella hasn't posted it yet.

    If only most of us know what our ancestors have done to those even yet unborn.
    A lot of the solution lies in directly confronting the past with what it understands.

    The ignorance i see displayed on here makes my heart weep.
    If most of you know what a convenant is,you wont treat things with kid gloves.

    So long as your ancestors stood on EARTH(sand,dust,etc,which is an element) to make a binding convenant,for everyday you wake up and step on the earth,you are bound by the words.

    My Ghanaian brother,hmmm...if i talk my story,dem go say na fantasy.
    If dem see me,dem go talk say correct babe like this no suppose don waka some kain waka.
    Is it the dreams? The encounters? Etc.
    The day i walked the path of a permanent solution,was through the moslem and traditional way.
    I drank and bathed herbs like no tomorrow,the prayers were almost out of this world. I gave unto Ceaser what was his.
    I confronted the past like it was unreal.
    Men,make i keep quiet.
    My eye don see.
    I thank God in 15yrs,not one single episode,i am married,two kids,MD of a very succesful company.
    Me wey human being beat chest say no go marry or born as per convenant child for witchcraft people dem.
    Me wey all family abandon,i become pariah,jew,reject.
    Me wey dem use as money ritual in spiritual.
    Look at me today.

    This world is soooo much more than we see or know.


    God help us all.

    1. Iya Oshoronga of Blogosphere AKA Mrs Always RIGHT4 September 2017 at 07:49

      Anon 3.33 i believe you 100% because i know these things. I beat a masquerade once in my dream and that was the last time a masquerade ever came after me in dreams. They fear me now. A lot of young people are ignorant and the worst part is that they don't even want to learn. Don't bother to enlighten them because it is a complete waste of time. All they know is how to dance their destinies away in night clubs. Lol

    2. Anon 03:33 you see that's exactly what we are saying here, the circle continues. You now have things going for you? You have 2 children. Tomorrow now these your children will start passing through what this poster is passing through because you have gone to the devil to get what you want thereby deepening both you and your children's bondage. There is no gift like the one from God Almighty and it is people that are lazy to pray that would always look for spiritualists to do 'work' for them. What you have done Anon is the same thing that a lot of parents have done to make things easy for themselves meanwhile they have put their children under bondage and when your children will start going from one prayer house to the other they'll say ancestral powers not knowing it is what you have done.people should seek Christ He is more powerful that any power we can think of. He is the head of all principality remember and His word is true! His blessings are the one that will give complete peace of mind no compromise people. Let's seek Christ please.

  86. Oh dear...have you called on Jehovah.Always pray using God's name Jehovah..and see what happens

  87. Oh dear...have you called on Jehovah.Always pray using God's name Jehovah..and see what happens

  88. Poster I really feel for you. You can follow belema abi on facebook. She is a real woman of God... You can send her a message.

  89. The best advise anyone ever gave her was to see a psychiatrist.

  90. Dear poster pls re-visit SCOAN for deliverance. Make sure you see TB Joshua or any evangelist. Don't give up, keep watching Emmanuel TV

  91. Poster listen no matter what you chose to do DON'T go back to SCOAN or whatever they call it. Brainwashed folks be mentioning demon for deliverance TB Joshua is not a man of God.

  92. seek and you shall find, my dear there is power in the tongue as long as u kip on proclaiming these things and u fear them they would continue to torment u. u nid to accept christ ask for forgiveness denounce all ur sins and begin to proclaim freedom upon ur life. remember that fear is ur enemy. u nid to be bold fight these things with the word of God. God bless u and may u find peace

  93. This lady needs to do a family liberation. Her family is under bondage, the reason being that since one her ancestors was an herbalist and having a shrine in their compound, the deity the family is covenanted to is responsible for all the problems in the family, the ancestor traded the family for the power he had. You need to do a family liberation and destroy that shrine and remove whatever has been buried in that compound. Many Catholic Priests in Igboland are familiar with this and seriously involved in ministries that focus on family liberation from ancestral curses or covenants. All members of your family where ever they are should be involved and prepared to take on the task of cleaning your family and generation. Should you want to do this family liberation, then send a rejoinder to this post.

  94. if the writer can drop her number, I will recommend a good ministry for her.


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