Stella Dimoko Super Eagles To Receive 20 million Naira For The 4 Goals Scored Against Cameroun


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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Super Eagles To Receive 20 million Naira For The 4 Goals Scored Against Cameroun

The Senior men’s national team will receive N20million Naira for the 4 goals scored, after the federal government promised to reward every strike with N5million during a pep talk before the game. 

Barrister Dalung thanked the Nigeria Football Federation and the team for not letting Nigerians down knowing the importance of qualifying for the World Cup in Russia next year.

“The Nigeria Football Federation has been on its toes to ensure that he Super Eagles qualify for the next World Cup.

You worked very hard for this victory and Nigerians are proud of you for always raising the flag when it matters most", he said.
 from Vanguard

*Is it 20million per player or what?Please someone should explain !


amanda favour said...

Stella the 20 million isfor the whole team,they will have to share it among themselves

7even red said...

Barracudianusaurusunamon - Hi, guys. It's me again. ( :

Here I am thinking how 20M is going to help them play better than they did, they are under-gifted, I think, they played so very well, a team of 20 - 22players, sharing 20M is quite small.

Well, maybe I do not fully understand how they were paid. Oh well, they did great anyway.

Yours Blogospherially.

Anonymous said... wonder, that's probably why the NFF chairman was looking unhappy and shaking his head after the second goal...he was calculating how much they will have to spend paying for the goals...Lol

St.FranKooL.... said...

#No matter how much money or resources you have accumulated, someone will try to take them from you*

Miss Ess said...

Na to see the money na him be the thing no be for mouth

Red Wine said...

Is for all the players.

Chidinma Grace said...

No be only promises, they should redeem it o

Anonymous said...

I hope they redeem the promises o

Nedum! said...

It is 20M for the team, not per player. I understand that AKS Governor also promised $10k per goal. Overall, at least the domestic league players like goalkeeper Ezenwa would be especially grateful for the N1M+ per player that these amounts may come to...

Vincent said...

The 20m is just for the goals scored.They will still recieve the normal $100 daily allowance and $4000 appearance fee.

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