Stella Dimoko Babatunde Fashola Reveals What Gives Him 'Sleepless Night' As Christmas Period Approaches


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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Babatunde Fashola Reveals What Gives Him 'Sleepless Night' As Christmas Period Approaches

Minister of Power Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, has lamented the gridlock caused by tanker and truck along Apapa wharf road. 

The development has continued to cause pain and discomfort to Lagosians, especially residents of the affected area.

Fashola said that as the Christmas period approaches, the situation of things in the area keeps giving him a ‘sleepless night.’

He urged the stakeholders involved to contribute their own part in ensuring that residence of the state did not go through unnecessary stress in the cause of making use of the road said that importer and exporter can make use of alternative port.

Exporter and importer needs to think about pain and discomfort they are causing people of Lagos while road repair is going on and they need to think of what to do to ease the pain. There are other Port in Warri, Calabar among others. Although it may not be convenient but at least it will reduce pain.

The minister further enjoined the organization and companies that carries out business in the area to come up with suggestions that will help in addressing the situation while the road construction lasted.

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Anonymous said...

Better pikin 😀😇

Miss Ess said...

Pele ti e

Mama Rere said...

So its not even the epileptic power supply that is giving him sleepless nights

Anonymous said...

Haba!! What about opening a seaport at Onitsha.
I assume Power supply in six months was tales by the moonlight.

Justyswt said...

And here I was thinking it will epileptic power supply. Mchhewwwsss.

Amacastel said...

You wan make them die of hunger? Cos 60% of impoters are bizness. They wont do it yet they claim 1 Nigeria my ass

Oma maranma said...

In as much as I was hoping that the 'sleepless night' is about power supply... he actually is correct. Something has to be done about that gridlock. It's really dangerous, especially during the festive period. Any flammable incident there is doom. Cases of roadside sellers should be look into too.

And assuming the port in lagos isn't containing the trucks as suppose, they can actually map out a truck park or something around lagos or something. Better than roadside and less stressful driving down to warri or calabar etc... which I believe also has their own trucks, and won't appreciate more.

charitybino said...

Seaports should also be operated in onitsha and Calabar

Anonymous said...

He should think about Benin-Auchi road too

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