Stella Dimoko Dino Melaye Says President Buhari Is Fixing The Wrong People In Strategic Positions


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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Dino Melaye Says President Buhari Is Fixing The Wrong People In Strategic Positions

Senator Dino Melaye has noted that there are so many square pegs in round holes in the President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

Melaye said Buhari’s selections were synonymous to someone wearing oversized shoes, adding that there were lots of nepotism in the President’s appointments.

He said, “Let me tell you, in this government, we have square pegs in round holes.

“You cannot give carpentry work to a tailor and you expect him to perform. We need to rejig the economy managers of this nation because you cannot give what you don’t have.

“Cabinet reshuffle has to do with the ministers. We have strategic positions in this country that is manned by wrong people; a coach is as good as members of his team.

“The President cannot be minister of petroleum, Minister of Internal Affairs but if he has good aides, the economy will move because these people will be working within their terrain.

“If a tailoring work is given to a carpenter, the output will be a beautiful nonsense. The president must rejig his appointments.

The president should forget about politics and bring out people with vigour, better hands that will get the job done. Such people should be involved in the process irrespective of the party they belong or their tribes.

“The SGF misbehaved because he has never worked in any public service in his life before becoming the SGF.

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Miss Ess said...

Na wa

Alloy Chikezie said...

At least for once he's saying something reasonable and truthful.

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Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

Na today we know this baba dont know what he is doing.

Na dem sabi. I am waiting for 2019. May God help everyone to choose good leaders not those that will come and fry akara and drink akamu, eat corn and ube

jelly said...


Welcome to my World said...

The right people should be put in strategic positions
I am tired of our naija economic situation. Business falling by the day, companies jetting out of naija, biscuit sellers not making profit hence altracations between them and LAPO
Which way Nigeria.. ....which way to go.. .. A song by the late Sony okosun

Welcome to my World said...


Anonymous said...

Campaigning and Voting for Buhari as president is the greatest mistake I made in this decade. Everything is going down in this country everyday, when you speak out, they immediately tag you a PDP member AKA Hater... Corruption might have been the cause of our problems but Buhari was and definitely isn't the solution, even the people who masterminded and bankrolled his emergence as president are fed up of the way he is running this country.

Chidinma Grace said...

Very true but will the president hear? No


1.kemi Adeosun 2. Hadiza usman(NPA)formerly of Bring back our girls 3. New CBN dep Govt Aisha Ahmed
I am in no way saying these women are not intelligent.
But they lack the experience for such sensitive post especially when we are struggling to come out of recession. When we need seasoned hands at this particular time.
I am a woman who supports women but I will say it as it is.
Appointments in this country are not borne out of merit but who you know and who ppl in power owe a favour to.

lami said...

A case of pot calling kettle black. Dino in an ideal society you shouldn't be in the Senate or hold any public office

Posh said...

APC is my nightmare. Buhari is not what we presumed him to be. Corruption my foot. See all around him! Corruption staring Us in the face. Oh God. What have we done wrong in this country? From frying pan to fire. Let holy ghost fire burn all those setting us back. All the selfish n incompetent people who are only after their own gains. How long are we gonna wait for the real messiah to come and rescue us from this bondage. They all come with sweet tongue promising heaven and earth but on getting to power become monters. I curse the days i went out to vote APC.

Arsenal Firstlady said...

Same way an idiot like you is a senator of your constituency dino

Anonymous said...

yea.Dont shoot the messenger

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