Stella Dimoko Favourite Celebs Instagram Photos- Juliana And Lilian


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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Favourite Celebs Instagram Photos- Juliana And Lilian

These are photos from your favourite celebrities Instagram pages...


Kanzahsays said...

Patiently waiting for Lipstickalley.

Kermit the frog pose activated.

Lipstickalley said...

I am high already, leggo.

Toyin looks like a rehabilitated witch. Her designs are always over the top, but she’s talented, I give it to her.

I just need to know how much the First Lady’s watch cost, don’t let the simplicity fool you.

Lilian, it seems like you and Ubi are competing for who can show off the most on IG. The thing go skrrraaaaa taaaa like your marriage abi?

Loooooooooooool, please I can’t laugh. What is the theme for this Selfie, Homeless? cos that is how Ossy looks here.

Post Virginity pic @ Juliana, her eyes are gorgeous though.

young FOREVER said...

Coincidentally,was going through instagram few minutes ago and I saw all these pics except for Osita's

Simple gold$ said...

Lilian fine Sha..
Toyin with her strong face.
Juliana turn celeb, thanks to funke.
Beautiful first lady.
Akin abi pawpaw.. Fine boy


Awon fake yeyebrity...... Tianah the transformer. I lover her boy though!

Shirley said...

Lillian's makeup doesn't match her complexion but she is a cute woman
Tanniah looks like someone that is about to fly with that top.

Beloved said...

Cray cray 🤣

Greatlady. said...


Stella Igbokei said...

Right behind you

Red Wine said...


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