Stella Dimoko FREE IVF Giveaway To SDK Blog Visitors Trying To Conceive


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Monday, 9 October 2017

FREE IVF Giveaway To SDK Blog Visitors Trying To Conceive

This IVF giveaway is meant for SDK Blog visitors and is location specific...
Please read well before you apply .
The Angel behind this giveaway we will refer to as 'Angel Goodness'

Angel Goodness says....

''I want to help two TTC couples with free IVF treatment. ........

They must be resident within Akwa Ibom, Cross River or Abia states (reason being that the IVF Center is closest to these locations). I would have said Rivers State but they are loads of IVF centers there or what do you think?
I know a couple of friends that have used this IVF center and their results are good so I decided use them.

The breakdown of the fees for IVF are as follows:

Consultation fee (20k)
Fertility Assessment fee (about 90k)
Treatment fee (600k)
Cost of drugs (about 220k)
Cost of donor eggs (for older women) (250k)
Cost of sperm donor (for men without sperm) (50k)

For couples trying to conceive:

I want to help 2 couples with Free IVF treatment.

I will also help 3 couples with Fertility assessment.

The Couples must be resident within Akwa Ibom, Cross River or
Abia States (reason being that the IVF Center is closest to
these locations).

Interested persons should post the following in the comment section:
- Age (biological not official)
- Location
- Years of waiting.

Selected persons will be made known by SDK after I have chosen from the comment section''.

'Babe I suggest also that any couple who can transport themselves to the location should also be free to is up to you to choose .
Good luck to everyone..


SWEETIE said...

God bless the giver and meet the receivers at the point of their needs

amanda favour said...

Good luck ๐Ÿ˜Š to the applicants
I pray ๐Ÿ™ Sharon Aminu be chosen...Amen
Thank you ANGEL Goodness
Stay blessed

Adadioramma said...

Good luck to all participants. There shall be cry of a baby in your House recently.
Angel Goodness your name is already written in the book of life. God bless you ma.

Miss Ess said...

Chai! God bless you Angel Goodness. For the lucky families ttc, your set time has come. Congratulations in advance.

Kelvin Dat Edo Boi said...

Sharon Aminuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!! Teleport or transport urself there Biko!!... No pun intended (according to Sexy Daddy ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†)
Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

Anonymous said...

Stella, proximity matters , it is not only about transporting themselves there so it won't be a futile venture. It is not a one day or 3 days process so it is better they are resident or have a place to stay there.

ummie Hajra said...

May Allah bless you more dear. And to all those trying best of luck.

Olori Orente said...

God is not a man to fail or lie
TTC is not our portion ijn
I pray that God in his infinite mercy will bless angel goodness so much and enlarge your coast.

Congratulations to the winners
Ota is far from Akwa ibom
Thanks to sexy daddy,chyada and those who wished me,Sharon and Bee 10 well.
My ladies we will surely testify soon

Been overwhelmed that's y i stopped commenting for now,thought my birthday gift will come sooner,but God knows best.
Ile anu oluwa kin su.
His words never fail.
I am a mother,a fruitful vine.

Love.Eating.Pussy said...

Good initiative

Sharon Aminu and olori pls this is an opportunity so pls apply.
I pray you are choosing oo

Angel Goodness pls let it be open to all who can find their way to those destinations.

GOD bless you for doing this


Chidinma Grace said...

God bless you Angel Goodness.

sexy Daddy said...

Thank you Stella,thank you Angel Goodness.

As for me I nominate Bee10,Sharon Aminu, and Olori for consideration in this IVF giveaway..

I believe by this next year, they should be carrying their bundles of joy.Amen!


Agbote I. said...

Location:Warri-Delta State
Waiting: 10years

Betty0 said...

Age: 30 years
Location: Calabar, Cross River State
Years of waiting: 4 years
God bless you ma.

Lady Bug said...

Baby dust to all TTC couple

Bee 10
Sharon Aminu

Omeh said...

God will come through at the right time for me. Ilorin is quite far. I wish everyone all the best and I know we will all smile soon. God bless SDK n Angel Goodness.

Lady Bug said...

It is well,just relax and enjoy sex

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

Let God help those that wanted this Amen.

Angel Goodness kindly look at those that needed it and may you continue to remain blessed.

jelly said...

Nice initiative, God bless you Angel goodness, thank you so much stella you will never lack help, may God continue to bless you for us.

deltamama said...

Angel Goodness thanks you so much. May Almighty God continue go replenish you frequently.

Omeh said...

Please who has Sharon Aminu's contact. I haven't been seeing her comments here for sometime. Please contact her to apply, I think her location isn't too far to the mentioned states.

Lipstickalley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dreamcatcher said...

God bless you Angel

Betty0 said...

Age: 30 years
Location: Calabar, Cross River State
Years of waiting: 4years ( Blocked fallopian tubes).
God bless you ma.

Olori Orente said...

Awwww sexy daddy
Amen In Jesus Name
Thank you but my location is so far from there
I live in ota,ogun state

brisbane said...

God bless the beautiful soul doing this... I wish all the participants good luck. Baby dust to all women TTC . It's not easy at all

Lizzy said...

Age: 28
Location: Lagos
Waiting: One year

Lizzy said...

Age: 28
Location: Lagos
Waiting: One year

Miss Deedee said...

God bless you real good for this. i am sending this in for my Sister she live in Uyo
Age - 34
Location- Uyo
Years of Waiting - 3

Miss Deedee said...

God bless you real good for this. i am sending this in for my Sister she live in Uyo
Age - 34
Location- Uyo
Years of Waiting - 3

Chameleon said...

a pฤ™ ko to jฤ™un ko ni jฤ™ ibajฤ™ lagbara Olorun. Oluwa to da Sarah lohun kii sun.

LUCIFER said...

I take God beg una make una consider our very own Sharon Aminu.

Olori Orente said...

Thanks my dear L.E.P
God bless you

Anonymous said...

I think you're really daft,senseless and insensitive. Fat fool!

Imoh Sandra said...

God bless you Stella for coming tru for Beevee's waiting on God for the fruit of the womb...may God not be far from you in time of needs amen!

Anonymous said...

Which one is get a real id, amebo! Is this her id not enough, ode!

Fanchrisroyal said...

Good day Angel Goodness,
My name is Faith and I am 40 years of age, and I live in Port Harcourt, and have been waiting for the past 10years. I look forward to favourable consideration and may God Almighty continue to bless and enlarge you financially and grant you heart desires in JESUS Name Amen

Lizzy said...

It is well with us my sister, this October is my birthday and my hubby just asked me what I wanted this morning, I told him I want my own babies... It's really frustrating but as you said 'TTC is not our portion'

sexy Daddy said...

Olori im ready to offer one of the rooms in my apartment free of charge for any of the three I listed that needs my assistance...

At least PH is close to the three towns mentioned.

Mrs Ola said...

God bless you Angel Goodness and Stella for this opportunity.
age: 34 yrs
yrs of TTC: four years
Location: Lagos. I'm from Akwa-Ibom but married to a Yoruba man. I have relatives who can accommodate us in all the locations mentioned especially in Akwa-Ibom where I come from. I have been living in uncertainty and tears from pressure and mockery. I will really appreciate if I am chosen for the free IVF, it's been a living hell from my in-laws especially, now they are threatening me with a Yoruba wife but my husband is very supportive. He has been my pillar. I fear he may go with his people if the pressure persists. May God bless all the women TTC here with the fruit of the womb.

Lizzy said...

Age: 28
Location: Lagos but I and hubby can travel down for it
Waiting for: One year
God bless you as you do this Angel Goodness.... May goodness, mercy, blessings and favour from God never depart from you and yours IJN.

IJAY said...

May God bless the giver abundantly, and bless those that will go for the it

Dietitian Nezz! said...

This is for my sister who has been finding it hard to conceive for the past 12 years.She has been so heartbroken and depressed.Her location is Umuahia in Abia State.God bless you as you pick her,amen

La Sweet said...

I am a BV. I do not want to make up stories as I know it's not easy TTCing but I know mine is heartbreaking. I have been pregnant after TTC for 2years but lost it and back on TTC again for a year now. I guess I was careless (I did all my usual activities as I didn't felt sick and was still very strong) on God's grace but i have genuinely asked for mercy and this will be the proof of it.

God bless you. My Location is Abia and Port Harcourt.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Cisca Chesca said...

God bless you Angel Beautiful.
God bless you SDK.
Baby dust to all TTC. Amen!

Anonymous said...

Age: 40
Location: Port Harcourt
Thanks and God bless you for coming to our aid
Please don't know how get an ID
URL keep saying invalid

Stella maris Baby said...

God bless you Angel Goodness.
You will never lack.

God bless you @ Stella for this platform

Henrietta Ewah said...

Age: 32
Location: Calabar, Cross River State
Years waiting: 2 years.
Hoping that God will remember me soon as he did to default smile.

Henrietta Ewah said...

Age: 32
Location: Calabar, Cross River State
Waiting: 2 years

God bless angel goodness

stella dimokokorkus said...


Lipstickalley said...

Right back @ you.

Iphie dearie said...

Olori,do you have family or friends who can house you for the duration of the treatment? Make quick calls please.

And don't let this get to you..Don't let anxiety creep

Anonymous said...

Age: 29 (Husband 32)
Location: Umuahia, Abia State
Waiting: 2 years

Iphie dearie said...

Aaawww Sexy D. You are kind๐Ÿ™Œ

Jane's Sparkles boutique said...

God bless the angel. May this IVF be successful, Amen!!!

Anonymous said...

God bless you!!!!!!

AnneZubby said...

Age: 36
Location: Lagos and PortHarcourt
Waiting: 6years

Anonymous said...

sexy daddy,
You are wonderful! Oh my
You are ready to offer free accommodation?
Grace of God will never depart from you

Anonymous said...

Age: 37( Husband 44)
Location: Enugu
Years of waiting: 9
Angel Goodness please consider us. My hisband is an orphan, me and my only survivong sister are both ttc. Life is so miserable. God bless you. Mrs HBW

Chinyere said...

Age 43
Location: Enugu but can transport ourselves to the centers.
Waiting: 13years.
God bless your heart Angel Goodness. For helping people ttc, you shall surely live long to enjoy your children's children. God bless you. Thank you so much Stella you are a blessing to this generation.

AnneZubby said...

Age: 36
Location: Lagos and Portharcourt
Years of Waiting: 6years

I have relatives in Cross Rivers State and getting there from Portharcourt isn't a problem. Thank You for the gesture. God bless you real good

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sexy daddy. I think there are other factors that these people you mentioned are considering, like their jobs, feeding and transport fare. I would have applied too but our job and business will suffer and we don't have enough saved up for feeding and other expenses since the Angel is only paying for treatment. We have exhausted all our savings o this journey. Now we are kobo less. Even transport fare to go to the location of we are offered free accomodation , no available as I type. It is well

ChyAda adajesus said...

Pls check your contacts to if anyone can house you and hubby for the duration Biko.

Non shall be barren. God shall surround your table with children, Amen.

AnneZubby said...

Age: 36
Location: Lagos and Portharcourt
Years of Waiting: 6years

I have relatives in Cross Rivers State and getting there from Portharcourt isn't a problem. Thank You for the gesture. God bless you real good


Noticed her absence too. To think she isn't here now wen this opportunity came. It's not late tho.

Pls Stella and angel, consider

I think Sharon lives in d north tho

ChyAda adajesus said...

God bless you sexy daddy.

Angel goodness you shall know no pain in this life. Remain blessed.

Stella ukwu sugar chop ๐Ÿ˜˜

Olori Orente said...

thanks so much lady bug,my in law iphie and chameleon.
God bless you all,seeing sexy daddy's comment down there is captivating
If I am picked will stay with him at pH.
God bless us all.

Olori Orente said...

Wow sexy daddy, you are far too kind
If I am offered the opportunity will be your guest.
God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Agbote I, stop cussing and get a real verifiable blog ID. The one that will carry delete button when you screen grab your comment as proof.
Anyone can type Agbote I. And claim to be you. They will acquire gak identities just to get what they want. Fake Id cards are cheap in Business centres. I still remember the case of Mrs I. Of last year's IVF giveaway. How sh lose the opportunity becos of this type of your name. Btw, where is Mrs I.?

Anonymous said...

Get a real blog id. Anyone can impersonate you with this. I can type this and claim I am you. Remember Mrs I. Of last IVF giveaway

Lipstickalley said...

Well Done Sexy Daddy, I am super proud of you. Way to go!!!

Anonymous said...

Non of these people have shown interest yet. I think they are considering other factors cause by their locations like their jobs and finances

Anonymous said...

This giveaway is for blog visitors. Your sister is not a bv.

natabombom said...

God bless u angel goodness ND Stella God will continue to favour ND bless you guys at every points of our needs ijn Amen ND hood luck to the chosen ones

Anonymous said...

Please i'm doing this for my aunt with her consent, thank you angel beautiful, God bless you more, amen.
Name: Janet
Age: 44
Years of waiting: 13year
Location: Eket, Akwa Ibom State

Anonymous said...

Sharon cannot be forced. If she is not interested we can't force her. Remember that her husband is involved too. Both of them will have to travel down there.

Anonymous said...

Inter-tribal marriage. Hmmm
I'm scared already, was planning to enter one soon

Anonymous said...

Anonymous? Forget it
Get a blog id, Google it

Omo Urhobo said...

Age. 42years


Waiting on the Lord for 10years now. On behalf of my Elder sister.

Anonymous said...

La sweet what is your age? This is how u fail exams. Simple instructions u won't follow

Anonymous said...

The question is 'is Sharon interested?' she is not not baby na. Her husband is there too to consider.

Aunty Caro said...

Dear Angel Goodness, I am sending this in for my sister inlaw.

Age: 28-31(husband 40)
Location:Umuahia, Abia State
Years of waiting:5years

Anty Caro

Anonymous said...

Victoria, they have to show interest and apply by commenting stating their age, years of TTC and location just like other people and the angel will choose. Tell them to come and apply.

Anonymous said...

Olori, you better post a comment and apply quickly by stating your age, yrs of ttc and location so you will stand a chance of being picked. Type that comment now pls. Follow instructions

Anonymous said...

Olori Orente, you have not indicated interest yet by doing what you all were asked to do. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Do as you were told. A word is enough, except you are not really interested

Anonymous said...

Lipstick is right. Get a real verifiable id. Anyone can claim to be you, get fake Id cards, birth certificate and all. Is it not Nigerians again? I can type this comment and that name and claim I'm the one.

Default Smile said...

Amen๐Ÿ˜š I pray you are picked

Anonymous said...

Age :36
Location: Lagos but can travel anywhere
I and hubby are HIV positive
Years of waiting : 4 years

Mrs Monday

Anonymous said...

They should consider them when they didn't apply? You want to bring in politics as per Nigerian that you is now?

Default Smile said...

God bless angel goodness. This post gvs me mixed feelings.

Anonymous said...

Your sister is not a blog visitor. This giveaway is for blog visitors. He never even reach us for here, you dey bring outsider

Elastic said...

Sexy Daddy you be man! God bless you brother...


Uche said...

Age: 42
Years of waiting: 15years.
God bless.

Olori Orente said...

Age:28years old
Years of waiting:3years
Location: Ota,Ogun State.

Olori Orente said...

Thanks dearest vicky

Tipsy said...

Age :31years
Location :Uyo, Akwa ibom
Years of waiting :2years 7months

Lady j said...

Where is Sharon?
Pls girl show up wherever u are,our time for testimonies has come.
God bless d person sponsoring dis,u shall know no lack and tears.

Dinma said...

AGE: 40

Years of waiting: 11 years.

LOCATION: ABUJA. I am from Imo State, Abia state is very close to my home town also I have people I can stay with in Abia State as long as I want.

I will be most grateful if we are selected for any category, IVF or
with Fertility assessment.

Thank you for this kind gesture. Non shall be barren in your generation In Jesus Name.


Sharon Aminu said...

Age 30
Years of waiting, almost 2years
Location, sokoto

Na Godwin (mama twins) said...





THANKS @Yori Yori princess.

Sharon Aminu said...


Sharon Aminu said...


Sharon Aminu said...

My dear u will not understand
I live in north oo
I don't kwn how to do this

Sharon Aminu said...


Sharon Aminu said...

I just came ooo
Pls God locate me

Sharon Aminu said...

I just came
I think this is why God is asking to come online,I have not bn online for more than 4days
Tank u Jesus
Pls God locate me with a testimony

She's Electric said...

God bless you Sexy Daddy. I wish you luck Olori Orente

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
susan... said...

AGE- 33.


YEARS OF WAITING- 1 YEAR, 8 MONTHS. Please, do consider me as the location of the center is not an issue. I have tried fertility drugs and IUI these past months but could not avoid IVF.

Eniafe said...

God bless you angel goodness. Goodness will forever locate you and your family.
Stella you are blessed amongst women. Thanks for this platform.

Koko Bacy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

LOCATION;obubara Cross Rivers State.

Anonymous said...

God is faithful. I put in for the one done last year and I was not picked, now I have a 2 month baby to the glory of God. Please help say a word of thanks to God.

Na Godwin (mama twins) said...

AGE :- 42years

LOCATION :- Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

YEARS OF WAITING :- 10 years.
Na Godwin.

Thanks to Angel Goodness and Stella. God bless you all.
Thanks @Yori Yori Princess.

(please, Angel Goodness, I am from Akwa ibom State) God bless you again.

Koko Bacy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mrs Ola said...

I don't mind fertility assessment if IVF does not reach my side since the hospital is very good. Pls God pick my call.

Mrs Ola said...

My dear go to google. Type 'how to create a blog id on stella dimoko korkus blog' follow the instructions. We shall all rejoice with our babies soon by God's grace.

keji swebi said...

My sister inlaw
Years of waiting -4yrs
Location -akwa ibom

beautiful godly said...

Age: 40yrs
Location: Lagos but I have a family friend at port Harcourt I can stay with
Year of waiting: 7years,5months
I will be very grateful if am chosen.
God bless Angel Goodness richly

Victoria said...

They have you.Why should your mum be crying???

Anonymous said...

Which one is risk of extinction, you are you not their child? Are they childless? So annoying that you a woman still believes that a male child is a must, abeg shift let people that don't hang any apply!

Red Wine said...

congratulations to the winners.

OSNAC said...

TTC Age 5yrs 6 months. Age 31. Location Abia.... Came here late have been busy taking care of my father who had an accident
... God please let it be me. Thank you Angel Goodness.

Ejiro Yono said...

I am applying on behalf of my elder sister.

Location:Port Harcourt
Years of waiting: 9years

Thanks Stella for this kind gesture..!

Uga babe said...

Age: 28 years old
Years of waiting : 3years
Location: Aba, Abia state.

God makes all things beautiful in his own time. said...

Location:anambra but I have an accommodation in abia state.
Ttcing for 10 years.
I pray I get chosen.
God bless you.

Koko Bacy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
OSNAC said...

Age-31, TTC time 5yrs-6months. Location - Abia, PCOS....

Mina Onyeukwu said...

Age 33. Husband 36
Waiting period: 2yrs
Location: umuahia

Ferida said...

Age: 29
Location: Abuja but parents are in Umuahia
Years of waiting: 3 years

Bee10(mummytwins) said...

Age 35
Years of waiting 6yrs
Location kano

Bee10(mummytwins) said...

God bless you sexy daddy I just got back from Benin and I saw this post
I don't know what to say thanks for mentioning me

Honeypie said...

May God reward Angel Goodness and shower her with love. SDK too will always find mercy for using her blog for blessing people.
Age: 34yrs
Years of ttc: 3yrs
Location: Lagos.
Pls pick me for fertility assessment. We have relatives in Port Harcourt and Akwa ibom whom we can stay with. Thanks.

twinklelilly said...

Years of waiting -1yr4mnths
Location -Rivers state but I have a relation in uyo that can accommodate me. i was diagnosed with right dermoid cyst but could not afford further fertility assessments.have never been pregnant before. God bless you

La Sweet said...

Age: 30

Lady j said...

Amen @ baby geh.

Adjarho Okpalefe said...

AGE:38,WIFE 37

Fanchrisroyal said...

Age: 40
Location: Port Harcourt
Waiting: 10years

Anonymous said...

Why are your parents ages changing? So you are not considered as someone to continue the family? Backwardness

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Fanchrisroyal said...

Age; 40
Location;Port Harcourt
Waiting:10 years

olami4eva said...

God bless angel goodness and Sdk may your vine yard be fruitful always I know what it takes to be ttcing after 3years but God showed up am due this month


Bee10(mummytwins) said...

Lady bug thanks for mentioning Me and others kai God bless you

Ginika Ikechukwu said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Age 47
Location Umuahia

Princess said...

Age: 38
Location: Aba
Waiting: 10 years

Anonymous said...

Winifred is this you?

Mhzzbee Intl(original makeup products and accessories, follow on IG: esoge_beauty, WhatsApp 08034205703) said...

It feels so good to be back....please pick one of the mentioned.God bless Angel goodness

HAPI said...




Nemerem said...

May God answer the prayers of everyone here seeking the fruit of the womb. What He said, He will fulfill "none shall be barren...".
Thanks Angel Goodness, as you come through for them, God will come through for you.

Mrs A. said...

Location:Uyo,Akwa Ibom.
Years of TTC :2

I will appreciate it if chosen for fertility assessment. Thanks and God bless you.

Mrs A. said...

Location:Akwa Ibom
Years of waiting:2 years
I will appreciate it if chosen for fertility assessment. Thanks and God bless you.

Mrs A. said...

Please, disregard this one. It's the network messing with me, I didn't mean to send 2 entries. Thank you.

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