Stella Dimoko Gov. Wike Vows To Lay Down His Life For PDP To Win 2019 General Elections


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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Gov. Wike Vows To Lay Down His Life For PDP To Win 2019 General Elections

The Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, says he is ready to lay down his life if it will ensure victory for the Peoples Democratic Party in the 2019 general elections. Wike said this in the latest issue of ‘The Interview,’ a monthly magazine.

The governor said one of the reasons the then President, Goodluck Jonathan, lost the presidential election was that he was surrounded by insincere people, especially ministers.

He, however, said Rivers State fought tooth and nail to ensure victory for the PDP in 2015 and 2019 would not be any different.

If the Federal Government is going to kill all of us, so be it. Because we know what they have planned and their strategies and so when it is time, we will face the APC squarely in this state. Just watch.”

He added, “God gave every leader his strength and way of doing things. You see, I will not accept that. Let the heavens fall. If Nigeria was going to end on that day, let it end. I will not take what he (Jonathan GoodLuck) took. That is why I respect the man a lot. I will not take that.

Wike said the fact that those who stoned Jonathan were neither arrested nor prosecuted, showed that some northern elements, including the ones in the PDP, sabotaged Jonathan’s campaign.

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Dada Toyosi said...

Oorun re Wike

Beloved said...

God please let your will be done

jelly said...

Wike go and pay workers if you truly want victory in the next up coming election

DON™ said...

You are dead already

Jane's Sparkles boutique said...

May the best person win

The General's Wife said...

Has his wife heard this particularly outburst?

The General's Wife said...

LMAO @ "particularly" outburst🤣🤣🤣🤣

olami4eva said...

Be laying down your life when workers in your state are suffering oga awon misplaced priorities


Anonymous said...

Straight to hell
D foolish leaders

Luku said...

Another Chicken dey make mouth like Fayose.
Chicken doesn't brave.

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