Stella Dimoko Happy World Teachers' Day !


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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Happy World Teachers' Day !

Let's Celebrate The Teachers... .

World Teacher’s Day is celebrated annually on 5 October and this year is no different as the world appreciates what teachers have done for us.

World Teachers’ Day celebrates the efforts teachers make to education and development of people around the globe.

 To all the Teachers we have a sblog visitors,we say thank you and well done...your reward is in Heaven!


Default Smile said...

My maths teacher....Mrs Orubu of Delta State University secondary school. Abraka. Thank you!!!!

#My case is different. #Godhasgivenmeanewname

Geedelin said...

Happy teachers day to every hardworking teacher out there.

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

Teachers una rewards they heaven. stop using extra moral class to take all our monies when you guys can teach during the hours.

Congrats to una again ooo. At least i did with children in my former church. Congrats to us again

The General's Wife said...

God bless ALL my teachers!

All of them. Especially my Primary school teachers๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Bless them very very much.

And to all my Maths Teachers,I forgive u all.
And to my Maths Teacher that died recently,I am sorry. Please rest in peace.

sexy Daddy said...

Happy world Teacher's day to our amiable teachers!

Eka joy hope u be better teacher?


Thank u Stella but errrmmmmm, our reward starts on earth.

The joy of seeing a child who passed thru you doing so well in d society he/she finds his/herself is overwhelming.

God bless teachers all over

*If u can write ur name,thank ur teacher*

jelly said...

Happy Teacher's day to all the good and sincere teachers, good job you have all done for impacting the very best knowledge on us, our kids too, God bless you all.

anya odeh said...

I am a teacher, God bless my own teachers too Amen

Miss D said...

It is fun being a teacher, but the remuneration isn't encouraging.

it is well with us tho

Dietitian Nezz! said...

Happy World Teachers' Day to my retired Mum.
Politicians should always appreciate them by paying their salaries cos without them you wouldn't had been where you are now!

SANDY YO said...

LOL! True. God bless you and other teachers out there.๐Ÿ‘Š


Chai,easy naaa


Remember that most parents request, no BEG for those extra moral classes even when some teachers are not comfy with it, they just oblige to satisfy the parents and d kids


I remember my English teacher in sec Sch too Mr Bello. He was so strict n we kinda hated him then. But now, I understand better

LUCIFER said...

i am still thanking God for aunty Ebere my primary four teacher that flog demons outta my body in primary school there by resetting my head to default and understanding the need to get educated, if it werent for her i probably would be a truck pusher by now. so yes Teachers are worth celebrating.

Abigail Joseph said...

Happy teacher's day to my mum the best teacher in the world,

Happy teacher's day to Ehis, Rev. sr. Mary Genevieve, Rev. Juliana and all other good and kind
hearted teachers.May you reap the fruit of your labour here on earth and in the great beyond.

amanda favour said...

Happy ๐Ÿ˜Š teachers day to you
Happy teachers day to all the teachers that taught me in primary and secondary schools especially to you Mrs C.I Nwafor. GOD bless you Ma
GOD bless all the teachers teaching all my kids,Una sey try especially TEACHER ONAH my 2nd son's teacher. GOD bless you mami
Teaching is in your DNA

uduak asanga said...

Happy teachers day to me,but my reward starts here on earth

Kudos cakes 08185151255 said...

I celebrate all teachers today. Happy teachers day

charity said...

Thank you teachers especially my primary school ones. God bless you

Anonymous said...

Happy teacher's day to my mum..



Yea...Godbless teachers.
I can't really remember my teachers anymore except my urhobo teacher in primary school. Very funny man.
He goes - "What is this?"
We go - "Onana isabatu."

Then in secondary school, my principal. Gadamn it! That man was mean, strict and extremely disciplined. Once its break over and you are still found outside, even if it's just 1 minute after break time, you will serve punishment of cutting grass (labour)
Wicked man. Lol

Anwuli Uzu said...

Celebrating the SDK teachers
Eka Joy
And to the others I don't know ,God bless you all richly,your reward will be on earth as it is in heaven also

Lady j said...

Thanks for celebrating us Stella,happy teachers day to all d wonderful teachers on d blog and beyond.

Vicky J said...

Happy Teachers day to all teachers. You will get your reward on earth before the one in heaven.

Aurora said...

Happy Teachers'day to all teachers,great kudos and God bless your efforts and give you reasons to rejoice in Jesus mighty name... Amen

Special shout out to my Aunties who are teachers.

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