Stella Dimoko President Buhari Berates Govs Over Unpaid Salaries,Says ''I Wonder How The Workers Feed Their Families''


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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

President Buhari Berates Govs Over Unpaid Salaries,Says ''I Wonder How The Workers Feed Their Families''

The president said: “How can anyone go to bed and sleep soundly when workers have not been paid their salaries for months.

“I actually wonder how the workers feed their families, pay their rents and even pay school fees for their children."

President Muhammadu Buhari has expressed concern on the growing complaints and agitations by workers in states over unpaid salaries and allowances, in spite of his administration's interventions.

Buhari spoke at the Aso Rock Presidential Villa in Abuja on Tuesday while receiving a representation of governors led by the chairman of the Nigerian Governors’ Forum, Abdul’Aziz Abubakar Yari of Zamfara State.

On the delegation included the governors of Ondo, Kebbi Bauchi, Jigawa, Kwara and Akwa Ibom as well as the deputy governor of Ebonyi State.

The president, according to a statement by his spokesman Mr Femi Adesina, said the plight of workers in the states needed urgent attention as many could barely survive.

President Buhari said the Federal Government and state executives would need to work closer together to ameliorate the situation of workers across the country.

He told the governors that two out of the three-pronged focus of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to secure the country and fight corruption had received some commendable reviews by the people.

President Buhari noted that the challenge in payment of salaries in states had taken a toll on the people.

He said he had instructed all government agencies to comply with the Treasury Single Account in order to ensure more transparency and prudence in accounting for the revenues of the government and the sharing of entitlements with states.

The president said: “How can anyone go to bed and sleep soundly when workers have not been paid their salaries for months.

“I actually wonder how the workers feed their families, pay their rents and even pay school fees for their children."

“God has been merciful in hearing the prayers of his servants so the rainy season has been good, you can ask the Kebbi State governor on this, and our enormous food importation bill has gone down,’’ Buhari stated.

Yari was quoted as saying that the various interventions by the Federal Government, include the bailouts, were judiciously utilized by the states.

He told Buhari that the governors inherited backlog of unpaid salaries and huge debts portfolios on assumption of office.

“We are concerned with the situation in our states, and we are trying our best to manage the resources,’’ the governor said.

He said the bailout funds, and part of the fallout from the London-Paris Club that had been received by the states were properly expended to alleviate the plight of workers, but more had to be done.

The NGF chairman commended Buhari's efforts in improving the economy, assuring that the states would continue working with the Federal Government to improve the livelihood of workers and all Nigerians.

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+Why can these governors not pay their workers?I dont get it..What do they do with all the monies made from taxes and the bailout fund?what??????


Boss Lady said...

I wonder what they do with all the monies allocated to them. It's a pity that this country has turned to a mess.

same girl said...

If its not wickedness, dont know what to call it.... Owe no man nothing

prettyvee said...

Mr righteousness. the equation is same. you r no different. have u addressed the issue of non payment to Fed. pensioners. kettle calling pot black.

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

our 25Billion Dollars contract with NNPC, what have you done to Baru?

The governors and you are the same. Wetin this your government don bring to people? nothing but punishment, job loss, landlords wahala, pains from going to government hospitals for common malaria.

God will do to you guys what you all are doing to the citizens

Chilaka Christian said...

This Governors are heartless shaa OK, imagine work without pay

Anonymous said...

Stella..good morning, the Governors meaning of salary is different from ours ohh,to them it is called enriching our pocket money,them dey use the money to erect stupid people,plus Christmas tree and traveling around the world

Everything is just wrong with this administration, and for real baba dey try, but people under him won't let his work show..God help us sha

Marvel said...

Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom state.I know you have been paying primary school teachers salaries at least at the first week of the new month but please do pay the 4 years leave grants that is being owed to them. Its not just to make them fill forms upon forms and using that method as delaying tactics.

covfefe said...

Na now bubu day break?
Heartless and corrupt politicians.

SANDY YO said...

So baba is just realizing kwo yaya ne?😞 Hope its not a strategy he wants to use to start talking about coming back cos kolewerk. Odiegwu really!

GOONs Mi said...

Especially delta state........

Oga Okowa will not pay salaries, will not do any project in warri, any uduaghan project he abandons and totally forgets it, and he expects workers to clock in and out every day, I keep wondering how government workers survive,especially man and wife that are in service.

Warri looks so old and abandoned, no street lights, very bad roads, no good drainage, all traffic lights are not working, everything is just there.

Aku said...

okorocha okorocha okorocha okorocha

Anonymous said...

Lol, election time is near buhari done change.this a political statement or is he saying he dint know all this in the last 2yrs?

Anonymous said...

People what do expect? Election is around the corner,be ready to see more and more talk and little or no action.

Isolde Fontaine said...

Just Imagine! You feed and grow fat but forget the plight of the common man that elected you into office.

Anonymous said...

Madam, please let's leave sentiments aside. My mum retired from the federal civil service and she has been getting her pension as at when due every month.Right now she is in ibadan for a verification exercise that is been done for federal pensioners.

Proudly Anonymous said...

Those of you shouting is because of the coming elections,have you asked the governors how many tranches of bailouts they have received.
I only pray & hope that hate and bias will not get the better of your thinking faculties.

Anonymous said...

Buhari is a stupid hypocritical idiot. When he was squandering Aso Rock Clinic money on his medical vacation of how many months did he think of nigerian workers? God punish Buhari the bloodsucker.

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