Stella Dimoko Family of Missing Edo Deputy Speaker’s Driver Wants Investigation 4 Years After


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Saturday, 4 November 2017

Family of Missing Edo Deputy Speaker’s Driver Wants Investigation 4 Years After

Four years after he was allegedly kidnapped, family members of Victor Igbinovia, the missing driver of the Deputy Speaker of Edo State House of Assembly, Mr. Tiger Victor Edoror, want his sudden disappearance investigated by concerned authorities.

Edoror who represents Esan Central at the State Assembly, was allegedly kidnapped with his driver sometimes in February, 2013, at Irrua, but was later released by his captors, while the whereabouts of the driver still remains unknown till date.

Elder Sister of the missing driver, Mrs. Adesuwa Igunbor, who spoke amidst grief and anger when she led the wife and daughter of her brother in protest to the Edo State Secretariat of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), berated the lawmaker amidst tears. Mrs. Igunbor further explained that the family members afterwards confronted the lawmaker over the fate of their brother during which he told them that both of them were taken to separate locations by the gunmen.

Edoror further told us that the hoodlums only gave him a mobile phone when he was released and told him that they (hoodlums) will call him. Edoror nonetheless told us that we should be patient, noting that he suspected the kidnappers were holding the driver hostage because they may want to demand another ransom. Days after, the family members decided to visited Edoror at his official residence to inquire if there is any news from the kidnappers.

We were however taken aback when he claimed that he has dropped the said phone at the police station and that we should go to the police. Irked by his (lawmaker) grandstanding, I was now on top of my voice at is residence and move to grip him, Edoror called-in his security details who in turn drove us away.

When contacted for reaction on the telephone, Edoror said he was on a journey, adding that matter was already before the police.
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*Since four years?OMG...They released him and did not release the driver?Kidnap or what?I hope it is not what i am thinking?At this point it would be safe to say RI to the driver.
This is so sad!!!


IsaacBABA (N1300 for 2GB, N1800 for 08066929956 for more info) said...

Welcome to nigeria... Where such rubbish is allowed to slide under the rug because of money, power and office.... I hope the family gets justice

Anonymous said...

I suspect ritual case here.

Chika Vincent said...

Hope they haven't killed him out

St.FranKooL.... said...

#Yes, it may be painful if you keep going and keep pushing yourself, but it will hurt a lot more if you quit*

charity said...

As a student of Uniben we hear it all the time. People in the political circle in Edo always get kidnapped or get missing forever

fabulous mee said...

Is that really a case of kidnapping abi rituals? God help his children

Swiss Raphino said...

This is a well staged ritual killing or a murder crime just to cover up on something the driver might have discovered about his boss so the need to take the driver out. I don't know how kidnappers operate but I know they don't carry liability when the real victim is already with them and if they are to release anyone at all it will be the both of them. RIP to the driver.

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