Stella Dimoko Apostle Suleman Foretold US President Trump Would Recognize Jerusalem As Israel's Capital City +His Other Fulfilled Prophecies


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Sunday, 17 December 2017

Apostle Suleman Foretold US President Trump Would Recognize Jerusalem As Israel's Capital City +His Other Fulfilled Prophecies

There are a number of Nigerian pastors that release prophecies for the year, especially when the New Year comes around. One of these men of God is Apostle (Prof.) Johnson Suleman, the President of Omega Fire Ministries worldwide (OFM). 

In his December 2016 prophecies, the cleric who is fondly addressed as 'Oracle of God' reeled out 50 prophetic messages of which a substantial number have been fulfilled.

Some of these 2016 prophecies, which can always be verified on the internet and the local print media because of the widespread publicity they enjoyed, soon became conspicuous given their relevance to national and international affairs.

Number 50 on the list is where Apostle Suleman warned that "Two times, Nigeria’s vice president, Yemi Osinbajo, will face removal from office. They will alienate him and they will make attempts to remove him. But God will humble Buhari in 2017. 

On number 24, Suleman told the world ahead that God says " (American President) Donald Trump to favour Israel. American Embassy in Israel to be moved to Jerusalem. No prophecy from any other man of God has been more categorical. 

Presented below in their alphabetical order are details of other fulfilled prophecies by Apostle Suleman in the 2016 releases.

1. I see terrorism on the increase.

2. Federal Government of Nigeria should not relax yet on Book Haram. It’s a deception.

4.America and China to have major faceoff.

5. Crude Oil to flow in Northern Nigeria.

6. Abuja to experience major Fire explosion.

7.Donald Trump to face impeachment attempt as members of Congress will be divided on his style of leadership.

8. I see an airplane that has Nigeria’s logo (National Carrier) *Nigeria is planning with Boeing on a new national carrier.

9.Things will pick up a bit in Nigeria but hunger will persist.

13. President Buhari’s health needs attention

21.Forces in Aso Rock planning to poison current First Lady (Aisha Buhari) *There was a report that the First Lady was labelled 'a terrorist from Adamawa'.

22.I saw huge number of Chibok girls released; some of them with kids.

25. Liberian election: CONTINUITY.

29. I see killings in Ekiti

31. I see kidnappers entering schools.

Prophecy fulfilled; Lagos school come to mind
37. A serving Cabinet Minister in Nigeria will die

43. France, Spain, Russia to pray against train going off the rail.

45. Nollywood to pray. They will get help but will lose two major people. The Yoruba movie industry too but prayer can avert it.

48. Edo state; major celebration but pray against road crashes.

49. I see presidents being removed in Africa, I see presidents being installed.



Miss Ess said...


Iphie dearie said...

Is it that his Publiscist goes to their prophesy list and then sends to blogs?

Love.Eating.Pussy said...

Hmmmm okay ooo


Anonymous said...

No Stella. It's only in Nigeria they pay to announce this. Archbishop Duncan Williams prphsied it was on live TV and was recorded.chexk YouTube. I love Papa Duncan because he allowed God to use him to unite the church in Ghana.

Rappakatakata said...

@49. Robert Mugabe comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Trump campaigned with that. You don't need prophecy but lazy African black brains believe in any NairaBet predictions.

I guess they paid for this advert. That WOW was so fake.

DON™ said...

He already said it in his campaign so nothing prophetic about Trump decision.

Anonymous said...

Stella I don't understand your love for Suleiman these days o.

Anonymous said...

Abi oh Stella I don't really understand your love for any news that concerns Suleiman these days. But daddy Freeze u choose not to post

Anonymous said...

So we should all pack our load and go to that church??? These people try so hard.

Isolde Fontaine said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

1. Terrorism has not increased.

2. Common sense

4. AMAM?

5. Waiting

6. It didn't happen, it will not happen in Jesus name.

7. Common sense

8. Where is the plane and what is the name of the airline?
Like saying a primary 4 girl is planning to go to secondary school, before nko?

9. Common sense

13. Common sense (baba is an old man, so?)

21. If there was such a report, what has 'labeling' got to do with poisoning. She will not be poisoned in Jesus name.

22. Common sense

25. No idea

29. When did it happen?

31. I know of just 'A' school in Lagos not schools

37. Which of them?

43. Very normal something

45. Death is a normal human phenomenon, Nollywood or yorubawood isn't exempted.

48. What did they celebrate, I have no idea.

49. Before nko? If Mugabe didn't go, the compass would have shifted to a new elected president.
Let's even say it's removal not election, apart from Mugabe, who else has been removed cos I read 'PRESIDENTS'.

Prophets of God can prophesy but when you try to convince people of your calling, there is a problem.

Xhlrted P said...

The Apostle over try. Abeg make una talk true small.

Please o let 2018 come easy, I no fit run kitikata

Proudly Anonymous said...

Eyi je Eyi o je.

Anonymous said...

Human beings.... I don't know why some people fail to be rational when it comes to people they dislike.... If those prophecies were so predictable why didn't u predict it yourselves? Most of his prophecies came to pass simple! Some people can be so difficult that, they can't recognize when good things stare them in the face just because they are biased about the carrier......

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