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Monday, 25 December 2017

Educative,Entertaining And Inspirational - 814

These are just pictures but they tell stories that will either Educate,Entertain or Motivate you.


I am king EZE said...

1: Cigarettes burn at a lower temperature than an open flame, an open flame can ignite gasoline while a cigarette isn't hot enough to.
2: They are reacting to our mood, not their reflection on a 'crime'.
3: I knew about this guy because his song "Sugar Man" was sampled in Nas' song "You're Da Man". Great song, good artist.


@picture 1,i know some doubting Thomas will want to try it out. Please don't bother o

Pix 2, my love for dogs is something else, they're too appreciative to be an animal

*Larry was here*

Cletus said...

I go try am for my landlord house tonight.

Nemerem said...

Don't try fact 1 at home, remember your village people no dey sleep.
Nice to know though!

I will have to stop yelling at my dog then, as him no get guilty conscience. But the dog is very stubborn, yesterday my hubby wore his trousers, the next thing I heard "where is my pocket" apparently the dog fell the trousers from the washline and tore off the pocket, my kid bro rewashed and didn't notice it. The dog don show me 99.

Intelligentsia princess said...

1.I still find that research difficult to believe.
2. I love dogs but they can be petty a times.
3. He gave too soon. Never give up on your dreams.

St.FranKooL.... said...

#Peace isn’t an experience free of challenges, free of rough and smooth.

It's an experience that’s expansive enough, to include all that arises without feeling threatened*

anonymous to bahd said...

No wonder Kidjo doesn't show remorse, she just doesn't like me yelling at her, hmmmm. Gotta change tactics!

Anonymous said...

1. Dog face in fact 2 for fact one. Make una no try am at home, biko.
2. They really sometimes look guilty. Very smart animals.
3. Some become famous long after they're gone, and not because their work was wack.

Chyluv! said...

Don't try that at home though @fact 1.
Dogs really, hmmm good to know.
Fact 3. Ok so, if he had known would he have moved to SA and continued his music career?
Merry Christmas EEI FAM.

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