Stella Dimoko Nigerian Police Kicks Against #EndSARS Campaign


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Monday, 4 December 2017

Nigerian Police Kicks Against #EndSARS Campaign

The Nigeria Police Force has dismissed allegations of torture and crimes levelled against the the special anti-robbery squad (SARS).

On Saturday, Nigerians took to the social media to condemn the “careless” regard for human lives which they say is evident in operations of SARS operatives.

While calling for the proscription of the squad, they accused SARS of maltreating and torturing innocent citizens at will.

But the police said such accusations should be dismissed by Nigerians.

Speaking to TheCable on Sunday, Jimoh Moshood, police spokesman, said SARS has lived up to its duty of curbing violent crimes and so, calls for its proscription should be “totally condemned”.

“As we speak, SARS is doing fantastically well across the country in reducing incidents of robbery to the barest minimum… they are doing very, very well,” Moshood said.

“There has not been any specific violation of human rights against any SARS personnel. So anybody that is spreading such a rumour is not doing the nation any good.

“SARS has no excesses and when there is any, we do investigate.

“The call for SARS to be scrapped should be condemned by all well-meaning Nigerians. Anybody calling for their proscription is not doing the nation any good and such people should be suspected as having something to hide.”

Moshood urged Nigerians with complaints against any police officer – “whether SARS or any other personnel” – to channel their complaints through established channels.

“Accessibility (to the police in cases of complaints) is very possible, he said, adding: “We do not take any infraction or violation of human right of any Nigerian likely. You know that so many police officers have been dismissed and even charged to court.”

“So, Nigerians should not give in to insinuations from people that just come to the social media and start spreading falsehood. Such people spreading such information may likely be armed robbers themselves.

“There is laid down rules for police procedures and any police officer that go beyond boundary to do something outrageous which is against the law is apprehended.”

SARS was established by the Nigeria police to fight violent crimes.


Bootylycious diva said...

The Nigerian police i rest my case.

Rappakatakata said...

What else would he have said other than defend his partners-in-crime.

Cynthia Iyede said...

These ones don't know what they are saying.

Anonymous said...

Pls come to rivers state and see what Sars is doing abuse of human right at it peak.Mr spokeman keep your mouth shut pls.

Anonymous said...

So today I totally give up on Nigerian Police, go to Twitter and read people's experiences even Simi, Jon of big brother have had a thing with SARS, the same SARS that picked my friend because he was standing in front of his parents hux, the same SARS that arrested a friend for a crime he did not commit they came and packed all the electronics in their sitting room, they later paid 135k for his release after spending close to two weeks with them.I now believe this Amnesty international their last year report on SARS

Busola said...

They are all mad,rubbish

Chidiogo said...

This man sabi lie pass lai mohammed, who doesn't know about the evil sars unleash on innocent people. #scapesarsorrestructureit

Enigma G said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Nigerians are in trouble, may God help us especially this Christmas season. SARS brutality is always high during festive season cos they are looking for money. May God not allow us or our family members encounter them IJN. Bunch of bullies

Anonymous said...

end SARS aint the best decision.i stay in PH and these guys are doing a good job.criminals fear my story about SARS is a good one.never been harassed by them.

Anonymous said...

There are bad eggs in SARS but doesnt mean they should scrap it..just as people listing out their evil deeds..they have done a good job too.

Anonymous said...

Rivers youth are stubborn and between,SARS giving them tough time.SARS helped im curbing crime activities in rivers oh.let the truth be told..i am in as much as they over do..they tried areas of kidnapping amd robbery..

JSBunny said...

So they want the public to report any SARS wrongdoing, yet still say we shld dismiss all the allegations? A mother is still going in and out of court bcos SARS arrested and charged her, reason being her grown up son stole amd they cannot find who signed as surety when he posted bail. Her crime; being the mother.

JSBunny said...

Pls avoid them o. 1 experience and your story will do a 180 degree change.

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