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Saturday, February 26, 2011

TUNG Endorses Goodluck Jonathan For President..

The United Nigeria Group (TUNG) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization comprised of a group of progressive Nigerians — at home and in the Diaspora— who are committed to the growth and development of our beloved country, Nigeria.

The United Nigeria Group is dedicated to a democratic and united Nigeria. The movement was inspired by the need to elevate our country to its rightful place in the world. For too long many of us have sat on the sidelines watching some of our leaders put themselves before the interests of the people they were elected to serve.

The United Nigeria Group also believes that to make progress and take our country to a place where we can achieve our full potential, we should focus on our positive achievements and contribute more towards the uplifting of our collective existence as a nation. The government cannot always do it all. Our elected officials need the full support of the citizens.

The United Nigeria Group is not in denial that our nation has issues that must be dealt with, but we cannot continue to slam Nigeria without being vocal about solutions as well. It is our position that there are enough civilians in society and media outlets who make their living from focusing on the negative aspects about Nigeria on a daily basis and so we choose to concentrate on the other area they fail to elaborate on.

This political season, we proudly endorse GOOD LUCK JONATHAN for the presidency because:

1. His all inclusive politics promises to bring unity to Nigerians regardless or religious or regional orientation.

2. His even temperament is an admirable quality, tantamount to the success of any great leadership. This is evident in his composure and transition from vice president of Nigeria, to acting president, to president.

3. In the last 9 months as president, he has drastically reduced fuel scarcity. He has evened out the price of fuel nationwide in Nigeria and all the oil refineries are functioning in Nigeria.

4. He is actively renovating our power sector to help stabilize electricity in the country.

5. In education, he has commissioned 9 universities to be built immediately and he has committed to making sure every state gets at least one new university within 2 years. He has also set up a presidential committee that will help strengthen the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of education in Nigeria.

6. He has invested in major infrastructure (highways) what are being built to increase road safety in the country.

7. He advocated a more transparent banking industry for economic prosperity

8. All the Radar systems in all airports in Nigeria have been restored to facilitate aviation safety and security

9. He invested $280 million dollars in the arts to support the youth by creating jobs and making Nigeria more competitive nationally and internationally

10. He has substantially invested in agriculture to ensure self sufficiency in food production and provide numerous job opportunities

He is a candidate with humble beginnings that truly has a pulse on the heartbeat of Nigeria. He is in touch with his people. He is committed to conducting free and fair elections in Nigeria. The PDP primaries are evidence of this. Because of his humility he sees himself as a servant of his people. He is a good listener that truly lives and believes in the potential of his people.

These are few of the many reasons why The United Nigeria Group is endorsing GOOD LUCK JONATHAN Join us on April 19th to spearhead a new leadership direction for our country Nigeria.

to watch their campaign video...go to the link below on youtube.


Actress Oge 'Rapunzel' Okoye Steps Out!

Saw this picture on bellanaija and just had to lift it.

I mean Walt disney has a new version of the fairytale movie  Rapunzel and i really liked it....the thing is i never knew i could actually use my koro-koro eyes to see a real life rapunzel...and in nollywood for that matter!

Check out Rapunzel in Naija!

She was photographed at Susan Eyo-Honesty's GLAM n ESSENCE mag launch  febuary ,2011.

You like?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Pictures From AMAA Nairobi.

These are some pictures from AMAA NOMINATION NIGHT in Nairobi Kenya.
Some stars at the event which is presently holding tonight firday febuary 25,2011 include Jackie Appiah, Magid Micheal, Kate Henshaw Nuttal, RITA Dominic,Ramsey Noah, Kgosti,Mike Ezuruonye et al.

Enjoy the pics..more later.
AMAA rocks!

Jackie and Ini.

Joke Jacobs....Oops!

Jim and Mercedes:


Spot the difference please.

This lovely pic of 'bold faces' presenter tricia esiegbe and her colleague lilian bach was taken recently on a movie set.

The food looks really yummy,the actresses look really nice but theres something else to be spotted.....who can spot the difference in..................?

just sing this song as you look for the difference''its black,its white yeah yeah yeah''

Actress Uche Iwuji poses for fans.

from uche with love to her darling fans who have stood by her through thick and thin!

....the truth?..this dress sucks!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Actress Mercy Johnson Tells Colleague Mike Ezuruonye ''F**k You!''

Controversially rude actress mercy johnson is at it again!

Alist actor Mike ezeruonye is in a cold sweat and whilst he remains incommuincado for now,insiders say the actor is in shock and trying to recover from the ''koro-koro'' insult metted out to him by mercy johnson!

The last time we checked she took older colleague Pateince ozokwor to the cleaners in 2010 when she looked her in the eyes and called her unprintable names like ''shameless old woman......''

What you are about to read is the synopsis of what transpired between mike and mercy on a movie set in eastern Nigeria on sunday febuary 20,2011.

It may read like a movie script but please read and pay attention,what you are about to read was in no way part of the script both actors were paid to translate.

I would suggest you read this with someone and both of you play mercy and mike in order to understand this true life script better.

Ready?.....Here goes!

''The whole movie set had waited for about two hours with mike also waiting but lead actress mercy johnson who is enjoying the 'attention' of some particular producers was nowhere to be found.several attempts were made to call her to come to set but she wouldnt pick her call and those trying to reach her gave up the attempt and the whole set waited and waited......and waited and waited.

Finally mercy breezed into the set and before anyone could say a word she vanished for a few hours again and the waiting game began again.Finally she showed up un-apologetic and after a while exchanged a few hardsh words with the continuity manager who she threatened she would slap his ears off if he tried her.
Mike Ezeruonye and the producer on set approached mercy and told her to take it easy and mike even told her ''mercy you used to be very humble,what happened to you?please dont let this stardom thing get to your head,its really not worth it''.

According to eye witness report,that moment passed and when it was time to run their script lines,mercy refused entirely to join mike and insisted on running her lines from inside where she was seated,the producer begged and begged but mercy refused to move and after a few frustrated attempts,mike dropped his script and said he could not work like that and that when mercy was ready to run her lines they should call him.he was really upset as he stormed out and lo and behold,mercy who refused to come out all these while ran out after mike and screamed  behind him the words ''FUCK YOU''.
silence enveloped the venue as everyone dropped what they were doing with mouths formed ''O''
''Mike stopped in his tracks,retraced his steps and asked her
''excuse me?''
mercy replied''you heard me,fuck can do your worst''.
Mike ezeruonye shocked to his bones,asked the actress
''i beg your pardon,what did you say''?

Mercy replies again''I said fuck you.who do you think you are''?

The able bodied men on the set immediately came between them and mike was physically restrained from going near mercy who  empited a bile of swear words on mike.

Mike stormed off the set and refused to come back to run any lines with the actress.

''The actress has been asked to apologise to mike who is her elder in nollywood but so far so good she has not done so,she is perhaps waiting for the media hype that will follow her actions and then she will publicly go on her knees to beg mike and earn the term''shes such a humble actress and will not even hesistate to go on her knees and beg when she wrongs anyone''.

Face Front Concepts Mike Ezeruonyes management team  headed by Mildred Okwo was contacted after  several attempts to contact the actor failed and this is her response
''Thanks for your inquiry. Our client Mike values his colleagues who act in a professional manner. It is his belief that "every actor must respect the director and people on set and he will not stand for actors who cannot check their egos". Mike is still deciding how to address the incident and we will put out a release at the appropriate time''.

Mike ezeruonye is one of the many Alist actors that have suffered ''insultive casualities'' in the hands of mercy of her victims and older colleague ngozi ezeonu was so badly tongue lashed on set by mercy  that nogzi would rather ''run into a moving train than act alongside the actress again''.

In 2010 actress Patience ozokwor forgave mercy and played a mother figure by publicly accepting the actress' public apology.....

If  you Call the name mercy johnson amongst the Alist actors  everyone starts heading home.
One nollywood celebrity who pleaded anonymity says''acting with mercy is a no go area for me,she is talented but i guess fame got to her head''.

Whilst we beg on Mikes and Mercys Management teams to come out with their own revised and remodelled  version ......heres wondering who will be mercys next victim!.

how do the yorubas say it again?...''oma se ooooo''.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ghanaian Actor John Dumelo Denies Being Gay.

John Dumelo Ladies’ man and suave Ghanaian actor had in 2010 reacted to intense criticisms over his decision to play a role in a Nigerian movie being described as "a gay movie"titled 'men in love'.

The movie ‘Men In Love’, caused a heavy storm in the Nollywood and many waved off the movie as not part of our culture.
Now the actor who recently celebrated his birthday on febuary 3,2010 is in the
news again and this time,the accusations are that he was cuaght pants down in
a hotel with his loverboy after he hurridly exited a location scene to meet loverboy.
The actor who is miffed this time around with the gay tag responded to our questions
on his sexual status

''I am not bothered with such stories because I am not Gay. I am in a relationship & Its by choice I have kept her out of the Media. I don't think I have to flaunt my relationship to prove my sexuality. Men in Love remains one of the most challenging roles i have played till date. Acting, first and foremost is a craft. As an Actor, I must be willing to step out of my comfort zone by taking up different roles to enhance my craft. I don't have any regrets for taking up that role''.


 .............So keep your tongue in cheek,the Horse has spoken!

Pic lifted from Ghana news now.

Another Nollywood War:Actress OGE OKOYE Versus Colleague CHIOMA TOPLIS

HELL, indeed, hath no fury like a friend scorned and the case between these two friends is a typical example. According to Chioma, she had had enough of her former friend's lies and wants to clear the air surrounding why they cannot be friends anymore. The details are shocking and the expose entertaining. Please, grab some popcorn and a can of cold drink and read through. But please do not be a judge! Let me state here, however, that on the two occasions, Chioma referred to Oge and her mum calling me, it was I who called them to verify the story I had and they lend their voice.

Here goes!

“I always find it difficult to call journalists to discuss anything written about me, but in this case, I have had enough from Oge. Help me beg Oge to leave me alone, I do not know up until this moment what wrong I did to her. I should have followed my heart early last year when the news about her being asked by my husband to leave my house for leaving kitchen dirty after cooking while I was in Nigeria came up. Still till this minute, I did not know how that news got to you because I was in Nigeria, and my husband did not say that to her. The story you heard wasn't exactly what happened, but she and her people twisted it to get pity. If Oge did not have a motive to get attention for herself, she wouldn't have started calling some of our friends whom she had told me when she came not to let them know that she was in London soon after the kitchen incident to come and take her out that she was bored. Still she kept it a secret not to tell me that she was in communication with them until one of them called me to ask after her I lied that I hadn't seen her, but was shocked when she told me what Oge said. You could not imagine how shocked I was when I read the story in ENCOMIUM the next week.

“As if that wasn't enough, the following week, I read about her contacting you soon after that her mum called you also to tell you how good her daughter is and only gets bad name because of the bad friends she keeps. Nobody can believe how bad I felt. It's true I am not the first person who has accommodated a pregnant woman in her house, and also Oge is not the only Nollywood actress that I have accommodated in my house, but nobody has heard anything or any news ever, so how come it’s only Oge? I can't still understand. I keep asking myself if that is her own way to seek attention from people. Yeah, Oge might be British, but she doesn't know anything about Britain. I made her rediscover herself here and have access to things. I let her use my house address to open bank accounts, I helped her to get NHS number, made her know and have access to things she has right to. I even made my husband stand for her as a guarantor to enable her get her children's citizenship. What haven't I done for Oge? When I met her, she told me her life story, then she just met her husband. And that her mum that is calling me a bad friend also begged me to help Oge and I carried her along and that was how it started. I know some people will say it's not a big deal, but the question is how many people can do it, leaving her in my house for months, even when I am not around. I am just a very carefree person who can also forgive very easily, so Oge took advantage of that, because almost this same ungrateful attitude she showed me when she had her first child. Though she was not staying in my house as planned because my house help had her baby about that time, so it wasn't possible for her too to come and stay at my place therefore she stayed at her friend's house which was near me. Being Christmas period, the lady travelled, leaving her and a friend and I still played the motherly role to her, driving to see her, bathing the baby, cooking till the boy became strong. It was while she was waiting for her son's passport to come out so that they can travel to Holland that I left for Nigeria. She surprised me. Could you believe that after one week I left, little did I know that she had her own plans. She started by changing her address from my house and redirected all her mails to her friends and put herself in a mess which I knew nothing about. She still kept it away from me. When I did not hear from her, I called her line to enquire how they were and if the son's passport had come out, but her phone was switched off. I now phoned that her friend and she told me that Oge had gone back to Holland and I was disappointed. So, I decided never to call her again. But a month after she came back to Nigeria, she still never called me, the SMS I received from her was a general text message inviting me to the son's christening which I swore never to attend.

“On that day when she didn't see me, she started calling, but I told her that I was not coming, so her mum intervened and pleaded with me, so I went for the reception. I forgave her. Soon after that, a gossip trailed her from that her friend, the lady she stayed in her house and her son. The same lady she made her son's godmother and they became sworn enemies. After that, she started again to be nice and very friendly to me, but it's now that it's becoming clear to me. Why all the niceness? Even when we had an argument, she will be feeling bad and will call her mum to talk to me, now I know probably her mum used to tell her to be calm to get what she wanted. So, one day her mum was coming to Nigeria and she pleaded with me to come so we can go pick her up. It was that night that they opened up to tell me what they had done and the mess she had made. I was angry but they kept telling me that they know, that it was how to put it right. Again, I agreed to help. So, when she became pregnant again, I was the third person she told after her hubby and mum, so I told her when to come to London. So, I helped her and cleaned the mess before coming to Nigeria soon after that kitchen incident. When I read in the papers that she and her mum called you, I called her on the phone and I was furious. She had to come with her cousin to sort it out with me and we made up again. She was with me for a month plus before she went into labour. I called the ambulance, went with her, had sleepless nights with her for two nights that she was in labour and went into theatre, was by her side all the time. Even when things went wrong that she cried herself out, I was there praying for her. Only me and her knew what she went through, till God intervened. But Oge has forgotten so fast and went about telling tales about me.

“After the party which I held for Oge and her baby one week after her giving birth, she changed again. First, she accused me of giving her UK number to ENCOMIUM to call her. That made me angry and we had a confrontation. To be honest, I was disappointed. Again, after all I had done for her, I wasn't pleased with her. I told her off and asked her to leave my house since we cannot trust each other. I am that kind of person that doesn't listen to gossips and judge from it. If not, me and Oge would have long been history. When I saw it all myself, I didn't need to go behind or gossip about it, I called her straight to her face, I told her that I had had enough. Also I reminded her that I can't remember her hubby ever saying thank you or she telling me that her husband said thank you, so I told her that I would want everybody to go their separate ways. But she called her cousin to plead with me, and also she pleaded with me too. Her mum from that point stopped calling me. She didn't call me after hearing her daughter's side. Obviously, she believed whatever lies her daughter must have fed her with. At that point, I knew I had been dealing with a bunch of ingrates. Oge reconciled with another of her friends who she was always going to her house and to cinema with before they fell out over gossip. So, she started going there. Sometimes in a week, she will only come home when she had run out of things. I knew that they had started discussing me because when she fell out with her, she was telling me tales about the lady. Even one day when they were exchanging words over the phone, Oge had put the phone on speaker for me to be listening to the lady's response to their accusations. It was shocking and the lady not being aware that the phone was on speaker said, “Oge, may God forgive you, you talk too much and I feel sorry for Chioma who you are staying in her house for she doesn't know.” Two to three weeks before I was due to go back to Nigeria, I told her that I was about to travel and would therefore want her to start making arrangement to travel back to her husband since her passport had come out. They had been cleared and discharged from hospital and she had completed her immunisation except for her third month which she could still have in Holland. But Oge said no, that I should let her stay for another one month to complete the third. But I refused. At this point, I wasn't ready to change my mind no matter who she will call to beg. So, I said to her by the way, you hardly live here with us, you might as well pack your things and move in with your friend. No, she said she couldn't live with her, so I said I was sorry I wasn't ready for what happened last time to happen again or for papers to accuse my husband of asking her to leave. She now knew I was serious and accepted to go, but to where I didn't know and didn't want to know.

“Later, she told me she made arrangement to move into a man's house who she said is her husband's friend. Did I care to know? No! Two weeks later, on the week I would be travelling, she had been around regularly to fix her stuff (cargo). I helped her when a mover came. In the process, she agreed to help cargo a bag containing eight pieces of Hollandis wrapper and that I would get it when she came back to Nigeria. The next day, she left to where she said she was going to stay and I left for Nigeria the day after and that was the last I heard of her. She didn't call me and I had no intention to call her. So, when in November I learnt that she had come back, I waited for her to call me to come and collect my wrappers but she didn't, so I sent my sister's house help to go to her house and get my stuff. I stayed in Nigeria at least two months before she came back. Nobody heard anything, but was shocked soon after she came back I started hearing stories of how I asked her to leave my house, without the story being properly told and I cried and asked God, what I had gotten myself into with Oge. I made up my mind that I was not going to say anything, which was why when I was asked in an interview if it is true I was having problems with Oge, I said no comment.

“I didn't know that you wrote something about it in your column. I only knew when City People called me to ask me the same question and that they contacted Oge and she said that I was being childish, that if I had a problem with her, that I should call her and sort it out. That she was busy with her baby. Imagine the cheek! Me to call Oge as per she is what? And to sort out what? This is exactly what I am talking about, she is now painting picture for people to pity her and say oh poor thing, she should be left alone to take care of her child. Meanwhile, she ignited the fire. But I will make sure that this will be the last time Oge backbites anybody and goes scot-free. All the rumour and tales following her are all true. She has told me a lot of incriminating, damaging things about all the people who have been close to her and I know she didn't tell only me, so also I know she must have talked about me. But I promise Oge one thing, to dare me and open her mouth just half an inch to call my name, not to talk of discussing me with anybody, let her pray that I wouldn't hear it . Then, I will give her business to talk about for the rest of her miserable life. So, you can see Stella why I have decided to bring myself to her level to tell you this story. It’s so that people will hear and understand me out before judging. I am ready for Oge, so I don't want self pity, God will give the judgment later.”


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ex Beauty Queen ENE MAYA Debuts With Exquisite Headwear.

Ene Lawani

Ene Maya is the true African definition of beauty and brains. She shot to limelight in 2004 in the oldest and most credible of all beauty pageants in the country with several other Nigerianbeauties to become Miss Nigeria 2004 (the longest serving beauty queen).
The ENE MAYA Collection is a combination of head wraps,scarves and accessories. The aim is to introduce this as a trend in young Nigerian women to accessorize any kind of outfit. These

accessories have been a hit in various runways round the world.A turban is versatile, fun and bold, playful and different. The turban is quite chic. A turban might not be the first hair accessory you think of when your outfit is in need of something extra, but its a brilliant way to tie up your hair while looking like you made an effort with a fashion accessory. Turban can transform a look from dire to danny in no time. Wearing a turban demands confidence. You have to believe in your looks.

Turbans are without a doubt a type of fashion accessory that cannot go unnoticed, offering you the
opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try something a little different from what you may be used to. Being versatile and interesting, this type of accessory offers you that chance to make a bold fashion statement adding a vintage allure to any outfit. With the right dose of courage and creativity, this accessory can contribute to a very modern look. Fashion is mute until we give it a voice, that's the gut and energy of this whole thing, you can trust a turban to do some screaming.

The Fashion Show is Scheduled for Febuary 26,2010 .

The ENE MAYA Collection will be stocking at Rivista Stores on
Awolowo Road, Ikoyi from the 1st of March 2011.

Prices will range from N5,000 to N30,000.
For further enquiries call Ene Lawani on 08035378970

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Ex Queen Omotu Bissong Steps Out With Altar Bound Boyfriend.

Omotu ex most beautiful girl in Nigeria relocated back home in 2010 and is currently in a heads-over- heels- in love relationship with Amaecho Okoye the MD of TNT/IAS.

Amaechi okoye is from enugu-ukwu and studied mathematics at the university of waterloo and
 in his early thirties.

The ex beauty queen graduated from City university newyrk in 2005 with a BSC in accoutning.

''Both were friends for a while having met through mutuals friends but only started a proper relationship about a year ago.the relationship is very serious and is altar bound''.

Heres wishing them both all the best.

Hubby Gets T-a-t-t-o-o-e-d For Actress OMOTOLA Jalade-Ekeinde!

Love is a beautiful thing but if you dont believe me,then please ask Mr and Mrs Ekeinde!

Matthew,the Pilot hubby of actress omosexy is so in love with his wife that he has a tattoo of her name on him to shame naysayers...thing is no one but omosexy will ever see this tattoo.

This is what the actress revealed when she recently granted an interview to THENETNG and its team.

When asked by her interviewers if she had on any tattoo,this is what she smittenly reveals

''No. I don’t like it on myself but I’m not going say I don’t like it. My husband has a tattoo of my name on him''.

On march 23,2011,it will be the couples 15th year wedding annieversary!
kudos to them for staying together and procreating 4lovely children! where is that tattoo located?you bet the tattoo is inscribed 'omosexy'**wink-wink**

Monday, February 07, 2011

Asha Gangali:Beware Of This Serial Loverboy

                                            face of a desperate two lipped LIAR!

I did a report that actress Nkiru Sylvanus was in a hot hot affair with the above mentioned person and right after the report came out,i got word that the unknown musician was very happy and extended his 'thanks' to whoever (me)wrote the report.

Lo and behold the loverboy went to punch newspapers and granted an interview debunking that he was in any relationship with the actress after he had circulated picture of himself and the story of their relationship to me.
Word has it that he is about to release a single Cd and needed the pulbicity to get tongues wagging!!...imagine!

Actress Nkiru had made her stand on this topic known and is angry that asha is using her to name to lie up the ladder,these are her words
''"I don't need to denounce anything all I need is write up stating  it is a misinformation.Am a woman of God,i have given my life to Christ and I preach in churches, I have a lot of people looking up to me, I watch my social life so I don't lead a lot of younger ones astray".

According to sources close to the failed singer''he is launching a musical career and decided to use Nkirus name as a ladder without respecting how she would feel.he was glad dropping off the info to Encomium magazine via Stella and then cooling it off in Punch and hes is not sorry about it.he is running his mouth all over the place while Nkiru is really upset that he did this.the pic of him and nkiru could only have come from him cos only two of them had that picture via blackberry.

My sincere apology to the actress for helping the failed musician create the noise he wanted to sell his about to be dropped cd.
The exclusive titled ''Actress NKIRU SYLVANUS In Sizzling Romance With Musician Asha''
is a setup story to climb up the success ladder,please disregard it!

Shame on Asha(wo)Gangali!
More on this Man who dumped his American based wife bunmi and daughter and is hiding out in Nigeria spreading love tales about himself and Actress Nkiru Sylvanus.

Spread More tales man,spread!

More update soon.


(This actor is on facebook.i knew who it was the minute i read and guess if you can hit the nail on the head.hes very handsome and....)

Friends of this light-skinned and dapper Nollywood star are worried he may be sacrificing his career and health at the altar of sexual gratification and are hoping he would get a handle on his addiction before things get out of control.

According to close and concerned sources of the actor who has delighted millions with his superlative performance, in hundreds of movies, his addiction is clearly a cause for concern. “We have always known he had a soft spot for women. He adores them and they adore him too. I mean, look at it this way: he has it all – looks, talent, stardom and of course material comfort. But these qualities should not recommend reckless living and a total disregard for other things that define a person. When a particular addiction takes precedence over all and everything else, including one’s career and health, then I think it is best and proper to beat a retreat and re-assess such inclinations.”

Information gleaned by Amebo revealed that the popular star spends time with an average of six women a day and this had been going on, for years “he would tell you that this is his moment to shine, and having women is one of the rewards for his talents.” Our source had stated. “There was a
moment that we had a movie shoot and he was playing the lead role. All other cast members were assembled and the director and producer were
waiting anxiously for him to come to the stage, but he was nowhere to be found. We looked for him at almost every location we thought he would
have been at, but still no luck. We called his numbers, but they were all turned off. We were thoroughly exasperated and confused. I mean, here
we were – all ready to go and the camera we used was rented and we had wasted two hours already waiting for him. And then, one of his PA’s remembered that a night before, he met a lady at the hotel’s pool bar and had told him he would be visiting her later that night. Since the PA knew the room number the lady was staying, we quickly went with him to the hotel, and lo and behold! Sandwiched between two ladies, was our lead
actor, enjoying himself, and pretty oblivious of the fact that he should have been on the set at that time.

We were very disgusted by such display of unprofessionalism, but since it was already too late to get a replacement, we endured his tardiness. He
struggled out of bed and was largely lethargic on set that day. The painful thingwasthat he wasn’t apologetic and acted as if we should be grateful that he agreed to act in our production.”

According to other sources, the actor is so enamored of sex that he has a PA whose sole responsibility is to collect the phone numbers of his female
admirers and to set up dalliances with them. “He would ask the PA how many beautiful women he had set up rendezvous with on daily basis, and woe betides the poor chap if he didn’t get the correct specifications of the women he loves: tall, voluptuous, light-skinned and pretty. The interesting thing about this actor is that he is supposed to be happily married and his wife had been known to have crowed in the media about how loyal and dedicated he is as a husband and a father. It’s either that she’s blissfully unaware of her husband’s antics or she’s just playing the role of a dutiful wife, who may be suffering and hurting emotionally, but still applauds her husband in public.

Friends however, are hopeful that he may soon come to the realization that playing the field, though exciting, may eventually bring with it, negative
and damaging consequences that he may not have bargained for. “I know that he doesn’t use protection with all the women he meets” a friend lamented to us, “and that can be dangerous considering the age we live in” the friend had bemoaned. We’ll keep an eye on this actor.


Saturday, February 05, 2011


On the 13th of June and wholly out of character, TIJANI gets involved in a street fight in which a boy is hurt. Convinced that TIJANI needs discipline, TEEMA, his mum decides to take him to the Gambia to live with her sister.

On their arrival in Banjul, TIJANI encounters what he considers to be a simple apparition- a boy smiling at him in a mirror and vanishing afterwards.

However, seeing the same boy in a crowded street market the next day sets in motion a chain of events that culminates in him getting lost.

While the panic-stricken TEEMA struggles with the Police Force to find her son in an intriguing game of survival brinkmanship, TIJANI is left alone in the company of the enigmatic MIRROR BOY who is only visible to him.

As a bruising spiritual rite of passage, the MIRROR BOY takes TIJANI on a magical journey through the dark belly of the forest.

After a series of edge-of-the-seat adventures in the forest, TIJANI emerges the next day, a bewildered boy; for whom the lines between reality and fantasy; between the physical and the spiritual have been forever blurred.

His arrival at a time of mourning for a small kingdom upsets the evil machinations of a desperate Queen who; threatened by his innocent presence; is not afraid wield her mysterious powers.

A cathartic climax helps TIJANI to unravel the mystery of the MIRROR BOY. It also provides him with a rather mystical explanation for the way his life has cascaded from the 13th of June towards this inter-twined fate with a father he has never met.

World Premiere of
(cert 16)
(& After Party)
Red Carpet & Screening – 8PM – 11PM,
After Party – 10PM – 3AM)
’2011 Red Carpet Look’



Friday, February 04, 2011

Happy Weekend...have a great laugh!!


AY LIVE On Easter Sunday.

Following the huge success that has trailed all the editions of AY Live from one state to another since 2007, the ever creative and multiple award winning Comedian of the year 2008, 2009 and 2010 is set to organize another mind blowing Concert this time at the world class 6,000 capacity venue of Eko Hotel and Suites on April 24, 2011 (Easter Sunday).

The show which has consistently maintained a major tradition of satisfying the entertainment yearnings of Nigerians, went beyond the shores of Africa on October 6 & 10 last year to sellout the o2 Arena in London, and Birdcage in Manchester with an overwhelming performance by AY who also featured Gordons, Seyi Law, Gandoki, Elenu, Ushbebe, 9ice, and Ikechukwu . The show also incorporated a very visible presence of Nollywood through Aki & Pawpaw, Genevieve Nnaji, Chidi Mokeme and Mike Ezuruonye in different comedy skits that has attracted over 500,000 viewership within one week of upload on youtube.

This year’s edition of the generally accepted AY Live comedy and Music concert tagged “Another Invasion” would be showcasing AY in his usual creative elements and equally features the best of Nigerian entertainers alongside some other notable international acts. The Entertainers on the bill include: I Go Dye, Gordons, Seyi Law, Elenu, Helen Paul, Ushbebe, Princess, D Don, Aki & Pawpaw, Ay’ Open Mic Winners, Yemi Sax, 9ice, MI, Banky W, Wiz Kid, Kas, YQ, Jesse Jagz, Ice Prince and Jimmy Jatt. All other international acts for the show includes Mohammed Jammal aka White Nigerian from UK, DJ Jam Jam aka Oyibo Swagger from UK, popular actor Majid Michel and Nadia Buari from Ghana.

Tickets for the show come at different rates. Regular tickets are sold for 5,000 Naira, VIP tickets are sold for 20,000 Naira and table for 10 is sold for 500,000 Naira

The event is packaged by Corporate World Entertainment ( the Producers of The AY Show) in conjuction with Flytime Entertainment. It is equally supported by Afriqiyah Airways who will be responsible for flight arrangement for all the international acts that will feature in the show. Already the show has received an unflinching media surport by some leading media outfits. Top on the list are Silverbird group, Cool FM, Wazobia FM, Beat FM, Classic FM, Naija FM, Inspiration FM, TV Continental, Galaxy TV, Soundcity, Music Africa, HITV, African Magic amongst others.

For ticket/table reservations or any information concerning AY live on Easter Sunday visit or join the AY TV fan page on facebook ( or Twitter (, Blackberry Pin 3242CE18 or call 0803 222 4444

NOTE: you can call Mobile Ticketing Nigeria to come and deliver tickets for the show directly to you in the comfort of your homes or offices on 08167032366 or visit any of the outlets on the event flier for the show.

AY - The Official Website Of Nigerian Comedian AY

AY is a comedian and impressionist. He is one of the funniest and most impressive comedian in nigeria

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Between Nollywood Actresses OGE OKOYE And Chioma Toplis.

Chioma Toplis.

London based actress chioma hosted a well talked about party in her home in London welcoming the babygirl of actress oge okoye in summer 2010 a week after the baby was born. but instead of showing gratitude Oge went about claiming she did for her herself thus setting off a chain off evets.

Chioma was interviewed on January 8,2011 in a daily tabloid and asked about oge she said no comment but she isnt happy with oge alright.

Olofofos quote chioma as saying''oge isn't a discussion as far am concerned I would like to log issues with people who are of the same class as me ,not classless wannabees, people who wish to be me, people who are not in any level my standard, Am keeping mute but if by any chance i hear my name again from her mouth i will give her business"...i have said it befóre and i repeat it plenty again,friendship is not by force!

Theres no unity amongst the actors in Nollywood and the backbiting is really distracting them from
doing a good job!....its simple,if you used to be friends and the relationship has gone south,please head north!




Actress NKIRU SYLVANUS In Sizzling Romance With Musician Asha!

Nkiru and Asha.

Actress Nkiru is in a romance so hot it could burn the nose of whoever tries to pokenose into her affairs!

According to olofofos the man who has captured the heart of the actress is non other than Asha Gangali who hails from western Nigeria.
The olofofos says''Asha and Nkiru met in 2006 on the set of his musical video and they have been in an under-g relationship ever since.
    He wrote her a love song and from the ways things are going he is likely to propose to her on valentines day 2011 and even though he has been celibate for a year and a half he might break the record on valentines day as well after the proposal.
Their relationship has been based on pure love and no sex.he is however madly in love with nkiru and she has so far returned his affections''.

Asha is a singer who used to live in America but now lives in lagos

''he was doing very well in america before he relocated to nigeria some years back,has a very sexy voice but has not broken into any music industry.
He is from a very wealthy family but they are very low key and do not flaunt their wealth''.
Asha has a talent agency called 'roc da mic' which he concentrates to make a success out of.

   Nkiru is one of those actresses who tries to steer clear of anything that would label her controversial so this is indeed good news.

Our forefathers postulate that ''just as man no fit hide shadow na so love matter be''.

Congratulations to the latest couple in town...Lets keep our fingers crossed for the valentines day 2011 proposal!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Nollywood bans Actress Yvonne Nelson Over feud with Jackie Appiah.

For the past six years, the duo of Jackie Appiah and Yvonne Nelson has been the major faces of the nascent Ghana movie industry, nay Nollywood. They have through their star power, looks and charms, elevated the evolving Ghallywood from a curiosity it once was considered to a top brand it currently enjoys. The two super stars have alternated between them hundreds of leading roles in many commercially viable and critically acclaimed movies. On screen, the two usually project a chemistry of amity and harmony, which in real live rings false. To assert that Jackie Appiah and Yvonne Nelson were in competition over supremacy and primacy of importance is to state the obvious.

Despite the façade of friendship they projected, the two stars had allowed the negative emotions of
jealousy; ego and pride to come between them. To Yvonne Nelson, as sources close to her told us, she was the better actress, the more beautiful and the fan’s favorite and she expected producers and directors to treat her accordingly. She made it known that she was to the Ghana movie industry what Genevieve Nnaji is to the larger Nollywood – a megastar whose words and expectations must be respected and met, no questions asked.

According to a leading figure in Ghana movie industry, Yvonne Nelson “is a diva of indescribable
proportions. She does what she wants and thought she was above and beyond reproach. She thought the adulations and her status as one of the major faces in the industry conferred upon her the capacity to foist her own rules on everybody. She won’t come to set on time, and when she appeared, she would expect to be catered to, and all her little whims and needs be met expeditiously. She expects all other stars to genuflect to her and do her biddings. To her, everyone should

be happy that she had lent her ‘majestic’ presence to the movie and should be treated as such. “For a long time” the source continued “we had indulged her whims – not because we wanted to, but simply because we had a production to finish and on schedule too, and we did not want to be

bogged down by her infantile posturing. But we knew that it won’t be long before we wielded the cudgel and chop her to bits.”

Jackie Appiah on the other hand, according to the same source, is a true professional – sweet, friendly and shone of all the trappings of stardom.

“Jackie, in spite of her bonafide stardom is the consummate professional. She is not in your-face, me, me, and me kind of a star. She believes that

she has been blessed to be given a chance to ply her craft to the admiration of her loyal and teeming fans. She has refused to be goaded into an open war of supremacy with Yvonne Nelson, and thinks that the industry is large enough to accommodate as many stars and mega stars as possible.

She has always accorded her props and respects to Yvonne Nelson, not minding the fact that in the real scheme of things, if the truth be told, she is by far a better actress than her. We had always hoped and prayed that Yvonne Nelson wouldn’t start any unnecessary brawl in the industry –
one that would affect the ring of harmony or controlled ego that we have so far been able to weave around our major stars. But that was exactly what happened.

According to facts made available to The Diasporan Star exclusively, Jackie Appiah had been granted a few concessions while onset of a movie production. It is not often that she had requested such concessions, and the director felt he should grant her wish, and he did. That’s where all hell broke loose. When Yvonne Nelson heard that Jackie had been granted some waivers, she flew into an uncontrollable rage and demanded similar treatment. “If you did that for Jackie, then I must be accorded similar treatment,” she had demanded. “At first we thought she was playing” our source had stated “but she was deadly serious. “If you don’t do the same, I promise you, I will not continue with this production” she had threatened. We still thought she was bluffing, but when she indeed walked out of the set, since we didn’t meet her demands, we knew it was time to cut her down to size.

I mean, come to think of it, we made Yvonne, we discovered her, we made her the star she thinks she is today, and the fact that she can ride roughshod over her benefactors was something we didn’t wish to countenance and we told her in no uncertain terms that there would be a huge price to pay if she walked out. She did, and we acted and our decision was swift and binding: Yvonne is to be banned for one year in Ghallywood

and in Nollywood as well. Any director or producer who features her in his or her movie would be blacklisted and any movie she does in Nollywood, would not be sold in Ghana. We want to bring sanity to the industry and to send a powerful message to others who may think that they can impose their will and rubbish the discipline and professionalism that we have worked hard to foster in the industry.”


Many in Nollywood and Ghallywood are wondering if Yvonne will survive a year ban, given the fact that though she has chalked up a number of credits in Nollywood, she is not in the same league as Genevieve, Omotola, Stella Damasus and Rita Dominic, RMD or Ramsey Nouah who had suffered similar fate about four years ago when they were banned for one year in Nollywood, due to excessive amount of fees they had demanded, and for making it impossible for new talents to come into the industry. In spite of the stardom the above stars enjoyed, when they came back to the industry, almost all had struggled to regain their aplomb and many Nollywood insiders are of the opinion that the one year ban, affected those stars adversely, even though ome are still thriving while others like RMD, has moved on to a career in public service. While the above stars were banned, new and fresh faces were discovered, prominent among them – Mercy Johnson, Chika Ike and even Yvonne Nelson herself among others who have

since become the leading lights in Nollywood. Many think with Yvonne Nelson out of the spotlight in one year, her spot will likely to be taken by other aspiring and pretty actresses, who have been waiting in the wings for moments like this. We shall see if that is the fate that will befall her, or if on the other hand, she will turn conventional wisdom on its head and come back stronger, and even more popular than ever. We wait to see how that will unfold!


A prominent Nollywood actress who bought a carefully woven lies peddled by a sick and emotionally troubled wannabe agent, was allegedly raped mercilessly by the ‘agent’ and his sick minion sometime last month in Accra, Ghana, sending in the process a big chill down the spine of most female top stars in Nollywood.

According to our very dependable source, the actress – a beloved Nollywood princess was contacted by the man who claimed to have deep industry contacts in Hollywood, and had pictures he allegedly had taken with some big actors, and actresses in Hollywood, to validate his claims. He told the

actress that he believed she was destined for bigger and better things and that he would help set up meetings and deals for her in Hollywood. “The actress was over the moon with excitement” our source continued “I mean who in Nollywood, wouldn’t mind being represented by a big agent with

industry-wide contacts in Hollywood? She quickly agreed to meet the ‘agent’ in his hotel suite in Accra.” “At their first meeting,” our source continued, “everything went spectacularly well. She was shown pictures the guy had taken with some top stars in Nollywood, and he proceeded to show her some paper work he wanted her to take home and study, with the view to representing her in Hollywood. They had some drinks and she came back all excited and telling all that cared to listen that she would soon be Hollywood bound. The ‘agent’ asked her to meet him the following day so they could sign the agreement and set the ball rolling.” “She was on time at their second meeting and in high expectations” our source went

on to add “and after some rounds of drinks, things went terribly awry.

Unknown to the starry-eyed actress, the man who claimed to be a ‘big Hollywood agent’ was nothing other than a con-man out to prey on the vulnerabilities and hopes of bigger stardom by some Nollywood actresses. He was said to have laced the drinks with date rape drugs, and soon, the actress became delirious and eventually passed out. The heartless goon was said to have violated her mercilessly and satisfied with his sick designs, left her in the room and took off. When she woke up, and finding herself naked and violated, she was said to have cried uncontrollably and feeling ashamed to inform the hotel and the police about the rape, and what that would do to her name and image in Nollywood, she chalked up the sad

experience as a teachable moment. She however, confided the ugly experience to some of close friends, who, in turn mentioned it to others, and now, it has become the least kept secret in Nollywood.”

The experience of the actress has sent deep chills in the industry, and actresses no longer deals with strangers directly. Most now insist on such ‘agents’ dealing directly with their managers first and if need arises for them to meet with them, it would be done in other people’s presence. Also, meetings at hotels, even though it may be unavoidable, are being frowned upon, by some actresses. Most will rather prefer a meeting in an office

setting. The sicko, who perpetrated the heinous crime, is said to have bailed out of town, but some Nollywood top guns are said to be on the look-out for him, and hope to apprehend him soon, and allow the law to take its course. Meanwhile, the actress has resumed her life, and according to close friends was lucky not to have been infected with an STD after the horrible rape based on the result of the medical test she ran.

African love Guru....Mad Funny!

Hi, my name is Jessica. My Nigerian boyfriend goes crazy when other men look at me. He said his ex-wife cheated on him but I do not understand why he flips each time a man looks at me. It is not my fault that I look good. Or is it?
Jessica, NY.


Oh, Jessica. His ex-wife cheated on him. Get that? It has become his big thing. Somewhere inside him, he feels incompetent and insecure. And the cheating incident has diminished him. And any sign of another cheating coming his way will make him squirm and fidget. In Nigeria where he comes from and where his head still is, it is the height of humiliation for a man’s wife to cheat on her husband. It is of course, okay for the husband to cheat on the wife. In fact, what you call cheating here is celebrated as a man’s display of prowess. So you lose out as soon as men began to look at you. You reminded him of a bad dream.
A Nigerian proverb says that if a man is stung by a bee, he begins to fear even the housefly. Reassure him that he is the best man for you, and no man is good enough for you, except him.


Hi, I have been dating this African guy for a year now. But he has never introduced me to his parents. Why is that? I kind of feel that things are going on well between us, but this troubles me a lot.
Betty in Dallas.


Oh, Betty Betty, are you fat? Ok, too harsh, too negative. Are you pretty? Are you thinking of marriage or suggesting that in subtle ways? Are you expensive to maintain? I ask because if you are pretty, you do not talk of marriage and you are not expensive to maintain, my African guy in Dallas will
go out with you until he is ready to get married. He won’t tell his parents because when it is all said and done, you are of no consequence. Sad, but true. He will tell his parents when he meets the kind of woman he wants to marry. In the part of Africa where your guy came from, dating is seen as “iti okolobia “– “youthful exuberance.” Marriage is a different ball game. African men must wipe their eyes clean before they go into marriage.

Dear Love Guru, I have been married to an Igbo man from Nigeria for five years. Recently, things between us have gone sour. There’s nothing I do that seems to satisfy him. He says that I am not doing enough to be Igbo. I don’t get it. He wasn’t into Igbo things before. Now I am confused. Please help.
Annabelle in Portland.


The man is tired. Your man, I mean. He will leave you. And soon too. Here is what happened here. He is getting older and is beginning to think like his father. He has rejected his assimilation. Nothing can save your marriage. Not even if you wake up tomorrow and begin to act and speak Igbo. Of
course, you can be submissive, lick his behind, but like an Igbo proverb says, you can cure a mad woman but you cannot stop the intermittent flapping of her eyelids.