Stella Dimoko October 2012


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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Check Out Actress Adora Ukoh's Husband Marvin.

The Plus sized Actress recently had a secret Traditional and Court Registry Wedding.

Check Out Adora and her hubby Marvin......

The Actress mentioned me on twitter yesterday and angrily asked me to go get a life..I  totally  agree with the actress and that she has a right to be angry at me for leaking her story but wetin she dey hide?is the secret ,marriage just to flow with the recent celebrity secret marriage trend abi she dey hide something?

Adora your fans deserve to see who you married thats why the picture got to me.....I am happy for you and wish you a peaceful married life!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Its Black..Its White....Its Love!

Check Out Comedian Ayo Makun(AY) and his beautiful wife Mabel.
They look so good together and one cant help but notice the 'black and white'.

The comedian always says concerning mabel''God bless the day i found you''

May God continue to strenghten them both......

errrrm is Ay amongst the short comedians?lol, dont mind Mabel,na the high heel oh,

Friday, October 26, 2012

Rapper MI Abaga God Bless You!

The Rapper like everyone else who watched the ALUU4 Killings on youtube was so traumatized that he decided not to let their deaths be for nothing....nothing

His song titled ''Ashes''has  Lyrics that would make even a man with a heart of stone weep whilst listening.....

The Governmentt has made noise about prosecuting the killers of the four young men whose horrible deaths still leave a question mark on how life is valueless in Nigeria,they have promised to make sure justice is served but the truth is that it is better to imagine a fish taking a bath than to believe whatever promises it made by those ruling in Nigeria.

MI has rapped his bit and has made sure no one will forget that horrible horrible crime
His action shows that we may not all be related by blood but the blood of the motherland flows through us all.
Thank you MI and God bless!

The talented Rapper ends with these words

Feels like I stood there watching,
the pain the brutal torture
And added my silence to the violent screams
Of: Burn and torch em.
How do you earn misfortune?
Or does it come unbidden?
If life’s a painted portrait,
Who puts dark colors in them?
If there’s a God in heaven,
Surely he’s weeping now.
As all the blood is shedding
As all His people drown.
God help us all.
Rest in peace Chidi.
Rest in peace Lloyd
Rest in Peace Tekena
Rest in Peace Ugonna
Rest in peace to the Students murdered in Adamawa state.
Rest in peace to those two young girls.

Tonto Dikeh Interview:......''I have Made History''

As soon she took the call and found out who the caller was she said"I saw your tweet stella,I saw your blogpost also where you mentioned you would call me for an interview,I really don't like interviews and I don't know what kind of questions you have this time"
I assured her it was a normal interview session,one to do with her controversial singles "Hi" and "Itz Ova". She obliged.

What prompted you into singing?
I love music and I wanted to do my own thing,to contribute my own music.

You got monstrous negative response to both singles. How did feel with all the attacks?
.....I listened to my songs over and over again and I told myself I  did well. In all I see only the postiveity in it,I made History. Peoles opinion of how my music was has further strengthened my belief that dreams die when you let the next mans opinion get to you and I am using now to pass a message to everyone out there,if you can just do it. Don't let anyone's opinion kill whatever dream you have or try to stop you from taking the next step.

You tweeted that you were not giving up. Does that mean you will become actively involved in music?
...I love my acting career and I don't see myself jumping into full time music. I am however shooting the musical video of my songs,I will not let the hating stop me.

You released your song on Wednesday October 17,2012 and two days later despite the negativity your song had hit 5.2million download on the internet. How do you feel?

...The most unanticipated and hated song  became the most talked about,most controversial,most downloaded and of course the most listened song.I feel great stella,no regrets.!

We look forward to the musical videos.till then I am sure comedians will soon add
Your song jokes to their shows
...Hopefully. Thank you and here's a loud shout out and thank you to everyone who stood up for me.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Check Out Actor Osita Iheme In Vuzu TV Photoshoot.

I broke the News that the actor recently became the face of Vuzu TV in South Africa.

Checkout some of the pictures taken during the commercial shoot.

Actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeimde's Hot Butt!

A list Actress Omotola was recently in the UK for the Premiere of Movie 'Amina' and she stepped out showing of how her Alist butt looks from behind.

Methinks she looks great,well toned body and for someone who's had four children,i think shes still hot!!!

Kim Kardashian Please step aside,Nollywoods Omotola takes the trophy for this well packaged butt!

Check out the A list Butt.

Monday, October 22, 2012

MEMO:Jim Iyke Go For Anger Management Please!

Before i start with this;I know Jim WILL GO AROUND POSTING TRASH as anonymous on where ever this memo comes up but who cares?

You live on the Internet defending yourself on various blogs and posting incoherent babash, cussing out the blog owners remember?Be my guest.

I start this memo by quoting the lyrics from Abolore Akandes(9ice)song where he mentioned the words "baaaaastard"in reference to his ex friend rugged man.
Ikechukwu(Jim my axx) you are exactly what 9ice said,a "baaaaastard"
I did an exclusive story that your 11yr old son has surfaced,which is true,abi you wan contest am?
The story went viral and probably spoilt your chances of one of your yahoo-yahoo love scams in Houston where you are as I write this. ---and you go gaga?

...And  you used your cunnilingus fingernails to dial my home phone and use the swear words on my family the hearing of my children who are still traumatized,the children you so badly desire to have one day as a human being,the ones you used to refer to as "beautiful'.
You called me "ugly bitch" and you are so frigging correct,the thing is of all your plenty sisters,I cannot remember anyone of them winning the Most beautiful girl in Nigeria beauty pageant or even Miss world.
Your anger has brought you nothing but bad luck.ask yourself why you have no true friends or why no press man will touch you with a long pole. ...go on,ask yourself!

You keep threatening to beat up anyone you enter into your log of bad books and I wonder if you are Superman. Na so you go Cameron them beat you so tey your fingers broke and you cooked up the "falling on a glass table"story.tell it to the cuckoos!

If you ever think of swearing to beat me up because I did an exclusive that you have an 11yr old son who is in existence,I will find you and the day you lay your epileptic hands on me will be the last day you ever try to beat up any woman again!...agbaya go and find your mate to bully!

At your age(you don pass 40yrs abeg)you should be happy of such news but instead you are in Houston running from various one dollar shops to another and after you go spread pics for Internet begging for headlines like "Jim iyke spends trillions on shopping spree"..Na today?
If you read this memo,you are free to leave an anonymous hater comment here or any where else but please delete my numbers from your phone and do not call.
Go and see a shrink doctor and get help for anger management abeg.

You seem to think everyone is envious of you,wetin you get?you freaking parade used cars in your 'rented'garage in Abuja,I roll a brand new Mercedes,tear rubber!
I know you will read this,so I close with this 'stellar advice'

"It is only an heediot like you that refuses to see the handwriting on the wall,even when the letters are slapping at your pomo mouth".
You are a liar,a cheat and you have a wicked wicked heart. if you call me ugly because I kick ass with my stories,remember I granted you your first ever interview where you said your then ex(actress stephnora okere)used to beg to be beaten before sex?bollocks!
All the 11years i have been a reporter,i have done nothing but defend your sorry ass even when i knew your hands were soiled...that's what 'freinds' are for !

This is a friendly memo,if you push me again,I will get 'high' for you and send another one copying the governor of benue state swansan!.....A word is enough for the ain't.

I thought the devil was a liar till I became friends with you! you train devil to lie!

The next time you try to set me up again,I will be waiting for you at the trap and I will fix the hook on your shriveled,over used balls!
Remember that I am not Cornell udofia the reporter you messed up/tried to use to mess me up. My name Na 'sterra'!


Nollywood Beauties Spotted In Houston.

The Giama awards hosted by Newest daddy in town Actor Jim Iyke Held last Night In Houston.

Check out the pictures of some of Nollywoods finest.

Actor Osita Iheme FACE Of VUZU TV.


Are you already converting the amount to Naira?okay how much did you calculate?
Well make you dey there dey calculate another man money oh.
 The aforementioned amount is what your favorite actor osita was paid to be
endorsed as face of vuzu TV in south Africa.
Vuzu TV is an Entertainment TV and the endorsement will run for six months.
The actor according to insiders just finished the commercial/photo shoot.
 Nice one Osita,congrats and all the best as you chop ya dollars!

Ondo Gubernatorial Election:A Reuben Abati Perspective.







As Nigerians continue to celebrate the success of the just-concluded governorship election in Ondo State, it is important to note that although the president would naturally have wanted his party, the PDP, to win the governorship election in the State, the fact that he has never abused the enormous powers of the presidency to influence the outcome of elections shows that he is a man of his words, a committed democrat and a President who believes in the rule of law and the supremacy of the will of the people. Ahead of the Ondo State 2012 Gubernatorial elections, here is what the President said at the Democracy Park in Akure, Ondo State on October 13, 2012:

"What we can guarantee the people of Ondo state is that the commitment of this present administration to ensure that Nigeria continues to remain high in the comity of nations in terms of how we select our leaders remains constant. It is going to be one man, one vote, one woman, one vote, one youth, one vote."

While reacting to the news that some political parties were mobilizing thugs for the election, President Jonathan added: "I was told that some people are mobilizing thugs from everywhere, if they like they can go to anywhere to bring thugs, the Federal Government will not allow any thug to come out that day, and if you know you are a thug or your child is to be used as a thug, carry them away from Ondo state, because government will never tolerate any rubbish. It will be free and fair election and nobody will frustrate the commitment of government to project Nigeria truly and nobody will allow thuggery."

The President made a similar promise, most recently in Edo state. And he kept his words. He has kept his words again. Discerning Nigerians will readily admit that Nigeria’s electoral process has been truly transformed under President Jonathan’s watch. Apart from ensuring free and fair elections in Edo and Ondo as in every other part of the country, President Jonathan was also the first person to congratulate Governor Mimiko. A man of his words! A true sportsman!

President Jonathan also commended the dutiful, patriotic and law-abiding electorate of Ondo State as well as the INEC personnel and security agencies who ensured that the elections were peacefully and successfully conducted in keeping with his Administration’s commitment to making elections in Nigeria progressively better organised and more credible.

As Governor Mimiko prepares for his second term in Office, the President has urged him to rededicate himself to work even harder to justify the trust and confidence reposed in him by the people of Ondo state who voted overwhelmingly for his re-election.

President Jonathan has assured Dr. Mimiko that the Federal Government will continue to engage constructively and positively with the Ondo State Government in collaborative efforts to achieve faster socio-economic development and better living conditions for people in the state and all other parts of Nigeria.

Ondo Gubernatorial Election: Another bright moment for Nigeria! President Jonathan’s transformation agenda remains sure and steady.

Reuben Abati

State House, Abuja



Sunday, October 21, 2012

PIC OF THE DAY:Actor Kunle Afoloyan.

Dont you just love him?This picture taken on a production set,just shows that no one can cheat nature....The sleep hold am for work eeh,he had to ask the generator to step aside!

Tonto Dikeh Laugh Lines.LOL

On Wednesday October 17,2012 Actress(abi make i add musician?)
Tonto Dikeh caused quite a stir with the release of her two singles.
The news went viral and the various reactions went hyper viral!.
The first ping i got on bb asked me,

''Are you thinking of committing suicide?life don tire you?
you think its ova?please plug on your ear phone and listen to tonto
dikehs music,its the fastest way to die''.

.....Then it became like a joke and lots of re-modified pictures were passed around and the laughs went on till the next day.i saved some of the pictures to share with you...just for laughs.

The one that really cracks me up is the little boy who is being caned by his teacher for listening to the song.that picture and the words are marble.

This was first published on 21-10-12 but I had to dig it out from my archives for a LOL ...hope it cracks you up cos i cant stop laughing!

Nigerians are a talented bunch .Enjoy.

Friday, October 19, 2012

EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS:Actor Jim Iyke Has An 11yr Old Son..

For some this might be a shock,for some others''its been a long time coming''!

Well you can take this info to the bank...Jim iyke has an 11yr old son who has just been unveiled,the little bloke is named Mario Ikechukwu and lives in the Uk.

According to the info ''Jim just found out he has a son who is his mirror image and he is in shock because he found out a few days ago and does not know how to handle the situation.he is yet to meet his son but they have spoken once on the phone''.

The controversial actor met and fell in love with Chantelle Nkechi Benson an Abia state University undergraduate (now a Uk based Barrister) Many years ago,one thing led to another and she found out''she was four months pregnant whilst on pills''.
She left Nigeria with Jim's new born baby without his knowlwedge and kept him secret for 11years but the lid was blown off Chantelle's secret when a concerned cousin called Jim and told him about his son...The cousin gave Jim Chantelles Number and the shocked actor called to find out the truth.

Little Mario is described to be as headstrong as his father and is unhappy about having a celeb father he has not met before.

As you read this;actor Jim iyke is sober and in great shock.

We hope father and son bond very well.

Ooops by the way,Chantelle is a drop dead beauty and is financially stable.

I have contacted her and she said to me''Please Stella, Jim has been very nice and trying to bond with his son.i really dont know how you got this info but i dont want my son out there''

Chantelle told me the story of what happened and why little mario was kept a secret.

Check out Encomium Magazine next week on tuesday october 23,2012 for the super exclusive chit chat.

Buy Encomium and stop looking to read free!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Releasing her two singles on Wednesday October 17,2012 earned her more controversy,one beyond anyone's wildest imagination.

If you missed surfing the internet on the aforementioned date then you will not understand why I am about to crown this actress 'most clicked Nigerian name on the internet'.

If the officials of Guinness book of records were paying any attention to the clicks on this name on the www yesterday,they would have made her an entry into their famous log.

Anyone can grab a mic and sing.I have a voice that might sell a few cds but I don't think I have the courage to spin me a single or put my voice out there.

 Some  have the nerves and I respect them for that albeit  that their songs do not make my A list...but what do you know?fortune favors the brave!

Tonto dikeh who was interviewed on Radio coolfm just before her song 'itz ova'came on air, told her listeners that her love for making movies is primary and she didn't think she would spin a career out of singing.
I listened to both singles and what I write further is my candid opinion,I do not belong to any club of haters who do so because they have nothing else to do..when I hate on anyone/celeb I try to do it constructively.

Her single 'its ova'is my favorite of  the two songs she released,it was not a 100percent but for me she crossed the pass mark,her voice was raw and has promises of delivering better tunes next time with some training.

Tonto dikehs songs were not as bad as it was made out to look yesterday and ignorantly all the hater comments have turned her name into the queen of the www.

If the amount of clicks her music/name  got yesterday
Was counted and converted into money.....

If I was her,I would go out there and spin a musical video of both songs and see who actually will carry out their threat of committing suicide because she sang!

I am not a Tonto fan but i give her an applause for her efforts,she had the liver to do it and i havent heard that the haters made her commit suicide yet.

Let me see if i can spin an interview out of her on this one though.

May God bless you as you read this and remember its not 'ova' keep 'hi' and beleive God that he will bless you at the right time!

Its not 'ova' and i dont freaking care what anyone says or thinks of this peice....hating is free,indulge yourself biko!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Delectable and sweet voiced Anne;better known as Domitilla for her prostitute role in a movie over a decade ago is set to start afresh lovewise.

The talented actress whos brief marriage with Actor Segun Arinze produced one child is set to Remarry the man of her dreams.

Anne who has made a come back into the Tubes is engaged to Mr Uzo Amadi, A movie producer turned business man.
According to info gathered,Mr Amadi has grown up children and has been seperated from his first wife for about 19years.

Heres wishing her all the best as she tries her luck at marriage again....body no be firewood!


The actress cried wolf on Friday September 28,2012 at prince palace hotel in Ukpokiti enugu as she labeled an eastern producer Bruno arsenal of having slept with her.   The movie set which had some A list stars was brought to a halt because of the loud altercation.

Insiders say that the actress
Had allowed Bruno into her room every night for sex until she woke up on the d-day to find out that she had been used and dumped.

Insiders reveal that the abuja based actress engages in prepaid sex when she is not acting. "She is holed up in a flat in abuja where about 20 young beautiful girls are holed up and go out for their daily sex business and pay 7k at the end of every week to the original lady who rented the house.

 The flat is located in Zone C Close 2 Golden gate hotel abuja.
There was a big fight in the flat/brothel on Thursday October 4,2012 and the police was called in and they raided the place.
The actress who engages in asawo work in abuja is

See original story here


I have been in shock since i watched the video where these boys were killed...

I can see the bloodied face of Tekena as someone whispered ''This one done die already...''

I can still see the others as they tried to explain that they were not thieves as they died....

I can still see the heavy stone thrown at ones head...

I can feel the pain their families feel..raw pain.

I listened to the National broadcast of The President of Nigeria this morning Tuesday october 9,2012 and he missed the part where he should have spoken up and condemmed how those four boys died.

All we have heard is lip service.

Just in case,Justice is not served,i leave this message to everyone in mourning right now.

''No evil deed can go unpunished.
 Any evil deed done by man will be redressed,
if not now, then certainly later, if not by man then certainly by God,
 for the victory of evil over good can only be temporary.''

Dele Giwa (1947-1986)