Stella Dimoko ''My Life Has Truly Been A Blessing..''.Ex Queen Regina Askia


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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

''My Life Has Truly Been A Blessing..''.Ex Queen Regina Askia

The still very beautiful ex beauty queen gushed on her facebook page today.
Regina is now a reigstered Nurse and has been doing great things for her
community in America.
This is what her facebook post says and i find it very deep.
''I told someone I was " Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria" more than 20 yrs ago and they said ...Yes Regina, ....I showed photos of my VGC home and the small swimming pool I had up in the back for my 7 y/o ......they say you worked here ? I said no that's was my home and that was my driver, my daughters nanny and the other young woman in the pic was the maid......., they say alright Regina......when convo begins on my work on television back home....i get looks.
The medical term for people who talk about seemingly fantastic " Delusions of Grandeur". My story above is not typical for a majority of the African American females so I must be some kind of afflicted? ( Speaking of which am I an African American female or an African immigrant ....believe me the difference is like night and day....) When I talk excitedly about reopening my day care and all the other exciting opportunities i embrace ....I get comments like all this is so dizzying what is wrong with you....When I muse about getting that lifestyle back they say " Good luck with that and how about you just go

 I really love that I was able to experience life as a citizen of the compare and contrast and be in a position to chase my dreams on which ever side of the continent I wanted....France, England, Russia, Japan, Canada, ......still contemplating South America...terrified of the drug situation.......

 I have been so blessed and I'm so thankful. My joy in doing all the "dizzying " things I do is to create opportunities for others to take flight just like was created for me, to watch little miracles each day as bodies battered through years of poor choices slowly rebuild and recover (nursing), babies who could only babble grow and can spell,write their names and hold a conversation with you beyond "no".... Lol.
My life has truly been a joy to me and I pray in all my dizziness that it will be a blessing to countless others and i would have left this plane just a little bit better than I found please people accommodate me....thanks guys....''


  1. Huh???? I don't understand a word of what I just read! What kind of write up is this? *confused face*

  2. Maybe she was Soliloquising! Meanwhile,we thank God say Bianca resign from the "most beautiful girll office n relinquish the crownm hmmmmmmm

  3. Sounds like a farewell speech....abego Regie,hope all iz well

  4. Read this over and over again. Well,thank God for you Regina Askia,thank God you are a living testimony that "North,south,east or west,Home is the best"! You are a stranger anywhere else and even when you attain foreign citizenship,you never might be celeberated like in your homeland #fact#. You were a Star here,you still are that's y u can still make news here. However,I salute your strength ma'am,you are an achiever by every means,you got kids,a husband(?),a career in Nursing,you are living a lot of people's dreams yeah n the sweetest part is whenever you decide to come back home,you will still be BIG. Meanwhile,continue reliving those "dizzying" moments!

  5. Okay, Regina please buy a diary, ramble and rant all you want in it but don't do it in a public forum, I beg of you. If you are going to write as you speak, please put the pen down until you can construct your thoughts in understandable sentences.


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