Stella Dimoko Actress Stephnora Okere Is Still In Love With Jim Iyke!


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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Actress Stephnora Okere Is Still In Love With Jim Iyke!

My Interview with Actress Stephnora Okere as Published in Encomium Magazine.

We have heard nothing from you for a while now. Where have you been and why have you been hiding?
" I've not been hiding, I just maintained a low profile. Its Mostly  because of the fact that I wanted to rearrange myself for the future having made one or two mistakes in the past.
I believe I have a lot ahead of me, so I need to be prepared, plus there are still things am doing that are just in the closet pending when I  am ready to unveil them.

.... What mistakes are you referring to?as an actress or your personal life?
...Both. First as an actress I allowed myself to put on  weight and that is not good for the kind of profession I am in.  when I gained weight, I lost a lot of offer for movie roles. I put on weight because I allowed my personal life issues to affect my mind and in turn my career.
My personal life mistake concerns  my involvement in a marriage process that never scaled through
I got involved with someone who doesn't understand what the word love means. it took me being involved in that relationship to realise what true love really made realise that  I had loved and still do love someone else before I made that  mistake"

...Are you referring to the reason your marriage crashed?.Who exactly are you referring to that You still love?you seem to be speaking in parables.

"I still love Jim iyke "

...Wow that's some revelation.I am sure even Jim iyke will be shocked to read this. Wow! Jim must have impacted on you strongly

"Jim was and is still the best friend I've ever had. He was not just around,he was There as a friend, brother, lover, companion, he was always there. He understood me."

Other blogs have uploaded this story before me and comments seems to suggest her confession is under fire and probably thats why her twitter handle @stefnora says today says
''well nothing bad in loving an ex,if you have an ex you are holding in hate please release them in love and set yourself free''

Hmm very strong message indeed.!

I dont know your story or what you been through stephnora but you preach love and thats cool.God bless and help you find your G-spot in Nollywood.


  1. She is still in love, She brought Jim Iyke into the industry, they dated for a while and its still on her mind. She should give it another try, who knows.

    1. Give it another try? Se iyen ma possible sha,that means Jim has to be poor and beggarly again. At the time they were together,Jim was brokeass,homeless and all else less,now that Jim has upped his ante,o ma hard gan for them to come back together and if Jim must do woman for money,the money gasto be bigzzz,ask the chic in Abuja. Does Steph have that kain dough? + her body never too old to dey take beating?hmmmmm

  2. Jim that used to beat you! Hmmmm,you dey find who go kill you datsall.

  3. I admire steph nora,somehow,I think She and Jim don't just fit. She's way too much for him,that was a very big comma in her life,now she wants to go back to it.its okay to miss an Ex especially if you played "Live-in"! Tomorrow now Shan George will tell us she's still in love with Okey Bakassi. Well,I feel Steph sha,if you replace a Jim Iyke with a Lanre Falna,e no get how,you must miss and Love the Jim Iyke

  4. unknown celebrity3 April 2013 at 14:38

    Jim iyke also dated rita Dominic who gt pregnant 4 him nd aborted it...dat guy 2mi is no good..d only fin she is crazy bout is d way jim fucks her..i learnt she likes it wen he beats nd fucks her at d same wa 4 al dis confused women..go nd give birth ooo b4 u old finish

  5. Go 2 hell stella,r u nt d no 1 hater...if u like post if u like don't post me na care...hypocrite!!and ma name is isabella.

  6. Whts jim sayn, steph hmmM hop its well wth u oooh, abeg find out 1st if jim iyke get space 4 u, I mean is he in love wth u, or wl he love u now enof to kep u, don't die 4 nothin, 2face n annie destiny is different oooh

  7. Bella or woteva you call ursef, stella is only doing her job. If you don't like it go hug phcn cable. Rubbish!

  8. As much as i don't like Jim i admit that he has developed himself within the entertainment industry , the lady is below his level now . He won't touch her with a ten inch pole


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