Stella Dimoko Explosion In Lagos Yesternight Was Not A Bomb....


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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Explosion In Lagos Yesternight Was Not A Bomb....

Two explosions occurred in Apapa, Lagos on Wednesday night, with sources claiming that five persons died while many were injured.

According to Punch the explosions occurred almost at the same time, with the first at the entrance to the Folawiyo tank farm and the other inside the facility.
It was gathered that the explosion inside the tank farm left four people dead and many left injured.

According to sources, two petrol tankers were involved in the explosions. The trucks were said to have caught fire after they exploded.
It was also learnt that the fire that followed the explosion inside the terminal was quickly put out.
The Lagos State Police Command’s Public Relations Officer, Ngozi Braide, said, “I learnt that a tanker carrying fuel burst into flames. The Divisional Police Officer of the area and other policemen are at the scene of the incident.”
When contacted, the Director, State Fire Service, Rasaq Fadipe, said it was a gas explosion and not a suicide bombing as claimed by some eyewitnesses.

He said, “Suicide bomber? That is not the information I have. We were told of a fire outbreak caused by the explosion of a gas cylinder in an energy company.

“I cannot give you exact details because my men could not get easy access to the place. But they are on ground and casualty details will be given when the threat is brought under control.”

*I hope this calms all the people who called me screaming Lagos was burning.To the other lady whose drivers phone was found near the corpses,i hope he is okay?please send me sms to confirm you got home safe.


  1. Replies
    1. Better? Really?!?!?!

    2. It happened near my office. I was driving out when it happened. Everybody left their cars and ran for their lives, me too o....I thank God I was still fat from the explosion.
      A container fell on a car and I thank God it was the bonnet it fell on. This morning, a 40 feet truck fell and blocked the road. Traffic in apapa now no be here.....

      It's amazing how the clearing agents use rickety trucks without belts to carry their luggage, I just tire.

    3. IYALAJE OF SDK BLOG26 June 2014 at 14:53

      Nah to just dey look and b prayerful. Bcos as it is now hun....its well with dis country

  2. God help us in this Country!!

    God keep us and ours safe as well!!


  3. BLOG ANALYSER: tank God it was not a bomb. I almost didn't sleep last was thinking abt the value of life. R.I.P to the dead

  4. Na wa oh
    Lord help Nigeria!
    Tired of all these blast here and there

  5. Explosion! bomb blast! Fear! Panic!
    Everyone on the run.
    But where exactly is safe?
    The world is fast approaching its end.

    1. Lmao! Nne please oo I never marry born pikin. I'm in a dead quiet city so this world is not ending over here. But I understand.

    Hian, am tired of all this bad news everyday abeg.

  7. Bomb blast or fireoutbreak....truth is it still claimed lives...d only difference is that the bomb blast was premeditated..... Too many calamities abeg....I Don tire for tales of woe.....

    Abeg una Goodmorning o
    Thank God you are all alive with data sef...and eyes to read my comment...
    One love

  8. May God guide us and protect us all"


  9. It had better not be suicide bombing coz if not, Lagos won't contain us and those holigantuans

    In another news, I think d Pepper we R having right now is d ORIGINAL Pepper and not an inposter or some1 with slip personality disoder like some pple think. For Pepper 2 kno my Fura Da Nono days, then I give it up 2 her.
    I think d lack of sugar and ginger in her recent comments is due 2 her mood or smthg so we shld jes tryna accept her d way she is.
    Dear Pepper, i'm not looking 4 u any longer o, even if u were lost b4, I'm happy dt I've found U!

    Yours Truely


    1. Oh yes Eesah...she is the real pepper its just that people here have killed her vibe and it all started when Stella recognised her....
      Pepper,I will always support you.keep being you jare...

    2. In a bid to be funky, you just tabon all over the place. We should just tryna accept her? The pepper we are having? Slip personality kwa. Naija ed system...I hail!

    3. @anon 12:23 so 4 ur mind u don make sense abi? U couldn't use ur initiative 2 kno dt I meant split personality.

  10. Hmmnn I suspected that when I read it on another blog. Seriously if the hit lag(God forbid) I am never stepping foot into that country. I will hate for that to happen

  11. Phew! Let me enter my volvo, start it and head for apapa right away! Hiihihihihihihihi

  12. PD Young Billionaire26 June 2014 at 10:59

    Thk God o, I don cry yest already thinking it was BH.R.i.P to the dead.

  13. The Lagos own is not a bomb.

  14. e ma se je ka fina sori orule sun
    recently BH vowed to start using petrol tankers to commit their attrocities

  15. I just knew it couldn't have been a bomb blast, they should just do something to curtail these fire outbreaks in lagos cause its getting toomuch.

  16. Thank God it wasn't a bomb blast. But then, it is still sad news as people lost their lives.

  17. i work in Apapa but left before 8.30pm only to see it on a blog late night. i called my boss and he said he didnt hear of it. i had to take my time to get ready for work this morning, Thank God it was an explosion.

    God pls blind their eyes from Lagos. Amen

  18. a.k.a EDWIN CHINEDU AZUBUKO said...
    Boko haram no make us knw which one be them and some thing again.....

  19. OPC haff warned dem. If dey try bomb any prt of lagos na 2nd abi 3rd world war.. dey shudnt evn dare it oh.. Those OPC men. Dia hrts na rock oh.. imagine 2devils fight.. dats d picture.. God hlp dis country & save us all.. RIP to the dead.

  20. Thank God o...was shocked when I saw bomb blast in Lagos on tv..ยช♍ glad it isn't true cos once they enter Lagos,one Nigeria is over.


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