Stella Dimoko Dad Of Slain Student Wants To Meet Sons Killer And Ask Why...


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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dad Of Slain Student Wants To Meet Sons Killer And Ask Why...

Diran Lin lost everything when he lost his son, Jun Lin.
Now, the only consolation the grieving father will settle for is knowing why Luka Magnotta chose to murder the Concordia University student.


"What he did was very cruel," Diran Lin said on Monday morning in Montreal. 
He addressed the media with the help of a translator, nearly one week after Magnotta was handed a guilty verdict for killing the 33-year-old Chinese student in 2012.

He said he still hoped to meet Magnotta in person to ask him why he killed Lin.
"I have nothing to say to him. He’s a beast. He’s worse than a beast. But I just want to ask him why he did this," Diran Lin said.

He commended the Canadian legal system and Judge Guy Cournoyer for finding Magnotta guilty of first-degree murder. 
He said he was satisfied by the punishment — first-degree murder comes with an automatic life sentence in prison with no chance of parole before 25 years. Magnotta was also found guilty of four other charges.
  • Lin's father spent four months in Montreal, sitting in the courtroom every day of Magnotta's murder trial. He retired to a room when the court was shown graphic evidence of the murder.
"I came here for the trial first, because I miss my son," Diran Lin said. 
"Another reason was to find out why it happened, but there is no result for this."
A visibly emotional Diran Lin thanked Montrealers, Chinese students in the city and journalists for caring about his son's death.
“I want to say thank you from my own heart."

Diran Lin said he expressed concern when his son told him he wanted to move to Montreal to do his master's degree in computer engineering at Concordia.
'No matter what sexual preference he [had], I love my son. I respect his freedom.'
- Diran Lin
Lin promised his father before moving from Beijing to Montreal that the city was safe.
He said he has visited the city on a few occasions and that he believed his son would be secure while attending Concordia.
Even after his son's horrific death, Diran Lin said he believed Montreal was a safe and welcoming city. 
Over the course of the 10-week trial, Lin's father has become recognizable.
He said people approach him on the street to comfort him, and that he received dinner invitations from members of the Chinese community during his time in Montreal.  

During Magnotta's trial, witnesses who knew Lin — including his former boyfriend Lin Feng — testified that Lin hid his homosexuality from his family.
On Monday, when asked about how he felt regarding this discovery, Diran Lin said he had up until recently not been aware of the term "sexual preference."
He said he often told his son to find a woman to marry and have children, and that Lin typically obeyed his parents.
He wished his son could have become a father. 
"No matter what sexual preference he [had], I love my son. I respect his freedom," he said.
Dec. 30 would have been Lin's birthday. Diran Lin said he would go to Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery where Lin's ashes are interred to mark the occasion.

Diran Lin, father of Jun Lin, addressed the media on Monday morning, nearly a week after Luka Magnotta was convicted of murdering his son. (CBC)
Diran Lin quit his job to come to Montreal for Magnotta's trial.
Lin said his wife, who stayed in China, is in poor health and is being looked after by a doctor.
As for himself, he said his hair turned grey over the course of the trial.
Diran Lin is expected to return to Beijing in January, but he doesn't know quite what he is going back to.
"Losing my son means losing everything to me," he said.
A fund was started by the law firm representing the Lin family members to help them get back on their feet.

So far, $15,000 has been collected for the family. Lawyer Daniel Urbas said more donations are needed to help support Diran Lin, his wife and his daughter. culled


  1. Losing a son can be very traumatic.

  2. How do this murderers sleep?.....Rip to Jun.


  3. Canada is pretty liberal so I'll be surprised he was killed for being gay.

    International students especially Indians are usually targeted by racists though.

  4. BLOG ANALYSER: Heart breaking! Its a pity.

  5. Hmmmm....seems to be a day for sad news. ..don't forget to pray people. ..May God keep us safe. ...

    Note to gays and lesbians: your sexual preference is your business. ...keep it behind closed you don't cause your family grief when one intolerable person takes the law into their hands....Be guided...

  6. Oh what loss, I pray he gets back on his feet soonest. Its well sir

  7. This is so Sad. May the Murderer know no Peace of Mind even with the Judges verdict. He will continue to suffer for taking another man's life. God please console the family your own way Lord! - Iyabo the Only One

  8. He should have left him and his sexual perference with God. Now all his sins are on him. The father is grieving terribly and the mum, oh God. May we not witness the death of our child in Jesus name, amen.

  9. May d good Lord strengthen the family

  10. Eeiyya I feel so sorry for him
    That murderer is a beast nd i'm glad he's gonna rot in prison. RIP to the dead guy!

  11. Eeeeya poor Man.
    God wil give u d fortitude to Bear dis loss.
    REST in peace now Lin.

    I always wonder why some deranged animals masquerading as Human beings think it's ok to kill another Human being.

  12. No Parent should go through this, it's not just fair, why kill someone cos they don't have the same preference as you, these Psycho paths should choose their Victim wisely, if they don't have any qualms about going to jail for taking lives, they should look around them we have so many visibly evil people that will do the world a whole good by their demise.
    RIP Lin.

  13. Chaiiii,,na wah ooo..RIP

  14. I will never understand why any one will kill another man because he is gay or a lesbian, it is a free world after all. It is also their body, why are some people so intolerant.

  15. It's really sad to lose a loved one, irrespective of who they were bfr death..may d Lord comfort him at this phase of his life

  16. Why murder someone for their sexual preferences... This is so wrong..this is barbaric

    Live and let's live


  17. Replies
    1. No parents should suffer the loss of a child, the mother is sick and now the man is heart broken which is even a worse sickness. May they find consolation in God

  18. RIP Jun Lin.....

  19. a.k.a EDWIN CHINEDU AZUBUKO said...
    This dad is really strong.... May his soul RIP....

  20. Is really a pity.may he rest in peace and may his parents be consoled. may they find peace of mind

  21. Dis is really sad... May God comfort d man n his family.
    RIP Lin

  22. He was probably killed by a gay rival!

  23. No parent should ever bury a child. Too sad.

  24. RIP Lin,may his family be comforted.

  25. He needs to find peace but I'm worried this might only hurt him more.


  26. Why do you guys think he was killed cos of his sexual preference? Luka magnotta is just nut/crazy, you should all go read the back up story or Stella should refer people to the main story.

  27. I don't believe he was killed due to his sexual perference. Although I didn't follow the trial but I followed on when the news broke. Luka is one sick B*****d. He mailed Lin's body part to different places including the parliament. I think they both had a relationship at some point till something went very wrong. I am glad that the justice system did its job and the plea of insanity was rejected.

  28. Chaii....every parents nightmare,so sad

  29. Whether he was killed because of his sexual preference or not, the bottom line is that he was killed and such deserve some level of sympathy to the father most especially.


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