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Saturday, August 01, 2015

Chronicle Of HOPE - .25

God is still in the business of healing!...


Please read the comment she dropped as anonymous in one post before she sent in her HOPE story.

"No Stellz, Na me and you waka come na!
Life...Will be 28 by August, no horseband, still a virgin, diagnosed of uterine fibroid, asked to go for HSG, IVU etc in preparation for the surgery.
The HSG scared me more than the surgery,thank God I didn't go thru with the HSG cause of my intact hymen though it has it's negative side. Doctor said surgery will cost nothing less than 60k, though is cheap here in the north
cause I read online it cost about 100k to 300k in the east and south, but mummy still has to look for who to lend her the 60k.
Just thinking, was the doctor right when he scribbled "bad girls grow babies and good girls grow fibroid on a piece of paper to my roommate back then at school during her case? 
Even inside the well, it is well!The Bible is my standard.
Pls my blog family, do pray for me, all things been equal will be going for the surgery come Thursday. Someday I shall send my chronicles of Hope in Jesus Name. Amen! Umunwanne m ka odi mbosi ozo"

Her Testimony to give hope to others who might have lost it

*All Smiles*
''Stellz of life and fellow BVs Kedi ije?
I was the Anon that dropped that comment on IHN of 21st May 2015 and
I am glad to be alive to share my fibroid story.
One faithful morning last year I woke up feeling slight pain on the
right side of my stomach. I thought it was one of this normal stomach
pain that will come and go so I went ahead and prepared for school.

Stells and BVs, few minutes after I got to school, I could not stand,
I was rushed to the school clinic. The doctor examined me and noticed
that my tummy was bigger than normal, she wanted to check by passing
her hand thru my VJ, Omo… The scared look on my face… I told her ho
ha! I am scared. I know she might be thinking “all this female
students sef wey dey pretend and na belle dem get” 

She wrote down a test I should go for in town and come back since the school doesn’t have such facilities. Few steps away from the clinic, I could not walk
again, I lay on the ground crying. Ha! I never wan die Ooo! I called
one of my friends, ahh… Chukwu gozie ya to come and take me to the
teaching hospital, a good Samaritan stopped and offered to drop us. 

My mum and elder bro was calling like kilode? *Tears on my eyes* Stellz
and BVs, the pain was so severe I thought I won’t make it to the
hospital, I  told my friend the money I was owning a group in school
and started praying to God to forgive me my sins. Yea, debt and sin
can hinder one from making heaven. *winks* 

Getting to the teaching hospital, my elder bro and his friend were already there waiting for us. Wherever we went and I showed them what my school doctor asked me to go for, they will just look at me and say I am pregnant.

 I only know of one virgin that gave birth, The Virgin Mary. Do you guys know
of any other? *Nods Head* I don’t think so. 

Fortunately, one of the doctors looked at me and asked “Are you pregnant?” I said no. She said I should lie down let her check, she saw my hymen was intact and so pregnancy is out of the question. I can’t remember how many drips and
injection I was given to subside the pain. By then it was already
clear that I will be admitted, that was when my bro called my mum to
pack some of my belongings that I will be admitted. My mum is so soft
that we didn’t let her know at the initial stage how serious it was.

When my mum came, she was already crying on her way. You can imagine!
After all said and done, I was diagnosed of multiple uterine fibroid,
discharged within a week to come back later for the operation.
        I cried, prayed, fasted, for the fibroid to disappear but it just
didn’t. The more I was delaying the operation the more my tummy was
getting bigger and the more dangerous it was. My mum’s friends had
different opinion why a young girl that is unmarried should not go for
the operation.
“She might not give birth in the future”
“No man will marry her if he hears she has gone for a major surgery”
“She should endure the pain till she is married”etc.
 For me I was just scared of death. Why should it be me? Why? Why?
Why? Why do bad things happen to good people?

I delayed till April 2015 when my sis came back and told me point
black that my tummy is getting bigger, that was when I made up my mind
to go for the operation.
        I went back to the hospital and told them I was ready for the
operation, I was given some test to undergo. One of which was HSG,
another nightmare. I never knew what HSG was really is till I went in,
Nwunye Korkus and fellow BVs, that one is story for another day.
Bottom line is I didn’t go thru with it. I went back to the doctor in
charge and explained to him, they explained to me what was involved
but I just could not go through with the HSG, not that I was scared of
losing my virginity, nope! I was just scared. 

To the Anon, that said she can’t believe I think HSG is worse than surgery. *Smiling* 
I will be put to sleep during the operation and won’t know what is going on
till I’m awake to feel the pain but HSG? I won’t be put to sleep and
can’t just bear to have something that is not a p*n*s been inserted.
Lol… I was just scared!

        On the 21st of May, I commented in the house section that you should
all pray for me that that I will be going in for surgery on the
Thursday 28th of that same month. I just got to know yesterday that
Stella posted a SOS about it  in the IHN of that same 28th that a BV
need to contact me to help. *Smiling* I check the time the INH news
was posted it was 14:00pm, I was at the theater battling
for my life. 

*Smiling Mischiviously* 

Is the offer of help still valid?

HONESTLY it will go a long way to help me. The surgery lasted for 3 to
4 hours, I lost plenty of blood, my PVC before the surgery was 38 and
after the surgery it was 17. Fellow BVs do not underestimate the power
of UGWU WATER mixed with MALT, although I was transfused once, but the
ugwu water mixed with malt helped and instead of 3 pt of blood for a
start Ooo… I only received one. The first 2 days of the operation was
painful, I was discharged on the 6th of May, The doctors, nurses,
cleaners and security men and women were so so so nice unlike one of
the teaching hospital I visited in the east, Aaaa… They were so damn
rude! Is been 8weeks after my surgery, apart from the little blood
spots on my panties, I am glad to say I am getting better each day. My
next check up is on Wednesday.

        To Nwunye Korkus, Anon 21 May 2015 at 17:40, Viva Ciara, Charismatic
Diva and all BVs, thanks for your prayers. May God continue to bless
you all!!!

        Sometimes when we are faced with certain situation and no matter how
hard we want it to go away and it didn’t, that doesn’t mean God isn’t
aware, He feels our pain, He understands, remember He won’t give us
something more than us. All we need is to trust Him by putting all our
eggs in His basket and all will be well. Yea! That doctor was wrong to
think bad girls grow babies while good girls grow fibroid. 

Gods way of reasoning isn’t same with ours. 


Above all, dearest BVs, although the pain, sorrow, trouble and
sickness we pass through hurts and weigh us down but what really
matter is life after death, where we shall spend our eternity, so, we
must try our best to live a life pleasing to God despite the trouble
of each day for someday we shall give an account of it.
“But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have
it entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared
for them that love Him” (1Corinthians 2:9)

Sorry for the long epistle. Have a nice day!!!



  1. Replies
    1. Wow,thankGod for really encouraged by ur chronicle of hope....may up healing be permanent.

    2. Exactly same story with mine only that I was not a virgin. But it's been 8yrs after and I'm not married yet and I've started having heavy menstrual flow again and they say the fibriod is growing again. That I need to give birth. I'll be getting married next year and I hope I'm able to conceive on time. I pray God comes through for me cos all my trust is on him now.

    3. @ 16:59, do not be afraid, you will conceive in Jesus' name, amen

    4. Amen, will be praying for u....

    5. Pls do not fear,He who puts his/her trust in God can NEVER be put 2 shame.

  2. Scared of surgery...

    Thank God it all went well. I pray your healing is permanent in Jesus name.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank God for u, am also a victim of Fibriod but an treating traditionally knw I will testify also. Pls reduce the intake of sugar nd diary foods nd food that has cholesterol.

  4. Sorry dear,thank God for seeing you through.

  5. Thank God for you may youe testimony be permanent in Jesus name, everything good will come.

  6. Thank God for your life poster. It is well.

  7. Glory be to God. Thank God for your life poster. It is well.

  8. Ok
    In totality,you have to keep your vijay busy.....
    Collect as many prick as possible and excercise your womb with several poundings and thrusting.
    If not,I'm afraid the fibroid would grow back.
    Virgins and their wahala.

  9. Can't imagine the pains you went tru.....
    God is your strength!

  10. God will indeed continue to make everything new for you even ur health.You are permanently healed in Jesus name...Get well soon darling,u r a strong woman!

  11. U made it look it easy with your write up your healing will be permanent and you will get married birth your own kids in jesus name..amen

  12. Wonderful chronicles.I am touched,May God bless u dear n he will perfect ur healing.

  13. Dear,you will be healed by God's grace

  14. Speedy recovery..fibroid @ 28? Goodness me!
    All I can say is thank you lord.

  15. Thank God for your life poster,your healing is permanent IJN

  16. Take your hand slap your face.
    If you are masturbate stop
    If your diet not high in alkaline adjust
    If you live in toxic environment relocate
    Love yourself and rely on God's provisions
    Say no to fibroids

  17. Thank God for your life Dear.he that started this good work in your life shall complete it, a good husband and Job will come in due time. And your babies.

  18. Poster,I thank God for your life.
    Your healing shall remain permanent in the name of Jesus..Amen

  19. Wow indeed. The lord will continue to strengthen u dear.

  20. Awww, so happy for u dear. Ur healing is permanent

  21. Wow am touched!!! U are a blessing to urself nd ur family...get well fast hon..

  22. Your healing will be permanent in Jesus name.

  23. Your healing is permanent dear bv.
    Quick and full recovery is my heartfelt prayer for you.
    Keep holding unto God, He never fails.

  24. Your Healing Is Permanent!! More Grace..
    .NOTE: Raise Your Words, Not Your Voice. It Is Rain That Grows Flowers, Not Thunder..

  25. Dearest my ur healing be permanent. Remain blessed.

  26. Nice...thank God for God. this testimony stirred my faith... what a wonderful God, indeed it is well even inside the well

  27. Wow... i bless God for your life.
    I remember your 1st comment and i felt so bad.
    I' m glad you are fine now.
    May your healing be permanent.

    And may the master physician also visit me soon and heal me in jesus name.

  28. His praises forever shall we sing! Even in the days of our misery and pains...May God be praised, Your healing shall remain permanent.

  29. I remember her comment thank you jesus! Your testimony is permanent

  30. Poster, I thank God for life. This is really a chronicle of hope to those that are sick. Your healing is permanent ijn, and the Lord will fulfill all ur heart desires, amen!

  31. HSG before fibroids operation? That's serious. I'm happy for you and I bless God for your life.

  32. Hhhmmmmmmmm
    May his healing be permanent in ur life....

  33. All Praises to Jehovah Rapha.. The Great Physician

  34. Tank God fr ur life,His mercies will nver depart frm u and ur family,Tiswell.

  35. happy for you. God is always God.
    there is nothing i that terrifies me like fibroid on a woman.

  36. May God make your healing to be permanent in Jesus Name, Amen.

  37. To think my case is the worst, God I thank you,from the bottom of my heart,dear ur healing is permanent in Jesus name

  38. Your healing is permanent
    God will confirm Psa 68:6 in ur life, crown you with an understanding man who is seriously searching for you now. HE 'L FIND U SOONEST.
    Don't worry ur fruitfulness is guaranteed Psa 123: 3........
    In Jesus Name

    Whose word do you believe ?????
    You are a rare gem sister
    Love you muaaaaaaah ! ! ! !


  39. Wow!



    Otito diri Jesu! May ur healing be permanent in Jesus name. Amen

  40. Awwwwww this is really touching. I pray God heals u permanently and he ll also perfect everything concerning u. Good husband and plenty children are coming ur way in Jesus name. Get ready for ur miracles. I remember your comment that day. God will continue to uphold u. You are blessed

  41. It is well @ d end, the Lord never fails.

  42. Your healing shall be permanent iJN amen

  43. Am lost for words, indeed God is!

  44. Stewie Gilligan Griffin1 August 2015 at 18:04

    You are blessed Dear. Praises to God for His permanent healing in your life, amen.

  45. HSG....horrible and a NO NO for me ever, Did twice during ttc and it was hellll. The next Dr mentioned it and I blatantly refused and walked away. He wont use previous report but his own and that HSG pain resets the brain. Thank God I got my kids now but those three letters: HSG still scares the shit outtta me. cant deal biko.. kyla

  46. My 2 posters una neva c anything o but i thank God for seeing you guys tru. I have been tru fibriod surgery, hsg before the surgery, one laparoscopy and i just had my 4th hysteroscopy. All cos after my fibriod surgery my uterus kept closing up due to adhesions. Now i have a coil inserted plus d surgery affected my fallopian tubes but with dis last hysteroscopy der is hope one of d tubes is open. I haven't lost faith n i believe God will not give anyone more than what they can handle and i know i will carry my own children in my womb.

  47. Please guys, to prevent fibroids or at least reduce the risk, exercise regularly. VERY REGULARLY. It even helps to reduce the size of and discomfort from existing ones. I am living proof.

  48. I remember all you've done for me. Your perfect sacrifice, your victory.......I bless you lord for the gift of sound health. Forgive me for counting my blessings in money. Thank you lord. Poster you are made whole in Jesus name. Amen.

  49. Dear Poster, I am very happy for you. Your healing is permanent in Jesus name.

  50. Thank God you came through it. The Lord will perfect your healing and affliction will not rise the second time in your life in Jesus mighty name, amen.

  51. Thank God. May ur healing be permanent

  52. HSG....hmmm,simply the test from hell.went thru it once in d course of TTC and I cried bitterly to God.thank God I'm carrying my unborn child.God will perfect his healing and provide a good hubby so the fibroids doesn't come back

  53. may God continue to be your strength

  54. Awww ! Dearie, May ur healing be permanent in Jesus' name, amen , same wit dat anon that replied under ur comment, I saw ur testimony as well but like 2 days after it was posted. God's favor is all I wish u both... More testimony ! Stay positive! Stay blessed!!

  55. God I wish women doesn't have to go through this, even when it is not has a result of what we did not do right. Am sad but I believe in you.

  56. God will complete the work he has started in ur life. Your healing is permanent in Jesus name. It's well with u.

  57. HSG the most dreaded test. I remember when my gynaecologist told me to do it last year, I delayed it till July. Eventually, I got a very good lab that gave me two option, with different type,; the normal hsg with pain or the advanced HSG without pain.
    Omo, I quickly rushed for the advance one, not minding the price. It was a painless procedure. I thank GOD the tube are bilateral open.

  58. Thank God for your testimony. God is good. Will have the fibroids they say I have removed at the end of the month. May God help us all.

  59. May God heal you permanently IJN Amen

  60. Thank God for your life,May God heal you permanently in jesus name.

  61. Hmmmmm am also a victim am diagnose wit fibriod and it's 4 in numbers even thou still small. Never knew Dats d cause of my big tommy and no matter how I diet my tommy hardly goes down. Am 26yrs old wit no boyfrnd. When I did d scan d radiologist told me since am not married yet dat if I do d operation now d fibriod might grow back dat it's better I meet a good gynaecologist so he can help me to manage it since its still small and hasn't grow big yet pending on wen I get married or ready to ve a baby. But mehn d pains during my menstral flow ehhh no be here. It's always very painful and I menstrate like 8days but after d 1st 4days dat re heavy d rest days re just little flows wit clotting. Dey said dey ve local treatment I ve meet wit d woman who does it but she said I ve to take d herbs and d tin will come out but I shldnt expect everytin to come out once it's gradually. And dat wen it's abt coming out I will feel a very sharp pain. It's scares me to hell Dats y I haven't gone back for it. My prayer now is dat God shld pls send me a man to call my own very soon cos I can give my own chronicles of hope. It's not bein easy but I knw God is in control


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