Stella Dimoko The Pessimist Vs The Optimist..


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Friday, January 08, 2016

The Pessimist Vs The Optimist..

A mom and dad are worried about the extreme personalities of their six-year-old twin boys --one's a total pessimist, the other a total optimist. So they took the kids to a psychiatrist.

First, the shrink leads the pessimist into a room piled high with toys and announces, "All of these are yours!"But instead of squealing with delight, the kid bursts into tears. "Why are your crying?" the doctor asks. "Don't you want to play with any of your toys?" "Yes," the boy says, "but I'm afraid I'll break them!"

Then, the psychiatrist takes the optimistic child into a room filled only with horse manure. Rather than run out of the room in disgust, the boy begins jumping up and down with glee, screaming "Bring me a shovel, bring me a shovel!"

"What do you need a shovel for?" the shrink asks.

"Well, with all this manure," the little boy says, "there must be a pony in here somewhere!"

Which child's disposition reflects your outlook for the year? Any lessons learned from the story?

-Story from Nigerian Info FB


  1. I forced myself to become optimistic. Got tired of pulling myself back with my thoughts

    1. Same here! That's what I'm working on this year. Better me.. positive thinking

    2. I'm a realist with a positive more negativity for me this year.


  2. We shld always see opportunity in every difficulty, shying away from all of our problems and challenges won't help us reach our goal.
    Iv always been an optimist tho!

  3. i learnt that every situation that comes our way should be used to our advantage.

  4. Nothing learned Stells...sorry. I'm so excited bout my new year though.


  5. Optimist all the way!

    There is ALWAYS a way out of every situation, except death.

    I've noticed it helps, because I've hardly seen an optimist that gets depressed and stays so.


  6. I used to be a pessimist but now am an optimist .

  7. Being optimistic can take you very far in life..

    i can never be pessimistic about anything at all..Even when the going is tough;i still BELIEVE i would make the best out of the situation..


  8. No I did not learn any lesson I didn't know before. Thank u

    1. I for fear..thought u'd call urself an optimist

  9. Replies
    1. By the time he digs up too much manure without seeing horse, him go turn pessimistic. 20% optimist, 40% realist, 40% pessimist.

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    1. Preach it! After making the same mistake over and over again...

    2. Leave her anon 23:00 let her spread the word #whether she made mistakes or not, for people who has not made any is through her mistakes she learned and now a better person in a better position to preach it.God bless you Aroma, we pray we hear.

    3. Nice
      It applies to men too

    4. Thank you anon 10:34
      Thanks guys

  11. The 2nd child of course, trying to turn obstacles to miracle by all means possible.

    *In other news, Fried plantain with Jolloff rice on my happy mind right now.

    Celibacy on my mind for this year. So help me God!

  12. Try to make use of any given opportunity cos u don't knw wat the result might be

  13. Enter your comment... Im d pessimist, fear could not allow me to drive a car hubby gave me. I keep on imagining having an accident tho i know how to drive. May God change my mindset.

    Nk4Christ on instagram

  14. a.k.a EDWIN CHINEDU AZUBUKO said...
    None of the above...

  15. Optimism always keeps one going.
    I can't come and die cause of fear of the unknown....
    I just have positive outlook in any unknown situation,no fear,no hopelessness at all.

    #keep the hope alive.

    1. U had to change ur blog id to comment

  16. Basically its all about having a positive outlook on life.

    The story says it all..

    If you believe that there's gold at the end of the rainbow, then gold you'll get.its that simple.

  17. Am a total optimist, I don't see negativity I see the best in every situation.... Praise God!

  18. Hmmmmmm
    Food for thot.
    For me, In all things in life, I am always optimistic, cos, my hope and faith is on God, HIS WORD & PROMISES for me.
    In d face of challenges, I am always positive in my actions & thinking.
    I tend to see opportunities in all I do rather than setbacks.

  19. Replies
    1. Everyone be forming optimist. Mtcheeew... Note, the optimist in this story will be the one covered in shit! My point? A healthy balance is your best bet!

  20. I see opportunity in every difficulty

    Please visit my blog Topmost Tree

  21. No matter what life brings I must look for the opportunities attached with it.there us no problem without solution

  22. *there must be a pony in there*.....#lol...that reflects my outlook


  23. Stella please allow me space to rant ! My mom is making my life uncomfortable! I pay their rents,and hospital bills as she isn't making any money from her petty trading.I pay my sister's fees and everything and I lost my job in dec. I lent 100k to my mom and told her I would need it back by Jan.
    I just asked my mom for the money now and she says she doesn't have and walked out on me.No explanation nothing! My daughter's fees is due next week, my rent is due, biko am I wrong to ask her for my money I lent her? She has never given me back any money lent before but I specifically told her I would need this one back
    I am so angry with her and I just may cut communications with her for months .is my anger justified

    1. Forgive her for your own good and be wiser with your finances next time.

  24. I prefer being optimistic


  25. Nice. Pony n manure , I don't follow

  26. I have always been an optimist and it works for me like magic.2016 will not be any different.

  27. Realist all d way...aint nobody got time for some manure sh*t!!!


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