Stella Dimoko Young Actor Olamide David Is Dead.


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Monday, January 18, 2016

Young Actor Olamide David Is Dead.

Nollywood has been thrown into yet another mourning following the death of a young actor, Olamide David.

David, who played the lead role in Foluke Daramola’s movie, Cobweb, died few hours ago.

The cause of his sudden death is yet to be ascertained at the time of filing this report, Foluke is lamenting on her handle.

RIP Young man!


  1. Chaai nna ah ga nke oma. Rip little man

  2. Read he was mistakenly kicked in the stomach while playing football with his friends.
    I wonder if the person had spike shoes on.
    The impact must have been very painful.
    RIP little one.

    1. I can imagine. Chai. That kind force he wanted to use on the ball.

    2. Blog to blog na ashawo.

    3. omg!
      This is sad.
      Such a young talent gone too soon.

    4. Omg are u serious sunshine???

      This is so sad...such a young boy! May his soul RIP

    5. Lols,it doesn't have to be a spiky shoe. It is blunt force trauma to the abdomen. Probably ruptured the spleen. He can bleed so much internally.

    6. If thats wat happened then he died of internal bleeding. Our nigeria hospitals r yet to know how to save ppl 4m that. Alot of ppl have died over the year of internal bleeding.

    7. Anon 12:24, you are either very uninformed or you are still a slave to "whites".
      I am anon 22:23 that commented a day before you. Only for you to come and steal my theory of internal bleeding and then say Nigerian hospitals don't know how to save people from that. I bet you are a quack somebody to make such useless comment? Even in the UK/america have they saved 100% of all cases of internal haemorrhage in their environment? Do you know that timely intervention goes a long way to determine the outcome of treatment? Do you know how many cases of ruptured ectopic pregnancy that Nigerian doctors/ nurses save everyday in the hospitals??? What do you know about concealed haemorrhage?
      Then again, you said Nigerian hospitals are yet to know, I guess you meant the hospital buildings should be experts too like that hospital in India where the fence operates on people.
      Medical professionals are part of the hospital make up. Hospital doesn't mean doctor or nurses or pharmacist.
      Poor people like you that have no choice will be talking trash when you don't even have 500naira to register in a cheap govt hosp instead you rely on native doctors/babalawo.

      One thing I am sure is this... they didn't take that boy to a hosp immediately. Since it was "JUST" a kick. A typical difference between the so called whites and Africans. Yet we expect magic at all times and very quick at blaming others.

  3. He is a talented boy,this is so painful. Rip

    1. RIP little one, rest well darling.,,,..

  4. Omg! This is really a sad news. The boy is just 14yrs. Rip

  5. Replies
    1. Rip honey...I pray you are at the bossom of my lord
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      USA, at the opening session of their Senate. It
      seems prayer still upsets some people.
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    2. Why did u allow this post Stella

    3. Rest in peace young one. Only God knows why.

      What's wrong with the post?

  6. This 2016 ehn,Lord have mercy.......RIP Olamide David

  7. He must have ruptured a spleen. Usually the case. Plus he can lose all his blood within minutes (internal bleeding). The tummy will just swell up with blood.

  8. He must have ruptured a spleen. Usually the case. Plus he can lose all his blood within minutes (internal bleeding). The tummy will just swell up with blood.

    1. My thoughts exactly.. RIP to him

  9. Chai rest in peace I hate hearing the news of young deaths

  10. Jeez, this is so sad. R.I.P to him

  11. Heya RIP to him, I don't know him sha

    *Larry was here*

  12. And my heart almost jumped outta my mouth immediately i saw 'Olamide'
    Nevertheless, RIP Little One, may God forgive ur sins & grant u eternal rest.

    1. Same reaction I had. So unfortunate! RIP.

  13. Rip, may God give his family the fortitude to bear the loss

  14. Eyah. I've seen him in some movies o.

  15. This year started with bad news... death everywhere RIP

  16. Rip. He was a smart one in movies

  17. Needless deaths in sure if u check details u will see a laxity in giving him urgent care.....RIP young one

  18. So sad.Rip little one.

  19. May his soul rest in perfect peace

  20. May his soul rest in perfect peace

  21. May his soul rest in peace. So sad

  22. Oh why why why???

    RIP little boy

  23. Rip olamide.

    May God grant ur loved ones fortitude to bear the loss

  24. OMG! This is sad! May God give his parents the fortitude to bear this loss.
    RIP little angel.

  25. Eeeeya.Rest now with the Angels little one.

  26. RIP Olamide. I feel for his folks.

  27. RIP young lad
    God console his family

  28. I broke down when I saw the news..I've seen the lil angel on screen once.

    Most painful is the way he died.I can only imagine the pain he went through when the ball made impact and in his final moments..

    Oh lord!

    Death be not proud!

  29. Rip this world ehh
    Death every where
    God kip us

  30. Rest in peace little actor May God give ur parent the power to bear the lost

  31. God rest ur soul lil angel!
    We can't question God,this is indeed sad!

  32. Such a young boy.
    I am sick to my stomach!

  33. Oh why! Death why! Ds few days in January has swallowed up souls oo. Baba God teach us to number our days.

  34. This is sad, may his soul rest in peace. I remember when he won that award.

  35. Eyah. This painful, too young to die. Rest in peace.

  36. Rip Olamide, may God console your parents, friends and Nollywood family amen. People, did we stopped praying for our celebs? The predictions of the pastors and prophets seems to be coming to pass oooh. Pls it's not too late to start especially with the declared fasting of various ministries, we can still reverse the evil writing on the wall. We serve the God of again and again and again, who can do and undo. Praise be His name alone hallelujah.

  37. May GOD Almighty give your soul eternal rest.

  38. RIP Dear, Rest in God's blossom

  39. Rip young man...I pray non of us will bury our children In JESUS Name...Amen....

  40. A pity. If he was kicked in the stomach, must have hit his spleen. Thats instant bleeding. Na wa. RIP little boy.

  41. R.I.P. May God grant his family the fortitude to bear the huge loss in Jesus name, Amen.

  42. Rip dear boy, oh lord please grant us grace

  43. May the good Lord accept your soul. Amen

  44. Rip dear I also lost a facebook friend Ines Oyibo may ur soul rest in peace

  45. RIP little man, may God give his family, friends and loved ones the fortitude to bear the losssssss

  46. so so so sad, rip

  47. oh my God. so sad, haa God console his mum. anifi ire gbaa amin Jesu


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