Stella Dimoko Educative,Entertaining And Inspirational - 154


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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Educative,Entertaining And Inspirational - 154

These are just pictures but they tell stories that will either Educate,entertain or motivate you.....


  1. Beautiful story at the prem Angel.

  2. Hemingway-what a terrible curse. The third pix is a definition of a miracle.

  3. Wow........the case of Ernest hemingway was clearly a generational curse,ignorance was the killer.

  4. 1. God forbid bad thing
    2. I am visiting that site after now.
    3. A mother's love is everything.
    4. Smart ass Lawyer

    325 comment 2016

  5. Lovely story about the baby.........little awesome human.
    Last lawyer saves the day and the dough.
    Hemingway curse......strong family history, definitely not a coincidence.........could be a mental disorder.....blah blah,

  6. @the first fact.. is it possible the whole family was Bipolar.. probably suffered depression?

    Aaawwwww@the Twin.

    The Casino hackers got a smart lawyer.

    1. Iphie, U were correct the first time.
      English is tough, here goes:
      A. The whole family WAS bipolar. OR
      B. The whole family members WERE bipolar.
      U're one of my favourites on this blog. Winks*

    2. Oh!
      Thanks anon for politely correcting me.

      *winks back atcha*

  7. No. 1 though. Inherited suicide! No. 3 is touching. The love of a mother!

  8. See their strong faces. Those last guys.

  9. @1, na wa o!@3,aww God of miracles.

  10. @pix1 the family is indeed cursed.

  11. Stella i'm feeling very bad now. My two papers today didn't turn out fine and it's affecting me emotionally and psychologically. At this point I really wish I had a bae I can talk to so I can forget everything. Oluwa the boo provider! Abasi mbok! Provide me with a boo cos this state of baelessness is gradually getting to me. *wipes tears*

    1. U don't need a boo to feel better u have your bvns here for u

  12. First pix:Something was definitely wrong with the family. Probably a generational curse or a medical problem of some sorts.
    3rd pix: Iya n wura(mother is golf). What a miracle.
    4th pix: good lawyer.


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