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Saturday, March 05, 2016

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narratives....

One Chance!!!


Please I need the advice of BVs urgently.
I encouraged a friend of mine to apply for an M.Sc. program to better boost her chances of getting a job with the hope that she will get a job and be able to sort out her bills (School fees etc.). She applied and got the admission last year and has started lectures but she wasn't able to secure a job. 

Problem now is that her house rent is due and she has even been served a notice to renew it or move out and also her School fees must be paid in a week's time or there will be a 50% increment for late payment. We thought of deferring the admission for a year to enable her gather resources but she was told she must pay school fees first before she can defer the admission. 
She's at a cross road and has asked for my advice but I don't know what to tell her. She has decided to beg a friend to squat her for now but what about School?

Should she just leave the admission? And lose all the money she's used to buy form, pay for acceptance fee etc., which is over 80k since she doesn't even have up to 30% (that’s even plus her business money inclusive because she sells bags and shoes) of the fees now and time is running out? She's been lamenting that if she knew it won't work out she won't have bothered spending the little she had applying for the program.

I feel like a bad friend cos I advised her to apply with the hope she would secure a job.‎ I've known her since our university days and know she singlehandedly saw herself through School through her bag and shoe business. Her parents aren't even financially capable of helping out.
Am I a bad friend for giving her this advice? I feel so bad and terrible that she's this helpless and it's my fault.
Note that she didn't know the School fees payment deadline will be this early (last session's fee deadline was open till almost the end of 2nd semester)
‎What do I tell her to do BVs? Please don’t cuss me out biko.

 Tell her that you didnt know it would be this early as per the deadline.....add ''SORRY'' to your explanation and then move on abeg.
*Yawns and Sneezes ATCHOOOO*



Stella good day. 
Please I'm a little confused on this issue and I need to hear from my fellow BV because I want to know where I stand. I don't want to make a mistake.

I have these guys: Mr. A has been disturbing me for marriage for two years now. Mr. A is a carpenter ,he said God brought him to my church because of me. I never gave him space and I have told him I'm not interested but he refused to let me be. I don't have one bit of feelings for him. I told him to keep off from me. I even went to some elders in the church to complain and they spoke with him but still he doesn’t want to give up. On my birthday, he sent an expensive gift to me and on Val’s day, he sent gifts to me but I had to return it because I didn't want it to look like I'm interested because of his gifts. 

It's not about his occupation but this guy’s teeth is very dirty. 

People he has had issues with said he is not straight forward. Stella, can God send such a person to someone? 

Now Mr. B is educated, earning about 100k. He has been on me since 3 years now though was not serious then but very serious now. He wants me to give him a yes for an answer but the issues I have with him is that he is too much into his mom. 

He can't do anything without his parents. He is the one carrying all the responsibility of his siblings and cousins, both the ones that are married with kids and the ones without because he is the only one working for now. When we were discussing, he told me he wants to send his elder brother back to school then take over the responsibility of his children and wife plus his aged parents, his widowed cousin and other siblings and still wants to get married and starts his family. Please I'm scared of telling him yes with all these baggage. 

I don't know if I'm been selfish or I'm not thinking right because I don't want to hurt him or tell him not to help his family but I feel the load will be much on us if I end up with him. Please advise me on what to do. I'm confused.

Na wah,e be like say you siddon for two one chanc at the same time.


  1. Replies
    1. A guy will be asking you out
      Call you on the phone,
      Text you,
      Ping you,
      Sometimes he will even wake you up from your sleep with his call...then he will now buy me gift and I will reject it?
      Do you know the time and energy I put together to receive your numerous calls?

      I don't have any advice for you too BECAUSE me self need advice

      10yrs no be beans

    2. My sister preach it

    3. 10yrs ke!!! You try o
      Bia poster, with all these negatives you listed out, why are you even bothering about any of them? You didn't even tell us how you feel about any of them or any good points to help us decide. It's like picking the best out of 2 rotten eggs!

    4. 10 years of what rich bee? Let me give you my listening ear

    5. Poster 2, you feel the responsibilities will be too much on him, what will you do to contribute to your immediate family upkeep? Truth is that a rich husband may not come now, but the mamas boy could get rich. I'm sure when he gets married and responsibilities increases, he will cut back on his 'helping'. Just make your own money and be ready to help yourself. You can keep waiting for a millionaire to come marry you's all about choice.

  2. OK welcome, let me go and read and come back to comment.

    1. May God punish poverty. Who send me message o? Stella will not post any of my mails or even enable my comments here. There is God o. Can someone come to my rescue? Even if its just to ask me how are tou today. I will be glad that someone cares o. How can one live in a world where no body seems to care? Even your own family? Hmmmmmm, my God please answer my call na, even if its just for 30secs. I believe that my story will change.

    2. I cant deal with bad or dirty mouth. Tongue, teeth, lips. It will surely affect our sexual life. I love kissing a lot. I dont know about you but the yellow teeth you mentioned is enough to say to a man for me o. My preference. The other guy, hmm. Baggage in baggage out. You noticed it this early, what makes u think it won't choke you later? Infact, if for instance, his sibling ask him for money and he tells him or her he doesnt have at the moment, the total blame will be heaped on your head. Put this into consideration but then follow your heart.

  3. Poster 1 you and your cunny advert.
    Who goes for a 2nd degree with no means of paying?
    Since you're such a good friend and know what's best why not rally round and solicit for fund for your friend.
    Or what do you want us to do?
    Open a go fund me account?

    Poster 2 you haven't seen husband yet.
    And God wouldn't speak to someone concerning you without speaking to you too.

    1. Yasmeen s, over sabi housewife. Took you almost 24hours to see something that isn't there and I meant advert not advice.
      Gosh you people make me sick.
      Learn to read and comprehend before poking your nose.

  4. Poster 1,
    Can't you assist her?...
    What are friends for?...

    Poster 2,
    I reject these kind of men for you...
    God forbid!...
    Where do you meet such men?...biko change your parole...

    1. Don't I jst love u? Dat "change your parole got me laffing mhen"

    2. Madam queen and boss, u too get mouth joor, but that truly made you the queen and at thesame time the queen of this blog. Nice one boss... Me liky

    3. You post msg and also come under it as anonymous. Mugu. Is it not obvious that its same person . Now what made u the queen? Just the rubbish u typed guess. We all know u are same bitch.

    4. Demola, u need a big GP tank of honey

  5. Poster 1
    So? We should do what? I'm sure you're the person involved. Come out plain and beg if you want. Mscheeeeeew!

    Poster 2
    Broke asses with dirty teeth will always want to rope God into their sorry decision.
    Please do away with both men, except you are ugly and desperate.

    1. Lmao,but why are u like this??

  6. Poster two y do you keep attracting poor men? Pray against it biko

    1. Hahahahahaaa, @Quiksilver nd xxxTrinity u both ar sumtin else. Chikito I join u bind abeg IJNA. Like queen nd boss rytly said, pls change parole, location if possible church. Hahahahahahaaaaa. Bless u

  7. Pls poster 2, he is carrying all this load on just 100k salary? Hw he dey take chop? Or is he stealing company's money to sustain himself, cos sorry 100k is too small ffor d kind of responsibility he wnts to carry.. speak to him abt it n if he doesn't change pls leave, u cntt come n kill urself

    1. I was wondering the exact same thing.

  8. Poster 1,Help her out if you have the money,if you don't have she shld forget about the admission.

    Poster 2,lmao
    One chance.

  9. Na serious 1 chance. @Poster 2.

  10. Poster one..


    Ezigbo mmmadu biko kwem zuo ike biko, o si na ogini? Msheww

    Poster two..


    Stop getting married, una no go hear! Oya marry mommas boy and suffer mother in law wahala

    Marry carpenter and suffer endless shame and perhaps even poverty all the days of ur married life till u run commot! Msheww

  11. poster 1: No stell,it is not a sorry and move on matter. this is one reason why I hardly ever listen to people unless it sits well with me. your suggestion was spot on but MO was wrong. you don't count your eggs before they are hatched. you get d job n save up a little before embarking on such project cuz then,there's financial security. if you got some cash,no matter how little to clear your conscience. if she can't raise that money or get a job, She just has to forfeit it o.

    1. *if you got some cash,no matter how little,"give her" to clear your conscience *

  12. POSTER 2: if this man wins a 30 million jackpot today, will you still have issues? Well just a question to enable you know your motives.

  13. Poster2, is he a capenter or Furniture maker? Them hold pay o. If na for d teeth, help him out. Evn if not for u to kiss Buut for anod woman. He'd appreciate for life. Abeg leave Mr.B please pls beta tins r ahead.
    Wait upon d Lord.

    Poster1, post dt msg also in IHN n stte d amount. I pray God sends an angel to her. Amen. U r a GOOD friend. U can also joint contacts wit her n ask for minimum of N1k each depending on d levels.
    Som1 may help in d Comment section ere. Thanks

    1. What should she do to the teeth? Did the poster tell you she's a dentist?
      So she should help him scrub his teeth clean for another woman???
      Mschew! To each, his teeth biko!

    2. Lmao @ help him scrub his teeth and to each his teeth. Wetin person no go hear for this blog. The teeth na latrine? Choi... Ewww

  14. All this with 100k salary? Sister, please move on. The suffer you go suffer ehnn, no be small

  15. Let me sit down and wait for comments especially that of the Queen and boss of this blog.

  16. P1, I believe their could be a miracle at the last minute. P2, agreed A is a no no because of the teeth, me sef no go do that kain teeth, but does B wants to kill himself ni? Ask him very well its either he is earning more than what he told you or he has other businesses at hand, kilode!

  17. Hmm... poster one I don't know what to tell you.
    Poster two. Please u need new men in ur life. Both of these men r not wot u need.

  18. Poster 1:
    Na advice you want, abi na money?
    I no understand.
    Wetin you wan tell her, wey go change the situation?
    You gave her an advice which you thought was best.
    It didn't really work out well, and I'm sure she's not blaming you.
    You guys can pitch in with the little you have as friends, which she'll pay you back,later, then she should squat with the said friends till she gets a job or makes enough sales to enable her get a house.
    You said she paid her way through school,selling stuff,right?
    She can do it again, till she gets a job.

    Poster 2:
    None of them, in my opinion.

    A has dirty, probably smelly teeth, and is not straightforward.

    B earns just 100 k monthly, and is responsible for both nuclear and extended family. And the end of paying for their fees and upkeep, will there be any change remaining?
    Plus, being with a man with such baggage is emotionally draining.
    Be ready to share him forever o.


  19. All dis posters no get problem...
    Annoying chronicles.

  20. Mr B does all that family ish with 100k per month? Is he multiplying d cash?
    Anyways, the worst thing is marrying a man without a mind of his own. his family can tell him to leave u, marry another wife etc
    Just tell mr A that he shld visit a dentist and bleach/clean his teeth.
    O, u said hes nt straight? But have u noticed it 1st hand or na dem say? See, plenty people have diff opinions about people even though they arnt sure.
    Just follow ur heart

  21. Poster 1-abeg move on jor,not all advice will work out the way we plan.
    Poster 2-Mr A is a small one chance,Mr B is a Big one chance,by the time you marry him,you will be carrying the load of the family while he concentrate on you and him,and once you start as a good wife,the day you stop,you will be tagged a bad wife,so look for another MR but this time with better prayers.

  22. P2 na double chance b dat,leave both of them b4 u send anoda chronicle after marriage. P1. U can help her out with some money if u av, otherwise just negodu.

  23. Mrs korks you are just too funny your comment on post number 2 is too be small two one chance...Lol

  24. P2 from what u said it seems the Carpenter is your hubby,why because he loves u despite your threat.
    As for the other guy run for your dear life ooo.,.because my sis is passing through same but thank God family stood by her.

  25. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Save it pls,we stay in banana island *Linda voice*

  26. Poster 1: You advised her with good interest at heart right?............pls don't feel guilty! Life has happened! Pray for her and encourage her. It's well with the both of you.

    Poster2: Oga carpenter came to church coz of you not for the purpose of serving God........ You realy don't need such deceptive attention.......pls flee! Don't force it, don't indulge him. Go stone cold and watch your back. We don't wanna hear acid was poured on you by a psycho.......................

    .And for family man, pls run , keep running, don't stop running. That man has his hands full to do anything worthwhile with his life. His responsibilities are like a piece of land, it can't be carried. Please don't get into that mess. They will see you as someone trying to block them from enjoying their brother's money.......and you will turn community enemy. Go and ask women who married "star of the family"........they are miserable and frustrated except they have great jobs. The relatives assume you are on top of wealth while you starve for other people's endless problems. Your husband will find you. This man's eyes need to open first to prioritize his life adequately and carry himself along as well. You cannot do it for him......Do not expose yourself to attackks and reproach from a very poor and likely problematic family if you choose to go with this. Love with sense!!!!!!!!!

    1. Wow Empress i'll love to be your friend. I love the way you reason

  27. Poster one how is this a problem . Abeg gerrahere!! Begy with style.

  28. Lol @ 2 one chance. My dear poster, forget Mr A, and tell Mr B what you feel and how is 100k salary supposed to do all that? Ok o

  29. Pray so broke guys won't come ur way again.

  30. Poster 1 beggy beggy with style
    Poster2 please leave mr2 to face his family. With 100k how is he going to do all that and cater for you too? You also sound like someone who's ready to stop him from helping his family when you two get married. Leave him please! As for Mr eleyin goro, two words-im mute

  31. Poster two you just made me laugh with that phrase "this guy's teeth is very dirty" I found that hilarious.

  32. Y can't I stop laughing out loud on the 2nd narrative? ROTFL.
    Your village witches dey on ur case

  33. Poster 1....i feel for your friend o.
    Poster2...Abeg free the two of them! What sort of men do u attract to yourself?

  34. @poster1 : is not your fault that things turned out this way.
    Try and give her the needed support in any way you can.
    It can be advise or words of encouragement.
    Don't listen to stella's advice.....
    She needs u now.

    @poster2 : please ignore both guys
    You don't love the first guy,so he's out of it.
    The second guy a time bomb waiting to explode.
    He wants to carry all the burden with 100k.
    You are too young for all ds shit.
    He wants to take responsibility of his ancestral problems!
    He should get his acts 2geda.
    Move on n wait 4 your own man

  35. Stella is not fair o ..
    I'm even more sorry for the girl than the boy.
    Poster two is not byforce,since you don't have feelings for carpenter move ahead I don't believe that God sent me to tell u crap.
    The other guy to has coma, my two cents is don't rush into anything.

  36. Narrative 1- you didn't do wrong, you only wanted the best for her. It's unfortunate how things turned but you had no way of knowing the school will change their policy on payment and deadline.

    Since she obviously can't afford the program right now, I would advise she leaves everything, what else can she do, except help comes from somewhere? Leave the program for now, focus on building back her life and business, then go back when she has enough money.

    You didn't do wrong, what if it had gone well? It's called life my sister.

    Poster 2- Mr. A has bad teeth and bad character, come be illiterate join, he shouldn't even feature in this narrative except you're stylishly considering him?

    Mr. B.....hmmmmm, I can assure you you won't enjoy him if you marry him.
    If he continues to carry all his family, it will be at the neglect of you and in time, your children.

    If he stops because he's now married, his family will show you pepper, they'll see you as the devil that has come to take their ATM.

    To think he earns 100k abi I didn't read that part very well ni? His family is selfish.

    In time, if you're not careful, even your own income will go to helping his people just to make them happy enough to let you enjoy your marriage, are you prepared for that?

    I say again, you will not enjoy this man!


  37. Poster1: apollogize, and if you can render any help. Do so
    Poster2: move on both of them are not what you want.

  38. Poster1. Sometimes we make decisions that may not end up right but take us into something better than what the original decision would have been. Dont blame yourself too much. You meant well for your friend but you werent in control of what circumstances will make her financially capable of paying her fees. What i sense is a feeling of guilt on your part and it shouldnt be so. A bend in the road does not mean the end of the road. If she cant get money to pay her fees Im afraid she will have to let it go. She isnt blaming you otherwise she wouldnt have come again to you for advise. She knows her inability to secure a job to pay the fees cannot be blamed on you. You gave her good advise. Free yourself from any blame. You are a good friend.
    Poster 2. Na by force? Mr carpenter and his teeth are not what your heart wants. Its not by force you must say yes. To what you dont want. And Mr B with his baggage is a no go area for you. But be honest with him. You need to let him know the truth- perhaps he doesnt even realise what hes doing taking up so much of his familys respobsibilities. Including their wives and children? Mr Nice guy! I hope he gets any thanks from them at the end of the day.Quite unlikely. But both are a No as far as I can see.

  39. Poster two: forget both guys.

  40. Poster 2 please don't carry extra baggage. My ex was like that......I packed my kaya run far

  41. Poster 1, i understand you feel blamed, but don't advise her on what to do again. Help her source for the money if you can. Poster 2, none of them is good to go. Wait for the suitable one to come.

  42. Poster 2, marry the second man and you will carry his baggage with him. Run! By the way, the carpenter is out of the question. Two one chance!

  43. Poster 1 Let her know that Nigerian educational system is not stable,apologise and if u can raise fund for her,God will pave a way.
    Poster 2 you should know what u want in life,abegi neither of them is good for u,even if u are desperate of being a MRS. 100k with all this expenses u will soon become everyone's enemy and u can't change d system immediately u marry him.Long story short be patient for r Mr Right dear.

  44. Poster 2 are those two guys d only suitors u will ever have in your life? Why are u considering dem? Are u more dan 35yrs to say husband don finish or u don dey old? So it means an agbero guy shows interest in a lady n stalks her every now den, den she must consider? Concentrate on building your life n finance first before you talk about marriage becos from your post, you have not gotten to dat chronological age to go into marriage, u sound very naive.

  45. Narrator 2: You are very selfish. that is all i have to tell you right now

  46. I just love your straight forwardness @ doppelganger. U spoke my exact thoughts to the two chronicles. Lol. I like your kinda person joor.poster two reading just mid way into your chronicle I said in my mind this one hasn't found husband yet.n u sound either pressured or desperate to answer Mrs. Abeg no let church tinz mislead or deceive u o. Wait on God for d right n deservin one

  47. Poster two a mummy's boy is a big one chance deal,if I was in your shoe I will walk away and have some fresh air for better people to come my way.
    The final choice is yours.

  48. Poster 2,the first question you should ask yourself is how much in love are you with Mr b and how well he listens to you if the answer to these questions are positive then you can go ahead and marry him but first make sure you have something doing so that you can at least be able to take care of yourself. Please don't consider Mr A that you don't have any feelings for. Poster 1, your friend should forget about that admission and go work, making it in life is not the number of certificate you have. Na so I think am ooo

  49. How did you attract a carpenter with bad teeth. Speaks volumes about your physical appearance and social class. Smh

  50. Poster 2: pls pray.
    Poster 1: what exactly is the issue here...#confusedFace

  51. thanks everyone for ur counsel and guidance, hold you all in a highly esteem. honstly i feel much better now that im not selfish or proud.
    and anonymous 6march 10;09 , im not ugly one bit okay ?, im very pretty and comes from a very good home. talking about class u cant match me . yes the second guy works in my fathers company. and the carpenter of a guy saw me in the church, it is my flashy dreesing that got him attracted to me , cos i called him yester, night to ask him and he told me . so dear as my aunt said seems they are all after my parents money. thanks everyone once again.


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