Stella Dimoko Shocking Confession Of Woman Who Killed Her Baby And Ate His Tongue...


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Saturday, March 05, 2016

Shocking Confession Of Woman Who Killed Her Baby And Ate His Tongue...

A mother has made a shocking confession of how she was made to kill and eat the flesh of her only baby by her prophetess.

A devilish woman has murdered sleep after she killed her only child and ate his tongue. The woman confessed that she was instructed to execute the bizarre act by her prophetess. She ate the toddler's tongue and threatened to devour his intestines. The incident happened in Kenya.

Below is how The Nairobian reported it:

Irene Mbithe, believed to be a staunch follower of a controversial city prophetess says she was ‘instructed’ by her to offer human sacrifice on February 22, 2016 or face unforeseen consequences.
When shocked dwellers of Kwa Nguruwe slum, a settlement that’s known for rearing of pigs and which is tucked between Kayole and Saika estates, intervened, it was too late -Mbithe, 32, had already snuffed the life out of an innocent Brian Kibet Kipng’etich.

Before Kibet took his last breath, Mbithe allegedly sucked blood from the fresh wound where she had cut off the boy’s tongue. This is according to Peris Njeri, the slum’s community policing chairwoman.

Mbithe, who lives in Umoja estate with her husband, had arrived at the slum the previous day to visit her friend, 22-year-old Christine Muthama. Her husband was on safari.
On the fateful night, neighbours recall hearing commotions from Christine’s house. Mbithe was praying at the top of her voice while exorcising demons. In unrestrained frenzy, she allegedly broke some of the household items.
It is reported that Christine held Kibet, shielding him from his mother who had lapsed into fits of convulsions until 3am when she killed the boy and ate his body parts.

In the house, several stamped cards belonging to God Great Gateway Ministries were found.
When contacted, Jane Agaki, a preacher at God Great Gateway Ministries said that she knew the two but Mbithe quit the church sometimes last year after alleged fall out with her husband.

“I know the two are related, Catherine is still Church member but Mbithe left the Church sometimes back. I heard that she parted ways with her husband” she told The Nairobian on phone.
Agaki said the church, located off Kangudo Road registers all its members who are issued with membership cards.
However, Mbithe claimed she was obeying an order by a different city prophetess who was previously jailed for duping her followers about miracle cures. “Mbithe claimed she had been instructed by the prophetess to kill the son and husband as a sacrifice,” said a source close to the prophetess
“Alikua aki ruka ruka akisema anatoa mapepo (she was jumping all over the place claiming she was possessed by demons),” said the source who claims they rushed to report the matter to police, but the child was dead by the time they returned, his intestines spilling out from his backside.

“Akanza kuitisha ugali akule na hiyo mara (she asked for ugali to eat the boy’s intestines),” said Peris. The intestines had been placed in a plastic container on the floor where items were strewn allover. Unfazed, and probably coming to her senses after reality struck her, Mbithe requested for assistance to take Kibet to hospital.

It is at this point that neighbours reportedly turned hostile and attacked her, but the police arrived just in time to rescue her, explained the chairwoman.
Mbithe allegedly smashed three mobile phones she had borrowed from neighbours, claiming she wanted to call the prophetess. She claimed the preacher ‘cured’ her barrenness through prayers.

“She told us that she had failed to conceive and sought the help of the seer who prayed for her in Katoloni in Machakos. She allegedly got pregnant after the prayers, ” added Peris.
She claimed that in return, the prophetess demanded Mbithe to be contributing Sh10,000 every month to the church. On March 2, Mbithe and Christine were taken to city mortuary to identify Kibet’s body before a postmortem.
Mbithe and Christine ware arrested and held in custody at Kayole Police Station before being arraigned in court on February 25. The police are still holding the suspects in custody after investigators asked for more time to complete investigations.
Acting Kayole OCPD Benjamin Rotich said they would be able to determine if the intestines belonged to the dead child after an autopsy is carried on the body.
“Mbithe has told us that she was trying to pray for her child who was suffering from hernia. Though she ate a piece of the tongue, we are yet to be convinced that she removed the intestines because there were only traces of blood around the anus. We want to establish whether the intestines belonged to the boy or an animal,” said Rotich.


  1. This is indeed perilous days. Lord have mercy.

  2. Very scary but true stories.

    1. If a mother could murder her own child in the cruellest way possible over some prophecy....then this world is obviously nearing it's end!


  3. olori western union5 March 2016 at 15:42

    Na wa ooo, sick people everywhere

  4. I no say no be Nigeria,it's really bizarre, your own baby ow..chai

  5. Warrisdis!!

    No offence, but Kenyans have the weirdest stories ever!

    There's a game they play on radio I've listened twice. They give you three weird news and you guess the countries that have them.

    All the ones I guessed as Kenya, were actually right.


  6. Where is that mombasa chick(cnt remember her name) always harping about nigeria? The crude stuff that happens in that kenya almost on daily basis eh! nawa!

    I don't know where we humans went wrong,the devil has a permanent resident permit on earth.haaaa!

    1. Lindongo abi Lamiza or something, una don use una bad mouth chase am abi?

    2. Lucinda Maya.

      Which kain story be dis?
      Kenyans are too weird.

    3. Lucinda Maya you mean?
      Stupid geh from a loco country hehehe

    4. Okwa lucinda. Come and see your relative o!

  7. Jeeezzz.. even if you were asked to do it, you also possess the traits of cannibalism to have conveniently pulled it through. Yulk. This is horrendous

  8. After nine months and she decide to kill her own baby is alright.

  9. God help us ooooo, what unforseen consequences pass the death of her child???

  10. one will mention religion now.its simply the devil.!

  11. End time killing

  12. Thats pure wickedness

    God where are you

    Dont make me question your existence.

      But humans make the decisions under whatever master they serve
      GOD or devil

  13. Na wa ooh, too many end-time churches wrecking havocs.

  14. The other day it's the imo state pastor that killed his wife. that very night I couldn't sleep All through the night i was thinking how a man,a pastor for that matter could raise his hand with cutlas and butcher his wife that gave birth to his children with his own hand. Today it's a mother that killed her son after giving birth to him. I wonder what this world is turning into. Prophets and prophetess everywhere.

  15. Haaaa! Nnkan n be!!!

  16. OMG! That's why I refuse to go to all these churches whenever am invited.


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