Stella Dimoko Police Sergeant Dies In Company Of His Female Friend In Hotel Room


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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Police Sergeant Dies In Company Of His Female Friend In Hotel Room

A Police sergeant has been found dead during the Easter holiday where he was having 'fun' with his female friend.

Sergeant Jude Nwadudu was found dead in a hotel at Iju, a Lagos suburb.
Nwadudu was said to have gone there with a female friend during  Easter.
It was gathered that Nwadudu slipped in the restroom and hit his head on the floor. The woman raised an alarm when he became unconscious.

The Nation gathered that the father of four was rushed to a nearby hospital, from where he was transferred to Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) at Idi Araba. He died on Easter Sunday.

His companion was invited for questioning and was released after writing her statement.
It was learnt that the late Nwadudu, whose wife is also a Sergeant, was recently transferred to the Special Anti-Robbery Sqaud (SARS) headquarters of the Lagos State Police Command from Kogi state.

Police spokesperson, Dolapo Badmos, a Superintendent (SP), said the deceased “has just been transferred to Lagos State Command and on resumption, he got health issues and had been receiving treatment in the hospital before he died.”

*Hmmm i hope the wife doesnt smoke out the side chic who was with him when he died.


  1. Replies
    1. Heard that the mistress is also married. They all live in the same barracks and knew each others spouses

    2. Hopefully they'll protect her identity from the wife. That is if her fellow police do not snitch on her. What a sad ending.

      Bathroom accident remains the most dangerous domestic accident. We need to take extra caution when in there. Thank God the lady wasn't held unnecessarily or blamed for his death.

  2. This happened was so painful jare.idiot of dat police is well shaaa


    MC pinky

  3. The side chick is in serous trouble o

  4. Stupid man. What will his children tell their friends and future spouses, what killed him? I guess they could say, he died in active service without going into detail.

    1. That is ehn. The wife will have mixed feelings, sadness and anger will envelop her. As if to see him to ask why he was cheating. But sadly he's gone.. it's embarrassing.

  5. Better smoke her out n teach her a lesson that will teach others alike jare

  6. For By a Woman ye came into the world and by a woman ye departed. Rest thou ye Officer, Rest, I say REST!!!

  7. If Married Men have Instant Punishment for Cheating , it might probably reduce cheating.
    Kiaaa Men can Cheat 4 Africa.

  8. Serves him right! Hehehehehehee.

  9. Stupid Mr Jacob, Face ur Wife.
    If I follow up with ur chatting world pple wil say I am dating a Married Man,yet they won't knw dat he is the one that is encouraging me ooooo.
    Leave me ooooo,i want my Own Legal husband,not ur kurukere deals.
    I wil soon cal ur Wife 2 cal u 2 Order.

  10. Hmm. she was gbenshing the spouse of a sergeant....uniform doesn't know female or that uniform they are all the same...
    I just pray she isn't tagged a female robber..This one that the alive sergeant of the house has just being drafted to lagos..Under SARS. ..The side chic should just relocate abeg

  11. Stupid Jude. When you get to hell, tell others to leave side chicks alone.

    Your wife gave you 4 beautiful kids and you are not satisfied.

    The side chick should also check her back very well, because madam is coming for her

  12. Love outing gone wrong.

    I pity the side chick..

    Rest in peace lover man.

  13. Maybe his wife is not good in bed.
    Some women can be very lazy in bed.
    A horseband 's worst nightmare

    1. Lazy in bed, is sex supposed to be a kind of work

  14. *Singing*

    ....And There Goes D Weasel....

  15. Only God knows the kind of atrocity married men do in hotels.most of this girls are church girls o.if u go to there WhatsApp is Jesus this ,Jesus that!

  16. James, why is there no iota of brain in your skull?

  17. Those of you screaming "men can cheat", was he cheating with a goat? Was it not your fellow women that was with him? Cheating/infidelity has no gender, it happens in a heart without Christ!

  18. That's the problem with Nigerian men they don't marry their type. This is the main Cus of infidelity. If u know u are a sexaholic please marry a sexaholic. They prefer a good girl at home and a hoe in bed🙃.

  19. good for your next life u will stay home during public holidays.....why should the side chick be in trouble? she force the man? stupid man with community dick...james your parents are fools for birthing you....a dog is a dog..if a man cant perform the wife should manage but is a woman cant perform the husband should cheat abi?ewu


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